Kiki let Shanghai dragon by strategizing flow in invisible

A5 demo, this "HTML code" series, A5 to take home.

webmaster should with a global view of the site, in order to strategizing, by flow in invisible.

1800 is the word search volume index "webmaster" love Shanghai.

shouted here to say, the final decision is reasonable traffic to the site keywords ranking. Do not just do the target keywords ranking, is the long tail word ranking.

A5 page and the article page to show



keyword ranking refers to: the competition for small words, we have web page of the article or topic to do the first; competition of words, we use the home page to do three.


Shanghai Longfeng thermal

We see

webmaster don’t target keywords look too heavy, I know many webmaster, don’t bother to do target keywords, but will focus on the long tail, their traffic is far greater than those at the top of the website. Wing SEM- neat (I feather disciple) believes that the webmaster should learn to be Kongming, can "control, by flow in invisible". Grasp the overall situation, the achievements of the website. This paper consists of a bar code printer 贵族宝贝xmbarcode贵族宝贝/, starting from the station network, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source when reproduced quality.

Reasonable layout of

A5 website to do is the target keywords, including the word "stationmaster" in third.

yesterday and the group of friends to discuss some bad sites, common words layout is bad, the number of articles is a lot of traffic is not to.

The following is the article page


according to the click map together some time ago the clever use of "Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map keywords layout is no longer difficult" inside, there are about 10.25%*1800 IP flow into the A5 estimation, the total flow of this and A5 accounted for only a very small proportion.

Here we use the

love Shanghai index shows 600IP, the first A5 at least 400IP traffic, almost more than the A5 page of the "webmaster" word.


Analysis love Shanghai search website name or domain name of the page description of abnormal labels

to share with you today to simple and clear a lot, and this problem is completely avoid, as to how to avoid, how there will be such a problem and solution of Yang Zi from the following answers, I hope you will not make the same mistake again encountered such problems.

is for Yang Zi above similar problems encountered in 2015, was also written related articles were published. But today Yang Zi encountered this problem and case in 2015 and shared problems are different, the difference is that the problems encountered: 2015 website is a perfect site, has been operating for several years, at the same time to download the industry with high visibility and good reputation in the apple mobile phone assistant.

with technical colleagues will exclude the occurrence of the above problems, such as: the program whether the site is black, the attack, but also many times to the Shanghai official love feedback, each love Shanghai official to give the reply is basically not much difference.

in order to make a purchase payment mode through the audit, the sea the relevant technical departments in order to cope with the financial audit mode of payment, the domain name will hang another temporary test template in the mall, so the above.

but in some feedback, web page search results from time to time to return to normal, so Yang Zi and some senior industry more friends for this problem are discussed and ultimately did not get a better solution, but in the discussion that there are other sites appeared in a similar situation, but I do not know in the end what reason is also good and bad.

this situation for some new Adsense is certainly difficult to find the reason, at a loss what to do, for some layman is not confused.

The reason is because the pre


was the site through the love of Shanghai search website name or site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 domain name is not just some things out of order home description even web page title is not present, the title is directly presented by the website domain name, as shown below:


A variety of reasons, Yang Zi was in

love Shanghai site: website domain name the page description of information presentation and actual website information content as shown below:

today with this topic we have to share, do not know how many owners in the industry encountered a similar situation, a just on the line near the railway station, through the Shanghai love search website domain name or site:wwwxxx贵族宝贝 comes home description content and the content does not match the actual website.

after repeated discussions at the end of the reasons to love Shanghai to exhaust. (Note: this conclusion has not been officially confirmed Shanghai love)

The problem of

Talk about my personal experience and views the 301 redirect

here I want to explain, I do a 301 redirect on August 3rd at the same time as the two station. Our company is a business portal, another is my own doing personal station. Our operation portal operators have relatively long time, has been very stable, so was not K. My own personal station was in love with the sea due to K station soon, so this is definitely in love Shanghai review period. Do 301 redirection in this case is very likely to be K, because I was the K station, to love Shanghai search, found that many owners are doing 301 redirection by K.

