The five step the new site easily fix Shanghai Dragon

The third step:

first step: according to its own web site to find some key words (best not to look too popular keywords, in Shanghai, the nobility) love baby search, if the search results appear in the full web page will give up; if most of them are inside pages, this keyword can be used.

the following, we will look at the specific site how to do a good job in Shanghai dragon.

meta optimization, layout optimization, internal link optimization, the optimization method and so on, can you think of using. At the same time ensure website content updates, not too frequent, also cannot update.

has recently added a free H5 website platform (micro enterprises) the user exchange group, as are the establishment of exchanges, so often focus on some problems in the group. Among them, I found a lot of people to search engine optimization knowledge is very limited, after the site built, do not know how to optimize. Because see the problem too small, I decided to write a new website to Shanghai dragon "things, for your reference.

appropriate active submitted to the search engine entrance, exchange the same type of Links, website optimization Website optimization, it is best to last in the promotion.

first, we look at what is Shanghai dragon. About Shanghai dragon, strict definition is as follows: Shanghai dragon refers to the base of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers to visit the site, so as to achieve the network marketing and build the brand. Search engine principle is changing, change the search principle will directly lead to changes in the website keyword search engine rankings, so search engine optimization is not a once and for all.

second step: find the top three websites, their Title, description copy, prepare a suitable for their own, must be better than the original, "more reasonable arrangement. Then, do the link.

The fourth step: to try the


website how to run the Shanghai dragon

finally, want to talk about self-help Association and Shanghai Longfeng, many articles said self-help website to search engines. In fact, like micro enterprises such self-help platform, provides a basic set of options in Shanghai dragon. Users in the use of micro enterprises to the process of construction, Shanghai dragon after setting, the help of the traditional Shanghai dragon, may soon be included.

The fifth step: The new

new basic didn’t the chain, can not control, can temporarily give up, but the chain can be controlled. Internal chain is the most important index website each link does not appear dead links, links are accurate. So that the search engine’s eyes more outstanding.

Returning to simplicity might make your online marketing a success

development of China’s network 10 next year, the real development is a few years ago, and now the network is full of exaggeration, as it is now China network transition period, the old heard those what celebrity said foreign cyber source excellent than Chinese, more people say Chinese day wasted 2 million 500 thousand hours to search for an answer, as Americans, for 30 seconds, and Chinese for 60 seconds, the reason is China network garbage, many loopholes. Hear and see these young man, my heart really uncomfortable.

Chinese website is only in recent years crazy growth, China’s large population base, will hear the webmaster, rich, in the network the number of fishing gold, all want to join this emerging industry. Can be hard to do stand but not much, want to take a shortcut to the PR value, hang black chain, in order to get spam links everywhere; traffic, looking for a popular search term, and add their own stand completely irrelevant things in their own website, lead to invalid flow, in order to satisfy their vanity; money, find loopholes, BUG.

but we found out that those who are clever, are finally getting the punishment they deserve, or they feel so meaningless and give up, that is to say, these websites have disappeared. What’s left is a website that does what you’re really doing and helps people’s lives. You would say that a batch of garbage stations fell, another came, and more. Will be more, and I just said, this is a transitional period of Chinese network, I ask you, you do a dumpster, fail down, can you do the dumpster? The rest to practice is to put a speculation, finally also fail, wait for reincarnation. The real strength of the site, the more, the search engine will take the trash to the front row? At that time, the inside of the front engine is that batch of websites that are really useful, garbage station will never stand up. At that time, China’s network will mature, and will become the current situation in foreign countries, we all feel that search efficiency is high.

nagging a lot, you will think that I am writing with the title out, no, I am going to do in order to "simple" these 2 words, above a large margin, also highlighted the "simple" station will have a way out. What is "simple", if you are the master, here is the simple diligently do stand, if you are a network marketing, here is simple and honest.

the whole network is full of exaggeration. People prefer simple things and prefer plain language. Here, for example, the same sales tea, a sales with a paragraph to advertise: XX tea from XX when, where the bubble out, tea clear, fragrant overflow, make tea, please choose XX tea. Another sale uses a web page to pick up the tea scene, the production process, and so on. When you see the ad in front, you will consider whether you want to buy it and try it, and when you see the ad behind, when you >

Entrepreneurship should seek from what areas

at a glance, the market seems to have what business opportunities, and seemingly what cannot represent this opportunity, so many investors suffered, in fact as long as serious market analysis, to understand what the real regional suitable for business, we will be able to find a suitable for your business wealth!

on store choice has studied the Shanghai Ming economic technology limited company chairman Yao Yuntao summed up eight eight regions for entrepreneurial shops, the eight area is:

internationalization residential area: some first-tier cities have formed a number of mature foreign senior residential areas, the intention to get involved in the high level service field of entrepreneurs, these areas have a lot of opportunities.

