Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development hel

In October 21st, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau held an enlarged meeting of the central group learning organization, the global system of Party members to conscientiously study the spirit of the meeting to convey the Thirteenth Party Congress, the party secretary of the Bureau, the Secretary Wang Weihua made special counseling

10 month 21 days, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau held an enlarged meeting of the central group learning organization, the global system of Party members to conscientiously study the spirit of the meeting to convey the Thirteenth Party Congress, the party secretary of the Bureau, the Secretary Wang Weihua made special counseling. Global system of more than and 80 party members participated in the study.

Comrade Wang Weihua of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun on behalf of the twelfth session of the Municipal Committee of the "practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, for building Xining into a city of happiness and life satisfaction of the people" work report to make unremitting efforts on reading in the form of the report form in the special study counseling, explained the focus of the next five years the guiding thought, analyzing the situation, goal, responsibility; we must continue to emancipate the mind, pragmatic innovation, to continue expanding and upgrading of city, to accelerate the development, adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, to accelerate the transformation of economic development pattern as the main line, with the "four development" as the main path, first priority to development and sustainable development as the goal, the first improving people’s livelihood as the first pursuit and social stability as the first responsibility, vigorously implement the "unification of three" development strategy, promote economic construction, political Construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party building has made new progress, the full completion of the "12th Five-Year" planning objectives and tasks.

at the same time, comrade Wang Weihua combined with farming and poverty alleviation and development work, the next five years, our city agriculture will focus on to achieve a new leap in development of modern agriculture to the overall goal of regional advantages, play the leading role in leading the development of the modern agriculture and urban ecological leisure agriculture. Taking the basic position of agriculture as the support, the strategic goal of the central city construction is realized. The construction of modern agriculture industry system, the formation of urban agriculture technical services and agricultural and livestock products processing and distribution center, the outskirts of urban agriculture circles, suburban boutique agricultural circles, highly efficient characteristic agriculture "as one of three ring ring". To realize the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, rely on the main material consumption to achieve by relying on scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of laborers, the mechanism innovation of the change, the transition from relying solely on the development of breeding industry to planting, breeding, processing, logistics industry integration and coordinated development of the.

finally, Wang asked everyone to learn, understand, and implement the spirit of the report, the study and implement the spirit of the Thirteenth Party Congress as the current and


next time to grasp, combined with Xining agricultural and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation development practice, according to the Department of agriculture, agriculture harmony "concept, seize the opportunity, strengthen measures, solid work, vigorously promote the" love for the people, power for the people, for the benefit of seeking "the spirit, to provide a strong guarantee to promote and accelerate the overall goal of Xining’s economic and social development and modern agricultural development.




The Lantern Festival to pick up the weather

Sunday is the Lantern Festival, the provincial meteorological observatory chief forecaster said that in the next few days, there will be no cold air affect our province, the temperature will slow recovery. The Lantern Festival people go out Shangding, godsend.

since last week after the cold air transit, the province in recent days around the weather is good, the highest temperature is also slow recovery process. This weekend holiday, the weather will continue to maintain a good state, are sunny or cloudy weather, the highest temperature in some areas above 10 degrees celsius. The day of the Lantern Festival, Xining is expected to the highest temperature reached 14 degrees, the minimum temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius, while the temperature is still great, but for many times, the temperature difference between day and night are maintained at 20 degrees Celsius in Xining, this gap should be "used to" the people of Qinghai. Provincial Meteorological Station Chief forecasters also said that the night of the Lantern Festival 8 points to 10 points, Xining temperature is expected at zero degrees Celsius; in 11, 12 in the evening, the temperature will gradually decline, close to zero degrees Celsius, the overall weather conditions more suitable for people to go out shangding. (author: Rong Lijun)


Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau held to stop the collection of two fee propaganda Forum

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to the whole system issued "on the cessation of the collection of individual industrial and commercial households bazaars management fees and management fees related issues notice" requirements, strict implementation of industrial and commercial departments at all levels, Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau branch of the city immediately under each business organization area market branch, industry leader, the size of private enterprises on behalf of and the sponsoring units held to cease the levying of "two charges" propaganda forum, to ensure that the work carried out.