The station is Many

said my website is very unlucky ah, June 27th, space business said their server problems, leading to my site a week to open K. Then the space business more outrageous, people can not find. Just because of the space soon, no backup, causing the site data lost, heartache ah.

so, I again find a space business, again do this website. This site is only a name, everything else will come again. I had never used before in the 301 redirect website is gradually increasing. However, in August 3rd, I saw a 301 redirect benefits from the forum. So I have their own site with a 301 redirect.

finally, is my conclusion: the 301 redirect increase website weight is in doubt, because not only the Shanghai dragon veteran said, site Admin5 webmaster nets such do 301 redirect. However, in the new period and turbulence station don’t do that, otherwise there will be a potentially large K station.


then, tragedy happened. As we all know, every Thursday night love of Shanghai will be updated once. After Thursday August 4th August 5th morning update love Shanghai, it included 0 tragic love Shanghai, K stand. I have normal regular updates, the number of Links is also a day of the increase, so there is no cheating in the station was K can. Only on the site to do the big move is to do 301 redirect website. Then, discovered in August 5th by K station, I immediately removed the 301 redirect code, Shanghai included love will come back soon.

贵族宝贝942game贵族宝贝/’s original experience experience, please indicate.

just contact Shanghai Longfeng rookie door to see a lot of big website uses a 301 redirect, also in the forum to see a lot of Laoniao said benefits 301 redirect, of course the main focus is the website weight. I am a junior rookie, when I see these, I have a heart. So, I began my journey of 301 redirect.

From the celebrity blog about how to reduce the website bounce rate Enlightenment


everybody knows this man Lu Songsong, his blog is one of the best individual blog at home, often reading his website can learn from IT industry knowledge, is of great benefit to your future construction site, but his blog is worth learning place than this one, in fact, there are many places are permeated with Shanghai Dragon industry knowledge, such as how to reduce the site bounce rate, below I combined with his blog specifically a summary from his blog about my experience.

single from the number of comments can be seen in the heat.

first, we can’t let our website too gorgeous, but to the main content of the site as soon as possible to emerge, if we are to promote products, we will enclose the main products in the home, if we are to engage in business training, we should be in the range of home training and fees, we what do you want as much as possible to highlight the importance of it, the site straight to the point, without ambiguity. Lu Songsong is such a blog, on his website can feel this is a IT blog.

is a prominent site theme in the first time,

PS: filling webmaster do the design page in the related content will be hard to avoid, I agree with this approach, because it can expand the range site, increasing the authority, but also can increase the website chain number, but in the set of content we can’t take all the people to say it. Two said two, not in order to highlight the theme of the site and intentional exaggeration. If it is necessary, I suggest that you can do the headlines, but should pay attention to the content and the title is not a big gap.


three tourists is the site of the "Daily", "station

Timely supply of


want to know the website content is a direct tool to attract tourists. It also tells us that the content of the site must be novel, readable, long time so as to retain customers. At this point, Lu Songsong has done well, his article is available only in the industry with the latest information, not only humorous, and unique view, reading is very strong.


two to maintain the original and unique content

then we will provide concise, easy navigation options. Because of the difficulty in navigation, difficult to use the site, also do not leave consumers. The navigation options should be marked, clear and easy to use. Try to avoid using the drop-down menu or multiple check and other users not easy touch screen use function. If the blog content is complex, can provide the search function and the site map, to help users to easily find the information they need.

From station to make money rookie experience


website is to make money, I do from the beginning of the year before two years now, one is just graduated, do not know what the website construction, the feeling is quite deep. Will do very cattle, in the home town after graduation to find a job. Is the dream of the company from the network the website, the colleagues of the company are good, taught me by ASP program website, not wordy. Probably from the beginning of last year, set up their own website, now to introduce some of my personal experiences in Advertising:

1, small station put into operation more than 1 months, IP is always around 50, and do not know how to promote, so I began to look for advertising alliance. Try advertising,

2, the alliance is to find, basically can register through the website, but I’m not popular! No one to my advertising, more than 10 yuan over the income from the Union did not do what it is really difficult?


3 and later on a web site to see someone looking for offline GOOGLE, plus the man QQ, as we all know, anyway, is cheating, other alliances are removed, only GOOGLE advertising, so every day, brush their own show, find mutually alliance, every day a few, see GOOGLE to AD the data every day in the growth, the beauty of Jin heart don’t mention it. Think if that way. I also early entry into the rich list, foot, oh, the letter one day:


recently, when looking at records, we found that your AdSense account poses a great risk to our AdWords advertisers. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account.

in order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about your account or the measures we have taken, please do not reply to this email. You can visit the following website for details.

Google AdSense from


gave them great risk. I saw it. Oh, my God! The earth! My dollars! My rich man! Hey! It’s all gone! I’m so depressed I can’t say anything.