What is the name of the hot pot restaurant tips

winter is coming, people like to go to the hot pot restaurants for consumption, and there are countless hot pot restaurants, people in the choice of the name of the hot pot restaurant will be considered. So open a hot pot restaurant, in the name of the time can not be sloppy, we must give the chafing dish shop has a unique name.

The basic rules and requirements of

a font is pay attention to the overall effect, good recognition to read good note.


A is consistent with customer consumption level and Hot pot shop.

The name of

name for the Hot pot shop design, if one sentence, that is the biggest characteristic of name Hot pot shop to be able to reflect the Hot pot shop.


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Nanjing Industrial Bank to the two venture to explore new development model

just as many of the new entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial arena battle at the same time, many traditional industries have begun to actively transition, through the two venture to open up new channels of development, optimize the industrial structure, create new breakthroughs.

2013, chief executive of Nanjing branch of Industrial Bank constant autumn puts forward "to create a new branch, to start a new undertaking", actively exploring the development of new roads, a new branch of its own mode need, sounded "two business" horn. "Two business" in 3 years, innovation and breakthrough, to promote the professional, to collaborative development, has seen tangible results: Branch liabilities scale new highs, optimization and adjustment of credit structure, asset quality remained good; the total assets of 380 billion yuan, since the bank was established on the cumulative tax collection of more than 5 billion yuan.

urbanization in the financial sector, the Industrial Bank Nanjing branch actively involved in the financial support of the new urbanization and upgrading, urbanization cumulative construction to provide loans to support more than 60 billion yuan, involving more than 200 urban construction projects.

in personal financial business, the Industrial Bank Nanjing branch around the "discovery life" and "life world" and "active life" and "life’s" four service brand, for different customers to provide differentiated financial services, a full range to the formation of a new business competitiveness.

for vast endless, but the wind sail. In the grand journey of a hundred years of Societe Generale, the fifteen set just started. Looking to the future, Societe Generale dream a long way to go. Need a big responsibility of big development, big as more big play, all the people will be in Jiangsu Industrial Industrial ideal inspiration and encouragement, and the community together to the rich vast land of Jiangsu huihaopomo, common depicts a grand blueprint for the Qiang Fu new Jiangsu makall ".

than a business, the two venture has inherent advantages. Industrial Bank stand on the occasion of the transformation and upgrading of the financial sector, seize the current opportunity to further broaden the financing channels, and other common progress and common development.

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Rural entrepreneurship is very important to select the characteristics of the project

now because the whole domestic entrepreneurship policy is excellent, especially in the vast rural areas, so there are a lot of migrant workers who have chosen home business, then, what are the characteristics of entrepreneurial projects in rural areas?

leading agricultural leading farmers to get rich

the town actively take the development of the private economy, fuyoufujiang etc., to cultivate agricultural enterprises. Relying on the base, and growth of the modern agricultural enterprises in a number of large scale, high starting point, strong, export-oriented, such as Hangzhou Yongda Wood Industry Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Guardian Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. and Xiaoshan agricultural Comprehensive Development Inc Hangzhou Xiaoshan nine marble and Qing agricultural development limited company of more than 20 agricultural enterprises, led many farmers to get rich. So far, a total of 13 professional cooperatives. At the same time, land transfer, joint development of new agricultural management mode has become increasingly active, the land transfer area of 65 recommended

How to improve the popularity of bamboo fiber stores

bamboo fiber franchise operators how to get a higher popularity? This is a question worthy of attention. Now invest in such stores, competition is relatively large, businesses should think of ways to improve store popularity, get more consumer attention. If you want to successfully achieve the goal, you can learn to use relevant skills, do worry free business.

Comfort of the legendary

to their own shops than others more popularity, Wang burst from the first day of business, must open the door has a lively, flourishing explosive sales situation, let everyone know you from the first day of the store would think you store things well, it is worth buying. So, the opening ceremony must be full of sound and colour as much as possible gathered, to allow consumers to the store, and let him through the store opening price affordable access to the store products. Said the discount must be made to do so, so in the normal course of the business must be good product pricing, can not be discounted, give people always price, special impression. Once the event, will be reasonable, for example, special holiday shop opened anniversary and so on, so that consumers "consciousness" seize the opportunity to store high popularity.

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Tianjin new area to explore innovative path

Tianjin as a city from the capital relatively close, in the whole process of development, is also deeply affected, and now the entire city of Tianjin, in order to promote entrepreneurship, but also carried out a series of innovation on the entire business way.

In fact, the entire city of Tianjin for the


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Snack shop location accurate positioning

snack bar location must cater to the masses of consumers, otherwise it is difficult to have a good business. Operators need to look at the local market, the market situation to set a good address. How to choose? Xiaobian today to share some tips.

now many snacks is by students, working-class and some white-collar love, cheap, convenient and quick. Therefore, the snack bar position should be selected in factories, office buildings, bustling commercial district and school near the working class or student concentrated, and the station, wharf, traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source.

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