Shanghai dragon and auction on the enterprise network marketing whether can not have both fish and b


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding between the two, and not the fish and bear paw both problems, as long as the method of network marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization and bidding will be able to play a complementary role, the author will discuss how to make web site network marketing of the road becomes colorful

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: dragon to optimize the advantages of bidding and Shanghai complementary

for these two disadvantages, we can also go to Shanghai dragon optimization and PPC, because love Shanghai PPC have a rule, that is the key to develop their own higher ranking, then click the corresponding cost will be lower, so by your keywords optimization is not broken, get more high ranking at the same time, in the use of PPC, in a short period of time to occupy the site let love Shanghai home, so through the search engine marketing costs will be reduced.

and bidding disadvantage, naturally the cost is relatively high, but there is still a lot of false hits the problem, or the problem of low click conversion rate, this is because the set of keywords no skill to master, there is another reason that rival malicious click is also possible, so many business owners found that although the keyword of the website ranking is up, but can be converted into orders are few, but each month has continued to pay the cost, finally will terminate in a rage, promotion rank

this simple words, but if you do it, you need to pay attention to many details, there are a lot of persisting! And to make Shanghai Longfeng bidding optimization and complementary advantages, we must first understand the difference between the two disadvantages, so in the actual operation to avoid these disadvantages of

Shanghai Longfeng optimization disadvantage is the slow progress, optimize a keyword, often take months, even a year, of course, the overall cost for a company, not too much, but a long time did not see the benefits, many business owners would think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not good, so it will terminate the Shanghai dragon optimization plan, which is often encountered in many enterprises in the network marketing problems

for most enterprise website, has realized the important role of network marketing, but have a sense, but the network marketing methods often can not achieve the desired purpose, sometimes spent a lot of money, but did not bring any orders to the site, or even a love Shanghai auction, Google bid has no effect of speech in fact, any network marketing method, if used properly, can bring unexpected benefits to the website now! The marketing method of network marketing business website search engine mainly has two kinds, one is the Shanghai dragon optimization, another is through keyword bidding, many business owners think, Shanghai dragon and optimization bidding, whichever one can, no need to spend money both! At this point, I think this idea is big Wrong!

Shanghai dragon operation process experience and user experience both spider

itself has some excellent technology, can pave the way to content around their own technology, to share their technology, skills and experience. Or do a technical training, sharing website is also good.

three, the long tail word choice, when using the above two select the content of the websites, basically not because of long tail keywords selection and screenwriters. This point will be found after practice. Of course, if you choose high quality long tail, or to use some selection techniques. For example related emergencies, or real-time hotspots, are more eye-catching, click rate will be higher.

said there are two, 1. in order to search engine optimization ranking, making a lot of garbage, so as to deceive the search engine. 2. in the station, some fonts suddenly become larger, smaller. The improper use of H1 tag to tell the search engine spiders, keywords key prominent station. But for users, these are not friendly to the user experience. How are we going to the rational use of Shanghai Dragon technology to do optimization, taking into account the spiders and user experience.

, a website or blog system selection; now do station program diversification, when we choose different CMS, to understand the corresponding optimization scheme, different CMS systems are different, when choosing a CMS program, need to pay attention to several places.

two, website content; the content of the website, we all know that content is king, the chain for the emperor. Then a station to focus on what to do, there are two options.

2. some friends will say, I am not skilled people, the direction of choice is also a content, choose their own interest, some of the content of love. I love flowers, you can do a website around the flowers. To share their own experiences, and learning content, better friends exchanges and flowers.

1. title sequence, is currently the best columns or articles in the website after title. 2. as far as possible the directory hierarchy of multi classification, flat. 3.URL static, or pseudo static, minimum.

five, do more than a few steps, then.

four, when a station to do, but also set up the relevant CMS program robots.txt file. This is a little different CMS program settings are not the same, we need to check in Shanghai will have to love. Robots.txt is a spider to the current site, the first access to files, which can tell the spider, which can not see. In addition to configure the robots.txt file properly, can increase the safety coefficient of some website.

