Website optimization how to correctly collect content

, in short, in the site collection >

finally, make the appropriate adjustments to the content. Tried the content acquisition to their web site, careful people will find a direct copy of the content, there are some smart format, because the original in order to prevent the content from being collected, usually to increase the contents of some hidden annotation format, even in the picture of the ALT information will be copyright. If you haven’t noticed, the search engine will naturally be considered plagiarism, then the harm to the website is self-evident. Therefore, the collected content must clear format, and punctuation of English format conversion, in addition, you can add some pictures to the content, the content is more rich, if the content itself has a picture, then do not directly copy, also save the best re uploaded to the site, add their own ALT information, can let the collection content more optimization value.

collection content?

however, the search engine that collection content is not much significance for the website, especially for the optimization function, even collection content will be as garbage information processing, causing the site’s burden, in fact, even if the acquisition of the contents of the website will have a certain risk, but as long as the acquisition is reasonable, it still has some usefulness, at the same time to reduce the original owners and the optimization effect is worrying, the same. So, how to correctly use the

second, collection content does not collect the title. As we all know, see the article is the first to look at the title, for the website optimization of search engine, the title also has a certain weight. The acquisition of the contents of a certain length, do not change too much, but the title is just a few words, it is still relatively easy to modify, it is necessary to modify the title, the title will be changed completely and the best is not the same with the original title, the reason is very simple, when you see the title as the substance completely different articles, will give readers some misunderstanding, that both the same content, on the contrary, even if the content is the same, the title is completely different, will give people a fresh feeling, is not easy to be found.

in the website optimization circle, webmaster know, search engine original content, but the best Shanghai dragon Er face long-term original content has certain difficulties, not only limited resources and writing ability are limited, therefore, the entire site includes various sections of content, can not avoid the acquisition.

first, pay attention to collecting the content object. It is best to find someone just released soon as the content acquisition target, without being before too many people reproduced collected, but the content is the premise and the times, fresh and representative, and not some topic a commonplace talk of an old scholar to the user, or taste the same, wax, worthless. Because the content is collecting, compared to the original, nature is much simpler, also do not need to spend too much time to edit the contents, then don’t save time idle, after all, there is no original content acquisition effect is more direct, so it is necessary to find a few articles at the same time acquisition, to compensate for the spider empty.

Noble baby search results from the same domain name page 7 results more

is only 20% and not all the results are so, look nobility baby is using new format: whether the child links should appear in the main link below, for example: 1) PC Tools is a brand of 2) have related links below the first row main links will not (each link is all about this brand of 3) when searching for krill, the first row is Wikipedia, a result display is 7.

nobility baby to the traditional 10 search results display 7, and each page all the probability of the same domain becomes large.

The following


It seems that

(domain name) occupy more positions in a page:

Moz Dr. Peter today Shanghai dragon Meyers Shanghai dragon Moz new Mozcast noble baby "turbulance" prediction tools to analyze the keyword ranking. He probably analyzed one thousand groups of queries, tens of thousands of links.

Buddhu WebmasterWorld with a forum member in the forum last week to discuss something similar:

main link sub link:

The same site


7 blue links:

do not know how many brands / general nouns belong to this category, but if you search for the object is a complete domain name / brand / company name, such as "Microsoft" and "Apple", a sub link below, the main link will be completely (sub links are compared with the main links related, which will show the brand name, but sometimes not), but only 7 search results.


Here we enter

Lei Feng website leiphone, shows the results of only 7; another example, search of foreign eBay is 7:



about only 7 search results:



editor’s note: the author search engine website editor of searchengineland Danny Sullivan.

when I updated my Post 25 Things I Hate last year Abou>

"according to data from Mozcast, one thousand groups of query results, of which 20% of the search results are displayed as 7 search results."

Seven kinds of spider pit site optimization must be avoided

avoid spider trap

dynamic website, the website is to mislead search engine website, if the set is not appropriate will also cause the search engine site judgment is not clear to the end which is a regular page (the principle with Session is similar to ID, and URL) also have disadvantages in dynamic spider crawl, we should prevent the proposal, webmaster hand the website should do a static, and shield that some abnormal parameter url.

