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customer service Tel: 021-510965630537-26097980537-31>

Axill Europe Ltd has the best telecommunications switching equipment, and has built the world’s largest SIP software switching system in London, providing the strongest support for Globe7.

price 0.6 yuan / successful download registration activation, month installation registration amount more than 1000 0.8 yuan / successful download registration activation. advertisers promise, according to the quality of the installation, then can go up the unit price, I will be based on the price of the advertisers will be given to float, is currently the lowest line price

pulsating retreat League: tuitan

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. developed Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products, patent certification in the world, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing.

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pulsating advertising alliance, your ad you call the shots! Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

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customer service, :767431 767125324641730265, 366877955

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this thing looked far as the ivory tower in the tooth and can not play, considerable. In fact, there is nothing more than a window paper. It’s no big deal……… The management of this thing looked far as in the ivory tower tooth and can not play, considerable. In fact, there is nothing more than a window paper. It’s no big deal.

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Start Date: May 2002

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activities, as long as you register online, you can immediately get free 38 minutes of airtime, but also participate in the monthly crazy sweepstakes, have the opportunity to win stylish mobile phones, MP3 players and other rich gifts. After registration, each successful recommendation of 1 registered relatives and friends, you can get 10 minutes of airtime, the monthly introduction of the top 10 users, you can get more additional prizes

Globe7, a free downloadable software that combines voice, video, instant messaging, live video, and online advertising, can instantly turn your computer into second phones. You can call the computer free of charge to make computer calls to the computer, and you can call the world fixed and mobile phones at very low rates, and enjoy free movies, instant news and sms. SKYPE has a huge advantage over what is currently being promoted.

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