1. if the

webmaster friends often say Shanghai Longfeng do better, will not be punished. In fact, Shanghai dragon just as much as possible with search engine rules. In fact, has been the pursuit, as is the search engine experience, rather than the user experience.

Analysis love Shanghai search website name or domain name of the page description of abnormal labels

to share with you today to simple and clear a lot, and this problem is completely avoid, as to how to avoid, how there will be such a problem and solution of Yang Zi from the following answers, I hope you will not make the same mistake again encountered such problems.

is for Yang Zi above similar problems encountered in 2015, was also written related articles were published. But today Yang Zi encountered this problem and case in 2015 and shared problems are different, the difference is that the problems encountered: 2015 website is a perfect site, has been operating for several years, at the same time to download the industry with high visibility and good reputation in the apple mobile phone assistant.

with technical colleagues will exclude the occurrence of the above problems, such as: the program whether the site is black, the attack, but also many times to the Shanghai official love feedback, each love Shanghai official to give the reply is basically not much difference.

in order to make a purchase payment mode through the audit, the sea the relevant technical departments in order to cope with the financial audit mode of payment, the domain name will hang another temporary test template in the mall, so the above.

but in some feedback, web page search results from time to time to return to normal, so Yang Zi and some senior industry more friends for this problem are discussed and ultimately did not get a better solution, but in the discussion that there are other sites appeared in a similar situation, but I do not know in the end what reason is also good and bad.

this situation for some new Adsense is certainly difficult to find the reason, at a loss what to do, for some layman is not confused.

The reason is because the pre


was the site through the love of Shanghai search website name or site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 domain name is not just some things out of order home description even web page title is not present, the title is directly presented by the website domain name, as shown below:


A variety of reasons, Yang Zi was in

love Shanghai site: website domain name the page description of information presentation and actual website information content as shown below:

today with this topic we have to share, do not know how many owners in the industry encountered a similar situation, a just on the line near the railway station, through the Shanghai love search website domain name or site:wwwxxx贵族宝贝 comes home description content and the content does not match the actual website.

after repeated discussions at the end of the reasons to love Shanghai to exhaust. (Note: this conclusion has not been officially confirmed Shanghai love)

The problem of

Four induction station optimization

two, the article page and related content page links

article page is the highest, but to do the whole site weight increase is not desirable. Outbound links inside pages must obey some principles, cite a simple example, just like the main contents of the present article is about the Shanghai Phoenix, then the article in your page, you can take the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon ah, Shanghai dragon skills ah, ah, the Dragon columns of Shanghai micro-blog Taobao the Shanghai Dragon and so on in the form of some of the Shanghai dragon from shallow to deep into the class. Then, according to the arrangement of each category, a list of related articles, here can be displayed in the form of questions, such as what is the Shanghai dragon? How to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon optimization? Etc. These advocate we can study the love of Shanghai.


we often mentioned diversified anchor text in the construction of the chain set, this principle is also applicable to the station optimization. In order to make the search engine better judgment web content, different articles to the anchor text corresponding to the same content. However, in actual operation, I do not advocate for independent content construction interface, the anchor text diversity, because of this, the workload is very large, but the effect is not so obvious. So I think we should only need the chain in the anchor text construction on the directory page, only the specific practices related keywords directory page segmentation, sorting out the relevant keywords, appear in the page where, according to the situation, with 32 anchor text, it is relatively simple but, on the directory page optimization, will also play a very good effect.

No weight links derived

so, how to avoid these search engines have left "defects", to avoid such a mistake? I want to according to the personal experience, do simple analysis, to share with you to discuss, this article represents only the personal views, have a wrong place, also hope to get everyone’s advice.

is a common phenomenon in the webmaster circle is how to use the Shanghai dragon skills do website ranking optimization, of course, this is a webmaster must do. If the site does not do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then your website in the search engine will not get a good ranking. This will directly lead to, you will lose most of the traffic source, believe that every webmaster will know the search engine is the most main source of site traffic. Once a site does not flow, so the site can only be said to be a body without a soul. Because the relevant rules of the search engine in constantly improve, constantly updated, a lot of Shanghai dragon is skill learning by exploring every webmaster continuously, found in the ground. So, in the whole process, there will inevitably be some inconsiderate "optimization loopholes" led to the optimization of "trap" appearance.

