The mismatches are not only in the field but also in the staff

first_imgBut the mismatch appeared when Setién included in his staff a third collaborator: a goalkeeper coach, Jon Pascua. And we say mismatch because Barcelona has since 2012 a goalkeeper coach, José Ramón de la Fuente, who came from the hand of Tito Vilanova from Hercules, and who has survived Tata Martino, Luis Enrique and Ernesto Valverde. And is that none of these three coaches came accompanied by a goalkeeper technician. Not even Luis Enrique, who landed in Barcelona in 2014 with an important cast of assistants – even a psychologist – but without having a specific goal technician, since Juan Carlos Unzué, who was part of his team, came as a second coach. So that, Setién Barcelona currently has the doubled position in goalkeeper training. A strange and completely anomalous situation, especially considering that there are only two goalkeepers in a squad, and now neither that because of the injury of the Brazilian Neto.In the case of physical preparation it also tends to bend, but it makes more sense when working with a large group of players in the squad. In this case, Soto shares work with Edu Pons.But obviously it is the first time in the history of FC Barcelona that the first team has two goalkeeping coaches. A situation, as AS has learned, that will remain at least until the end of the season. And it has been an express request of the staff that considers De la Fuente one more of the group and do not see the need to dispense with their services mid-season. The landing of Quique Setién in Barcelona triggered a series of movements within the previous staff headed by Ernesto Valverde. The obvious loss of the Extremaduran coach was joined by his second, Jon Aspiazu, as well as that of the physical trainer, ‘Ros’ Pozanco. Both came from Valverde in 2017 and were part of the hard core.For his part, Setién has also arrived flanked by his trusted staff: a second, Eder Sarabia, and a physical trainer, Fran Soto. So far no problem: It was about replacing piece by piece.last_img

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