4, no way! The days have been! As a warning for the future or your own wrong, cheating, never send home. So their website and other websites on a list of their own shortcomings, and the direction of future development, decided to beat the website promotion out of


5, I started out the first step, that is, to enrich their website content, content is the truth

Four key decryption SEO counterparts compete magic

SEO operating model is a business model, is one of the tens of thousands of business competitions in today’s society. The SEO industry is in the network competition, but still you die I die fighting, is not a bullet in the head of the glint and flash of cold steel arena. As long as there are places where rivers and lakes exist, where there are people, there is competition. Since it is the competition of course, to know ourselves, you can. Today, Xiao Bian will decrypt SEO counterparts competition magic weapon, analyze the secrets of SEO.

reverse evaluation, only the enemy baizhanbudai

one, keyword evaluation,

same webmaster, of course, to more professional view of opponent’s Web site. As everyone knows, the importance of keywords on the site, the core of the site competition is the keyword competition. Opponent website do well, high flow, is the use of what keywords, evaluation of opponents different key words, is to evaluate the opponent website content essence. But this is not enough, but also to the station with their owners point of view, if it is their own, how to do the keywords, own method and other what is different, what are the pros and cons of keywords evaluation focus.

two, social media construction,

The new development of

2013 website, community is also a very important aspect. The website community turns into the big head of the website development in the new period, many websites all take seriously very much. But how to do socialization, how to do to meet the needs of users, this is still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, at this time, you need to compare different sites, which one can better meet the needs of users, from which to choose, or combined with innovative models suited to their website. But one more thing to note is that operability is important for things that are going on. For example, there is a dedicated client, of course, good, but is not operational, the user is not really going to download and so on.

layers of tracking, seize the source of profit

SEO entrepreneurship is natural for profit, reference to other people’s Web site, of course, is to refer to the profit point of other people’s Web site. And webmasters know that the content of the site is the decisive factor. Well, in reference, what is worth learning from is the data sources and anchor files of your opponent’s website. Similar content of the same type of website, the source of pseudo original nature is very important. There is one point on the chain tracking, this can be carried out through Baidu’s chain tracker. According to the outside of the chain of our external chain construction, is for opponents against the pain point.

roles, guest experience from rival essence

actually visit the same type of Web site, I believe many webmaster will do, but the webmaster but can’t avoid a "occupational disease", is to a webmaster’s eyes to see each other’s Web site. There are two shortcomings in doing so. One is that the webmaster is understanding each other’s psychology, so it is impossible to look at the opponent’s website in an objective way. Two is if as a webmaster to see the opponent’s Network >

Case analysis, Baidu closely monitor any action on the site

with the adjustment of Baidu algorithm and the increasing improvement of Baidu search technology, Baidu has recently become more and more strict in monitoring the website. Previously, if the site navigation column, website forum to do minor alterations, as long as it does not involve the title of the website or web site keywords, Baidu basically does not make what punishment to the website, but now is not the same, even if the navigation section of the site to do a little modification, with the coming of the results is: home page snapshot of a file, site keywords ranking fell below for instance.

on the employment of college students network as an example, on June 5th the home page Baidu snapshot is June 1st, night idle, I opened my own website, the home page to see it again and again, the heart does not always feel satisfied with the navigation column on the website, so I put the navigation of the two columns of the employment situation of college students, the employment of college students confused and then changed into special employment policies, the employment rate of College students. The morning of June 6th I a result, scared me, home page snapshot to May 22nd, the website traffic has been reduced, once again found several key sites do not know where to go away.

also in these days, online everywhere to see such a message: "recently, Baidu will be Baidu search business for large-scale updates, the new Baidu ranking rules will be more conducive to user experience.". About webmasters are more concerned about the ranking algorithm, the source said, the new algorithm will be integrated Baidu independent research and development of intelligent identification system. Illegal outside the chain, BBS signature will be included in a chain statistics. And increase penalties for violations of seo. Snapshots in 5.22 of the site will be the first Baidu punishment, including many well-known websites such as NBA and so on." Now my online snapshot is also 5.22, is my station also be Baidu K can not? Really worried about the heart ah.

worried about worry, but these days I still constantly updated original or pseudo original articles, but fortunately Baidu also has every day included, which gave me a little confidence. This morning, again, site home page found that snapshot has returned to 6.1, although the snapshot is not the latest, but the heart has relieved a lot.

from the above example we can see that Baidu is now monitoring the site has become more and more strict, as a webmaster especially new sites, not to cannot but don’t change the website title and keywords for each forum site navigation and site is also best not to adjust. Now is the Baidu crackdown period, I hope this article can help the webmaster.

my writing is not good, just want to express their point of view, the twins are not afraid of you, but please don’t cuss. Copyright statement: This article by the university student employment network ( webmaster original, welcome to reprint. Please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

Several factors affecting advertising click through rate

advertising is the most direct and direct way for a webmaster to gain income. That’s one of the reasons why advertising unions are very popular these days. How can we use the advertising alliance to get more profit? We understand from five aspects.

