Share a few points of grassroots webmaster love Shanghai search engine optimization

recently that we can feel the love of Shanghai are frequently updated, resulting in 30% of the Internet website site is not in the first place, so whether the site is really is down right? The answer is no, love this adjustment is mainly aimed at Shanghai, with links and content of comprehensive properties the assessment score, many large portal sites such as "Tencent" and "Sina" and so on the domestic well-known portal news site, and they love Shanghai company site, and they are the weight of the website, I do not want to say we all know that their web page site has not in the first position, so, for site the home page is in the first position in this matter, we mainly use the following aspects to check the input domain name of the site directly in the search engine, search, see his home soon According to whether the date was recently updated, and see his site keywords, such as the name of the web site on the top ranking in the home, if the first few, then this site is not normal site in the first place, just love the adjustment of Shanghai. For the home page keyword ranking no snapshot or return more than half a month’s website, so these sites may be down the right to love Shanghai. (only personal views)

snapshot slow site for example today is December 13, 2011, his snapshot is December 1st, our website snapshot is December 12th, if our website and other sites to exchange Links, tomorrow our website snapshot update, from our love Shanghai snapshot click into our website, there are their anchor text connection, but from their website click on the inside we did not go inside the website Links >

wrote a speech in Shanghai dragon "rookie" content is king "BaiDu search engine optimization" this experience article, published in the A5, you can through the A5 search and see this article, this is the first time I write in the A5 submission, this post was reproduced in the amount of more than 100. There are more than 100 separate sites to reprint, then the equivalent of the post to my site to increase more than 100 independent site external links, in fact, clear writing soft Wen contribute, is to increase the high quality of the chain to the site, then in addition to these are those factors that influence website ranking? Here, I’ll make a few for everyone.

2. why exchange Links cannot exchange snapshot slow site

I am always, I haven’t come A5 webmaster writing today, taking the time to write love Shanghai search engine more important points of the Shanghai dragon ER in some problems encountered in the process of website optimization, these are after personally practice. (for reference only) as we all know, the main factors affecting a website ranking: website content, website links, framework construction, keywords layout etc.. But in these, how many points they don’t know.


1. for site is not the first site

How to optimize the structure and the search for the mode of thinking

              considering the website structure and website search mode of thinking, there are some of the recent Shanghai dragon inspiration.   Web Information Architecture hope to determine how people classify and a site information organization and add tags. The information structure designer with a large number of methods to determine the optimal site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization structure, these methods including but not limited to the following: a direct observation of the field test and user search is how to perform usability testing of everyday things.

              from the web search engine to obtain data analysis software,

                  what is the mode of thinking?

              on a website, the information architect’s goal is to find a reasonable navigation and within the chain, which can well adapt to the user mode of thinking. Efficient website architect will make the user or search can be easier and more efficient to achieve their goals. With each click, user information clue will be strengthened, according to and not be distracted, not be confused or upset. In addition, a site information architecture to the correlation of the page is delivered to the user, are transferred to the search engine.

              after a B2B health care website after 3 usability testing, I found an interesting phenomenon, Shanghai Longfeng personnel designed by a professional website optimization company page does not match the first visit and visit the website of the target users, they use "poor" and "advertising" and "junk" to describe these pages. In addition, these words also appear in the test for the content and classification of the label.

                  further research, I noticed that their competitors "did not match the user or search the mode of thinking. However, these pages are still good. So, even if the company’s competitors are not in accordance with the user or search the mode of thinking to design the site. Why have so many websites allow users to curse the Shanghai dragon page? Why Shanghai Longfeng professional page site are not matching the search of the mode of thinking?


Website optimization to write high quality soft Wen is actually very simple

Before the best write

is now mostly to write soft Wen technology, professional terms do not highlight the past, it is simple, easy to understand is the key. Surfing here again, write, do not add too much advertising, and advertising, but advertising to write good, let readers do not know advertising writing for our advertising, soft in.

when we decide whether to look at this time, we are the first to see this article, the title of the article, think in the heart, this article is worth reading, whether to help us, is not a waste of time not worth watching, most of the people before deciding whether to see a soft have this idea, after all, with the quickening pace of the society, people’s consciousness of time is more and more strong. Therefore, the title of the article point to the novel, a little to attract people. The title of the soft center to clear thinking, know what the focus of the introduction of soft.

