That new Shanghai Longfeng scheme website Title writing

users to search your web page in a web search in Shanghai love, as the most important title content display in the abstract, a topic specific title can help users more easily from the search results page you judge whether the contents meet his demand.

The orientation user known

love Shanghai search engine for website Title is

for each page to create a unique title tag — every one of your "best one of the one and only title tags, which can help Google and other web pages to distinguish it.

Please note: to avoid

all the web pages on your site or most pages use the same title tag

allows the user to generate a sense of trust

selection and web content title


Google search engine.

Title have a clear theme, this web page contains the most important content in

page title do not add too much extra description can be distracting,

did Shanghai Longfeng people know a good website Title written, can be ranked as keywords and website of our website will get the corresponding points of the search engine, then we should be how to locate the site of Title writing? We’ll see a love Shanghai search engine which is how the requirements of 1 how to locate the webmaster website Title writing.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers in Shanghai Longfeng when writing the program, will face Shanghai dragon scheme writing problem, that is the site of the Title Title website for writing, but not too much with the accumulation of keywords, advertising words, and not a telephone or some text to search engine friendly or modified vocabulary. So our website Title writing how to write? The following by Nanning Shanghai dragon to share with everyone, the basic idea of new website Shanghai Longfeng program Title style positioning.

should be attractive to users

Title, a website written explanation of

Independent Use the default

if your site users are more familiar, recommended the site name column to the right position in title, the brand effect will increase the probability of the user clicks on the

accurately describing the content of web pages, web content selection can effectively convey the theme of the title. Please note: avoid

The use of

language to describe the

we look at how the nobility baby ask webmasters writing website Title

like "Untitled" or "New Page 1" or unclear Title

Ji Shiquan grassroots Adsense in 2010 to achieve profitability four steps

new year is coming, you are ready to struggle? Are you at the end of 09 due to network crisis makes you confused? If you decide to do in 2010, to achieve the great goal? On the road and start again, these familiar songs are often think, if you do not want to listen to it again


2010 will be a turning point in the fate of Internet start-ups, there are many opportunities, but only for smart people, intelligent people, the will, the ideal people. If you want to seize the opportunity and achieve your goals, I think the following points will be essential.

one, profit model

in general, profits and money are written in the end, and the final result is to make money or lose money. I think it should be arranged first, first determine what kind of results you need to determine what kind of process you need to go through. Think about what you want first, and then consider how to do it. You can also try to consider the question, for example, you want to earn money through the Taobao model, or through the station to earn advertising fees, or membership fees and so on. This is the most important, it will also determine success or failure.

two, target setting

when you determine your own profit model, you have to start setting goals, such as what to accomplish in the first stage and what to accomplish in the second phase, which should be carefully arranged. These goals need to be made step-by-step, step by step. In fact, doing everything is like this, but many webmasters have never considered this problem.

three, website draw

to be bigger, stronger and long-term profitable, it is essential to build an excellent website. So how can you build a good website? That doesn’t mean you can have a great website with beautiful artists and great skills. Personally, I feel that an excellent website needs to have several conditions. 1. can realize the mode of quick profit. 2., the station itself is interested in this industry and is familiar with the industry, so that it can continue to develop. For example, you do not understand the stock industry, and do not like it, then you do a stock site is certainly not good, so in order to draw material, it is necessary to start from their actual situation.

four, operation plan

any target of Chengdu can not be separated from a thorough plan, and so should the operation website. Many webmaster in doing the station, never consider this problem, eyes only do the content, do flow, but no plan to remind yourself. If you do not have a comprehensive plan, perhaps you do 3 or 5 years may not be able to achieve profitability. Only by setting a good plan and completing it step by step can we see the future before we can achieve it.

reprint please indicate the source: Ji Shiquan. Network marketing blog

Author: Ji Shiquan.

How do you maximize your advertising revenue

advertising revenue is certainly The more, the better. Advertisers are generally paying lower fees, so it is necessary for us to know how to make more money without breaking the rules.

What is the most important way for

to increase its revenue?

improving site access is the fundamental way to get more revenue. Generally speaking, only the site of the daily visits IP reached about 1000, rely on advertising to earn money, it seems more practical. That’s one reason why many advertisers require at least 100000 ad monthly displays to join. If your site every day only dozens of people to visit, all click on your hands, then, is what you should do now to the development of your site! By the way, your advertising display and your own actual amount of traffic may vary greatly. This may be the advertiser’s fault and does not rule out the deliberate reduction of counts. At the same time, most advertisers now add part of the ad Default Banner, which is advertising to its own company, which is not paid, not even in the display. It is also possible that their ads cannot be displayed at the visitor’s location. It has now been found that many of the ads will be used in IE6.0 as a violation of privacy by Block, especially using third party advertising.

