Do the clothing business four sales means

clothing is seasonal goods, not only the next season to Paohuo, losing a. The biggest headache in the clothing business is a lot of inventory. So, how should the clothing store to digest the increasing inventory? In addition to discount processing, there are some common means, a look at it!

three means: a variety of business sales off-season

"clothes into 35 yuan, 25 yuan to sell today." August hasn’t arrived, Chen Juan began the season in the clothing store warehouse, dumped goods, she said, would rather lose money, not Yahuo, this is an off-season clothing sales principle. The operation of the fund is mainly sold monthly money, if the goods are suppressed, up to two months to support the. Dumped goods mainly in order to protect the rent, after two or three months, adhere to the peak season.


once a television store owner with city talk into an advertising deal with 800 sets of underwear to offset a sum of 80 thousand yuan in advertising (the thermal underwear market value of 180 yuan / sets, but the store purchase price is only 60 yuan / set). The TV station at the end of the opening of the customer Association, it will be a warm clothing as a gift to the participants. The shop owner not only in exchange for the benefits of advertising inventory, but also with the hair of 80 thousand yuan

Education and training institutions to join the marketing will be more reasonable

education is now in our country the people’s livelihood, so both consumers and investors, the education industry has become a hot social concern of the industry, education and training institutions have now joined the huge investment in space, in the current education and training institutions to join investment is wise. Education and training institutions to join the marketing approach, investment and education and training institutions should pay attention to a lot of things below the author to tell you some of the specific circumstances of the industry.

How to open Roast Chicken stores location – good business

store location for the store’s business is very important, if you want to open a chicken shop, then how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can make it easier to shop.

Roast Chicken stores Shop effect on business is different, as investors must also know the hardware, the downtown area, the downtown area is an ideal choice, but these lots of high rents, and in the remote, few people tread the street facade, we can only refer to the warehouse, even lower than the value of the same lot residential. How to choose the location? Roast chicken franchisee must be aware of the bustling shops are good, but the price is very high. If you spend too much money to buy shops, other aspects of the bad conditions, resulting in rent is too low, the rate of return on investment will be greatly reduced.

how to choose the roast chicken? In fact, operators can focus on the situation of the street, which is also suitable for the selection of these areas, we should pay attention to the purchase of Pro Street, it is easy to see, but also to facilitate the pavement. The core point is that the chicken to join the business must be aware of the Pro Street is better than the Pro Street, at the junction of the two sides of the street is better than the pro side street, walk more than the other side of the better.

look at the chicken shop around. People, you can stand in front of the shop to invest in the chicken, how to choose the location? Statistics on the number of pedestrians passing through each period. The more pedestrian passing, the greater the potential of the shop. Generally do not count the passing vehicles, because walking is the main body of the purchase.


above is Roast Chicken join some shop location, we hope to a lot of attention, only a good choice of address, this shop business can be more easily, want to open their own Roast Chicken business, have a detailed understanding of it!

Clothing stores ten decoration cheats

female entrepreneurs want to shop, clothing franchise business will be one of the first few projects. Investment in clothing stores are promising, but the need to master the skills of many, the following is about the clothing stores ten decoration cheats, very helpful for the shop.

after clothing stores location, although the clothing store decoration with headquarters and regulations, but some sources record store decoration and decoration is successful or not will directly determine the traffic clothing store is much less, can not cause the attention of the store. So, how to do a good job in the clothing store decoration?

, a clothing store decoration should be uniform in color, clothing and decoration color is very harmonious whole, people will be able to see the main tone of the store. But pay attention to unity is not to make the color of clothing and decoration is completely consistent, so that it will make the store is very dull and dull, should allow local contrast and obey the whole.

The purpose of

three, the fitting room is very important, the customer to make a decision to buy clothes are mostly in the dressing room, but many stores do not have room or room is very simple, it will affect the final purchase of customers.

four, rack to space for walking, can be divided into the main channel and auxiliary channel, the image background plate to the main entrance or buy advocate channel. Identical collocation. The same color of the clothes put together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length put together, so as not to make people feel like warehouse.

five, contrast color collocation. The clothing store decoration, can be used to express warm cool, for example: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, should pay attention to with cold warm.

six, the rational use of the living area. The so-called living area is in the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the region, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales.

seven, model number to control. Some operators believe the model easier to make the display effect, put many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

eight, the rational use of "living model". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, this recommendation

CBA Sichuan won the fifth championship team in the history of CBA

CBA finals so that fans have been nervous, and finally pulled down the curtain last night, and the results of the game is to make people unexpected, CBA Sichuan win, and now follow the small series together to see this wonderful war!

The score of

section four for 24-20, 28-15, 22-29 and 20-27 (in the former Sichuan team). Sichuan team here, Harris had a team high 25 points and 4 assists and 2 blocked shots and grabbed 15 rebounds, 1 steals, 22 points and 16 rebounds in 2 Haddadi assists and 2 steals and 2 blocked shots recorded, Wang Ruheng dropped into 4 record three points with 18 points and 3 rebounds and 1 blocks, Zhang Chunjun scored 12 points and 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals Deng Temeng back injury before, scored 11 points and 4 assists and 2 rebounds and 1 blocks.

the opening 2 minutes, Hadadi chopped 4 points. Liu Zhixuan 2 guilty, Hadadi and even scored 4 points, Sichuan team 8-1 ahead of the Liaoning team. Liaoning’s top 10 vote is not, and finally by Hodson layup to break the score of the sports war. The Liaoning team 7-10 behind, Deng Dortmund and Hodson each made 2. Zhang Chunjun grabbed two rebounds from the front court and scored a foul, then the   the top of the circle into the score of three points. Li Xiaoxu voted for the 2 time in a row, followed by Harris scored 2 points. The first section of Harding Park, the Sichuan team Liaoning team leading to 24-20.