> These sites we optimize the

, a Flash plate

If the Dynamic URL

three, Session ID

two, Javascript

, the five page is the frame frame structure


site that uses Session ID to track users visit, this is also a consequence of very despicable spider pit, because the spider visited the website of the moment, no matter what is called the page, even if the same page will show different ID, is very difficult to determine which a URL is the main page, or even will be mistaken for site number page duplicate content, the surface is to be prevented.

positions, the main daily office more than just to keep the user thinking problem, the number of output quality content, on the other hand, we should also give consideration to the search engine website, it has some disadvantages in cleaning up search engine website for a stumbling block to our website, for example, a number of sites is not good optimization of the cause of the station has a lot of spider pit, to finally had a good website search engine sites often do not give false to the position, and even caused a number of page search engine website abandoned. Because of this it is in our office in Shanghai Longfeng aware optimization, the following specific introduction is the ocean:

four, with a variety of parametersThe more URL

in the spider pit optimization must be avoided


and Flash is basically a principle, it can increase the pleasure group website, but regret that web search engines can’t grab, and if there are many websites so JS will seriously affect the website loading speed, the website ranking is not smooth, this is also attributable to a more serious spider pit.

Seven types of

Flash true sector is indeed giving people the feeling effect is very good, from this point of view is actually very helpful in understanding the user experience, but regret is the spider can grab the ordinary HTML code, the love is the text information, and Flash in the search engine website is a dry eyes just right now the basic links, not very good judgment to the end of what is inside the goods, natural also have disadvantages to website optimization.

Deng Kanhao to change the site URL for Shanghai dragon have much impact

sum up, as long as the line on the website, the website do internal optimization, after the update at the same time, hope that we still do not change the site, even if you change a navigation or what the search engine will think you’re changing things, there will be affected, some netizens may say, I add an influential things can’t, you’re wrong, as long as you have a little change, it will know.

The following figure:

we recall that love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon Google optimization guide this ebook up to think, what kind of URL to optimize? Here is not the answer, we have to think about that book. And the essence of Shanghai dragon actual combat password in this book..


we can see the original URL website address is how the domain name is +ID, this form. On the web this form is the main use of many independent blog, because they use a WP program, so there are so many.

editor: new webmaster nets 贵族宝贝k503贵族宝贝, A5 first, please keep the

the two picture contrast, is not found in the first picture and the second picture URL is greatly different, the second map URL is the domain name + classification form of +ID



Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, today want to share with you is an article on the website of URL, because of the recent test, so some experience will get used to share with you, ha ha, this is I want to test my love for Shanghai is how to change the reaction speed of URL.

In this paper, the

URL now

through two days of observation, the reaction speed of love in Shanghai is very fast, because no change in URL is included in almost four thousand, then slowly reduced, today becomes one thousand, the new URL is also included, and included more than 100 articles today.

Let’s look at the

actually do Shanghai dragon friends know you change a URL website for the website influence is great, that we all know it, but there is no Shanghai dragon ER friends to test? Deng Kanhao day bold test, adding some new columns, and change the address of URL website and we look at the original URL site.

You can

Webmaster cause analysis of keywords ranking unstable

know site is because of these factors will lead to keywords ranking drop, the correct approach is adjusted immediately, if there is a revision or modify title operation, wait for the search engine for recovery.

website ranking of ups and downs, the reason is nothing more than the search engine algorithm changes, to be punished for some of the problems arising from the site itself or drop right, the fierce industry competition, will lead to the site keywords ranking fluctuations, some factors can not be avoided, some factors could be relatively controllable.

Keywords Because when the

when certain keywords, when competition in the relatively large, site’s ranking is not very stable. Usually after third sites, each update ranking will be more obvious floating. Therefore, when the decline in ranking factors can confirm not the site itself, is concerned about the degree of competition in the industry, focus on the analysis of several sites in the industry better, their analysis data collection, the structure of the site, the chain distribution and quality related, thus in the new Shanghai dragon strategy and beyond.

two, the more intense competition in the industry


if the weight of the website itself is good, after the emergence of these similar problems, small range of the site will be a short time drop right, also is the keyword ranking dropped or suspended included. If the weight of the website is very low, or is new, often change the title, website revision, operation of some cheating would lead to a drop even by K.