, on the diversification of

station anchor text

How professional corporate website to write original content

we can write the company’s activities, including website content keywords can, play the same role, for example, what activity was held today, what promotions and other information. Also as the company’s success, successful company is very much, a high temperature furnace of the website is like this, every day are basic delivery, delivery can take pictures and text in an article. Enrich the content of the website, but also more persuasive, more let customers trust the company, that the company’s strength is relatively strong.

this is one of the most commonly used methods, such as a detailed description of a product, a product of the note, application of a product, a product classification, product brochures and other products. In the online search, use your own words to sum up, this effect is also very good. You can find some books, e-books love Shanghai generally only included directory content rarely included, we can reprint e-book content, is also very good original.

professional website includes hospital website, web site and other industrial equipment, machinery, if we write this expertise is indeed very difficult. If there is a professional help, the best of course, there is a hospital in the site, is a nurse in charge to write original, this is certainly the best. However, the general corporate website, you need to write their own original, not with those to you, unless the big companies and enterprises. In fact, if properly done, we can write a very high professional articles, today the author to share with you.

as the search algorithm of adjustment, the original content of the request is more and more strong, especially love Shanghai optimization, the author found that now the keywords ranking good site, the chain is not very much, the quality of the chain is not very good, but the ranking is very good, the reason is the high quality of the original content, the original is very therefore, the website optimization, write high quality original content is to be done, however, a strong professional website, we write original content is very difficult, today the author to share original content website how to write a very professional.

1, write the company’s activities, the successful case of

3, buy professional books

in your own words.

2, the Internet to find information on expression of

this is the best way, but also a large number of original best method, a hospital nephropathy station, is to buy a few of the kidney the book, every copy of a few articles, why not original. So for the high professional business website, if you write out the original department, consider going to the bookstore to buy some of the professional books, also can order online books, although spend money, but the effect is very obvious, it is worth.


to write the original content of the time, pay more attention to the application of long tail keywords, long tail keywords can bring traffic to a website, such as a best products, best quality products > what.

The essence of the chain you really appreciate

But with the

owners will think the meaning of the chain is to let the other website for our website to vote, but if you really consider voting and deeper meaning behind? Is love Shanghai developed for the chain to vote this feature, rather than Google, which is caused by the chain we usually the love of Shanghai included better, mainly because Google is relatively poor, so also created a lot of love in order to obtain the Shanghai ranking webmaster mistaken essence of website optimization is outside the chain.

for some owners think that his hair of the chain is very valuable, not the so-called mass, buy links, but why the site is still being punished by search engines? In fact, this time involving the owners of these foreign chain the understanding of the meaning of those is not thorough, so this time someone asked and what is the meaning of the chain of

?The vast majority of

for the chain really play a role in the vote is not that we deliberately go to the link, and the conditions for the value chain is the basic nature of the chain. The so-called natural we will need to meet three conditions: one is the existence of traffic must be outside the chain page we released in two, the chain is closely related to our website theme, the three is the chain really can attract users to click. Imagine if we released the chain page long time without any user access, the page of the search engine is a chain of garbage No one shows any interest in the page, and the page is undoubtedly also is of no value to the garbage outside the chain, for example, our chain in a breast site I released the name of the game even if the page is the theme of my website and related, do you think those breast users will be interested in that? So the correlation is very important, but the chain page and our website related theme, and is valuable so natural to attract users to enter through the chain I > click on the address

In fact,

search engine algorithm constantly improve, also give us these do optimization webmaster to bring a lot of problems, especially after the Shanghai green love algorithm, sell for links and before we have always thought that the value chain denied. The reason and love Shanghai to do so from an objective point of view is good, it is hope that we can long-term development, the construction of the chain of real value, and not simply for the optimization of Shanghai dragon fool.

believe that every webmaster all know the importance of the website chain for a site, especially after the release of Shanghai love Webmaster Platform chain out related announcement, for many truly understand the essence of the chain webmaster is not a good thing, but for those who blindly do garbage outside the chain of owners is undoubtedly not fatal blow. And those who really have a value chain for the web is always the undeniable fact. In fact, when we first contact site optimization in this industry, we all know that the principle of the chain of voting, when our website each added a chain, is equal to the other site cast a vote for the friendly to our website.

