On the domain name rumors, observation and experience

[gossip] with Faye Wong looking at, a life to her unborn baby Oh right now, is the name, the purpose is to register the name of the domain name.Cn. Registered domain name celebrities that have been registered by a It is often seen., but there was no fetal name for the domain name, it is a bit iffy:

[] observation domain is a scarce resource, but scarce to what extent?

4 from domain name after the light at the end of April the domain name business field came the news that the global 4 combination of the domain name will be registered clean, this message immediately let the scarcity of domain name has climbed a day worth. According to the statistics of the pure domain algorithm, the combination of 26 letters and two numbers in Arabia a total of 1296 forms, and the combination of the 3 letters of the 17576 species, including the number of mixed words have 46656 kinds of changes, these simple and easy to remember domain name can never expect, as early as 2000 before the registration is basically clean the. And is about to be registered clean 4 domain name combination, only a total of 4 letters of a total of 456976, enough to see the cost of the domain name merchant investment is not small……

however, domain name is registered out, does not mean that built on the site, but that does not mean it into profit. Is now a lot of real estate has not been sold out on the cover, and the buyers themselves do not live, just days after a higher price to sell. According to NetCraft statistics, as of May 2006, the domain name registration speed is far beyond the site to increase speed: 460 {this.resized=true); this.width=460" resized=" true" > what does that mean? First, there are a large number of registered domain names bubble component (I think the domestic domain name of the city).

E-commerce law is beneficial to the healthy development of e-commerce industry

2010 national NPC and CPPCC was held in Beijing, delegates from across the country have brainstorming, as e-commerce rapid development in recent years has received more and more attention. The National People’s Congress, the general manager of China Mobile Guangdong Xu Long on the development of electronic commerce in the "law" of the proposal, Chinese should formulate a unified "electronic commerce law" as soon as possible, to guide and standardize the e-commerce activities, to prevent and reduce the risk of online trading.

Xu Long said: "in order to guarantee and promote the scientific development of electronic commerce, to guide and standardize the e-commerce activities, to prevent and reduce the risk of the transaction, Chinese in urgent need of electronic commerce law to formulate a unified system, if not timely introduction of" electronic commerce ", easily lead to e-commerce market is disorderly, seriously restricted Chinese electronic commerce the rapid and healthy development. "Electronic commerce law" should include the purpose of legislation, the concept of electronic commerce, basic principles, trade subject, electronic contract, electronic signature and authentication, electronic payment, credit guarantee, transaction security, personal information protection, consumer protection, intellectual property protection, e-commerce taxation, industry self-regulation, dispute settlement mechanism, legal responsibility etc.."

‘s Xu Long proposal immediately caused a high degree of attention of the industry, as a support Chinese in the Internet industry in recent years the rise of e-commerce began has experienced ten years of ups and downs from 1999, a review of the development of electronic commerce for ten years, we can see that Chinese e-commerce has reached a critical moment.

is an important node in e-commerce ten years:

1999: May, known as the first Chinese electronic commerce Wang Juntao was founded in 8848, the first China B2C website was born, to create online shopping precedent; August, China eachnet.com established the first C2C website, to build the first domestic C2C platform; in September, China Merchants Bank to carry out the "one network" business, the establishment of online payment system. So far the rise of online shopping, e-commerce began to sprout in china.

2001: the Bank of China promulgated the Interim Measures for the management of online banking business, initially began to regulate online payment behavior.

2003: March, "SARS" bring enormous opportunities for the development of electronic commerce, people eager to stay at home, convenient, 24 hours of online shopping; in May, the Alibaba group as an opportunity to set up taobao.com, and in October launched the third party payment "Alipay", people’s consumption habits began to change, the concept of online shopping it gained popularity.

2005: Tencent based on the huge customer base, launched the pat Network, bringing the domestic Taobao, eBay, pat a situation of tripartite confrontation.

2007: Alibaba successfully listed on the main board in Hongkong, financing $1 billion 690 million. At this point, China’s e-commerce business and investment enthusiasm, began a new round of rise and development.