Nanshan Road Industry and commerce under the jurisdiction of the market branch, the size of the industry leader, the private sector representatives and market units responsible for a total of 23 people attended the meeting. At the meeting, we seriously study the deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Wang Dongfeng "do stop levying a" two charges "all the work, and actively promote the sound and rapid economic and social development" speech and the Council’s "emergency notice", at the same time, director of Nanshan Road and all cadres and branch of the sponsoring organization, one is to give full play to the market branch, branch director, head of division size, sectional door publicity Tingzheng "two for" the spirit of the document, do household is two, All the world knows. awareness; launched the market opened the unit publicity through broadcast, blackboard, leaflets; three is the "news" as an opportunity to market inspectors from door check, stop propaganda sign "two charges" at the same time serious work discipline, is prohibited under any name fees; four is to improve the supervision mechanism, and consciously accept the community and the majority of Supervision of the masses, to ensure that stop levy two fee work implemented.

west gate business organization area dealers on the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Wang Dongfeng "in the country to stop the collection of individual industrial and commercial households bazaars management fees and management fees of television and telephone conference speech" and "stop collecting two charges Q of publicity. A detailed answer to the details of the "stop levy two fee" policy, and when it comes to the motion of the industrial and commercial administration and the functions and responsibilities of the administrative staff of industry and Commerce in the future, it will be announced on the basis of the "two fees". At the meeting listened carefully to the views of the majority of individual business representatives to speak, suggestions. Business participants said the business sector to stop the two fee is a good thing for the government to benefit the people, we should be in the party’s good policy, to make their business bigger and stronger, to contribute to local economic development.


The style is impartial discipline unannounced visits suddenly hit someone’s mixed be taken by surpri

"comrade, please show me your work permit." "Which department do you belong to?"…… In the face of such a request, it was a face of doubt, it was a little nervous, but also some attitude conflict. Obviously, a thorough investigation, so many units, departments and staff is not suited to".

in order to understand and grasp the mass line of educational practice rectification results, in December 20, 2013, 23, the relevant departments of the organization staff four Bingfen Road, launched a thorough investigation on the provincial government agencies and departments, look at each window unit if there is the door hard, ugly face, something difficult, rude, chinakayao problem the existence of institutions; discipline, lax management, the system is not strict, supervision and other issues. According to the arrangement, the whole group of reporters to follow the second provincial government agencies, North East and West, the Provincial Public Security Department vehicle, exit and Entry Management Bureau and the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision service hall launched a thorough investigation.

[time] 20 14:30 to 15:00 17:30 to 18:00 23 8:30 to 9:00

[location] provincial government organs of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau

[keyword] late and leave early

[scene reproduction]

has long been at work time, but also the direction of the North provincial government has continued to work, unhurried.

"comrade, may I ask what department you are in, please show me your work permit." Unannounced visits said.

"work permit? Why do you need a work permit? What do you do?" Although some doubts, some reluctance, but most people still took out a work permit to accept the registration; but it was also said: "the late check it, how can you check the attendance." Then angrily left; and that the "situation", ready to take the work permit door hand quickly back, then turn left like a stranger; more people face and said: "I don’t always be all right." Turning to leave, the attitude is very bad.

came to work, the inspection team came to the provincial government, the north gate, found that there is almost no lag phenomenon.

23 days early in the morning, the reporter with the inspection team came to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau office building, after half an hour of Dundian inspection, there are very few staff and a leading cadres to work late. According to the security guard at the door, some departments have installed their own fingerprint punch machine, so there is little late to leave early phenomenon.


reporter learned from the feedback of the other groups, the departments of each group are more or less the existence of some late to leave early. Some units to work late; in a unit, the inspectors found 23 days between 8:30 and 9:00 is about 20 and the late late, most of the staff did not cooperate with the inspection and registration, seeing some detour away, some straight upstairs, individual attitude of evil;

Xining to undertake the distinctive agricultural product marketing promotion held recently

hosted by the Xining city in 2013 the province’s characteristics of agricultural and livestock products marketing promotion recently held in Xining city.

