Xiamen Nanjing and other second tier city April price to dominate

face the gradual recovery of the real estate, the recent demand for housing seems to be rising again. So, is every city like this? What are the leading second tier city in the past April real estate? What first-tier cities suffered cut fate?

4 months of the land market, first-tier cities basically no turnover, second tier city dominate, and land leasing does not fall.

, according to China Securities Network reported that in April almost no land transactions in the first tier cities, only Shanghai (real estate) into a relocation resettlement plots to clinch a deal. Land turnover mainly concentrated in second tier cities, accounting for up to 80%. The second tier city in April were operating land of 24 million 220 thousand square meters, an increase of 10.7%, an increase of 41.7%; the land premium is as high as 113 billion 560 million yuan, an increase of 280.4%, an increase of 38.4%, land prices soared. read more

How to do a good job in beauty salons

beauty salons need to conduct scientific pricing, so as to ensure that the business has advantages. Pricing is not so simple, the need for scientific analysis and a comprehensive investigation of the market can be drawn. For their own investment costs to make a point, how to do a good job pricing? If you are not familiar with this problem, you can take a look at.

the cost centered pricing method, the general cost plus pricing method and the target revenue pricing method.

total cost plus pricing, also known as the added pricing method, it is based on the beauty shop service project costs, plus a certain percentage, as the price of the service items. The rate of increase in cost is based on the period of the project, the seasonality of the service and the change of market demand. This pricing method is simple and easy to use, is a brand of beauty brands generally adopted a pricing. read more

How to get a high return on investment in small home appliance stores

investment for small household appliances industry investors, to better management, in addition to choose a reliable brand, but also need to know more about the skills, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the shop, to achieve long-term development. How to get a high return on investment in small home appliance stores? Now the industry is still relatively large market space, entrepreneurship is a good time.

first, the promotion of small household electrical appliances manufacturers must be guaranteed. With a good product can only say that there is a good starting point, in order to increase revenue, but also through the middle of the bridge marketing. Therefore, in the choice of products, do not forget to look at the promotion of the manufacturers to ensure that the resources are guaranteed, or as much as possible to win the support of manufacturers to promote resources. read more

How to open a specialty store

today’s people are very concerned about environmental protection and health care, in so many people’s increasingly strong sense of health today, and fashion and health projects will have a market. Then choose to open a flower Restaurant restaurant, it can make you easy to get rich.

project features:

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Beauty industry to do what is good to open the benefits of SPA living museum

modern mental stress, SPA living museum provides a good place for people to release pressure. In a relaxed state of mind to carry out nursing, enjoy the quiet, in the air filled with natural fragrance completely relax.

SPA through the environment, natural materials and health care, thorough care of the skin and body, but also enjoy the body and mind of the roaming and rest. In SPA, you can hear the ocean mountain natural sounds, you can smell the pure plant essential oil fumigation of fragrant, can enjoy the meticulous delicate flower tea, all the arrangements are warm and natural. In Europe and the United States, SPA with its concept of health and leisure, urban women have become a byword for decompression maintenance.

followed by consumption layer. Most of the services provided by beauty salons are facial care and simple physical care, according to the survey, most of its consumers are ordinary white-collar workers and wage earners, with an average income of 1640 yuan. The SPA Museum in addition to the beauty of the project, as well as health, health care course, popular among white-collar and wealthy people. Different consumer groups concerned about the topic is not the same, promotion management, of course, to be treated differently.