1, soft topic

3, the content of

according to the author’s experience generally wrote Softbank title, the title to novel, the central idea is clear, can highlight their point of view, there can be a controversial topic, soft Wen title should not be too long, generally in the 10-15 Chinese characters, don’t appear illegal characters, generally do not appear special symbols. The title of the article should stand in the perspective of readers, readers meet the maximum demand of the soft, soft Wen is the last.

if there is to be an important site promotion method, by the Shanghai dragon r welcome, high quality soft, not only can bring a lot of traffic, but also can bring a lot of links to guide the spider to our site, increase website weight, so soft Wen promotion is the best way to promote the website optimization. Method of soft Wen promotion is also a lot of Shanghai dragon r about the most difficult. Today surfing is about how to write high quality soft Wen, you will find that in fact, write high quality soft is so simple.

soft Wen write an outline, write this time around the outline to write. Write soft thought to relax, a lot of people say, too difficult to write soft, not stop, wrapped step before the surf statement, write text from the heart that write soft article is very simple, first of all have confidence that the written text is very simple, then master the correct method, grasp the necessary knowledge is can write high quality soft wen. Write text without the rhetoric, as long as the focus, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, the contents of simple line, their true, their point of view to solve the problems of the world to share out the readers on the line.


2, there is a soft, the appeal of the title

to write text to find their familiar topics, their own good topic, only you know the topic more, has a unique opinion, writes to you, Huibi nature. In this topic, the reader is most concerned about the issue of reader in mind, write to the reader needs to solve the problem of their own experience to share out to solve the practical problems of the reader, will attract readers.

What is the inspiration of a failed case that prevents us from achieving success

the day before yesterday, I received a phone call: "Hello, how do I buy Hua Tuo longan meat?" I was shocked, thoughts back to six months ago……

in February this year, I see a AAA honey on the Internet (instead of the name AAA) marketing case, this case by Baidu know the answer, such as: "Black Tea A asked what effect is there?" B out of it: "tea has the functions of XX, but one thing is better than tea. Honey honey, but many are false, many users have recommended AAA honey." By constantly asking himself, others will enter the AAA honey name in Baidu, because it is the original name, then the site is the first of their website.

is said to have earned 600 thousand in 1 years through this 0 cost promotion.

later, I passed the same method, selling longan.



not only in Baidu know, I also do in the baby tree, unfortunately, the baby tree flow, not a few days to be reported as advertising stickers, was deleted. My heart felt hopeless because Baidu knew the traffic was small and the small case gave up the test.

but until the day before yesterday, when I received the phone for longan meat, my heart felt uncomfortable.

has a story about 2 prisoners locked in the same cell. They looked out at the prisoner. A saw the iron fence, and the prisoner B saw the scenery outside the iron fence.

and a lot of times we’re doubting ourselves. We are too fast to pursue results, and even forget the sowing in the spring and the harvest in autumn. Most people always do it for a few days and force a good feedback. Once there is no good result, you give up at once. It’s a poor mentality". Because with this kind of thinking, no matter what to do, will not succeed, can only be poor.

really strong should be very patient, long-term vision, not because of the immediate benefits and worry about personal gains and losses. As the famous saying in the Spurs dressing room said, "when everything seemed impossible, I ran to see the mason, repeating the hammer to the rock in front of him one hundred times, and the stone did not reveal a crack.". When the next 101st hammers struck, the stone split into two, not because of the hammer, but because of your hard work and consistency." And my dear friends, have you really persevered,


maybe you’ll ask me, "what if it doesn’t work? How do I know when to stop?"

"three months."."

‘s fastest way to get money must be to drop ads and do paid traffic. But if it’s free traffic, come by my experience and summarize some of the Masters

Ah Jiang site to professional, but also simple


does not know how long, the Internet is considered as a technology, even once the Internet and drove together as one of the two technologies in twenty-first Century must grasp, Internet is mysterious, is a high-tech. But now, the network is no longer a tool, and became a toy, men and women old and young, understand the computer do not understand the computer, there is no culture of culture, will not typing typing, everything on the Internet, no one came, you just tell him which is the power switch the Internet, which icon, point which icon on the line chat.

then, the internet no longer belongs to a minority of "elite", but began to belong to the majority of "rookie."".