2008 >

Double eleven countdown business platform marketing campaign intensified

each reporter Jiang Peifang

tomorrow (November 11th), once a year the "double eleven" online shopping festival will be hit again, subway, bus, elevator, mobile phone push, pop ads, WeChat…… Promotional information with various scripts, and to be in full swing in all weathers on consumers.

compared to previous years, this year’s double eleven whether it is the traditional online or offline enterprises, almost all sectors of the industry involved. Online companies, in addition to Ali + Suning, Tencent + Jingdong two camps, Amazon, shop No. 1 and other major electricity supplier companies absent. For the entity retailers, the rise of "online shopping feast" has become their mustering the strength of "holiday rush".

stimulated with the hustle and bustle of a reminder: China "Internet plus" consumption era has arrived, but behind the fun, slobber war, electricity supplier price war, and criticized the false discount, shoddy consumer trap, is also the social parties repeatedly mentioned, it might also reflect the upgrading of consumption are new challenges.

double eleven battlefield never smoke. With ALI and Suning cross holdings and Tencent shares of the Jingdong, the change pattern of the business platform, let this "double eleven" has become the arena to fight the giant catch.

from the saliva battle, to hold the eleven party, and then to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Jingdong Ali, the eve of the double on the eve of the Jingdong and Ali ‘s’ enemies’ out of the limelight in eleven." Investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said that this can be classified as a marketing tool, but also achieved the effect of Bo eye.

But the

industry also has a voice that excitement and noise although this to remind people: "China Internet plus" consumption era has arrived, but at the same time China social trend of consumption upgrade, but also to the business out of a new test, which is in the "double eleven" the seven year itch occasion, not only left a gimmick.

electricity supplier group operations


slobber swirling, this year’s "double eleven" war actually clear – group operations, namely "Suning Ali +" VS "+ Jingdong Tencent".

in August this year, Ali and Suning announced the strategy of mutual investment, in the past 3 months, "double eleven" has become a "big test" between the two sides, both sides docking results showing the whole stage. The Jingdong jointly launched Tencent Beijing Teng plan to jointly build a commodity business platform for businesses to provide a set of effective brand building, improve marketing and user experience a complete solution.

Ali said, in 2015 the "double eleven" will appear new ways to achieve seven brand upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, product category upgrade, upgrade, play holiday service upgrades and spread upgrade, so as to "double eleven" into a "global carnival". As Ali ally, Suning, also entered the actively preparing for the state, the morning of November 9th, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong appeared Suning >

Purple field data center invites the majority of owners to Luoyang to see the peony

Luoyang is the best place for the flowers, especially for Peony

www.zitian.cnHave you ever heard of

only really Guose peony bloom season, moving the capital

is a peony, purple field network data center (Luoyang) invites the majority of owners to Luoyang feel the purple peony, near field

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picture: 6.jpg (2007-4-1 19:33, 87.15 K)

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picture: Peony (2007-4-1 19:37,.Jpg of 94.04 K)

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picture: Peony two.Jpg (2007-4-1 19:37, 94.55 K)

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HC CEO Guo Jiang how to squeeze into the B2B 2 door

is one of the most veteran B2B companies, after spending 11 years successfully landed on the market, after 11 years to achieve Hongkong gem to the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board of the hc360.com now to stand in a starting point.


for HC CEO Guo Jiang is also true.


transfer application is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange confirmed that Guo Jiang wrote in an email to staff in this way: "these days I haven’t been sleeping well, a strong sense of crisis that I like back in 2006, and the line of life and death!"

behind this B2B industry, Alibaba delisting in Hongkong, although only two years, the market environment seems to be worse, B2C forced, small and medium enterprises, such as the integrity of the industry is facing greater challenges.

Ministry of Commerce has released the China e-commerce report (2013) shows that in 2013, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded $10 trillion, of which more than 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan of online retail sales. And the question is, accounting for less than 20% online retail market has already taken a large number of well-known enterprises including Alibaba, Jingdong, has more than 80% market share of the enterprise market in the end how much imagination

?The answer is

hc360.com will in future investment and financial transactions.