1. advertising display principle

our most commonly used Baidu alliance, Google Adsense, Sogou alliance are CPC paid model. We just need to register these advertising alliances and verify our website and receive advertising code. Add code to our website to display advertising.

The content of the

AD show is that the Advertising Federation is determined by the content of the web page and the search history of the user in the corresponding search engine. For example, we often search for "make-up" in search engines, and we may see more advertisements for cosmetics and makeup training. In view of this, I strongly despise those who often ask me, "Why are your forums full of aphrodisiac ads?".

2. page content affects advertising display

we see from above, our web content will largely determine the display advertising content, so it is necessary for us to provide web content in more detail, it would be helpful to advertising precision advertising, increase the click rate. Even if our website content is not rich enough, it is difficult to audit through Google Adsense.

3. ad position affects click rate

, take a look at the chart below. Most blogs and portals typically have such layout patterns.


1 is the most advertising website for advertising position, so the user naturally automatically ignored, the advertisement income position is usually not high, either 460*60 or 728*90 ads are difficult to how many clicks.

Advertising under

navigation 2 is a very good ad, and revenue is much higher than advertising 1. If the total station shows, this may be the highest yield of the entire site of the gold position, whether it is 960*60 or 960*90 is very good, 960*90 click rate will be slightly higher.

3 and 2

advertising advertising snatch eye of the suspects, if not 3 then 4 advertising advertising, put a 250*250 or 300*300 advertising will undoubtedly be the body of the page (home page and non classification) the highest conversion rate of advertising. Advertising 3 and advertising 4 usually can not occur at the same time, otherwise it will give people too much advertising feeling. After all, the user experience is to give priority to guarantee.

advertising 5, compared to advertising 2, the conversion rate is somewhat worse, but this position is still in the first screen, 7 better than advertising 6 and advertising two positions.

ad 6 although at the end of the article, but do not underestimate, handle >

Where to open a car repair shop is better

car there is a problem that needs to be repaired, then, if you open a car repair shop, it is very important to address, where to open a car repair shop is better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

first, large residential areas. The owner of the car to go home after the car can be found to find a professional dress up, where to open a car repair shop is better? Do not go any unnecessary injustice, which in itself means to provide a convenient, time-saving shop is a sign of nature, with the supermarket stationed in various real estate a truth.

second, gas stations and auto repair shops nearby. A lot of car repair shop in Shenzhen is located in the gas station and auto repair shop next to. Where to open a car repair shop is better? Owners in the refueling and overhaul, when the car is running a long way, when the car is also natural maintenance.

third, traffic is relatively large near the highway. As a result of the location of the owner is easy to find, where to open a car repair shop is better? Secondly, because many important to attract the eye, the formation of influence.

in addition, experts remind, although the car repair industry has a very broad space for development, but it is also facing increasingly fierce competition. With the further opening up of China, foreign investment into China’s auto repair industry is approaching. Therefore, China’s auto repair industry will gradually fall into a very embarrassing position. The introduction of the concept of automobile maintenance in our country is only a short period of ten years, but the real market demand is only in recent years began to appear. For the early investors, may be dug into the automotive repair industry, gold, and the probability of success will be discounted later.

above is about where to open the car repair point is a good introduction, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only the choice of a good address, so there is a business shop, in order to profit.

Thirteen pot too expensive to introduce

as a well-known best-selling brand, thirteen pot has been the most popular investors to join the food and beverage project, for the thirteen pot is too much money? Is it Expensive? Join the thirteen pot too much about how much money you need to invest in these issues for all of the thirteen is too hot to join the franchisee are urgently needed to understand the content. Join, is hoping to be successful, and this success is in the premise of having sufficient funds, to understand how much money thirteen pot too much money, you can get ready for work.

thirteen too expensive to join the introduction of

merchant, is to know how to utilize every minute of funds, is also the case as the thirteen pot too joined, only to know their money where to make money for yourself, not because of funding problems and confusion, still do good business is the quality of franchisees should do.

join fee:

1, venture shop

investment costs: 32800 yuan

annual operating service fee: 2000 yuan

total: 34800 yuan

2, standard store

investment costs: 42800 yuan

annual operating service fee: 2000 yuan

total: 44800 yuan

3, platinum shop

investment costs: 52800 yuan

annual operating service fee: 2000 yuan

total: 54800 yuan

we can see that the thirteen pot is too expensive to join 3.48-5.48 million. Such a detailed analysis of the thirteen pot too expensive to join you to learn about the thirteen pot is too expensive to help you?