rookie, this is not discrimination, because let all people to learn network technology, just like all Chinese people to learn English is impractical. So unless they are interested in technology, we should allow Internet users to use the Internet without learning.

why web site will become the home for her thousands on thousands of computer? Let the Internet become only need to click, open the computer, IE, hao123 came out, and then want to watch the news news, want to see the stock stock, want to see the weather watching the weather, want to check the ticket check ticket, want to play the game to play the game, listening to music on the songs, as long as the little mouse on the line. A lot of people are very old, but they don’t know what "web site" is, and those things with slashes, dots and letters are terrible for many Chinese people.

said the letter, now English or long domain, in the circle of ordinary users is difficult to mix. Long ago, a friend of her personal home page, domain name (or at the two level domain) is the subject of rosestory, literal translation is the story of English rose? Understand people who have mood, but do not understand English people, such a long domain is to life, remember the possibility is almost zero.

said the domain name, remember, typical is Baidu, a lot of how not to lose, web site people will lose, and let them lose, but that is quite difficult. Also, people remember is "Baidu",.Com is no one to remember, just see more think so to write like URLs, so to say, although the Google with shorter, ordinary users still remember. In addition, the MP3 (Baidu search, know, Post Bar, these are sufficient to cater to the rookie level and the success of the Internet, specifically not elaborate, or full of articles that he, like the gun with Baidu.


is back to my free domain name, using the 51.La statistics of the domain name, then hesitated for a long time, finally used, after all.Com short note to the domain name can be in not much, and if so English words containing the stat domain name, and very worried about English not good webmaster not remember. Not like the 51.La Pinyin name easy to remember. But >

A probe into the profit model of online shopping websites — creative articles

‘s online shopping website has been around for a long time. In 2004, a website called woot was born in the United states. So many people will ask, only selling a product every day, then this site turnover can there? Can sell a few goods? Can maintain the website operation? Can realize the site’s profit? With this problem, we find a series of data.

as everyone knows, in 2008, the global financial crisis, and is triggered by the subprime crisis in the United States, that is the most serious area should belong to the United States, then, in the United States woot year turnover reached $100 million, the other countless websites look helplessly.

so how does the idea of selling only one commodity a day come from? Where does his theory come from,


let’s start with consumer behavior to see how this idea came about:

: first, from the consumer’s purchase decision on the concept of mental cost by more and more people used in electronic commerce, in other words, we buy a commodity in the network, the first to make a decision in the heart, this process is costly, can be understood as the time cost, the cost comparison and Selection Study on cost, etc..

then how to reduce the mental cost? We throughout most of the mall, such as Taobao, excellence, Dangdang (ranking part order) and other sites, all commercial buildings, many types, we have to choose to buy goods on long, long contrast. So, it is not difficult to see that such a daily woot shopping site, by type of products to reduce, even reduced to only one to reduce mental cost, thus affecting the user quick decisions, form purchase behavior.

it is easy to see that one of the sources of creativity is to reduce variety and reduce mental cost.

secondly: from the point of view of promotion, sales promotion is to promote the sale of goods, and some methods should be adopted to reach them. These methods are the promotion methods. We have common promotion methods is the use of people’s sense of urgency to encourage consumers to rapid turnover, while making a concept of shortage of goods, is often seen "emergency demolition, crazy sale last three days," a kind of marketing tactics. If there is only one day left, and the countdown, and even the last few, and particularly cheap, then it will make consumers a sense of psychological crisis, urgency, and prompt to feel the order.

well, we see that one of the sources of his creativity from the promotion point of view is the use of time limited purchasing to induce a sense of urgency for only one day.

third: from similar interests and market competition group purchase website this website for consumers, because the website traffic is large, after operation, has a unique advantage, can negotiate with manufacturers a competitive price, and the price factors on consumer purchase behavior influence, sometimes even a decisive factor for example, the domestic, we.

