How to search outside, encounter the enemy

In this paper, by pushing the

suggests that "love Shanghai security alliance remind you: this page may have been illegally tampered with

these suggestions can offer reference for the regular website, illegal websites or web edge ball did not actually what method can completely solve the method can completely solve the "hand".


2. will be the site of the problem completely solved, the appeal of the website can be submitted through the website, the website security alliance website free page (address: 贵族宝贝, according to the prompt did almost the same.

if the site suffered risk tips how to do? The last small to give you some advice:


3. website will appear in order to avoid risk warning, push benefit suggestions can occasionally in stationmaster net love Shanghai Webmaster Platform or Webmaster Platform Security Alliance (贵族宝贝 for examination of the website, citing doctors often say "early discovery, early treatment".

1. first need to determine your own website is due to what the cause of the problem, in general, if the site is being hacked so there is such a phenomenon, so that it is the serious security vulnerabilities of their site appeared. The security vulnerabilities at this time to timely repair, repair loopholes, such as killing the trojans. Query by Webmaster Platform love love Shanghai, Shanghai website will tell you what happened, but also repair the proposal, the proposal of Shanghai to repair with love.

November 25th, the usual love Shanghai search "search", but found the accident found outside the prompt risk. Search homepage, forum, information page was also suggested, as a large industry search outside what is

Hui station network ( published original, reproduced please keep.


!" I query the "


through love Shanghai backstage website security detection; www. why贵族宝贝", Shanghai dragon; love Shanghai showed for the site was linked to horse.

The essence of the chain you really appreciate

But with the

owners will think the meaning of the chain is to let the other website for our website to vote, but if you really consider voting and deeper meaning behind? Is love Shanghai developed for the chain to vote this feature, rather than Google, which is caused by the chain we usually the love of Shanghai included better, mainly because Google is relatively poor, so also created a lot of love in order to obtain the Shanghai ranking webmaster mistaken essence of website optimization is outside the chain.

for some owners think that his hair of the chain is very valuable, not the so-called mass, buy links, but why the site is still being punished by search engines? In fact, this time involving the owners of these foreign chain the understanding of the meaning of those is not thorough, so this time someone asked and what is the meaning of the chain of

?The vast majority of

for the chain really play a role in the vote is not that we deliberately go to the link, and the conditions for the value chain is the basic nature of the chain. The so-called natural we will need to meet three conditions: one is the existence of traffic must be outside the chain page we released in two, the chain is closely related to our website theme, the three is the chain really can attract users to click. Imagine if we released the chain page long time without any user access, the page of the search engine is a chain of garbage No one shows any interest in the page, and the page is undoubtedly also is of no value to the garbage outside the chain, for example, our chain in a breast site I released the name of the game even if the page is the theme of my website and related, do you think those breast users will be interested in that? So the correlation is very important, but the chain page and our website related theme, and is valuable so natural to attract users to enter through the chain I > click on the address

In fact,

search engine algorithm constantly improve, also give us these do optimization webmaster to bring a lot of problems, especially after the Shanghai green love algorithm, sell for links and before we have always thought that the value chain denied. The reason and love Shanghai to do so from an objective point of view is good, it is hope that we can long-term development, the construction of the chain of real value, and not simply for the optimization of Shanghai dragon fool.

believe that every webmaster all know the importance of the website chain for a site, especially after the release of Shanghai love Webmaster Platform chain out related announcement, for many truly understand the essence of the chain webmaster is not a good thing, but for those who blindly do garbage outside the chain of owners is undoubtedly not fatal blow. And those who really have a value chain for the web is always the undeniable fact. In fact, when we first contact site optimization in this industry, we all know that the principle of the chain of voting, when our website each added a chain, is equal to the other site cast a vote for the friendly to our website.

Shanghai dragon Advisor how to do website keyword research

1, the chain and competitors how large, how many web site pages, a look at the website PR value or weight, which is the domain name itself accumulation of external links a direct digital.

specification, the entire site columns is not itself, is not the boss, but the website channel and the program are based on keyword research to the.

Second step

as a consultant at the Xuzhou network for analysis and optimization, billion) of the web site keywords so much, if you have a better suggestion, you can also add QQ, WeChat 654703209: communicate with me, thank you for your visit! Please specify the source and load to maintain the link 贵族宝贝

Keywords The first step of Xuzhou Shanghai Dragon ( , thank you!

3, social networking, especially how involved in micro-blog inside, to see whether there is a micro-blog official, how many fans, if more than the degree of difficulty will be greater.

4, see rival web page optimization level, can be through the web site to see the diagnosis.

2, see each other website domain name age, old domain name domain name has more advantages than the new.

The structure of

, keyword research

2, relative to the demand, but the difficulty is relatively small, the user needs is the keyword search times, the difficulty is relatively small in the search list, the difficulty to make a judgment, see which demand is relatively large.

Third step

so, how to do the website keyword research? Xuzhou billion network that is divided into three steps:

1, Sike, not what good choice, we must do this, but you know how difficult, how much work is expected to

, keyword distribution

do research two methods:

, competitors of

ER in Shanghai Longfeng site before optimization, we need to study the related website keywords, analyze what keywords are flow rate, which keyword competitiveness, summed up the site early, middle and later need to optimize what keywords.

has several aspects:

The maximum

Rain on the virtual sub who will become Shanghai Longfeng District of electrical contest winner

, the first 1 big winners: the first e-commerce site


e-commerce website as the organizers of this competition is undoubtedly the biggest winner. I wrote an article "virtual son rain: several ways to promote" 2011 most awesome on the introduced by Shanghai dragon game mode is a very awesome way of network promotion. This competition may have more than 20000 investment in bonuses, plus some other inputs, count down for the first e-commerce such large website promotion expenses is not really what, but through this competition, the first e-commerce brand must build out, the second flow is increased third. Site weight increase, coupled with the substantial foundation for the support, this website will develop more and better. So sometimes do Shanghai dragon, do promotion, a good idea to help us save a lot of companies or individuals can achieve cost effects beyond imagination.

if you observe it, know the business competition like a raging fire, every webmaster or participating team is mustering the strength, one step forward, according to the virtual son rain observation keywords "electricity business circle" in the first match is now to start a few easy Lord, although the final stage still more than a month away, but the game has entered the stage of real knife knives, remember a few days before the first website has been attacked, the sites are open, the competition is big, the high degree of concern. I did not participate in the competition, not because the technology can not own, but feel that if to spend time in this game is not too expensive, but perhaps many webmaster don’t think so, a lot of people actually feel that this game is a strong temptation.

then, after took part in the competition, we will know more or less row in the front page of the website or the website of independent blog, companies or individuals will become a cattle X many webmaster eyes website, this is without a doubt. Fundamentally, we will find that most people are only spectators, or join in the fun of the people, and get the most is some wily owners and companies. We do not believe if you think carefully what is the profit in the business circle who in the race? I briefly talk about their own views for some, the business competition, welcome Paizhuan!

business circle contest for the owners the reason why there is a great temptation, the first game rich rewards:

The first

you can search business "to see, in the home before five now has two of the first commercial website column page, showing his harvest. In addition, as the contest sponsor is mounted as a green another fruitful point of business circle in the first game business website, I believe many people will know in this game with green, green outfit did not participate in the game than to play the more famous, and I looked at his blog, I think after the game since the traffic is increased.

How many know the bare chain and chain chain construction in the role of you



examples are as follows:

3, external links voting mechanism to enhance the link weight of the target page, which affects the target page collection and core keywords ranking;

is more than two kinds of chain exist: anchor and bare chain, most of Shanghai Longfeng Er will meet these two conditions, many owners will think subjective chain than the bare chain effect is good, of course, "the little lost reptile is not denied this chain the role is better than bare the chain effect, why do you say that? Here I’ll webmaster friends share for a bare chain and chain" lost small Crawler "is how to understand.

The correlation between

a 4, more interesting, for a large area of the laying of the target page anchor text, can play a direct role in tampering with the target page title, this is a part of "the little lost in the reptile chain discovery. Figure

, a chain of




1, website traffic is divided into the natural search traffic, paid search traffic, and direct referral traffic flow, a part of the chain also belong to the referral traffic, so it will certainly play the role of diversion to the site;

after the above search results click into the observation target page title. Figure

name exists in the anchor text chain forms, whether specific letters or Chinese characters, as long as the user link address, click directly into the target page, can be understood as the chain. So in the construction of the chain in the main chain play what role

2, anchor text and target page, this effect can enhance the ranking in the search results of the anchor text, anchor text are rolling out a large area, the effect will be very obvious, you can use keywords from your webmaster friends and exchange chain discerned;

examples are as follows:

we can see that the search engine does not display the page content inside the title, I am by viewing the source inside but could not find the relevant search keywords, so I should be judged to a large number of chain, directly affect the search engine judge, identify the page.

is a Shanghai dragon Er, in order to improve their website weight and included rate, make the chain planning is a must. The exchange chain in Links is most webmaster can do, as long as you are seriously looking for resources, will slowly put these resources to accumulate, and will be more and more easy, most exchange chain is in the form of text links to layout, also is the anchor link we said another; is there to bare chain in the form of daily will contribute in some webmaster can contribute the website, the bottom of the article will generally leave the corresponding content already exists in your links.

A person should do Wangzhuan mentality trainingAnalysis of the three main elements of the website pr

learned something is a good thing, but we still need to find out, we can not only operate according to our method to teach others, we must have the reverse thinking, to think about the Wangzhuan why can make money? What is this Wangzhuan money

in making money online, although not very difficult, but not a very easy thing, because if you know how to learn it, you can become a Master Wangzhuan overnight, but if you don’t learn how to learn it, even if I spend two years time, will not have any effect. This is the importance method, of course, cultivate a good attitude, also can let you have a good way to learn. This article from the original China Wangzhuan forum, reprinted from chinawzlt.5d6d/thread-5>

just do Wangzhuan, experience is not particularly rich, others can do Wangzhuan is how to look on the net, see what others do Wangzhuan success step by step, learn to do Wangzhuan this method, especially novice, must lay down their own expensive head, empty heart to learn from others, so that can let oneself learn some skills.

really put this thing do Wangzhuan, you need the unceasing accumulation, want to be able to become a billionaire overnight, although it is a very normal idea, but this is like winning the lottery, knowing the probability of winning is very low, but we will still have dreams, even if not if you want to make money, in a short period of time can, must grasp what will be some what, if you re a performance more prominent, you can own the ability to use the right, so that it is possible to let oneself again within a short period of time to make money, how to make a performance in terms of their ability the more prominent? I think the first thing to do is to develop their own a mentality.

second: fumble


third: practice


fourth: move forward,

currently website profit pattern classification of
the website profit pattern in the author’s opinion can be divided into three categories:
1, information model

number 1: learning

only by a few Wangzhuan money is very dangerous, because these Wangzhuan Well someday will fail, so before this Wangzhuan real failure, we need to make adequate preparations, to prepare a profitable project so few can not only expand their thinking, but also to their own leaves room.

light is no "empty talk" useful, we need to know how to learn a skill, if you don’t do it, this technology would never be in our hands, the fastest way so we grasp this technology is to go to see about the practice, in the process of practice in the end what problems exist.

, that is, through the provision of various information services to achieve profit purposes, here can also be broken down into several categories. The first is the Sina model, also is to provide various information for users, such as news and information, attracting a large number of Internet users access down the page becomes a like on billboards downtown., so that the page has a high commercial value. The second is the information website model, that is, Internet users release information, to establish a communication platform for everyone, that is, put up a bridge. His value is that the bridge reduces the cost of communication with traditional patterns.
mode line line mode is very funny, this way is more use of offline operation to make money, for example, many dating sites, in fact he websites such as VIP and other members of little money, but a lot of dating sites to engage in offline activities, such as the party, collect tickets and other expenses. Such as Ctrip, eLong is this pattern, their main income from the line tickets, hotel booking, tourism and other income, the website for them, but it is the display counter. The characteristics of
this pattern is his profit is through offline transactions or activities to achieve the
note: standard here is on the website’s point of view, gains from website evaluation method. Not from the user’s point of view or from the global perspective. For example, users want to buy a car, the car network, find online advertising, and under the car, the process from the global view is both online and offline, but from the car network, Internet users on-line car, find ads, determine the purchase intention, here car network task has been completed, there is only one information model.
see the following website to see all kinds of profit model three premise website profit.
Web profit premise, your website audience > clear

Watch the development of personal websites from the first video

according to iResearch survey found: the first video network advertising has been far more than Sina, Tencent and other portals online video advertising on PV. first video network with development time what a year more than portals such as Sina, we rely on the small and medium-sized power station network (" let the workers have power "), many joined the site so that the first video quickly became the first true " video ", also by many big advertisers, make the brand advertising to the small website above.

small website is the first video of success, in fact GG and Baidu’s success also depends on the small website, to have content will have no small website search, to the prosperity of the network, the search will become meaningless! Small website is that these network giants of the foundation, so webmaster want to let oneself constantly grow taller, house, so do the professional content and user is the most critical point, and the first video sites rely on Baidu GG gain by revenue to sustain life, to improve the site traffic, this is a positive cycle system of ideal


but the small website innumerable, how to make their own webmaster if you do not have a big talent shows itself, can only rely on financial support is steady, every little bit accumulation, perseverance, the example here I will no longer speak, there are many! Some smart, good webmaster with some technical means to make their stand the short-term flow, income from the Union there, good technology, can get more, technology is not good, very quickly by the alliance K off, sometimes this is the development of the network The loss outweighs the gain.! Non normal circulation, will not go so long, not ready to join in this industry to the webmaster learning.

I think in the Internet, there are many undeveloped virgin land, waiting for smart webmaster development! Quality, individuality, exclusive, must be the future of Internet development!


The prospects for independent shopping sites are grim

several concepts in this article:

— business card station: pay attention to the website interface design, only advertise the website. Its e-commerce function is only a decoration.

— commercial station: focus on product sales, establish convenient and unique technical model of the website. Its interface design is not the focus of business.

– independent shopping website: only the seller’s online sales website (or independent online shop) has the domain name and space.

– online shopping platform: an e-commerce website (or shopping platform) that allows both buyers and sellers.

now build a shopping website to peel off a layer of leather, cumbersome procedures, high labor costs. And similar Taobao, build a shop above, can go directly to the client to do marketing, and do not have to care about technical problems, filing problems.

grassroots can intervene online shopping platform, the famous number of Taobao. Shopping in Taobao has become a habit in some people and some areas. The success of this business form has led many web sites to see the bright future of shopping platforms. Baidu has "ah", "eBay", "Yue le", "Huicong net", "Dunhuang net", "Tesco" and other performances of an e-commerce bloom. While the independent shopping website has been launched, there are few improvements, just opened, but also few people interested. As an independent to open a website, in addition to pay fees, fees of domain name space, but also through the filing and special audit, the decline of these have been virtually and will cause an independent website, the prospect of independent shop.

