Learning to master Shanghai Dragon a correct understanding of the impact site structure of Shanghai

is currently doing optimization of Shanghai Longfeng circle, known as the View >

, the influence of DIV+CSS on Shanghai Longfeng optimization


three series, web directory on site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

general search engine will be in favor of static pages, the stable and high reliability, and dynamic pages is easy to search engine that is extremely not sure of the website. More often, static web pages also help content crawl, and showing the effect of changes due to the dynamic, often are not conducive to the site included. But the static web page also has the disadvantages, such as the number of documents generated file is quite large, the required storage space will be gradually expanded, page maintenance is difficult, operability is weak, this situation for our Shanghai dragon optimization work is negative. The dynamic web page clearly has the advantage, backward step operation, at the same time the page less storage space. In view of the integrated advantages of these two kinds of state of disadvantage, in order to facilitate the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, improve the site’s search rankings and included, most owners will choose a processing method and the "pseudo static dynamic, thus contribute to the website content included at the same time can be well maintained this web page is clearly in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


Optimization of

recently suddenly want to re understand the things of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to learn everything about Shanghai Longfeng optimization so with some optimization of Shanghai Dragon Master ask about Shanghai Longfeng content, from the construction site of the chain to the station layout to the search engine friendly degree, then the web content collection and search the influence of the rankings. Let me come to understand the effects of optimization principle and the role of Shanghai dragon website ranking is mainly reflected in where, how do the site structure for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how the chain is outside the chain of high quality. What website structure of Shanghai dragon which affect the main optimization, and from what is the impact site included rankings, below I summarize some master once told me about the view. The website structure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization mainly lies in the DIV+CSS architecture, the static and dynamic web directory series and page size have impact on the Shanghai dragon.

two, Shanghai dragon website "dynamic and static largely

DIV+CSS is one of the commonly used terms in the web standard, XHTML website design standard by DIV+CSS because of this website design DIV+CSS programming language has a very important influence on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, because of its simple structure, conforms to the standard, the use of DIV+CSS architecture network station is generally by the search engines love. But it is good not all DIV+CSS of the site’s ranking, the correct page layout for Shanghai dragon is very favorable. For the XHTML standard DIV+CSS layout, general design completion requires verification by W3C.

For some Links.

website optimization, in these optimization work, the author has done the chain, looking for the chain, outside the chain on the forum, blog culture, library upload files to stay outside the chain, Shanghai love to know ourselves from a site, classified information website to stay outside the chain, write text, and don’t change the friendship the link and so on, has recently been focused on Links for this work, according to the nearly two months for Links work, I have some thoughts and share with you.

website Links exchange, not every site are appropriate whenever and wherever possible change the link such as the author, there are several new sites to create less than 3 months, this time I will not go to other websites and links, because the new three months is not very stable, still in the search engine evaluation time. This time I will only publish articles on the site, to the relevant forum to leave the chain, a new assessment period for the search engine, that is to say the website after release, the search engine will accordingly recommend your site location, if your site is in line with the requirements of search engine the site, then the search engine will put your site began to show a relatively good position. Only the site over the assessment period, can increase by 4 each month, every week is the exchange of 1 can be.

My job is The appropriate time, a

two, Links, when general novice change link, love it, the more the better, but ignore the category properties of each website is consistent with their website theme. Blind exchange Links this result is caused by a search engine found cheating leads to the decline in ranking. I will not go to the site and non correlation Links exchange, non correlation Links has no real meaning, from the output link quality and link value, non related only a little to do with PR. So, if the keyword ranking point of view, the relevance of the link has no meaning. But it can be to exchange for the pan correlation Links, quality of the related Links compared to non related to have certain effect, from the PR to the output weights of the website, the first pan, you can submit your PR second can improve your overall site keywords effect. The best Links is completely Links correlation, partial correlation links to either PR or your keywords, as long as it is completely related, that is to say even their opponents to their vote, visible completely related Links status.

The number of Nature category

three, Links exchange. The number of Links exchange control according to the site’s own circumstances, such as enterprise site site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links can be controlled in 20-25. If the portal sites, such sites are relatively large-scale comprehensive website, general recommendations can be controlled according to the layout of the home page link number, if the number of links on a website is 500, then.

On the site include reducing several internal and external factors

included reducing the general can be divided into subjective and objective reasons. The reason is that we charge the site title, but this is generally caused by the main reason the site not included. The objective reason why is some external factors influence, for the site collection is also playing a certain role.