How does

choose the right form of advertising,


choosing ads that suit your site’s characteristics will help to broaden your earnings. In addition to the declining click pay advertising CPC and display paid advertising CPM, there are other forms of advertising such as pay Pay-per-Lead, sales pay, Pay-per-Sale and so on. Although CPM ads tend to bring more revenue than CPC, it is hard to find CPM ads for domestic users. Therefore, the domestic CPC advertising is still the mainstream. For a site for foreign visitors, introducing paid advertising and sales commissions may be a better choice. If it matches the content of your site and suits your visitor’s taste, it can bring you a big income. Similarly, if the ads don’t match, you probably won’t have a penny for a whole month. It’s important to note that if you want to introduce a member right now, you don’t have to fill out a form to get through. At the same time, sales commission model, it is best to choose a large company’s agent, so that it is easy to sell things. If your visitors to the site with the search for emotions, join a paid search advertising is also very good, but now the support of the domestic advertising and sales of advertising is very few, anyone can apply for the.

how much advertising is appropriate,


more advertising, to some extent, can increase revenue. However, without affecting the page effect, download speed, a page is best not to have more than two 468*60 banner advertising. Small button ads, Button, no more than five. With too much advertising, the benefits will not increase, >

TV station teaches you four ways to get traffic quickly

now Baidu is getting more and more harsh with the movie station. Last month my TV station,, was one of the favourites, and now I can’t find it. But in fact, as long as we will promote, do not have Baidu can also IP tens of thousands of, and here are some of the rapid access to traffic methods:

(1). BBS publicity:

first, in the forum propaganda, I opened the way, also is the daily updated movie name and address recorded daily records about 10, write the advertisement text, but the advertising text not too guanggaohua, so it is difficult to let people into more easily by the moderator K. So the flexible use of your advertising wisdom to take more captives, advertising and some new movies are ready, then we will go to visit those high forums, although each forum to several or dozens, but I did not worry so much, is one of the then, from time to time to reply, but I don’t have to this website is my theme, I use the theme to share on this forum propaganda effect is very good, have obviously.

(2). Blog:

blog publicity, and some people will ask what the blog publicity method, then I tell you what method. First of all, blog is the most fiery WEB2.0 keyword, and now, almost every Internet user will have blog, good nonsense, not much to say, to enter the topic. Although some people do not optimistic about this blog, but he is conducive to search engine included, we apply for a blog in each blog site, and then establish a link, and the above forum propaganda every ten new movies, published a blog, such as search engine spider, you will be have repercussions link and GOOGLE pr. I pro test. The effect is very good.

(3).QQ publicity:

In fact, some Adsense

misses the point that the QQ group of advertising, most of the webmaster is to add some Adsense technology related groups, but I did not do so, my QQ group what classes are, games, music, animation…… Many, many, I will not enumerate. On the QQ group, we can also conduct propaganda to that forum propaganda, also is the daily updated ten movies all the time in the group, do not send more, here, some webmaster friends will ask, "now a lot of virus and advertisement leads to QQ users not to point site. What is the use of QQ group propaganda." Oh, I want to explain this point, all means of publicity is need to rely on the brain to complete, if direct such information will be the main group to fly out or we feel that no one is virus to the point, but you can send in with you before the way, to provide you with free online movies to watch, so I don’t think you are in the virus or advertising, you just information >

How to open a specialty store

today’s people are very concerned about environmental protection and health care, in so many people’s increasingly strong sense of health today, and fashion and health projects will have a market. Then choose to open a flower Restaurant restaurant, it can make you easy to get rich.


project features:

in the store, because have their own characteristics, so there is no need to select expensive downtown stores, the store can choose the surrounding environment clean in two or three lots.

edible flowers have a long history in China, some flowers not only to eat, and the health care effect. Today, people’s health awareness is very strong, fashion and health projects will have a market. Open a flower restaurant allows you to easily become rich.

How to invest in small jewelry stores

some of the characteristics of small adorn article, not only looks good, the price is very affordable, in the market is also more popular, attracting more people’s attention. See jewelry fiery market, many entrepreneurs are eager to invest in shops. So, how to invest in small jewelry store?

1, all products, including cosmetics series, headdress, jewelry and other jewelry series, key chain, cartoon dolls, ceramic dolls and other gifts.

2, shop address is recommended to choose in the downtown area, taking into account the ten yuan store customers are a large part of the students, you can also choose the store in the normal university, the new big relative to the bustling school.

3, a lot of people do not know whether they should join the shop, in fact, plus or not have pros and cons. Choose to join the benefits of the shop, the headquarters will provide free membership card, POP image cards, promotional materials such as inkjet. The disadvantage is that we must pay a certain fee, in addition to a few thousand dollars deposit. Of course, if you have a vision and sales experience, do not have to join the smooth opening of the store.

small jewelry store investment and management, the prospects are very good, fiery market, can bring better returns for franchisees. How to invest in the operation of small jewelry store specific introduction, but also hope to give you some help.