Shanghai dragon Advisor how to do website keyword research

1, the chain and competitors how large, how many web site pages, a look at the website PR value or weight, which is the domain name itself accumulation of external links a direct digital.

specification, the entire site columns is not itself, is not the boss, but the website channel and the program are based on keyword research to the.

Second step

as a consultant at the Xuzhou network for analysis and optimization, billion) of the web site keywords so much, if you have a better suggestion, you can also add QQ, WeChat 654703209: communicate with me, thank you for your visit! Please specify the source and load to maintain the link 贵族宝贝

Keywords The first step of Xuzhou Shanghai Dragon ( , thank you!

3, social networking, especially how involved in micro-blog inside, to see whether there is a micro-blog official, how many fans, if more than the degree of difficulty will be greater.

4, see rival web page optimization level, can be through the web site to see the diagnosis.

2, see each other website domain name age, old domain name domain name has more advantages than the new.

The structure of

, keyword research

2, relative to the demand, but the difficulty is relatively small, the user needs is the keyword search times, the difficulty is relatively small in the search list, the difficulty to make a judgment, see which demand is relatively large.

Third step

so, how to do the website keyword research? Xuzhou billion network that is divided into three steps:

1, Sike, not what good choice, we must do this, but you know how difficult, how much work is expected to

, keyword distribution

do research two methods:

, competitors of

ER in Shanghai Longfeng site before optimization, we need to study the related website keywords, analyze what keywords are flow rate, which keyword competitiveness, summed up the site early, middle and later need to optimize what keywords.

has several aspects:

The maximum

Talk about my personal experience and views the 301 redirect

here I want to explain, I do a 301 redirect on August 3rd at the same time as the two station. Our company is a business portal, another is my own doing personal station. Our operation portal operators have relatively long time, has been very stable, so was not K. My own personal station was in love with the sea due to K station soon, so this is definitely in love Shanghai review period. Do 301 redirection in this case is very likely to be K, because I was the K station, to love Shanghai search, found that many owners are doing 301 redirection by K.

The station is Many

said my website is very unlucky ah, June 27th, space business said their server problems, leading to my site a week to open K. Then the space business more outrageous, people can not find. Just because of the space soon, no backup, causing the site data lost, heartache ah.

so, I again find a space business, again do this website. This site is only a name, everything else will come again. I had never used before in the 301 redirect website is gradually increasing. However, in August 3rd, I saw a 301 redirect benefits from the forum. So I have their own site with a 301 redirect.

finally, is my conclusion: the 301 redirect increase website weight is in doubt, because not only the Shanghai dragon veteran said, site Admin5 webmaster nets such do 301 redirect. However, in the new period and turbulence station don’t do that, otherwise there will be a potentially large K station.


then, tragedy happened. As we all know, every Thursday night love of Shanghai will be updated once. After Thursday August 4th August 5th morning update love Shanghai, it included 0 tragic love Shanghai, K stand. I have normal regular updates, the number of Links is also a day of the increase, so there is no cheating in the station was K can. Only on the site to do the big move is to do 301 redirect website. Then, discovered in August 5th by K station, I immediately removed the 301 redirect code, Shanghai included love will come back soon.

贵族宝贝942game贵族宝贝/’s original experience experience, please indicate.

just contact Shanghai Longfeng rookie door to see a lot of big website uses a 301 redirect, also in the forum to see a lot of Laoniao said benefits 301 redirect, of course the main focus is the website weight. I am a junior rookie, when I see these, I have a heart. So, I began my journey of 301 redirect.