After the Baidu K

is now the key to the station is to rely on search engines, search engines include Chinese search, strong station Baidu, global search cattle station, GOOGLE, and so on. Most of the traffic all of our sites are from the search engine, if the search engine to stop our station updated and included stops included words on our website ", so the survival for us there is no guarantee, no moment may be in the tens of thousands of IP.

is the most important in the domestic Baidu, but in recent years, Baidu’s search ability is completely out of the question, and many search is to rely on artificial intervention, many stations of IP are often subject to their control. Sometimes it’s hard to shut a Baidu. In fact, GOOGLE is good, the global popular search engine, it can also bring a lot of IP for you, such as the station the station is started, not easy to discharge up, but Baidu suddenly stopped on the station included, flow time only less than 1000. At that time it is anxious, but is anxious useless, I adjust the direction of the use of GOOGLE to make flow, adjust, did not expect the traffic can rise so quickly, there was a time IP to 5~6 million, now the stability of IP is also about 30 thousand,

said so much, summed up the point is to do standing, not a tree hanging, should do a lot of work, so that station will have better development, more people know.

Why is so red some experience about sharing community development operations

with, beautiful said this new shopping share mode became popular, more and more owners to share in the community construction team, but how can this single share mode to attract more users? How can they hold, bring more vitality to the website? Here are some experience to share with friends a.

1, new registered user, add default friend

for it

, a new registered user, loses the meaning of sharing without good friends, leaving little possibility. As a shared community, what he shares must be looked at so that they will have a sense of accomplishment. So after each user registration, be sure to guide them to add some sharing as friends, so that they will not feel lonely.

2, non registered users must pop up the registration prompt box when browsing the site

‘s net friends now like to watch others share, but they don’t want to do it themselves. If the user takes the initiative to register, take the initiative to share the experience, I do not know when to wait until the active person is always only a small part. So, in the conspicuous part of the website, or during the user’s browsing process, pop up the registration prompt box and guide them to register.

3, user visit, prompt mail function,

After the

user is registered, there must be a regular mail return function. Many users will be registered on the site for a while, but they will soon forget or don’t come to the site very soon after registration. So regularly send emails to users who don’t visit the site, recommend selected items and popular activities, evoke users’ interest, and get them into the habit of visiting websites regularly.

4, the initiative recommended boutique

each user has his or her own type of merchandise, and users of different genders and personalities don’t like the same. So, according to the user’s gender, personality, and browsing history, automatically recommend something they might like. Premise: after the new user registration, to guide them to choose their favorite labels, fill out their own personality and expertise.

5, integral, empirical, and hierarchy

people’s heart, vanity determines hierarchy is always the best law of website development. There is no hierarchy, the site is not driven by users with a pool of stagnant water, desire. So be sure to add different points and experiences to users based on the amount of products they share, the number of topics they launch, and the number of times they share their favorite items. Grading system is best to pure digital level, or stars, drills, the moon, the sun and so on can continue to increase the system, so most can stimulate the user’s comparison psychology. In addition, the hierarchy and integration system must be separated, the level can be accumulated, but points can be consumed, for example, can exchange gifts or buy props. Therefore, the hierarchical system is best used in conjunction with the two, one is the level, and the other is integral.

6, share steps >

How to open a fried chicken snack shop to make money

fried chicken snack is a favorite food, open a fried chicken snack shop is also a lot of friends have some ideas, open fried chicken snack shop to make money? Now open fried chicken snack bar is very profitable, but also investors will operate accurate positioning, business can quickly get up.


, customer positioning

two, the location selection of

as long as many people place. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. Passenger stations, docks and restaurants near unfavorable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, no intention to patronize fried snacks to join the store layout

the most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. It is absolutely not necessary to decorate the store with a large sum of money. When customers eat snacks, they seldom pay attention to the luxury of the facade. As long as the quality of snacks clearance, the store clean and beautiful, do not worry about no business. Fried chicken snack shop than other stores should pay attention to hygiene and cleaning, so that customers have a sense of comfort to see the tableware, think this store is clean enough to be added again. The store should be furnished with 15 seats, with an area of about 30 square meters.

three, the price of variety

business strategy


How to run a good maternity clothing store shop trick

special in every year, there will be many people choose to have children, especially now our country’s entire family planning policy easing, more and more young people for the children’s favorite, there are many small couples when the parents.

"quality" to win the marketing strategy. The history of many famous brands in the world tells us that the loyalty of the customer to the brand, in a sense, can be said to be loyal to the quality of their clothing products. Only the hard life of the high quality clothing products, in order to truly in people’s mind to establish "a gilded signboard", by people of all ages.

is the online promotion marketing branches