Four induction station optimization

two, the article page and related content page links

article page is the highest, but to do the whole site weight increase is not desirable. Outbound links inside pages must obey some principles, cite a simple example, just like the main contents of the present article is about the Shanghai Phoenix, then the article in your page, you can take the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon ah, Shanghai dragon skills ah, ah, the Dragon columns of Shanghai micro-blog Taobao the Shanghai Dragon and so on in the form of some of the Shanghai dragon from shallow to deep into the class. Then, according to the arrangement of each category, a list of related articles, here can be displayed in the form of questions, such as what is the Shanghai dragon? How to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon optimization? Etc. These advocate we can study the love of Shanghai.


we often mentioned diversified anchor text in the construction of the chain set, this principle is also applicable to the station optimization. In order to make the search engine better judgment web content, different articles to the anchor text corresponding to the same content. However, in actual operation, I do not advocate for independent content construction interface, the anchor text diversity, because of this, the workload is very large, but the effect is not so obvious. So I think we should only need the chain in the anchor text construction on the directory page, only the specific practices related keywords directory page segmentation, sorting out the relevant keywords, appear in the page where, according to the situation, with 32 anchor text, it is relatively simple but, on the directory page optimization, will also play a very good effect.

No weight links derived

so, how to avoid these search engines have left "defects", to avoid such a mistake? I want to according to the personal experience, do simple analysis, to share with you to discuss, this article represents only the personal views, have a wrong place, also hope to get everyone’s advice.

is a common phenomenon in the webmaster circle is how to use the Shanghai dragon skills do website ranking optimization, of course, this is a webmaster must do. If the site does not do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then your website in the search engine will not get a good ranking. This will directly lead to, you will lose most of the traffic source, believe that every webmaster will know the search engine is the most main source of site traffic. Once a site does not flow, so the site can only be said to be a body without a soul. Because the relevant rules of the search engine in constantly improve, constantly updated, a lot of Shanghai dragon is skill learning by exploring every webmaster continuously, found in the ground. So, in the whole process, there will inevitably be some inconsiderate "optimization loopholes" led to the optimization of "trap" appearance.

, on the diversification of

station anchor text

New optimization techniques three months rapid ranking

to new sites in the three months to the home page ranking even to the first need to do is not only the content of construction and the construction of the chain, and the construction of the content and the chain in the importance of different time is not the same. When we put the degree after I come up easily. Below I introduce my optimization process:

site is 5 products, more than 1 months after the home in hiding two other products, and also hides a column in the navigation. At the same time in the home increases the bucket elevator drawings in this column, from the current data, click on this column is more. And on the line less than a month when the bucket elevator drawings "ranked first on the site, and has been in the top three, brought some IP to the site.

4, bucket elevator programme, the quality of reason is the topic page than the web page, the inside pages will be better. All of the bucket contents gathered in the column page, pictures, structure, principle, standard, the user looks not only convenient, at the same time, the entire page content quality is very high. Next for this special.

2, the website is not only to meet the needs of the buyers, but also needs to satisfy the information needs of user groups and the majority of this part of the crowd. If this part of the crowd did not meet the demand, our website users will be very small, it is difficult to love Shanghai website ranking to the first page. It is also for this reason I increased the structure of this column, and put them on the front page. Structure diagram of the homepage image must use CAD drawings in the form of display, so as to attract users to click. If is the real map general there is no visual impact and need to see the text that there might be.

When the


3, whether it is on the drawing page, or on the product page I do download link. There is a link to download a few words and then is compressed on the drawing page, link is pointing to love Shanghai SkyDrive. So the user not only download faster, it will not lead to the site open slowly. Compressed images are added, as is the user experience, allowing users to see that this is a compressed package download. In the product page I have document download link, the reason is the search of the word user manual and other types of needs to download. Different documents under different products to meet the needs of users, user.