Health museum can be named from what aspects

Now the name of the

because of the importance, therefore, to shop name each of the investors will put great efforts in this respect. However, I believe a lot of friends who are ready to open the museum do not know how to take a good name for their own shop, I do not know what to start. The following small series on the basis of industry experience for everyone to provide some ideas, the idea of a good name to listen to loud enough to attract customers.

a, from the service area to consider

has a good name of the health museum is very easy to be remembered by customers, more conducive to the customer’s word of mouth publicity. A difficult to understand the health of the name of the museum and the name of a loud popular health museum compared with the popular name of the museum is more likely to be remembered. Therefore, in the name of Health Museum, according to the health center range of services to establish the guild name, at the same time to consider the word collocation and sentence is easy to understand, to select the appropriate words with their guild characteristics, establish brand theme, can let customers directly remember.

two, consider

from the service object

in addition to the scope of services to fully consider the health museum name also need to determine their own guild name, according to the service object for example; women’s health museum to highlight the characteristics of women’s health, men’s health museum to highlight the male health characteristics, to determine the health museum name according to the different target groups, so that customers at a glance and fully understand the characteristics of health museum.

three, from the service time to consider

in the process of health museum business, can also determine the name of Health Museum, from the angle of time for example; we work every day is very busy, don’t have much time to patronize the health museum, the evening after work, time is more abundant, the body is relatively overworked, may relax to health museum. Compared to Monday to Friday, weekend everyone will want to leave, after a week’s body to find a place to relax, everyone will think of Health Museum, so the concept of time into the shop name, can have unexpected effects.

to the shop named work is not very good to do, however, if we can take into account more factors, grasp more principles, to the shop name can also be successful. In short, as long as the above points, to fully consider the choice of a good name to listen to beautiful beautiful features, will effectively attract the attention of customers, enhance the visibility of the health museum.

To choose the best location must consider the following factors

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of stores, often face many problems, I do not know how to choose. Two shops with the same size of the industry, even if the composition of goods, service levels, management level, promotional methods are roughly the same, but the address is different, the operating efficiency may vary widely.

select stores properties set shop address

1, is located in a residential area of shops in these areas can only attract small range of customers, suitable for the operation of some consumers choose not strong and often needs the daily necessities of the industry, such as convenience stores, super markets, small shops etc.. The operation of such goods and services to the store as close as possible to the customer, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer to walk, the general choice of radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walking range of radiation is appropriate.

2 shop is located in the shopping street because the area of customers from different places, and the purpose of these people is very strong, is to go shopping, buy more is the selection of goods is strong, so this area is suitable for the operation of some of the more upscale merchandise, such as clothing, appliances, watches and restaurant etc..

3 shop is located in the bustling commercial center of the area because the rent is very expensive, it is absolutely not suitable for small business, and suitable for the operation of some of the higher prices, customers need to think twice before deciding to buy high-end consumer goods, such as jewelry, piano and senior furniture etc..

Personal shop know-how site is a prerequisite for success

shop, we must first consider the location of the store, which is the key to your success in the future. No matter what you do shop, shop the correct location is the premise of successful operation, a good store location, determine whether you have a large number of customers, the following is a summary of site selection methods.

method, open up more channels for shops.

shops location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units of the situation. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation.

three, the location must be forward-looking.

four, note the rental price.

the different geographical environment, traffic conditions, the structure of the store, the rent will vary greatly, sometimes even a difference of ten times. For entrepreneurs, not only look at the price of the surface, but should consider the cost of rent. For example, the monthly income of 20 thousand yuan in the restaurant, the monthly rent in 3000 yuan -5000 yuan more appropriate, can guarantee a certain margin.

five, "group rent" mode of economic benefits.

of course, shops operating something different, different in nature, lots of choice is also a gap. We must be sure to look at the site before the opening of what shop, in the analysis of what lot of traffic problems. Location is the premise of success, so need to pay attention to.


Xining malicious stop heating will be severely dealt with

Heating enterprises to facilities and equipment to conduct timely investigation to ensure the quality of heating; to strictly enforce the heating standards to ensure that the indoor temperature of households; malicious stop heating or harm the interests of the masses will be severely dealt with. In September 30th, according to the Xining municipal government in winter heating work, housing and Real Estate Management Bureau of Construction Bureau and the district four part heating enterprises held heating work will promote the re arrangement of the heating work.

it is reported that the municipal government issued a notice shortly before under clear requirements, District Construction Bureau, the property service enterprise to sort out on the annual heating period of heating problems in operation, maintenance equipment repairs as soon as possible, solve the heating problems, due to the reasons for non force transformation, building left etc. actively coordinating relevant departments to solve problems.