Some conventional methods and details of the website of Shanghai Longfeng share

Wait until the

4, web site keywords, description and optimization of

web design and code optimization, then we should optimize the structure of the website and domain name, domain name easy to remember is the first choice when selecting a domain name, easy to search engine included time is also convenient for visitors to remember, also mentioned above is "the path level remained at three. And if it is four above the level of the page contains three pages effect is certainly not good, the other is to use the static pages with static pages, avoid the use of dynamic pages, although the major search engines said in a statement for static or dynamic is also included, but a large number of data show that there is a difference between.

we do Shanghai dragon’s purpose is very clear, is to promote sales of enterprise products, improve business visibility, attract partners, and reduce the marketing costs of enterprises. Sales promotion is the core of a business, everyone through the optimization to make their sites have a good ranking, the chance is much higher than the turnover ranked by the enterprise, improve enterprise’s popularity in the network, but also easy to attract other partners to join, also be Shanghai dragon is a very clear the point is to save costs, compared with those of traditional media advertising, the cost is very low, some friends may say yes, can play the auction, the auction is to let the website ranking quickly, but there are drawbacks, the first is the cost problem, the second problem is always rely on to solve is competitive website ranking problem? Of course is impossible, therefore, Shanghai dragon is necessary and reasonable. In this paper, I share with you some of the conventional Shanghai Longfeng methods and techniques, hope Some


1, web design optimization

is a very common word is, the details determine success or failure, we do Shanghai dragon also needs to improve all the details, from the title, column name, and then to the image processing, site map, the call and so on are all we need to pay attention to, for example, is added to the picture ALT tag, plus H1 label and so on, these are the details of things.

3, website optimization

2, the website structure optimization domain name

communicate with you!

we all know, want to do a web site of the Shanghai dragon, so not easy to write a few words to be able to solve, first of all, we need to do is to optimize the website, said here is not to say that "optimization, design things, but based on the above appearance, to improve the speed of the page load, do not appear redundant code, easy to search engine included, in addition to the navigation bar and section of the website are not using pictures or JS, and the column level all by three pages, simple and clear, the first column page content page, and each page can let visitors easily back on a page and home page, this is all you need to pay attention to the problem.

Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious

second: type of enterprise website program for the search engine is not friendly to

first note, this article does not refer to all types of enterprise website, most just said, according to the majority theory, so I can only use the word "type of enterprise website" to do collectively. Some of the views would be a little too extreme, may cause a lot of enterprise website management group beat Shanghai dragon. But I still want to firmly put pen to write this article, the purpose is to give some new Shanghai dragon friend some reference. At the same time to explain the "type of enterprise website" refers to that contains only simple display type website company homepage, company profiles, product introduction, news, message of the other columns. For e-commerce enterprises, business news and information station station tired is not included. The following point: why Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

: the first type of enterprise website poor security

type of enterprise website is generally by the company or individual entrusted provide professional website production company / team to construction. But most of the company / team for enterprise site is directly with the established procedures to set the template. Of course, this also cannot be attributed to the network company / organization, after all, do a business station profit is very low, so it is impossible to please professional programmers spend a lot of time and energy devoted to the development program for you. And get ready to set the program template and the result is that it is difficult to ensure the safety of " " Web application;. Because these programs include vulnerabilities are basically in the online public, just to find a broken black mask, let him attack such sites can also be said to do easy. You may wish to exchange some Links type website to search the type of enterprise website, most sites are basically a few black chain and garbage chain, even a business standing almost become a "web site". With this website to exchange what it means Links? As a qualified Shanghai dragon Er needless to say, you can understand the


is still here to speak with the facts, we go to the forum Links forum just to find a few enterprise website in Shanghai SITE love, love to see is not included in Shanghai more than 1000 pages of almost no? Love is not Shanghai included hundreds of pages are not the majority? Is not just a collection of SITE almost all is in dozens of pages or so? This is not to say that the optimization of the site do not, but enterprises show congenital defect caused by this website template. This kind of enterprise stand generally contains a few pages, the page is more product introduction and company news, originally the site also tens of hundreds of pages, so you may not love Shanghai included thousands of pages. The enterprise website in order to many beautiful atmosphere, home more or less are used in FLASH, and FLASH for the unfriendly spider, when it.