3Dprinted privacy cover for Glass puts everyone at ease

first_imgThere are a lot of people concerned about the camera on Google Glass, and how it could maybe be used if the wearer was in any way malevolent. To address this possible concern, one Glass Explorer has made a 3D-printed privacy shield for the headset.You’d probably be the worst spy ever if you tried to stalk someone with Glass on, but that doesn’t stop a vocal minority from expressing concerns about a camera mounted to the right of one’s head. To their point, there’s no notification light when you are recording, aside from the “Terminator” glow that the prism gives off whenever you are using it. No one knows when you are taking pictures or recording, so those around you either assume you’re never recording or assume you’re always recording.As a result, the list of places Glass is banned from seems to be growing at a fairly constant rate. The easiest way to get rid of concerns would be to hide the camera and cover up the display. Thanks to Glass Explorer Ryan Weaving, all you need is a 3D printer to make that happen.Shortly after our discussion on the social implications of Glass, a conversation arose about how exactly you could block out the camera on Glass. That’s the big issue here — the camera and the light from the prism are unnerving to some. Fortunately, those two pieces are right next to one another, and connected to the same flexible arm at the end of every Glass unit.In order to make something that would cover both of these things, Weaving tried out a few ideas in 3D modeling and came up with a cap that went over Glass. The end of the cap covers the camera, while the box-shaped end encapsulates the prism without actually touching it. Not only is the camera gone, but you could be staring into the sun and the projector on Glass would be clear as day to you now.While it is true that you lose the ability to see through the prism, it’s likely that there will be versions of this cap that allow for just the camera to be covered, or to have the back of the prism cover open so the break in your field of vision would be lessened. It’s a good solution for those that feel they would be in situations where people would assume Glass wearers are up to no good.Weaving has shared this design on Thingiverse for anyone to use and enjoy.last_img

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