Chicken shop business is booming Steamed Rice university graduates

for the college students, to find a reliable small business project management is actually very simple, at the time of graduation is faced with business or job choice, many people chose to do poineering work, actually open a food store is a good selection of entrepreneurship.

chicken restaurantSo why choose

, chicken Steamed Rice this food item? This is a certain origin. Wei Yajing said she is working in the hotel when everything is hard, but when she got to pay special attention to the fact that, in many of the guests in the hotel Pingdu, very little love braised chicken in this dish, but also love to eat with Steamed Rice.

"I was majoring in hotel management, usually on the special sense of interest can not only eat, eat also eat," Wei Yajing said. Especially when she closed the steamed stuffed bun shop, she had the idea of chicken rice. In 2013 March, she will make the Baozipu before relying on a few million all out, then in Pingdu rented a door, then to the cousin borrowed a few million renovation, finally opened the restaurant.



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Analysis of the notes in the early childhood product alliance

now the domestic early market development, at the same time there are many people in the attention of the majority of parents to let the children win on the starting line, now open early products stores, is facing a huge market prospects.

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open the early school products in the store and the other team agreed to join the matter when the more for their own to fight for some favorable conditions, such as advertising support, support, etc.. Today, many early education products to join the brand in order to expand their influence will provide the appropriate support.

The above is about

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open early school products recommended in the shop and the other side recommend

Entrepreneurs want to open a snack bar

said the delicious snacks, everyone can say several snack industry easy entry, but want a good business more difficult, in a variety of eateries now rise, now want to join them to do the snack business investors want to obtain long-term survival and steady development in the fierce competition in the market you must have the characteristic, enough to attract the public eye. So how to manage a good snack bar?

open snacks to join the main line, small options. There are three reasons: one meter is very common, residents with a high degree, the results are more consumer; two technology is relatively simple, but also easy to find good technology, learn good technology; three no longer need to increase investment or additional investment little. Because the early spent too much money, and now the change can only be a simple change in low input. But be sure to stick to it, and do it from the bottom of your heart.

snack stores strengthen sales, sales are all entrepreneurs must have a hurdle, and most of a life-and-death matter. As a result, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are trying to use new products, technology, quality, with extended time, and even wait to get through this. But unless you want a failure, or a sales can not escape! A lot of sales methods, but also need to because people vary by product, we briefly list some here: to retain existing customers. Now the daily income of 100 yuan, and more than 20 guests, the guests must find a way to stay, the restaurant only at any time customer import, in addition to these guests feel good, nature will help you propaganda, bring friends to dinner to form linkage effect.

opened a snack bar can increase room, after all, the number of people still need to eat more or more,. Because the required room at the beginning of the people, a meal every time out is an excellent promotional opportunities, polite to sell yourself to the guest room takeaway colleagues, each on a price list, the success rate will be as high as 80%. Price reduction. Hard price consumption is too much, but also can not come to the effect, but also offend peers. Can use soft drop: guests enjoy half price (discount, whether he is a few friends dining, no matter how much money he spent).

in China is the lack of delicacy snacks, if you want to do more outstanding, it is best to have their own characteristics, so as to better health, delicious unique delicious snacks, I believe that people do not love. Therefore, the food and beverage stores to survive in the market for a long time, there must be a survival of this, in addition to the characteristics of the capital, there is the operator of the road. The introduction of the above snacks on the franchise business methods and techniques, we can refer to.

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Car accessories need to attach importance to site selection

many people optimistic about the automobile market prospects, have started to invest in the car decoration, a lot of people in pursuit of high quality of life, some people have entered the era of the car, their car decoration is also very important. Although the car after the market is booming, the investment should be cautious, car accessories store location is very important, has a great impact on its business activities.

Dianzhi to some extent determines how many car accessories store traffic, join the customer purchase force and customer consumption structure, car accessories stores to attract customers and potential competitiveness etc.. Only occupy the geographical advantage, in order to attract a large number of customers, business will thrive. "Local" in store location and market choice means in car accessories is based on market demand to determine the location.

location is very important for entrepreneurs, good location, better business, worry more profit, above introduces some preparatory work to join the location of car accessories, important location is self-evident, entrepreneurs in the early stage of the siting of it must not be too hasty. According to the actual situation can better start.


Graduates how to do career planning Xiaobian teach you six steps

for each graduate, June, in addition to bid farewell to the campus, but also will usher in the community, their identity will also become a professional from the students. So, to do a good career planning for each graduate, it is very necessary. How to do career planning? Today, Xiao Bian said.


ready to change occupation planning

the length of time depends on your current situation, perhaps a few weeks, months, or take a few years. During this time, you can listen to your inner voice and feel your intuition. What makes you feel excited about all the possibilities ahead? You will find opportunities in your dreams, interests and desires. In addition, do not ignore their intuition, in the logic of thinking can not find the exit, it will also give you clues, pointing out the best way for you.

3: start

occupation planning