B2B1.0 is the information and advertising in the B2B2.0 era, is the era of financial transaction plus, HC B2B2.0 is standing at the gate, we pinlelaoming have to squeeze in. After B2B2.0, I retired." Guo Jiang explained.

How far is


embarrassment of the current B2B market from Alibaba business development trajectory is evident.

was one of the largest Alibaba shake Qian Shu B2B business has been Taobao Tmall latecomers. In September this year, a Alibaba in the United States after the listing, the Alibaba for the industry to see more impact in many areas of Internet banking, mobile Internet and O2O, but which started its B2B business and did not give much ink.

B2B is like "fly lying on the glass, the light has no future", this is the HC Network founder Guo Fansheng once said in the B2B industry a tremendous remark.

as a start-up earlier than the Alibaba to enter the B2B, but later the company Alibaba, from 2003 to become the first listed B2B companies, to the 2014 transfer of success, B2B is now the trend is hc360.com unavoidable problem.

in Guo Jiang seems, B2B electronic business platform to information and advertising as the main mode of revenue has suffered 1 ceiling. Information advertising market size B2B this year is about 24 billion yuan, of which about 8 billion yuan of domestic city.

Welcome the Olympic Games Chinese nets 2008 free plan

May 12th, the integrity of Henan network (www.cxhn.net.cn) network reporter in the official website understand that, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, as the largest Internet based service providers China, online help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises Chinese million net games, following the launch of "ten years ago, civilink plan again portrait launch" new "network plan and," China nets 2008 free plan ", the theme of" new Olympic Games, new nets".

this event by providing free web hosting space, free domain name and related series of preferential products, in order to further popularization of Internet application, to help more Chinese SMEs seize the trend and the opportunity of the Olympic Games Olympic technology, experience and practice of Internet dream into the trend of e-commerce, the final image and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through the information.

it is understood that the activities of the limited free payment of 10000 sets of.CN domain name + Ying Ying host, limited daily limit, the first to go.

Details of

activities are: http://www.net.cn/static/discount/08free.asp

The 2014 year gold industry annual growth of 2 trillion yuan electricity supplier King

November 11, 2014, Shanghai, a warehouse full of. (CFP/)

since 2010, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 4 trillion, the annual growth rate of around 2 trillion yuan in the growth rate.

real estate industry has almost become the 2014 most suction gold industry, Alibaba rewrite the outcome. Even if Wanda Commercial Real Estate in Hongkong sounded this year first single port city of IPO (about $4 billion fund-raising) bell, also failed to reverse the situation.

According to data from the

Research Center, the first 11 months of 2014, the real estate industry to obtain private investment $9 billion 456 million, M & a capital of $12 billion 930 million, overseas IPO financing $1 billion 211 million, a total of $23 billion 597 million.

11 months before the 2014

, China Internet industry received a total of $3 billion 633 million of private equity investment, venture capital investment of $3 billion 460 million, $7 billion 467 million, overseas mergers and acquisitions of overseas and domestic IPO financing $25 billion 13 million IPO financing $68 million, a total of about $39 billion 641 million, Gold King 2014 year fully deserve.

if subdivided into the next level of classification, in 2014 the king of suction is the Internet industry e-commerce.

e-commerce can take the first place this year, mainly due to the September 2014 Alibaba group in the United States listed, financing $21 billion 767 million, the world’s largest IPO record.

richest man from the electricity supplier

Alibaba followed the pace of the listing, the Hurun Research Institute released in the "2014 Hurun Report", the Ma Yun family wealth to 150 billion yuan ranked first with 145 billion yuan, the Wang Jianlin family wealth ranking second.

in the Forbes 2013 China rich list, Wang Jianlin to the personal wealth of $86 billion, for the first time to become the richest man in china. Good people began to calculate, Wanda Commercial real estate market, can catch up with the difference of 5 billion yuan. Wang Jianlin and MA in the end who is the richest man in China this year,

regardless of who is the richest man, they are two of the most popular figures in the field of e-commerce in China this year. Ma Yun, needless to say, the commercial real estate fortune, represents the traditional business forms of Wang Jianlin, this year for e-commerce investment plus a fire.