1: site content quality can not keep up. As the author of the site of the case, because the site is a business site, there are some limitations in the contents of the article, there is not enough content. So through some duplicate content or some pseudo original content only to enrich the site. The search engine algorithm can distinguish early site and repeat some low quality content, this is the main cause of the site is not included and included reducing. So I think the blame as the main reason for the site collection stop reduced and its factors of quality content.

2: the server is not stable, in the choice of server on this issue, there are a lot of articles have been described. For the site is a good server like have a good body, and the body is the capital of revolution. If the server problems don’t even talk about every two or three days on optimization. If the server is not stable, the direct result is the site of the rankings and included reduced. The search engine spider crawling our site is like an ordinary visitor, if the spider can’t open our site, then do not say crawling included. And meet several times this situation, the spider will think that your site has been closed, and no longer visit your site.

has engaged in a year of Shanghai dragon Er, has gradually develop to the office every day the first thing is to check the site included the chain of habit. I think most optimization personnel will have this habit, increase at included was like watching our children grow up, when we have not included the increase or decrease of the situation, I think as an optimization personnel heart will have a little bit lost. This is not a new station, recently I have just included more than 100 down to Shiduoduo (a site for the enterprise site, the content has some limitations), has been through the review period, the beginning is the second, but now not only not included, and continues to decrease, as shown in the following figure. After the treatment period, the current collection has stabilized, today I will be in dealing with the problem that the reduced about included several reasons to share with you.

subjective factors

3: the use of black hat techniques. Is the so-called crooked shadow is not afraid. For as long as we optimize personnel using formal optimization technique is not afraid of the punishment of the search engine. But because of the trend of interest, many owners still not rush into danger to the site optimization, the use of black hat technology. May make your site have included a large increase in the short term, but after the search engine will review for you, finally reduce your income.


The new webmaster is making money on the InternetMy Wangzhuan development write code, hosting their

after several months of hard development, the site finally has a prototype. So I can’t wait to choose the domain name and space for the website. Don’t choose not to know, a selection, all I can think of the domain name has been registered by others. Embarrassed。 There is no way to finalize a not very satisfied with the domain name www.new91, website name 91 new game network, ha ha ~ look at the good domain name and deja vu, little comfort.

selection of host space is another problem. Storing small games requires a lot of disk space, and no dozens of G are not available. But such a large space, unless the use of their own host, other ways of the cost is too high. This is not my first Wangzhuan can accept new. So…

! in contributions!

website make money is the way to go, but it does not require you to pay the rest of the effort, we hope the above growth experience, to give the majority of people want to become the main Wangzhuan get a little inspiration.

by jzyxx

The next step is

and design, encoding a little start, because time is busy, can only use the rest time at night to do the development, coupled with the daughter is also small, need to take care of, basically every day will ensure that 1-2 hours of development time. Seeing such slow progress, the web site in the foreseeable future, I once wanted to give up. But looking back at the hard work of writing the code, I chose to stick to it.

fortunately, he has been engaged in programming for many years. Otherwise, the ability to write programs is still there. So decided to use PHP language to develop a small game site. Here, we may know, now many online sites are crash class, is to buy ready-made code, and even the entire site, and then promote their own money.

wrote here today, there’s still something to do, and tomorrow.

after a period of experience of the site, I chose a well-known high spatial domain name provider, first registered domain name, bought a 5G network for the space station location for major in local specialty information, find the relevant website program source code, after the first independent website ready to upload your station finally successful, although the original capital spent, but feel alone in their own web site, really feel that the owners of the authority.

propaganda, first in the major portals on their website, hoping to get their included, seek friendship connection in the local class of various sites, publish their own network in the group for friends of the chain, in the ad advertising and so on, have many hardships, but the sun after the storm, your site traffic is from scratch slowly increased, and the site is now in their own efforts, has also been RMB recovery.

‘s initial attempt was to start with free blogging space on the web, as it began to do nothing about space, domain names, or other related operations. Choose a point in space for anyp free space, they provide 10 megabytes, two level domain name, ha ha, then apply after, immediately into their own space, feel for the first time when the joy of stationmaster, put something of interest, this space has a blog, and a mini house also, the personal home page, for a beginner, is very rare, but it is also quite easy, the site gradually with the flow, I began to apply for money but a lot of connection, well-known advertising alliance people do not accept the two level domain name application, flow station at the first time to do the big gifts but not to earn money, lose heart and emotional disappointment as cage in the heart, feeling more free space for yourself is not making money.

friends do a network maintenance in a local state-owned enterprises, they have several 1U servers to be eliminated, the quality is good, so please help to buy at lower prices, have opted for a cheaper flight hosted in the local Netcom room.

listen to a lot of people in the network build up the family fortunes on the story, with a vision and confusion, I also went into the army of Wangzhuan team, however, in which many of the bitter taste, but there are also many happy

at this point, the initial construction site finally saw the promise of something.