Xining and Haidong Province as the two major agricultural and livestock products processing area, agricultural production has the very strong complementarity. Based on this, two city agriculture and animal husbandry departments through the construction of high standard energy-saving solar greenhouse, promote the transformation of the old greenhouse, livestock farming, construction Nuanpeng standardized scale breeding base, the development of vegetable planting, construction of the "enclave" vegetable base, for the promotion of new technologies, new varieties, new machinery and other means to continuously enhance the ability of agricultural production animal husbandry, improve the vegetables, meat, eggs, milk self-sufficiency rate, rich varieties of agricultural and livestock products, increasing agricultural and livestock products in the market supply has played an important role. In July this year, two municipal government signed the "Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement", mutual exchange of needed products of complementary advantages, effectively promote the circulation of agricultural and livestock products, guarantee market supply, increasing the income of farmers.

the day of the promotion will be invited to the province part of the supermarket, supermarkets, canteens, agricultural colleges catering enterprises, agricultural and livestock products processing enterprises and other industry representatives, 12 representatives signed an agreement of intent and characteristics of agricultural and livestock products. (author: Su Jianping)

Qinghai Lake’s first water ecological environmental protection successful completion of the inaugura

In June 28th, with a large cruise ship loaded with domestic and foreign tourists, traveling salesman approaching, visitors first in a large cruise ship deck, overlooking the legendary Lake mountains. The same day, our province’s first water eco type catamaran successfully completed the cruise flight, in more than five hours of the voyage, the mysterious Qinghai Lake unveiled to the world.

Wang Jianjun in Huangnan to the party members and cadres to strengthen learning, taking the two meas

12 24, 2009, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun made a special trip to Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to assess the implementation of the party and government accountability system. Wang Jianjun message to the majority of Party members and cadres, to strengthen learning, to keep up with the times, strict political relations and integrity, and strive to create a good political ecology and natural ecology protection, to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "four solid" major requirements, promote peace and rejuvenation of Huangnan provides an important guarantee.

in the morning at the party honest construction accountability assessment meeting, the first inspection group leader, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to the provincial court discipline inspection team leader Zhang is on the assessment for the description, Huangnan zhouweishuji Ju grams reported in 2016 the construction of honest honest implementation of the responsibility system, and made the personal responsibility of the discipline of honesty the Chen Rong report, the Huangnan Party committee reported in 2016 the construction of honest honest oversight responsibility for the implementation. Wang Jianjun listened carefully, not to write down the main points.

Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping, Huangnan four solid major requirements and the achievements of the party and government integrity. He pointed out that the Huangnan Party leadership and discipline in the performance of honest honest responsibility, the responsibility of PCT clearly, the system cage tied firmly, with good leadership, Party members and cadres and strong execution, hope Huangnan efforts continue to consolidate and expand the use and good practices and effectiveness.

and the majority of Party members and cadres in the conversation, Wang Jianjun stressed that people will not learn to fall, keep up with the times will not suffer. We must encourage people to strengthen learning, keep up with the times. Of the party since eighteen, Party construction, economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, ecological civilization construction have undergone changes in turn the world upside down, put forward many new requirements for Party members and cadres, to adapt to the new changes and new requirements, we must strengthen learning, enhance the party spirit, ideals and beliefs. Must be strict political relations and integrity. To strengthen political awareness in the first place, loyalty to the party, loyal to the people, dedication, integrity, loyalty to bear the qualified cadres, do not place in place but not offside, dislocation. We must strive to grasp the political ecology and natural ecology. Pay more attention to the work, the heart of Qi Qishun, to create a united political ecology delicate gas is established, the most sincere friendship between comrades, well under the principle of the unity of the most sincere comrade, so that we work together in a team harmony, mutual respect, mutual support, mutual help, remind each other, better stimulate creativity party members and cadres, cadres and the masses to boost the spirit, gather up the construction of beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai powerful force. Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest responsibility in ecology, the greatest potential is also ecological. Pay more attention to the protection of natural ecology, Huangnan is located in the Sanjiang natural reserve, must firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, adhere to the green mountains and rivers is jinshanyinshan, strengthen environmental protection and ecological construction, ecological protection, development of production, improve the real good life, the general secretary Xi Jinping’s people centred development implement the implement idea.