August 29, 2014, Wanda, Tencent and Baidu jointly held a press conference in Shenzhen, officially announced the establishment of e-commerce companies in Hongkong. Among them, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent and Baidu each holding a total of $15%, a total investment of $20 billion within 5 years. Although Teng million to hand over the work will take time, but the big three cross-border e-commerce to do together, still gives unlimited imagination.


Gravity to invest in rural electricity providers Ali can do

Alibaba listed after the first round of the big action, 10 billion gravity Nuggets rural electricity supplier. In the past three years, the rural Taobao consumption proportion is gradually increased, the second quarter of 2012 to 7.11% in 2014 9.11% in the first quarter, the online shopping market has a huge growth space, so the question is, how Ali rural electricity, rural electricity supplier in the way of



village became the entrepreneurial inspirational story known Ali will promote Taobao village model

Guangdong sunrise village

Taobao 150 thousand single case, Sha Ji Zhen Dongfengcun annual sales of 800 million yuan, annual turnover of over 6 million successful cases have told us, rural people in Taobao can earn more than pots full bowl and pots full bowl.

October 2014, after the listing of the Alibaba released words, will invest 10 billion of rural electricity supplier market.

from the channel and the cost of calculation, the common attributes of the Taobao village commodity is: the line has been formed around the industrial chain. For example, fresh, must choose the origin of fresh agricultural industry is prosperous, you didn’t sell crabs in Taolin; for example in clothing, if not what must be surrounding the development of special industries in rural areas, you can choose to mail, but this kind of mode, than to have been surrounding prosperous clothing the establishment of rural industry clothing low profits.

so, Ali on rural electricity supplier development path can be roughly like this:

on the "special" areas of the implementation of investment policy

orchard, aquaculture, and other agricultural products with corn rice breeding, cultivation of the concentration of the gathering, we can divide it into a special area for rural areas, such development of Taobao village entrepreneurial mode is most appropriate, but currently has only about products in rural areas, electricity supplier operations, cognition the construction of the logistics and so on are almost zero is still in the waking state, Ali to do? Encourage North drift and South drift were their entrepreneurial venture team?

?The Taobao

big rich propaganda is inevitable, but for the construction of agricultural business team, Ali seems only to the awakening of catalyst indirect encouragement, do publicity agricultural electricity suppliers, is no longer a village collective open a proof, let the mayor to find o to a team shop discount, free for one year for two years to provide some promotion fee settled, preferential policy and so on. As for Ali staff to mobilize the villagers to open the shop, I have begun to do Ma, I believe there are specialty in the countryside there will be the founder of Ali figure.

for the rural entrepreneurial team, Ali needs to give two help: first, operating knowledge, but logistics. Taobao store operations like, in addition to explaining the operation rules of Ali online, do not know the future will not appear like the villagers Taobao forum. So logistics it has not yet introduced a lot of delivery to the door of the country policy, Ali will be >

Rural electricity providers are playing partner but he wants to play Commercial Street

[editor’s note] in 2015, the rural electricity supplier B2B platform to do 4 billion, A round to accept the capital as the lead after the investment of $120 million, they expand the business to the 14 provinces. Have to carry out rural service providers in the Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other commercial giants, to 51 in order to break the siege giant network

?In the eyes of the 51 order

Xian net founder Chen, Ali, and other electricity providers giant Jingdong have resorted to "rural partnership" (such as Taobao, Jingdong to help rural areas in the county, the establishment of a partner, responsible for helping local farmers and provide Internet orders, including the last mile, quality assurance, maintenance, service), there are loopholes. Instead of spending huge sums of money to re build a retail system in the countryside (4~6 class city), it is better to carefully analyze the form of the rural market, rational use of local conditions of the Internet more effective.  