1 years ago, inadvertently found a small game site online, layout beautiful, and some are also many, fondle admiringly. So, the initiation of their own, also assume a small game site idea. But what should I do? For me, the person who has never touched the website construction, the difficulty is really not small.

but I don’t like it. I see so many people copying websites designed by other people, and I despise them from the bottom of my heart. This is a serious violation of intellectual property rights, but the current domestic laws on this aspect of the constraints are basically no, only to lead to this phenomenon is so widespread. I must make my own website, even if it is a website which is not appreciated by anyone, I want to do my own thing.

Do garbage stations should also be targeted to do

is not a survey did not have statistics, do not know every day to A5 webmaster in how the industry is doing, and how much is the so-called dumpster, no investigation no right to speak, at least I know I can say that the 10 circles are 9.5 webmaster do garbage station, regardless of whether he is a month to earn ten thousand or one hundred, others have seen on definitions shown in the dumpster, saying is to get in on your site in other sites can bring to you, but there is a copy of another website only, and not in the whole Internet large value. In fact, the real innovation on the Internet, the one and only what and how many do, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, who would not say he is a garbage station, but Sina News on the ninety-five percent can be found in several other news portals verbatim, the network itself is the one you copy me, I copied you. Or how will the world network a large copy of the statement, happy net 001 and Thousand Oaks fake happy is an example! So I referred to in all the garbage station is defined as: all rely on search to earn money on advertising and profit site called

station!I always think that

is a matter of individual stationmaster in not very rich a group, so the website and the creative mouth is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands can we get lost on the side. Although it seems likely that his future will be very rich way, may one day be a VC throw to the ball but in my eyes, it seems all of the future is just a mystery, at least in this so-called 1 million 500 thousand webmaster circles can play the people I think is not much, so I also is compared love to discuss the so-called garbage station, is also suitable for the so-called personal webmaster, a domain name, a space, a combination of CMS is a website first. Who would dare not do that so-called dumpster people must not do what the so-called "major" people live moisten. However, individuals with different ambitions have different orientation. But I personally think that if a ten thousand IP income and a one thousand IP website income can be directly equated with the so-called "equal sign", why should I choose that ten thousand IP?.

then back to the topic, how to maximize the benefits of garbage station, the first web traffic around the so-called advertising to do, but don’t let the ads become the website foil, we want to do is to put the site effect for the entire advertising foil, so as to form a so-called garbage station overall. If you like the advertising profit pattern is like pop like, then you will be the theme of the entire site around IP do, do not have to consider the so-called PV, also do not go too to consider the so-called user experience, so the big and good keyword traffic do to do that, do this the type of website, in a very short period of time to tens or even hundreds of thousands are not impossible, the day before yesterday in stationmaster net admin5.com will see a webmaster site has not been included Baidu, only station for three days, the website IP reached ten thousand, rely on this kind of keyword. But his station >

Investment projects related to people’s livelihood

no one can live forever, nor can it be ill for a lifetime. Life is the process of each of us is bound to go through, so people with life is bound to the medical industry, investors did not expect the industry will have much "money map?

some parity pharmacies to sell lower than the average retail price of 45% approved price ". However, even if the price of 45%, can still be profitable, you can imagine the extent of drug retail profits. In addition, with the improvement of the level of knowledge and spending levels of the Chinese people, more and more concerned about health, health care products market in recent years, especially in the festive season, health products sales soared.

profit return is the characteristic of this industry, because human life could not get sick, so it can be said that this is a never sunset industry, the choice of investment will pave the way for your success!


Foreigners really play the restaurant into the air

hunger breeds discontentment, can not buy clothes do not buy a car but must eat, food and beverage industry is also very prosperous, foreign expert, the idea of unique restaurants in the air, business is very good, then see how it happened.

air restaurant has emerged in 47 major cities in the world, Rio De Janeiro, Cape Town and Istanbul…… Shanghai! This is a dream or nightmare? You sit in a suspended in the air, from the ground of the high table, in the wind shaking the feet, cut a piece of beef tenderloin, sip a good wine; you look at the cloud, it floated on the skyline.

in the past few years, this scene has been a Belgian company "Sky (Dinner in the)" to achieve the. The company lifted the dining table with a crane, which made the guests enjoy the night in the air. Earlier in 2014, an American franchisee opened the brand’s first permanent store in Las Vegas.

is it a stunt stunt that is out of control?. In 2007, David Ghysels is the owner of a market communications company, and he did bungee jumping project Stefan Kerkhofs joint European Youth Catering Association (JRE) in the air for a banquet. The media reported this crazy high feast, and soon the two men received a telephone call, ask how to copy this. So they gave birth to the idea of a chain.

now, the air restaurant has appeared in 47 major cities in the world, including Rio De Janeiro, Cape Town and Istanbul. However, the air restaurant is not only a dinner party, the crane hanging on the table is too special, the main purpose is to use special marketing activities or product launches as a marketing tool.