West District Xining city to celebrate 81 support of colorful activities

west area to celebrate Chinese people’s Liberation Army 85 anniversary as an opportunity to carry out a series of celebration activities from mid July to early August, to further enhance the military and civilian unity, in the region formed "Jun Aimin, min Yongjun, army and heart" good atmosphere.

focus on leadership, to provide an organizational guarantee for the development of activities

in order to ensure that the "81" condolences activities successfully, Chengxi district held a special meeting to coordinate the activities to celebrate "81", a unified understanding of the activities planned, during the region’s army day and Yongjunyouzhu yongzhengaimin visits condolences activities carried out detailed arrangements, put forward specific requirements. In charge of the implementation of the activities in charge of sympathy. Party secretary, director of the District People’s Congress, mayor of West common condolences to the District Department, Qinghai Armed Police Corps detachment of two squadrons, six troops and 62214 West fire brigade officers and soldiers, and condolences to the old demobilized soldiers, outstanding military representatives; the Civil Affairs Department of the old demobilized soldier survivors, only one child compulsory family visit. On this basis, the military and the two sides to carry out a wide range of rich and colorful recreational activities, by holding seminars, and other forms of in-depth understanding of the garrison units, to the military and civilian yushuiqing friendship.

focuses on publicity, create a good atmosphere of Yongjunyouzhu

during the event, the West District publicity department, West District Civil Affairs Bureau with the region’s towns do make full use of various forms and means, vigorously promote the glorious tradition of yongjunyoushu, cherishing, dedication, advocate patriotic Yongjun Aimin good social fashion. Focus on four series of educational activities. First, focus on typical propaganda. Through information, publicity boards, websites and other media, and vigorously promote the advanced units and advanced individuals Yongjun Edmonton typical deeds propaganda garrison in the self construction and promote western economic development, outstanding contributions in maintaining social stability and selfless dedication. Two is to strengthen national defense education. Organize cadres and workers of institutions and institutions to join the party activists to listen to national defense education seminars, increase the national defense education law study, enhance the region’s cadres and the masses of national defense concept. Three is to carry out national defense education day activities. Organizational leadership over the military day activities, in-depth visits to visit the company guidance, shooting and other activities. At the same time, there are plans to organize the area of primary and secondary school students to garrison troops experience barracks life, by patriotism and collectivism education.

focuses on the effectiveness of support activities, full of sound and colour

activities, in accordance with the requirements of the unified district government, west district and the relevant departments and units in the "three project" activities as the starting point, vigorously carry out a series of activities to "culture Yongjun" as the theme, to create a strong yongjunyoushu atmosphere in the area. One is in the area of the police forces held to celebrate the "81" association, strengthen the military unit to build communication, promote feelings. Two is the full implementation of the special care and placement policy. On the eve of the August, for the family involved in nuclear difficulties, retired soldiers before the war and the founding of the party did not;

Xining malicious stop heating will be severely dealt with

Heating enterprises to facilities and equipment to conduct timely investigation to ensure the quality of heating; to strictly enforce the heating standards to ensure that the indoor temperature of households; malicious stop heating or harm the interests of the masses will be severely dealt with. In September 30th, according to the Xining municipal government in winter heating work, housing and Real Estate Management Bureau of Construction Bureau and the district four part heating enterprises held heating work will promote the re arrangement of the heating work.

it is reported that the municipal government issued a notice shortly before under clear requirements, District Construction Bureau, the property service enterprise to sort out on the annual heating period of heating problems in operation, maintenance equipment repairs as soon as possible, solve the heating problems, due to the reasons for non force transformation, building left etc. actively coordinating relevant departments to solve problems.