> in addition. read more

To carry out the collection services to better store business

a shop if you want a better business, higher performance, may wish to carry out some business, so as to earn a higher profit. And because of the current popular online shopping, so if a shop to carry out the collection of services, I believe that will make the business become more popular, earn a higher profit.

with the rise of the shop quietly, so that more and more feel the pressure of the store. There are two reasons for the rise of the shop: one is the price advantage, shop goods are directly linked to the manufacturers, a lot less intermediate links, the price is lower than the physical store. The second advantage is that this advantage is not the home shop. Now people, especially young people like online shopping is the reason for door-to-door, can save their time to do other. Some places too many shops, resulting in the ability of young people have been attracted in the past, too much pressure on the store, had to close. read more

How to invest in small jewelry stores

some of the characteristics of small adorn article, not only looks good, the price is very affordable, in the market is also more popular, attracting more people’s attention. See jewelry fiery market, many entrepreneurs are eager to invest in shops. So, how to invest in small jewelry store?

1, all products, including cosmetics series, headdress, jewelry and other jewelry series, key chain, cartoon dolls, ceramic dolls and other gifts.

2, shop address is recommended to choose in the downtown area, taking into account the ten yuan store customers are a large part of the students, you can also choose the store in the normal university, the new big relative to the bustling school. read more

90 college students play a week after the profits of more than 20 thousand

innovation and entrepreneurship needs people to start their own business, buying clothes is a very popular industry, take the normal road to face many of the competition, I believe it is difficult to win. 90 college students play fun fabric, hand-painted Wuhan landscape T-shirt homemade Jersey, very popular, the successful realization of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Some people love to

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Hefei Home Expo robot attention

With the development of

, intelligent products for people’s lives and work more and more profound. 18, 2009, in Hefei home fair, many robots by the majority of people welcome.

life can be seen everywhere in the robot, the restaurant has a robot waiter, the family has a robot Butler, the child can and the robot playmate chat, play games…… With the era of intelligent open, once existed in the science fiction world of future life has become a reality.

11 18, 2009, the Tenth China (Hefei) International Home Fair held in Hefei, the exhibition site gathered all kinds of intelligent robots, staged a real version of the robot mobilization. read more

Hefei 85 disabled guy entrepreneurship after the blind rod

in each place will have some extraordinary entrepreneurs with their extraordinary entrepreneurial experience will bring us venture hope everyone in Hefei has a 85 disability guy entrepreneurship, and ultimately successful.

from the job rejected to have a 22 employees, 85 young Cheng Xueting for two years. In the first half of this year, Cheng Yang led the team to achieve a turnover of about 2000000 yuan. Currently, he is working with the team of Anhui Agriculture University, research and development, guide rod, hoping to help more people. read more

Health museum can be named from what aspects

Now the name of the

because of the importance, therefore, to shop name each of the investors will put great efforts in this respect. However, I believe a lot of friends who are ready to open the museum do not know how to take a good name for their own shop, I do not know what to start. The following small series on the basis of industry experience for everyone to provide some ideas, the idea of a good name to listen to loud enough to attract customers.

a, from the service area to consider

has a good name of the health museum is very easy to be remembered by customers, more conducive to the customer’s word of mouth publicity. A difficult to understand the health of the name of the museum and the name of a loud popular health museum compared with the popular name of the museum is more likely to be remembered. Therefore, in the name of Health Museum, according to the health center range of services to establish the guild name, at the same time to consider the word collocation and sentence is easy to understand, to select the appropriate words with their guild characteristics, establish brand theme, can let customers directly remember. read more

How to protect the development of new methods of Xiamen

in the life of some shops in a region, has been tested by the market, has many years of development history, but with the development of the times, some of the old shop in the development of time is also difficult. In order to better promote the development of the old industry, following a series of measures. "Xiamen time-honored protection and development measures" has passed in October 2016 28 of the fourteenth Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the thirty-ninth meeting, in December 2016 2 of the twelfth Fujian Provincial People’s Congress on the twenty-sixth session of the Standing Committee approved, implemented since May 1, 2017. read more

nvestment beauty industry should be how to choose the project

many entrepreneurs want to invest in the beauty industry, in the face of today’s market, many business is not very clear, what kind of project is a great potential for development, which is a good start of the project. Of course, this aspect of the problem for the beauty chain of entrepreneurs, but also can not be ignored, and the need to solve the problem.

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