51 order network founder Chen Xian

The following is

billion state power network dialogue 51 order network founder, CEO Chen Xian:

rural electricity supplier in the future is not in the village

: now the state power grid electricity supplier giant flagship in the village neighbors to help set up a partner, online shopping village, 51 order

networks as well?

Chen offers: depth of the village level electricity supplier, not our main market. We believe that China’s rural market can be divided into three levels: Village, town, county. Can be done in the developed areas of the town, the county can do in less developed areas.

Chinese after all 6~8 million farmers, they cannot all enter the 1~3 of the city, and they eat in the county town, the commercial street is enough. Rural land intensive, the population gathered in the town and county, while the industry is also moving in the county and town, county and town linked to the urban and rural areas, it has become a commercial center in the countryside.

consumption in rural areas: first, Tmall, Taobao, etc.; second, commercial street. Our goal is commercial street.


billion state power network: Commercial Street consumption patterns is what kind of


Chen Xian: in the countryside, the electric car to meet their traffic problems, early years, young people are riding a motorcycle, electric cars are now how old people can ride. So that the town, the county will become more and more a commercial center. Compared to the United States, it is the commercial center of Downtown, American farmers will open weekend pickup to Downtown shopping, there are WAL-MART, Costco (Costco) chain store, go shopping once a week is enough, this is their habit. We believe that China will not form such a commercial area in a short period of time, relatively high efficiency and has the same function is a small shop on the street.

Commercial Street store has many advantages, such as relatively low cost, do not pay social security, the rent is cheaper, do not need to hire

Taobao will become a meteor in the end who hurt Taobao

believes that Taobao customers Tongren years will feel extremely hard, feeling before profit model has become like the chicken ribs, compared to 2010 the fame of the Taobao guest website, this site has many Taobao customers have to face the risk of shutting down, especially some large web sites will be Taobao off as profit tools for Taobao, grassroots webmaster visitors basically is devastating, then only major portals into the Taobao customer attracted industry consolidation? Not necessarily, the author summarizes the key factors below four


A: the competition is intense, the profit is very thin

originally, Taobao customer is to allow businesses and marketers can achieve a win-win model, this model obtained by the introduction of a strong vitality, but also appeared, low entry barriers, disorderly competition problems, such as slimming slimming tea now, this originally belonged to a lot of products, now Taobao, probably at a loss, this is because too many people in this industry, the competition is too fierce, so the normal operation of the profit distribution to the person’s head is not able to maintain Taobao off site! So many people have to give up

so dark!

two: most of the Taobao site is not professional

for Taobao webmaster passengers, many websites are not very professional, is often through the list, the advertisement type recommended for this product, if a large number of similar pages appear on the Internet, it is difficult to let users believe that nature and are willing to spend money to buy, so it is similar to the weight list of Taobao customers the website has to the closing point, according to the relevant data of Internet Information Center statistics, this is similar to a variety of products list website, in the first half of the year has been the closure of tens of thousands, the number is quite amazing


three: the emergence of the station group further erode the profit margins of Taobao customers

when many large websites into Taobao customers, for small owners, there are two ways to make their own can still get a decent profit space, it is less a multi station group, through a series of websites to monopolize a product of long tail key words, so as to realize baichuanhui in the sea is magnificent, but it also requires grassroots webmaster has considerable strength, and can be quite a team of operators, the other is the grassroots path, but this method is difficult as can be imagined so those without innovation Taobao!, in the double squeeze large portal and station group, naturally it is difficult to succeed!

four: Taobao business layer peeling, Taobao customer income is difficult to improve

In fact, Taobao

customers as middlemen for users and businesses, users often become the targets of abuse, become the object of exploitation for businesses, users of abuse, we also can be improved by improving service quality, but the shelf businesses tend to buckle, inexplicably denied Taobao off the results have been achieved, resulting in a some have no income, disguised to the Taobao.