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description tags to see who?

this is the web page title in particular with the long tail word title especially long tail word ranking direct effect on the promotion of keywords, some people say that I made the long tail keywords did not rank the title of the article, please check your article have been included in the search engine.

compared the title and Keywords tag, description tag (description) is obviously a entanglements. The place was not tangle description tag has no effect, but has no effect on the website ranking. For this problem some people use all kinds of methods to test, draw two conclusions: have some effect, and no effect. I read some of the case that this tag function, do not understand, rather than have the title of the role that simple test bold, and the effect is remarkable: Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai dragon dragon dragon dragon Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai dragon…….

for the label, love Shanghai in 2010 released "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" has been explained: Meta description is not a reference factor weight calculation, the label is present or not does not affect the weight, will only do search for a target selection results summary. Google early in 2007 on its website administrator blog says: "It s worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can improve clickthrough they won t affect you ranking within" search results (the exact description of the yuan can increase in the opportunity, they will not affect your ranking in the search results page). Two different regions of the biggest game, regulators have told us not to race the weather factors into account influence ranking, we don’t have to spend time on what the weather is like a race to achieve the most advantageous. It is said that we are familiar with the "Mulan poem" the first sentence "chirp chirp" complex, around is the sound of a loom or the sound of insects, many people in order to academic and academic discussion, who can convince anyone, I >

in Shanghai dragon is often mentioned several meta tags, title, keywords (Title) (kewords) the appropriate settings are obviously good help to improve the keywords ranking. In theory, one of the one and only the title of the article can be regarded as being composed of long tail words, only a title from aspects of reading first to emphasize the semantic fluency, so most of the verb object structure, conjunctions and auxiliary words, do not use a few fragmentary words and spaces to constitute among title. The one and Only Title in general are better, unless the site is new sites or punished. So, when you know a book or article, we can usually in the search engine is by location can be found on the website, find the book or article.

The establishment and promotion strategy of local forum

as we all know, in the 08 and 09 years, the industry and the local are two big pieces of cake shared by the webmaster industry.

although there are many webmaster friends holding the attitude of trying to choose this industry, but really adhere to and intentions have not been a few. Before the forum saw many friends complain that "my station has been * months, there is still no traffic", "IP and PV is not proportional" and other issues. In fact, these problems should be solved by ourselves.

To promote the establishment and promotion of the

website is a let us each webmaster headache, local forum and local life portal general everyone can use Dede, discuz, phpwind and other procedures to build. Although the kernel is the same, users are more concerned with the value of our content. If your website is a program written by yourself, but the content is all collected, if you want to succeed, then please return to three years ago. The real local station should take into account the direction of the site and the site’s operation model, first of all, we should pay attention to, local stations may only for local users. It may also target popular users. Here, we have to correct for their website positioning, but also to make their own characteristics of the station; without characteristics, the site is always only a copy. In fact, from the website is not too difficult, in short, as long as we find the proper program, put some useful information for the user, "simple and elegant, so our website has been a major success.

and the real headache is propaganda. I’ve read a lot of articles, which also wrote many promotional methods, including some very practical methods, but not every webmaster practical! We should learn to choose, choose suitable for promotion of our own methods.

our first person will have his own ideas, so we do and others do the same thing; but when we learn to walk and talk and others work, so we have our own soul? So, even if you don’t care about the flow of the search engine should also consider the user experience. Do more of the original content, make a site rich, in order to prepare for the website promotion.

local sites should be promoted mainly from forums, blogs, local groups (QQUC, etc.), activity gatherings, offline ads (traditional media, flyers, outdoor, etc.). Specific methods of operation on the network too much, no more nonsense here.

regardless of local, industry, station, regardless of station building, publicity, promotion, as long as the "intentions to do standing", then your site has laid a good foundation for success.

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Xiamen, Nanjing and other second tier city April price to dominate

face the gradual recovery of the real estate, the recent demand for housing seems to be rising again. So, is every city like this? What are the leading second tier city in the past April real estate? What first-tier cities suffered cut fate?