If the

, a website of their own problems

website ranking and certainly more than three kinds of reasons, there will be some other factors, but these three types of factors, should be.

three, the search engine algorithm

search engine algorithm due to the change of Web site keywords ranking drop, this time we should cater to this change, and will try their best to stand and must go beyond.

is not the site itself, the competition of the industry is not particularly large, so there is a possibility that the search engine algorithm slightly changed. One example: a target keywords a station in the search engine ranking is ninth, when adjusted (such as the introduction of love Shanghai in the keyword search results in the sea search box), love Shanghai’s own products will be a place for the home page, so you can only rank ranked eleventh.

in most cases, web site keywords ranking drop, because there are some problems existing in the website itself, these problems include: the scope of time to attack the server or the server is often crashes, the website used too much cheating (such as hidden links, jump, hidden text, hidden pages, spam links etc.), the source of the chain site is too single, the website often revised, often change the title or description.

The Shanghai dragon optimization experience

The whole

recently, I help a school to optimize a city center recruitment information website, the website is developed with the CMS Empire, a lot of content distribution is very wide. But the site did not test, just give it to me, let me go to the optimization and promotion. But after I am familiar with testing, found that the site is LJ, there are a lot of loopholes and errors, there are many functions are not implemented. In short, the site is not beautiful, very professional. Well, said so much. Now I talk about this period of Shanghai Longfeng experience. After this month’s Shanghai dragon experience and my understanding of Shanghai dragon, that such a metaphor, Shanghai dragon like planting a tree optimization, and the development of the website is a tree. Seedling quality determines the future can not thrive. If you plant seedlings is not healthy, it can let him grow up? If it can grow up, but also need to pay more time and energy to cultivation. You said right? A website optimization promotion is the same, if a wrong site features a big push, looked very professional, very poor user experience, you said this site can be developed? If you think you can, I admire you. The worship you as a teacher. Now the development of a website is not a difficult task, and now all CMS as long as you emerge in an endless stream, understand a little bit programming knowledge will be able to develop a website of their own. But the development of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization was not so simple.

the following talk about my understanding of Shanghai Dragon: web development is good, is not to say that we can immediately go to optimize the promotion, and you must first detect the entire site, including its function, the interface is beautiful, ah ah ah, page integrity of the user experience ah, these must be taken into account, must not be careless. As I said before, a healthy tree is difficult to grow into towering trees.

testing site, found no problem, you can start the analysis, do not rush to Shanghai dragon optimization. Someone may ask, we should analyze what? We need to analyze your website. Familiar with the function and use of the site. To understand the function and use of the website, we also analyze our "competitors", after all, Shanghai dragon optimization is like a war, who Shanghai dragon well optimized who went up, who not fall down, the reason is very simple. So we have to analyze our main competitors. Analysis of their Shanghai Longfeng optimal extent, keyword content, website ranking update time. To learn their advantages, reinforcing their weakness. As the saying goes, the enemy can ever victorious. All these analysis, we can begin to analyze the site keywords. Analysis of key words must first determine a key word. While the core keyword can according to your previous analysis the function of the website, use, competitors, and then refer to love Shanghai, Google’s main search engine index to determine. Analysis to determine a good keyword index, and then briefly talk about Shanghai Longfeng specific implementation plan:

1. page weight >

How to build the chain

you look at these sites are all collected in A5 I submitted to the article, then I collected over the link. This is not reached an article to bring more than 10 links? This is very cool, but the quality requirements are relatively high, I voted three or four times before the time, sometimes have to see people small mood. Each small audit efforts are not the same, it also luck. This is the text of the chain. To write a tempting title, to be attractive enough is the key.


didn’t have a lot of resources, do the chain general on the line. The bigger and stronger can do high weight chain. A high weight website you can top dozens of general chain.



chain is to import the weight is a vote. To attract more users to enter the site is a kind of exposure. This is our value chain.

speaking of the chain, we all know that the site want to quickly rankings will need to have the chain. The chain is to improve the site ranking booster. We are not a stranger every day doing. So how does the chain construction is worth? We do the chain the purpose of what is it? Today we come together to discuss

general chain: we usually have easy access to the chain link is general. General chain such as BBS signature, blog, blog signature. For Links etc..

first, we must clear every day outside the chain.


like to A5, the owners of the house. Is the text. For example, before I find a blog thrown over. I also brought their blog link, this is the soft chain. And this article chain brought me at least more than 10 chain. Because A5 and home owners authority. And a lot of information acquisition information website A5 and the owners of the house of the article, if your article submission by others, when the site collection will be the way to your reprint articles and links to the site.



see you have stood in the user’s point of view to understand. For example, your company is selling printer. You wrote a note on the printer

This The

1. voted 2. to increase your exposure rate.

two: guide recommended

high weight chain: it is difficult to obtain the weight of the chain link is high as you and 58 city for a link. Or you call IP on the website (tens of thousands of high flow station) with a link to you. The portal site (such as www.hao123贵族宝贝). Independent website. The Ico class website.