2008, Janeen Hinden and her husband, Michael, were found in the air show at a trade show. Michael has an event and banquet company in Las Vegas, as well as a wedding ceremony of the church, two people think the air restaurant is too suitable for their hometown of Las Vegas. At a new year’s party, they entertained friends and partners to enjoy such a feast, a lot of guests asked them to do it again, but also to bring their friends. Hinden couple realized that the air restaurant may be a permanent attraction for Las vegas. As a result, they rented a crane for 3 months of trial operation. "The effect was sensational." Janeen said, back to the waves, the media has been reported."

the couple decided to give up expensive cranes, simply built two permanent air meal recommendation

Happy Valley Internet plus marketing mode

food and beverage industry "Internet plus" you catch it, if not, if you are learning, you may wish to Happy Valley to learn clever marketing model transformation.

happy valley through the deep understanding of the "Internet plus" the trend of the times, to create a new "free shop takeaway delivery" business model, mobile phone, WeChat will open to the restaurant, to allow consumers to participate in booking, ordering, orders, payment links, stride into the Internet plus dining times


music Valley Taiwan vegetarian lunch easy to join

O2O marketing: cooperation with the group to buy, the customer orders online, the delivery of staff to the door, really easy to profit!

WeChat, micro-blog marketing: WeChat, micro-blog account, updated dishes every day, preferential information to attract customers, through the increase in the number of fans to improve customer base, earn fans economy".

1 yuan sweep code activities: for the convenience of the main consumer groups – white-collar workers, issued a single page of publicity to attract customers WeChat sweep code to get 1 yuan meal opportunity to increase fans, expand product awareness.

team catering supply: in cooperation with major business groups and institutions to provide them with a team meal staff, students, such as nutritional lunch.

word of mouth marketing: Fashion delicate, fast nutrition desktop lunch, will be the mainstream consumer groups in the formation of hot topics, the impact of the reputation of the good will be more customers, no marketing, own orders.

future users will not take to the streets to buy rice, Lok Lok Valley convenience consumers anytime, anywhere. Happy Valley to join more than profit side, more store type as you choose. Stall point, flagship store, two pronged profit doubled to teach you to build the trump card business!

Education and training institutions to join the marketing will be more reasonable

education is now in our country the people’s livelihood, so both consumers and investors, the education industry has become a hot social concern of the industry, education and training institutions have now joined the huge investment in space, in the current education and training institutions to join investment is wise. Education and training institutions to join the marketing approach, investment and education and training institutions should pay attention to a lot of things below the author to tell you some of the specific circumstances of the industry.

CBA Sichuan won the fifth championship team in the history of CBA

CBA finals so that fans have been nervous, and finally pulled down the curtain last night, and the results of the game is to make people unexpected, CBA Sichuan win, and now follow the small series together to see this wonderful war!

The score of

section four for 24-20, 28-15, 22-29 and 20-27 (in the former Sichuan team). Sichuan team here, Harris had a team high 25 points and 4 assists and 2 blocked shots and grabbed 15 rebounds, 1 steals, 22 points and 16 rebounds in 2 Haddadi assists and 2 steals and 2 blocked shots recorded, Wang Ruheng dropped into 4 record three points with 18 points and 3 rebounds and 1 blocks, Zhang Chunjun scored 12 points and 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals Deng Temeng back injury before, scored 11 points and 4 assists and 2 rebounds and 1 blocks.

the opening 2 minutes, Hadadi chopped 4 points. Liu Zhixuan 2 guilty, Hadadi and even scored 4 points, Sichuan team 8-1 ahead of the Liaoning team. Liaoning’s top 10 vote is not, and finally by Hodson layup to break the score of the sports war. The Liaoning team 7-10 behind, Deng Dortmund and Hodson each made 2. Zhang Chunjun grabbed two rebounds from the front court and scored a foul, then the   the top of the circle into the score of three points. Li Xiaoxu voted for the 2 time in a row, followed by Harris scored 2 points. The first section of Harding Park, the Sichuan team Liaoning team leading to 24-20.