4 months of the land market, first-tier cities basically no turnover, second tier city dominate, and land leasing does not fall.

, according to China Securities Network reported that in April almost no land transactions in the first tier cities, only Shanghai (real estate) into a relocation resettlement plots to clinch a deal. Land turnover mainly concentrated in second tier cities, accounting for up to 80%. The second tier city in April were operating land of 24 million 220 thousand square meters, an increase of 10.7%, an increase of 41.7%; the land premium is as high as 113 billion 560 million yuan, an increase of 280.4%, an increase of 38.4%, land prices soared.

, Hefei (real estate), Xiamen (real estate), Nanjing (real estate), Suzhou (real estate) four cities most prominent, the average premium rate of land transactions were more than 100%.

The report quoted

Shanghai chain Market Research Department Director Lu Qilin said, the second tier city land premium high heat, mainly because the current frequent first-tier cities land supply fell sharply, then the second line city hot house prices rise, especially in Nanjing, Suzhou. At the same time, the current second tier city property inventory to faster, the developer of the capital chain revitalize, land reserve is urgent, so for the second city of high-quality plots at large margin.

from the property market turnover, the real estate deal effect is more obvious, the Shanghai and Shenzhen market volume cut, but prices still carry the dead. The interface reported in May 4th, E-House Research Institute think-tank Center recently released report shows that the "3.25" new deal after a month, Shenzhen (real estate) the turnover fell rapidly, down 57%; Shanghai turnover fell 52%.

similarly, the overall transaction price is also in decline. But with the performance of the volume is different, the average transaction price in Shenzhen before the introduction of the new deal fell only 1%, while the average transaction price in Shanghai fell by more than 6%.

4 Shanghai and Shenzhen second city land prices skyrocketing property market turnover cut

in May 1st according to the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Committee released data, April Shenzhen property market turnover fell sharply, hit cut". The same month, Shenzhen new commercial housing transaction volume decreased by 47.55%, the number of second-hand residential transactions fell by 54.47%. However, prices are still strong in Shenzhen, in April, Shenzhen new business recommendation

The easiest way to do things in Chongqing

in recent years, Chongqing can be said to be a small fire all over the north and south, following the Lanzhou beef noodles after another well-known chain catering project. Although relatively small Chongqing parity, material is also very common, but it is very particular about seasoning and cooking techniques. Today, teach you how to make a bowl of spicy and delicious in the home Chongqing small noodles.

; pig; amount

Accessories; salt         chili pepper;         ginger; garlic         peanut; sesame sauce vinegar;       pepper; onion chopped onion ginger sesame oil    


1  prepare the ingredients.

2  pig add water   onion ginger cook until 1 hours of fire.

3  put the noodles and sesame seeds in a small bowl.

4  the pot is heated to 6 into heat.

5  the hot oil poured in the chili bowl, stirring into spicy oil.

6  stir fry peanuts into the pot.

7  stir fry the fragrant peanut.

8  take a bowl, add chopped onions and garlic       ginger pepper powder;   the   mustard   peanut sauce vinegar       spicy oil, sesame oil.

9  pan into the water, boil into the noodles cooked.

10  add washed rape.

11  in the bowl, add the big bone soup. The seasoning made.

12  the noodles into the bowl, sprinkle with coriander.

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How to get a long-term development of specialty coffee shops

A unique

drink coffee itself started abroad is very popular, with the country after the reform and opening up, more and more foreign specialty drinks also passed into the domestic market, and the development is very good, coffee is a very good representative, now coffee franchise business investment also deeply attracted numerous investors, open specialty coffee stores how to obtain long-term development? Xiaobian summed up the skills and methods, you may wish to follow along with Xiaobian look.

how to get a long term development? How can we make the characteristics of the coffee shop in the industry competition pressure is small, the success factor? The core point to meet the needs of different consumers, which requires entrepreneurs in the beginning on the choice of a large coffee franchise brand to join, which requires entrepreneurs to truly understand the needs of the market, the direction of the trend.