1, increase the drawing column, the reason is because the search for a large part of bucket type lifting machine is the user to find the bucket elevator structure diagram and drawings, but there are few online this special website. That is not out of the drawings, is the need to buy to get. But we do not rely on selling drawings profitable, so open a part of Never mind. And the Internet is not so focused on different types of bucket elevator structure, if we do, will have the advantage.

Optimization of

Do business with more business thinking

has been doing websites for some time, and the income is not high, which is the average level of most webmaster. To observe a period of time, at the grassroots website this one, in fact with most other industries, there are a few star webmaster, can do an annual income of millions or even tens of millions, the rest are located in the middle and lower reaches, the monthly income from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although many webmaster secret attraction station, such as "how I do a monthly income of tens of thousands of this post, but that everyone can see, there are many marketing and advertising, can really make a lot of money people probably won’t come here to feeble. In fact, many grassroots Adsense dry work is done, group building, pseudo original, mass, are very boring, very energy consuming work. There are many friends are confused, do some time, the effect is not obvious, began to give up, and I have had such experience, but all the way down, or learned a lot.

recently studied the practices of some low key experts on the Internet, and felt new experiences in doing this. In fact, the website is also a business, we don’t want to do website and site, in order to the chain outside the chain, the site as a business to think, in fact, a lot of confusion will disappear. Imagine a web site and a roadside shop is not what is different, the cost of the website server, shop to rent, websites need to flow, also need to store customers at the roadside shop in order to attract pedestrians on the road, the site is possible to attract traffic, shop to attract people what to do. Publicity, advertising, if a lot of people feel good, then there is a reputation and brand, website to attract traffic, it is nothing more than advertising, the chain, content construction and reputation. If you tell people well, if someone finds a new client for you, you deduct the percentage from him. On the Internet, this is the advertising alliance,.

all the way down, we will find that the website and the actual business is actually not what different nature, different only in its existing form, and the site also has its special advantage, effect is not influenced by geographical space, the cost is relatively low. If you are a manager, you certainly want to please one or two assistants, actually we truly visionary webmaster, also part of the website construction and propaganda work please people to do, but not by their own toil to do. Because of the success of the webmaster, should focus on the direction and decision-making to grasp, construction details if Qinliqinwei words is a lot of energy, the efficiency is not high, can put some trivial details to more professional people to do.

that’s why I say do have business thinking, and now I have a monthly income website have come up with some fixed investment to ask people to do advertising and promotion, monitoring their focus on keyword research and the results of SEO life much easier than before, but also more stable income in fact, the site is essentially a burn cause, if you can’t increase but continue to use the human way of investment, that you may never be able to this industry further.

Talking about how to use the site home page slides focus diagram

many friends don’t love with focus map home slide effect, on the one hand may be due to the maintenance focus map slideshows need to spend extra time, on the other hand may be due to disapproval of the functional home focus map effect. In fact, home focus map to help us to better improve the user experience, the role is very big; actually master home focus map skills, webmaster can in a very short time management maintenance home focus map. This article will discuss the actual effect of the home page slide effect focus diagram, as well as some areas that should be paid attention to in the daily website application process.

from the functional point of view, the home focus map has the following practical functions: 1, ornamental. We know that the personal website home page to remove part of the advertising, are generally composed of static text and images, and the home focus map scroll wheel turning can effectively help the site to achieve a combination of static and dynamic effect, give users a visual satisfaction; at the same time, we have to see some color skills webmaster will be good at home focus map color pictures with the style of the whole website of collocation, can well meet the needs of users. 2, content recommendation. According to a description of which, if you can do it through a combination of static and dynamic, to attract the attention of the user, it is easy to present the high quality website content pushed to the target user, the user can attract attention in the first time; we know that personal website, content is actually rarely has an advantage, and for our production advantage content is not high, the user first senses, directly pushed to him, for we retain effective play the role of the users is very large. 3, user guidance. Since the effect of home focus maps is such a good way to attract users, it is actually commercial and functional development. For example, the advertisement of focus chart type and the boot of new on-line function are all functions of the focus map of the front page.

Since the

home focus map has so many functions, the management is not very trouble? For the busy various site work every webmaster, how efficient management and maintenance of the home focus map? I believe that as long as the master key skills and following maintenance, home focus map is not difficult.

, a frequency control; many webmaster do not love the home focus map, that is because the update frequently focus map too troublesome, actually home focus map update frequency without our imagination of so high. Remove some we see the portal, the editorial team large website, the general professional site, the frequency of updates home focus map is very slow, for them, home focus map function is very large, if the content or really need to guide the user, and the need to have other functions, commercial time and to give home focus map updates. So, for the individual webmaster, before using the focus map, you need to make sure its location and when to use it so that you can master the frequency of updates.


How to open a school supplies store to make money

students at school but also a lot of things, what a pencil bag and so on, around the school will generally have such a store, how to open a student shop to make money? The students now shop a lot, competition is more intense, in order to attract their attention in the first time, the operator should make corresponding the policy, and from the perspective of consumers, the choice of their attention, also easy to disperse, how to let oneself shop talent shows itself to ensure product quality, not only, but also for proper promotion.


is a student oriented shop, so we should proceed from the interests of consumers, provide more convenience for them, so in the site, to open a gathering place for students, in addition to the school nearby, the traffic is convenient, can also operate in the area, to attract students to this group of people.

only business place convenient for students, can increase the store flow, thereby increasing the amount of consumption, so the student supplies stores business premises should be chosen near the school, student supplies shop business area is not too small, generally 20 square meters to 30 square meters as the standard, products placed neatly, it is convenient for students to choose, to attract students to visit.

student supplies stores do promotion? The most direct means is to promote in the pre opening, such as organizing students style selection "and other promotional activities, you can also make some fine student supplies manuals, brochures etc. then, this method is to open the market, and stores the publicity costs the headquarters support, so we should spend much money.

if you are self-employed, then businesses should face the risk is relatively large, join a quality brand, can greatly reduce the operation risk, and can get a variety of student supplies franchise headquarters support, entrepreneurship more assurance, also in the choice of projects, but also pay attention to whether the brand has strong innovation ability.

Progress in the

era, the pursuit of fashion novel we can not stop the pace of progress, so as to continuously meet the needs of modern consumption, generally speaking, now the students are a group of new things, pursue fashionable children, so in the choice of student activities projects, in addition to the selection of the Brand Company in addition to the students must also supplies. Need new products, more important is the Brand Company can continue to introduce new student activities.

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It is better for young people to do business

entrepreneurship is a lot of people want or are engaged in the industry, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are relatively young, do you know what young people do? What do young people do? Presumably many young entrepreneurs are interested in this issue. Because the initial entry into the tide of business opportunities to understand and grasp the limited, young people need to guide the entrepreneurial team. Xiaobian tips: young people start the business is best or small business. Money can be made bigger and stronger, even if the failure can also be undertaken within the scope of. Here are a few good choices.

young people do poineering work what good? Online shop

IT industry is now a lot of students start from e-commerce, the benefit is low cost – online shop is free of charge; low threshold — a little computer knowledge can operate. And e-commerce in the ascendant, online business is in line with the trend. Choose a lower threshold of the "NiuDao", is an ideal choice of high school graduates in business start.

young people do poineering work what good? Online games surrounding product sales

as more and more people will be online games as a way of decompression, online games and peripheral products sales growth. Engaged in the sale of these products, you can use a combination of online and physical management, in addition to network sales, but also in the Internet cafes, kiosks and other places of sale.

young people do poineering work what good? Grocery delivery service

from 1980s onwards, the rise of the foreign food delivery service, as more and more foreign people to go grocery shopping as a waste of time, gradually the baby supplies, groceries are also fashionable to send home.

what do young people do? Image consultant enterprise

The development of

image consultant industry abroad is really surprising, because many executives lost business, his success attributed to dress, conversation, manners or etiquette on a problem.

what do young people do? Mystery shopping service provider

"mystery" here refers to what the market cannot buy and what the customer wants, such as a memento of a historical event, a souvenir that is not valuable but meaningful to the customer.

young people do poineering work what good? Reminder service enterprise

foreign people are too busy, but also afraid of forgetting their loved ones, lovers, friends of the birthday, a meaningful anniversary, due to the habit of the relevant day to open a list of reminders service companies.

Each year, 3000 returned students to venture in Kunming

now the whole domestic business environment has a good, attracted a lot of students actively choose to return home, recently released a set of survey results in Yunnan Province, there are 3000 students returning back to Kunming business year.

actually have such a large number of entrepreneurs active home business, because every year the government will create a lot of young people for the entrepreneurial park and incubator, along with a series of returnees association.


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WWE神仙宣布NBA Live 14扩展游戏预告片



新WWE冠军吗史诗般的战斗中特征的巨星重新想象WWE世界。WWE的神仙是由NetherRealm工作室开发,游戏工作室与磷结合,将全球发售iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch和Android设备明年。Greg Ballard,高级副总裁,莫比尔社会和新兴平台,华纳兄弟互动娱乐表示:


Casey Collins,执行副总裁,消费品,我们说:



我们有扩展的游戏预告片送给我们的EA为他们即将到来的篮球冠军,NBA LIVE 14。


已经表明,那些谁预购游戏将也有机会获得七金包为NBA Live 14终极团队在参与零售商。终极团队允许玩家体验NBA现场和梦幻篮球的完美结合,让个人建立一个明星云集的名册组成的最明亮的现代NBA明星和历史的传奇。网上竞争头比赛或参加为幻想摊牌挑战来赚取金币,让你购买球员,新包制服,教练和更多,所有建筑最主要的阵容可能的名字。更多的信息关于终极球队的NBA LIVE 14预计下周初。


Analysis of the ten major advantages of investment week black duck shop

said food franchise brand, presumably a cooked duck week brand recognized by everyone, every day sales of amazing, and its unique taste also makes people eat away, when small school buddies and often visited together weeks black duck shop. Seems to have become a law. For a long time, week coot always adhere to the chain management mode and the "quality first, reputation first, maintaining the characteristics of sustainable development" business philosophy. There are hundreds of outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, and other capital cities. At the same time, we have two large modern production centers in Hubei, Wuhan and Shanghai. What are the advantages of week coot join?


Analysis of the ten major advantages of

investment shop:

weeks black duck

advantage one: eliminate barriers to defuse the risk of


weeks black duck civilian oriented marketing strategy, to reduce barriers to entry, resolve investor market risk.

advantage two: brand advantage, three-dimensional publicity

rely on the advantages of Zhou Heiya’s chain brand, to participate in the international franchise model standards, established the headquarters of the headquarters in the industry.

advantage three: charming taste, super enjoy

in digital Chinese medicine stewed duck week, herbs plus bone, chili pepper and other spices, sweet but not greasy, spicy but not dry, hemp and not astringent, entrance is wonderful, very suitable for eating, too wonderful for words, drinks, leisure is a rare delicacy.

advantage four: high yield, technology leading

using the new production process, Zhou black duck meat cold, with licorice, cinnamon and other important bittern, can clear the liver, to heat, prevent cancer, hypertension and other diseases, but also can remove wet, spleen and stomach, increase appetite, fatigue and so on, is cute and delicious.

advantage five: multiple access, rapid penetration of

week coot outlets can achieve the store, supermarkets, bazaars, towns, streets and other full range of marketing, rapid penetration, with natural market expansion.

advantage six: full supervision, system support

headquarters to establish an expert guidance system, training support system, point to point logistics fast system, point to point operation support system, according to different market stages to provide investors with personalized marketing programs.