: a soft

A little view of writing soft Wen promotion

second: combined events, the most popular hot. A soft, successful or not, it is another aspect, how many people are willing to read this article, or are interested in reading. This is the soft writers keen observation, always pay attention to the latest and most popular news really blew hot, they want to put the things together in propaganda. Give a simple example, a health care propaganda soft Wen can with the most concern at home during the Spring Festival, how difficult, how long did not return home, had not reunited with their parents and so on, all this is very good to watch, but also easy to get everyone’s sympathy.

(A5 first, please keep the links. Author: Ming pig phone home: 贵族宝贝freevoipnet贵族宝贝)

rigid promotion has become the past of today, become the mainstream of soft promotion, I long time engaged in writing work, talk about some of his own opinion on some soft text types and writing skills have seen. According to the promotion of the product content is different, can be divided into soft news and stories about the story, today the key type of soft writing notes. The story of the soft matter in the forum, or various types of space, because readable, popular, achieve propaganda purpose is relatively strong. But when writing some attention should also pay attention to, otherwise it may not reach your desired goal.

first, the readability is too strong, so that readers ignore the propaganda purpose. The story of the soft concealment which is a major feature of no ground for blame, soft, or will become hard to promote, not soft. But sometimes, some people pursue it a soft word, trying to hide propaganda purposes, enhance the readability of the story, it is itself for propaganda purposes, but the results may be counterproductive, the story itself is being remembered, it was an easy job to do the publicity things omitted. Take a simple example, in order to promote Taobao clothes, we wrote a touching love story. Marriage is the seven year itch, husband almost derailed the hero to change the tide, finally saved her husband’s heart, to find happiness. The same story, if writing angle and feeling different, the propaganda effect may be quite different. Writing is a failure, the story is very touching, or even a result, readers only remember the tears trickling down cheeks, suffering and the protagonist’s happiness completely ignored which appeared in a dress. Write more successful, the plot, content, but all the plot is centered around this dress and, obviously, the readers after reading the story, even if the content can not remember, this dress will remember a very strong role. In a word, the story of soft writing, neither too obvious a "bag", its main purpose is not to ignore the hidden. So how to grasp a degree is very important, but also very difficult. This would also be in long time exercise and explore in order to truly achieve the objective.

Friends of the chain platform is the most accessible platform for the novice webmaster

chain platform is the most easy to contact the novice webmaster platform

looking for friends of the chain platform, rely on the one hand, to find their own, to accumulate. On the other hand, through teacher advice or recommendation of friends. The most direct method, enter the "chain platform" four words as shown directly in the fall in love with the sea. But this search results we need to delete selection and analysis. After all of a sudden novice to learn to analyze and learn to sum up is not so easy, it is necessary to learn from our own. A lot of communication with the circle of friends, exchange.

3, how to use the friend chain resources website promotion

friends of the chain platform selection factors need to be considered to map the explanation, mainly look at the figure marked red part: the longer the domain name age, the higher the weight, the more well known. There are first shows the ALEXA data flow, IP and PV so large, can be seen like GO9GO platform can really give us these looking outside the chain, looking for allies, friends of the chain of novice webmaster provide a very good condition. This is also a few factors we are looking for a novice webmaster friends of chain platform to be considered.



2, friends of the chain platform to select

novice webmaster needs most now is to analyze how, then I will according to their understanding of go9go and practical experience roughly share my views:

is to learn to find good resource analysis, fully utilized. The first thing to consider is that you want to know what in the above. In the go9go platform, we can see some of the most intuitive data, love Shanghai snapshots, rankings, categories, webmaster contact. This is the factors in our chain must be considered. To analyze from the perspective of optimization, we make the connection exchange at the same time it is best to recommend to each other between the same industry to look at my marked red column, one column is the main categories of personnel training, portal, business.

chain platform is the most easy to contact the novice webmaster platform, regardless of whether a uterus, a person must learn to analyze, to touch something. Now I basically have no is a novice webmaster, because my website templates are not their own uploaded to the server, but I know what I want to do their own site to study in my sophomore year, I began to study go9go. The original time is just a boyfriend to help release some links, actually I just started on the chain platform also stumbled, then slowly found go9go can bring me a lot of the chain, and reply my message webmaster is the same industry, the same, such partner is more valuable than to find out the multi.