how to get a long term development? After finding the right to join the coffee brand to join the shop more, as the core of the business attitude, service quality, specialty coffee stores operators to promote their services, and have to start from their own conditions and management. Specialty coffee shop operators to continue to innovate and find new ideas, good ideas, so that consumers really choose and recognition.

how to get a long term development? In addition to the two outside, a special coffee franchise stores also pay close attention to people, so let consumers feel your product is on the one hand, the store environment, the characteristics of coffee shop appearance, lighting effects, will make consumers into the store to feel comfortable effect.


above is for a few points we summarize about the specialty coffee stores how to get the skills and methods of long-term development, to be involved in the coffee business investment can help investors, but the most important thing is to choose a well-known coffee brand to join, so in the back of the business process in order to have more security.

Eight team created children’s wear brand

a group of entrepreneurial team full of vigor and vitality, the use of each other’s strengths, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, creating their own children’s clothing brand, in the way of entrepreneurship continue to move forward.

"Kyrgyzstan red" clothing brand, "big son", "children’s clothing brand Li greatly" Taobao store, operators of these brands are Hangzhou Vocational Technical College 2015 session of fashion retail and management professional students. The class of 38 people, there are 8 people start a company, from the campus to the community, they insist on their own clothing dream.

8 people to open the company, involving the entire process of clothing production to sales

"This evening

in fact, Cai Changyang has a "geographical advantage", because he is engaged in garment factory in Hangzhou, and Sijiqing have stalls. But in the past, he did not want to try the clothing industry. Sophomore year until the internship, he urged the teacher, every morning to open the stalls in Sijiqing, the reception of wholesale customers, this is not easy to understand the parents to make money.

after his use of network marketing and micro marketing, help home sales of clothing, after the registration of the "auspicious red" brand clothing. Now he is more clear about their own direction: I am now in the factory to help understand the production process of clothing, all processes are learning, I feel a lot of progress."

in addition, they has a fashion Master, called Li Peng up. During the period of school, he used his family and friends abroad, to start purchasing clothing business. When sophomore, I went to Taiwan to exchange learning, more friends to know, but also because they are interested in buying clothing on the purchasing." Now, he devoted himself to the cause of purchasing, the creation of Lee big Taobao shop and micro shop, became a full-time buyer.

has created children’s clothing brand, store and franchise store a total of 260

"in addition to the entrepreneurial class company, there are several girls in the mall opened a clothing store, is a small business." The professional direction of Vocational and Technical College of fashion retail and Management Hangzhou for Yang Longnv teacher introduction: in the setting of the usual course, is also involved in the curriculum content of entrepreneurship, recommended

Entrepreneurship sharing open car beauty shop detailed process

car after the market is staggering profits, many entrepreneurs are ready to do, want to crazy gold rush in the industry, and many entrepreneurs will be asked to open a new car beauty shop, the most basic car wash process is what? Grasp the most basic car wash process, you can quickly set up shop.

washing process:

1. in the form of a spray gun to flush the surface, and the chassis is flush with a straight gun. Put the car mat down cleaning, washing and drying machine to dry after use, put aside for processing.

2. car spray on the car wash, and then use the gloves to wash the whole car, wash when you need to pay attention to is to wash the glass after the first wash, first wash the car after the upper part of the car wash. Gloves need to be washed off after each car. Headlights sometimes mosquitoes, need to use a brush and car wash to clean up.

3. the whole car carefully flushing, including the chassis part, in the flush, need to pay attention to the car wash did not wipe the place, wash it clean.

4. will wash the car, open to the trunk area to stop. Wipe the body, the door, the engine cover, rear box cover and other parts due to a lot of sand, it is necessary to use different towels to wipe.

5. interior cleaning, with a clean semi dry and wet white towel wipe the interior, the order of the table is the "console" steering wheel, front block glass doors and windows and handles, etc.. Put a clean pad just now. 6 use compressed air to clean the water in the gap.

1. clean car (with the above process cleaning).

2. clean the asphalt on the body. It is best to wash, charging value-added items.

3. over the car side of the clay. Conditional, then do this step, charging value-added projects.