I have a domain name space sales platform, come to me to do web site, in recent years built independent shopping website very little, mostly build business card type website. Think also, private building independent shopping website, the domain name space to spend money not to say, for the record, technical support, background processing, online promotion, the energy consumption is over, if you want to achieve profitability through independent private shopping sites, estimated to be tired as a bone to earn money or guaranteed; and to build an independent enterprise shopping site, although labor costs have ready-made, but ultimately may also put money dashuipiao, its online publicity alone, rather than joining Taobao pat, save, save, save for propaganda and attack technique, can focus on product sales well.

in addition to the domain name spaces I build, there are also physical marketing stores. For the sake of promotion, the website is free. Earlier, in order to promote the entity store and build online shop, used to buy online mall system, although done well, unfortunately too many loopholes, full of hacker interference, full of technology learning pain. Later on, I changed the version and made a business card type website. The list of products on its website is only to provide products, pictures and instructions, no longer crave online money. And my focus has shifted back to the store, and it’s much better to spend time with people than to have independent shopping sites. In business, order and

Tens of thousands of websites were closed behind the secret

network media is increasing recently on pornographic websites and video download site for rectification, and catch up with CCTV to Shanghai to interview the pornographic websites related to the case, this can make room in all stations in Shanghai by twelve typhoons, overnight to countless websites competing "bow"; so many webmaster pain, because they face a large area the site closed and hard to build business platform that life doesn’t interest off, specifically Shanghai room 95% site was closed.

below is a screenshot of my chat with A5


who is responsible for these normally closed sites,

?It is easy to control the

illegal sites, as long as the fundamental elements can solve the fundamental problem, always cannot last night across the board, not your regular site or illegal sites, the DGT directly closed bin, as is their own career, for fear of causing trouble for the CCTV interview for their telecommunications the industry, to the room of "secretly" issued a "secret power", to do right? You are promoted, can be the owners and the interests of Internet users who come to you about? This is our webmaster fate, resign yourself, blame yourself the wrong room (don’t say he is innocent), it is only in this nagging a few words.

Tens of thousands of

website when closed, it also need to wait for the * * * * DGT leader of a sentence "CCTV interview personnel go, all can solve the web site".

original text from reprinted, please indicate the source,


Use Baidu statistics to provide some of the SEO recommendation features

Baidu statistics launched the SEO recommendation function, is currently in beta, I bought an invitation code, using the SEO suggested function, some of the experience to share, tell you.

first introduces some of the Baidu statistics SEO advice functions on site inspection of several items:

1: URL

1, URL length: Baidu recommends that the maximum length of URL shall not exceed 255byte

2, static page arguments: using dynamic parameters on a static page causes spider to grab

many times and repeatedly

two: page content

1, Meta information perfection: the lack of keywords and description meta tags (which may have an impact on your web page display and sort)

2, picture Alt information: there is a img tag without ALT information (adding this information can make your web pages more easily retrieved by users)

3, Frame information: the presence of the frame/frameset/iframe tag (frame will cause Baidu spider crawl difficulties, Baidu recommends you try not to use)

4, Flash text information: Flash lacks text description

, let me look at a test process for my website:

I first test when the test score is 71 points, the main problems are: 1, the static page parameters using dynamic parameters in the static page, will cause the spider times and repeated crawl, there are 10 problems, minus 10 points; 2, improve the degree of lack of keywords and Meta information description meta label, 1 a problem, minus 1 points; 3, there is no picture Alt information ALT information img label, there are 31 problems by 18 points.

my website is built with ECSHOP station, I carried out two development. I thought it was good before, but I didn’t think the score would be ideal.

from Baidu’s inspection of these items, the general web site system problems, mostly in dynamic pages using dynamic parameters, and pictures without ALT tag problem.

because Baidu gave the specific page path, so I began to view and try to modify. There are several paths that really have problems with static pages using dynamic parameters, so I modify them one by one. In addition, some of the pictures in the article also forget to add ALT tags. One after the rectification, and then check, indeed the modified path links are gone. But my score is still 71 points. So I’ll see again. But what are some of my pages this time?