1, how to find a suitable platform



Wangzhuan novice network Denver five methodsThree new board of the most brutal way to create wealth

!The third stage:

is the most awesome Kong game.

if in accordance with the equity incentive subscription of shares to count, 311 people can become millionaires of the number has reached 185 people, can become a multimillionaire, 37 people, become billionaires, 7 people. Of course, most of the millionaires are top managers of the company, and most of them are actual controllers.

In fact, !The fourth stage:

in fact, in the manufacture of the rich, the new three board is not weak.

equity incentive new board is also very awesome. More than 10000 new three board company employees, because equity incentive income of more than 10 times a total of 311 people, involving 20 companies.

102 times"? Give an intuitive example. Diamond game company has a staff called Zhang Miao, then spent only 8000 yuan to subscribe for 8000 shares, and now these 8000 shares have been worth 800 thousand yuan, Zhang Miao was the least subscribed, do not know now >

do Wangzhuan

the opportunity to make money online can be said to be everywhere, although the trap is more higher, but the chance is far greater than the trap, so how to make easy money in the network? The following is to introduce several methods, hope that the majority of the new players first pot of gold digging into the life inside the network!

first stage money law: novice Wangzhuan

What is the concept of "

research center data read the new board, the new round for external investors, the price set by the ratio of equity incentive price 50 times higher than that of the enterprises have 3, respectively 430092.OC, Kong Game an’erfa 430569.OC and Zhen Di technology 837335.OC; 20 – 50 times higher 4; 10 – 20 times higher than the 13 companies.

equity incentive has always been the most brutal way of making rich people.

second stage: entry-level network to make money

every year! by technology

According to the

2014, when Ali shares listed in the United States, the media rumors, Ali’s listing will create 28 billionaires, tens of thousands of employees, seconds become millionaires. Ask you, the thorns aren’t exciting,

this stage because you are already familiar with the website, this time also can set up their own online group, to pull off the assembly line to make money, through a team approach to website promotion, also available on the web proxy software to make money, make money buying program, which at this stage are relatively common in Wangzhuan

now you have to Wangzhuan very well and also know the importance of writing soft, if writing is a little better to write their own blog to make money, also can help some people write soft Wen propaganda to make money, if you can write literary articles also can contribute to the relevant website or magazine. Even now, many novel writers can also earn about one million

March 4, 2015, the diamond game stock release report shows that the diamond game to 1 yuan / share price, the completion of the 32 core employees of the equity incentive. In the latest round of financing in November 2016, the valuation of the diamond game has reached 3 billion 715 million yuan, corresponding to the issue price of 18 yuan / share. Moreover, in November 6, 2015, the king of the game also carried out a 10 turn 46 bonus, count down, previously participated in the increase of the core staff in the hands of the stock has increased by 102 times.

read the new board research center data, as of now, because equity incentive income of more than 10 times a total of 311 people, involving 20 companies.

new three board equity incentive staged staged rich myth, at least 37 people become millionaires

if you have other technology but also to pig Witkey websites or other tasks to make money, and that the above task is more than the price of a few tens of thousands, there are a few dollars, your ability to see it, if the capacity is high, a month to earn ten thousand yuan is not the problem of

if in accordance with the equity incentive subscription of shares to count, 311 people can become millionaires of the number has reached 185 people, can become a multimillionaire, 37 people, become billionaires, 7 people. Of course, most of the millionaires are top managers of the company, and most of them are actual controllers.

has become the Wangzhuan master !

makes money through competitive bidding, such as sh419 bidding or shlf1314 bidding, to make money for its website and to proxy or sell others via high traffic on its website

has just entered the world for Wangzhuan newbies, don’t eat fat, should first start from the most basic way to Wangzhuan, at this stage we can try to make money to click on ads, brush IP traffic to make money, some a little smarter with dollars and RMB price choose to do foreign ads so, to make a little bit more, also can participate in some surveys do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, but also pay attention to the investigation methods, such as user age, income and city and hobbies, if the place of choice, so the survey will be a little more, so you can earn more Oh! There is a post in the forum, selling forum account, such as A5, 19 building sites such as the high weight of the signature is very costly

this stage you might think why not do a website to make money? The money will be more advanced, money velocity will be faster if you have ah, the establishment of technology, will soon be ready to build web sites, plus their operation ability, make the but an easy job to do things