4. the whole car over water, dry, bound for the dry area of the car ready to stop.

5. full car chrome parts, turn lights, door trim and so on with the United States on paper. Reflect the professional.

6. whole car manual waxing, wax dry, wipe.

7. tear off the United States paper, with a small brush to clean up the wax in individual places, completed.

seal steps:

1. clean the body, including cleaning the asphalt.

2. conditional, most recommended

Car accessories need to attach importance to site selection

many people optimistic about the automobile market prospects, have started to invest in the car decoration, a lot of people in pursuit of high quality of life, some people have entered the era of the car, their car decoration is also very important. Although the car after the market is booming, the investment should be cautious, car accessories store location is very important, has a great impact on its business activities.

Dianzhi to some extent determines how many car accessories store traffic, join the customer purchase force and customer consumption structure, car accessories stores to attract customers and potential competitiveness etc.. Only occupy the geographical advantage, in order to attract a large number of customers, business will thrive. "Local" in store location and market choice means in car accessories is based on market demand to determine the location.

location is very important for entrepreneurs, good location, better business, worry more profit, above introduces some preparatory work to join the location of car accessories, important location is self-evident, entrepreneurs in the early stage of the siting of it must not be too hasty. According to the actual situation can better start.


Xining economic and Technological Development Zone earnestly implement the steady growth policy meas

in the first half of this year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, firmly grasp the "spirit, good in quickly", at the end of June, the industrial added value 10 billion yuan, up 22.6%. In the second half of this year, the development zone will effectively implement the steady growth of the various policy measures to ensure the successful completion of the annual objectives and tasks.


for this year in the complex economic situation, the development zone will maintain the steady growth of the industrial park in an important position, strengthen confidence, to create conditions for the development of enterprises, accelerate the construction and operation of new projects, to do a good job in 2012 identified 106 key industrial projects. Work to accelerate the restructuring and integration of solar photovoltaic manufacturing in Tibetan medicine industry, strengthen the horizontal linkages between enterprises, expand the upstream and downstream industries, and strive to achieve the integration of industrial chain extension and industry depth, play the advantages of scale and agglomeration effects.

according to the requirements of the park infrastructure construction can not keep up with the project construction, the project land shortage bottleneck, project financing and industrial water supply, railway transportation, power facilities and other resource constraints become increasingly prominent problems, the second half of the development zone will speed up infrastructure construction, improve the construction capacity of large projects. Strengthen the investment, focus on photovoltaic manufacturing, processing, non-ferrous metal lithium billion industrial park, titanium industry cluster, electronic grade polysilicon industry, equipment manufacturing, extension of Plateau Biology and other leading industries, in-depth research and planning a number of key projects and fill chain project. Give full play to the role of small and medium enterprises Park Park platform, the introduction of small and medium enterprises into the park, to stimulate the vitality of the park enterprises competing development.

in the development of circular economy, enhance the capability of independent innovation, the development zone will give prominence to the key industrial park in the work of energy-saving emission reduction, to encourage enterprises to carry out technological transformation, and actively introduce new technologies, new technology and advanced equipment, to carry out energy-saving emission reduction, waste utilization, research and application of industrial recycling technology. To accelerate the construction of high-tech industrial clusters with characteristics of Qinghai, and actively organize the enterprises in the park in Qinghai province "123" science and technology support program, to fully play the main role in the enterprise technological innovation, strengthen the lithium iron phosphate cathode material, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, polycrystalline silicon (Electronic) key technology of semiconductor wafers and other high-tech products and advanced technology the absorption and innovation. Support enterprises to establish R & D center, test base, quality inspection center platform, improve the service level of public science and Technology Park, vigorously the introduction of high-level innovative talents, and actively strive for the national and provincial technology innovation, scientific and technological achievements into the project, as well as national and provincial new product development project support. At the same time, strengthen the construction of the park financing platform, multi-channel financing to raise funds, and effectively help enterprises tide over the difficulties, to ensure that enterprises do not stop, no production, no attrition. (author: