Shanghai dragon and auction on the enterprise network marketing whether can not have both fish and b


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding between the two, and not the fish and bear paw both problems, as long as the method of network marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization and bidding will be able to play a complementary role, the author will discuss how to make web site network marketing of the road becomes colorful

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: dragon to optimize the advantages of bidding and Shanghai complementary

for these two disadvantages, we can also go to Shanghai dragon optimization and PPC, because love Shanghai PPC have a rule, that is the key to develop their own higher ranking, then click the corresponding cost will be lower, so by your keywords optimization is not broken, get more high ranking at the same time, in the use of PPC, in a short period of time to occupy the site let love Shanghai home, so through the search engine marketing costs will be reduced.

and bidding disadvantage, naturally the cost is relatively high, but there is still a lot of false hits the problem, or the problem of low click conversion rate, this is because the set of keywords no skill to master, there is another reason that rival malicious click is also possible, so many business owners found that although the keyword of the website ranking is up, but can be converted into orders are few, but each month has continued to pay the cost, finally will terminate in a rage, promotion rank

this simple words, but if you do it, you need to pay attention to many details, there are a lot of persisting! And to make Shanghai Longfeng bidding optimization and complementary advantages, we must first understand the difference between the two disadvantages, so in the actual operation to avoid these disadvantages of

Shanghai Longfeng optimization disadvantage is the slow progress, optimize a keyword, often take months, even a year, of course, the overall cost for a company, not too much, but a long time did not see the benefits, many business owners would think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not good, so it will terminate the Shanghai dragon optimization plan, which is often encountered in many enterprises in the network marketing problems

for most enterprise website, has realized the important role of network marketing, but have a sense, but the network marketing methods often can not achieve the desired purpose, sometimes spent a lot of money, but did not bring any orders to the site, or even a love Shanghai auction, Google bid has no effect of speech in fact, any network marketing method, if used properly, can bring unexpected benefits to the website now! The marketing method of network marketing business website search engine mainly has two kinds, one is the Shanghai dragon optimization, another is through keyword bidding, many business owners think, Shanghai dragon and optimization bidding, whichever one can, no need to spend money both! At this point, I think this idea is big Wrong!

Analysis of the impact of virtual host on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems

4, for the user experience friendly user experience: apart from the website page layout and color, also need to take into account the impact on the website, the website open speed, when the user enters search site, browse the site found that the site can not open or open speed is very slow, they will not be able to deep to see the content of the website, the user experience is basically zero, your site’s design is again beautiful, also is in the cloud, no IP, PV site is not possible user experience, so the stability of the virtual host website will largely affect the degree of user experience.

1, the search engine spiders unfriendly: website search engine unfriendly, many will lie in the structure of the site, and the impact on the virtual host code, the concern has not many search engines, is the first natural index website, whether from the virtual host to the normal operation of the site analysis, if often the draft, then impact on the search engine is very large, even if the original article you write more, don’t let the other eye to see the search engine, virtual host site is not ideal after all.

2, web site keywords ranking unstable: keywords ranking to improve in addition to reasonable distribution depending on the content and keywords of excellent, virtual host stability factors also influence keywords ranking promotion, virtual host site is not stable enough, nature is unable to guarantee the stability of the key word ranking, do optimization, when you find the site keywords ranking fluctuation is very big, but can not find the reason, this time, you need to consider is the virtual host problem, virtual host instability will lead to the ups and downs of the keywords.

virtual host for the optimization of the impact site is still very large, when the virtual host choice, virtual host must choose stable, especially for the purchase of U.S. virtual host friends, which is more important, the virtual host unstable coupled with the language barrier, will let you feel to buy us virtual host is a nightmare. The United States, when buying a host, choose a Chinese station and the stability of the host.


3, included in the site is not good: the website access speed smoothly, is very helpful for search engines crawl, the instability of the virtual host, so that the spider is not normal to the index grab web content, web page is included, the machine will also be reduced, imagine next, the site can not be normal access or open the site to be included within the pages are unlikely, virtual host instability is absolutely affects the inside pages included.

station on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization is very concerned, web site keywords ranking to improve, which means the increase of the flow rate, many people pay great attention to the web page optimization, site structure optimization and site code optimization, you know? Also affects the optimization of website hosting, here take a look at some effects brought to the virtual host website optimization.

The three step fast selected with the value of the long tail keywords

webmaster will say, who knows what words are profitable? Here I give a little skill, long tail keywords and the main keywords with profitability are counterproductive, such as the main keywords is South Korea women’s, then the user oriented this keyword is very broad, is not conducive to their mastery of its effect. While the word evolved, where Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea to sell women’s women in general how much money and so on. They see that the user search is holding you want to purchase desire, their natural this with profitable nature of the long tail keywords take full use of the conversion rate is quite high. So, how to analyze the long tail keywords is profitability, simply analyzed from two points: first, the word reflects the strong desire to buy. The two word is appropriate and can bring profit or profit by not reliable. So, the site selection value of long tail keywords is the most simple to see whether the term has profitability.

, try to choose the price and side of the long tail keywords

for the website keywords most webmasters are relying on their flow to choose large flow itself by the webmaster love such words often, but the competition is also large, but also not so easy to go beyond the opponent, so take all the energy it is not necessary to obtain good results. For keywords, owners should not only the value of its flow, value is the key. Just like Taobao customer type, and the choice of keywords should not go to the traffic, conversion rate and the two should be analyzed. Otherwise, some of the flow of words conversion rate is not very high. Today the author talks about the selection method has the value of keywords:

users through the search engine search, will put your heart to the most accurate. Generally speaking, what is the value, we should all know it, can improve the site brand awareness, product volume and so on word is valuable. According to the different types of the separation of different value. For example, fiction, so has the value of keywords is certain how much money, novel novel VIP membership fees, the price of natural value with side as can be imagined. After all, the user search this word, most of all want to let myself into it. Although some may see, but also the potential users, so, and prices are closely related, naturally very value, and this value is the webmaster special taste. So, with some competition did not grasp the key words, rather than looking for some price and side effects, so the key conversion rate will naturally not low.

two, try to choose the long tail keywords

do Taobao customers know, the website will not flow, but the volume. Like the open shop, even the flow is high, if one day the scanty volume, so a station traffic but not to bring their own income, it is undoubtedly the failure of the shop. "

three, try to choose a high conversion rate and long tail keywords


Optimization of real feeling Do you need to pay attention to Shanghai, following a big problem!




website optimization details

6, pay attention to the mobile terminal

not only that, but also pay attention to the density of keywords, keyword stuffing don’t appear the phenomenon, you can find some keywords and a high degree of attention.

1, to choose the right

4, increase the chain

is a high quality the chain can improve website PR value and update rate, will bring a lot of traffic for us, but do not increase too much the chain. Suddenly a lot of more easy to trigger the exception mechanism of search engine, the search engine to determine the site optimization excessive, but The loss outweighs the gain.

Shanghai Longfeng not only a short duration of time, but if you start in the wrong direction, it is difficult to achieve their expected goals, especially will be a fatal blow for start-up enterprises. Then we will summarize several problems needing attention in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in

content is very important


PC and the mobile terminal are >

site should be stable

a lot of people making a website, used to upload to a web application FTP slowly after modification, this is wrong. Both the content and the name, but the upload as much as possible to reduce the modification, frequent modification will make bad decision optimization of the crawler, later will have adverse effects.

Arrange the website of


reasonable release schedule, but also one of the key techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can publish articles regularly.

Shanghai dragon is a required course for every website, has become the essential part of the network marketing, but some people pay a lot of effort, but did not get paid, this is why

5, website innovation than beauty

believes that most of the people know the contents of the original site is very important, but also should pay attention not to the original and the original subject, suits the needs of your site, from the theme of the site content, search is not love.

Shanghai dragon

beautiful website will make people love, but not all websites to beautiful, according to your website, the types of products to choose, small fresh, simple, can be full sense of science and technology, a creative website will brighten. We can observe similar pages before the design, or do some research on the users, take advantage of it.

we all know the importance of keywords, which is also the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important part. First, the right to choose keywords, keywords that you take must maintain consistency and their own website, if you choose the wrong keywords, optimization perfectly, but also of no avail.



WeChat public platform, there is wisdom of the choice of advertising

now "fan economy" can be described as fiery, WeChat public number is also popular, has a lot of fans concerned about the amount of WeChat quite a lot. There are fans, on behalf of traffic, there is traffic on behalf of commercial operations can be carried out.

it is understood that now has a certain amount of attention WeChat public platform, its main commercial profit methods are looking for businesses to advertise. However, even advertising has its own knowledge, and in this article, I will tell you how to choose "wisdom" advertising.

select advertising, consider the eastern and Western aspects, such as the strength of the business, how much benefit can be gained by itself. In my opinion, the choice of advertising only needs to follow 2 basic principles:

1. selects ads that produce higher value. The foundation is a win-win cooperation in the establishment of the advertising advertisers and WeChat advertising platform, high value of advertising on behalf of businesses to obtain greater value, through advertising, businesses are willing to pay more to find the value of WeChat advertising, are more likely to form the next cooperation.

2. selects ads based on WeChat platform. Advertisers need to choose advertising platform, you need to consider the platform traffic, quantity, quality, conversion rate, summed up, that is, to take into account the effect of advertising. Similarly, WeChat public platform also choose advertisers.

does not damage the user experience, selection and positioning, WeChat similar similar advertising, such advertising is not too high damage to the WeChat user experience and image, to minimize the impact; great resentment and localization of WeChat platform advertising will lead to be quite different users, not because the price is higher, the greater the choice of what kind of interest the advertisement, especially deceptive advertising, may have fatal impact on WeChat’s public platform, resulting in the loss of users.

of course, if advertising can consistent with the WeChat platform positioning is of course ideal state, such advertising is advertising information into normal content information, so that users will not be advertising as advertising, but as the normal content of information push. In fact, this advertising effect is also the most user acceptance, the effect is also the most ideal.

there is also a case of advertising is to achieve cooperation with the interests of businesses, WeChat’s own long-term development can have a favorable impact. For example, the local WeChat theater information push and cinema line advertising a two-dimensional code of cooperative advertising, which has a favorable influence on the growth of WeChat users public platform, this type of advertising is the preferred one of the WeChat advertising platform.

, however, I think, WeChat platform advertising short-term operation is acceptable, but not long-term strategy, the introduction of their own brands, the best way to position.

article source Peng Jinjie blog: Micro signals: Peng Jinjie’s Internet circle (ID:QQ751269767). Reading wise [club]. "

To carry out the collection services to better store business

a shop if you want a better business, higher performance, may wish to carry out some business, so as to earn a higher profit. And because of the current popular online shopping, so if a shop to carry out the collection of services, I believe that will make the business become more popular, earn a higher profit.

with the rise of the shop quietly, so that more and more feel the pressure of the store. There are two reasons for the rise of the shop: one is the price advantage, shop goods are directly linked to the manufacturers, a lot less intermediate links, the price is lower than the physical store. The second advantage is that this advantage is not the home shop. Now people, especially young people like online shopping is the reason for door-to-door, can save their time to do other. Some places too many shops, resulting in the ability of young people have been attracted in the past, too much pressure on the store, had to close.

in addition, some physical stores closed their own reasons, or the price is more expensive, resulting in fewer and fewer customers, and finally had to close their doors. There is that although the price is not expensive, but the poor quality of service, the customer is lukewarm and frequently sarcastic mocking words, resulting in no repeat. Supermarkets are most dependent on repeat customers, if there is no fixed source, it indicates that the store is almost gone.

under the new situation, only a single service difficult to stop, want the business can do it for a long time, increase the types of services is the best choice. In recent years, the beginning of my shop is to increase the generation of charging service, which is electricity and mobile phone charges. The effect is obvious, to the people there are more than just a simple payment, the family has the need to take away the daily necessities. In particular, the male customers, to pay almost the time to spend some, buy a pack of cigarettes to buy a bottle of drinks, turnover increased a lot.

later, I was near a supermarket to see my business is good, but also on behalf of the charging business, so that I have a corresponding reduction in the number of tourists. In response to this situation, I contacted the other business: collecting courier and letters. I go to the town every day to purchase, we express here are sent to the town, and then told me to take. I will negotiate with the courier company, by me to get back to our express, so that people do not have to take the town, in my store can be back.

every day I express and mail back to the store, who I write my name on the outside of the shop on the blackboard, do not have to go into the store can know that there is nothing of their own, greatly facilitate the neighborhood. And I do it all for free, so I get my neighbors. Based on this, I come here to spend more and more customers, they say the most is like to help the good people.

business is not good in all walks of life, we only

How to invest in a cosmetics store

for many people, the cosmetics store is a very promising project, but now the market has a lot of cosmetics shop, there is a lot of competition in the market, in the face of such market competition should be how to choose a good supply of goods is very important.

1, the wholesale market is relatively easy to find, whether it is a traditional store or shop, you can go directly to the wholesale market purchase, brand underwear.

2, search on Baidu or Google or soso, you can easily find a lot of wholesalers. Large wholesalers are generally direct and factory orders, relatively stable supply.

3, adequate supply of goods from the manufacturers, high credit, the most important thing is to ensure that genuine. 4, from the wholesale market and manufacturers purchase, the price is basically very low, chemical products to join, even the cost price. Followed by the wholesale site, which accounted for 22%, is also a very high proportion of.

famous domestic wholesale website "Alibaba, global resources network, China manufacturing network, global manufacturing network, we can find suitable wholesalers in these sites, followed by the Shanghai cosmetics wholesale network, Green Tea network, Chinese beauty cosmetics, makeup show a net investment in other sites, all can wholesale.

A cosmetics shop where

when operating some cosmetics store to choose a reasonable supply channels is a key factor of successful operation of a cosmetics shop, it is also with some other cosmetics shop opened the gap where the key factors.


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How much is the chicken Ziyan subway investment funds

Chinese have a saying: three hundred and sixty, adventure.has, our working people know that no matter what was your major in your life, the most fundamental industry is only one property, whether it is business or culture, the government sector, everyone has their own proficiency in a particular line the food and beverage industry, too, many food and beverage brands in the competition will have the outstanding performance, such as food industry Ziyan flavored chicken. Ziyan subway chicken is committed to bring consumers the most satisfactory products, delicious and bring praise to consumers, for consumers to eat at ease, eat at ease! Ziyan subway chicken join, a rare opportunity to get rich


How much is the

Ziyan subway chicken investment funds?

Ziyan subway chicken to technics and raw materials, its unique thoroughly tempered preferred, Hechuan, Guangdong, Hunan knead the taste, a total of more than and 30 fine dishes to taste chicken, duck, lotus Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce mainly, in the centralized procurement and production scale advantages, to produce products truly quality and cheap, so he quickly became a local cuisines, enjoy " no Ziyan no seats as ".

Ziyan subway with chicken and good image in China food industry leading position, has won the Ziyan subway chicken products: tenth China food exposition, Jiangsu Province BrandName, Hubei province famous brand, Shanghai top ten agricultural products and so on, Ziyan subway chicken is to obtain the national six ministries jointly issued by the national food safety demonstration unit, livestock production base in Sichuan Province, the national Spark Program and other honors.

Ziyan subway chicken joining fee:

franchise fee: 36000 (three years)

margin: 20000 (end of contract refund)

store renovation: 5-7 million (according to the actual cost of settlement)

store equipment: 5-7 million (according to the actual cost of settlement)

opening support fee: 10 thousand (already enjoy preferential policies)

upfront investment of about 16-18 million (excluding rent and transfer fees, according to the actual situation, different).

Ziyan subway chicken, always want consumers to read consumers read, consumers love, want, want, is Ziyan subway has always insisted on the chicken. Ziyan subway chicken to join, you pave the road of entrepreneurship, so you no longer worry about the hardships of


Analysis of the notes in the early childhood product alliance

now the domestic early market development, at the same time there are many people in the attention of the majority of parents to let the children win on the starting line, now open early products stores, is facing a huge market prospects.

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open the early school products in the store and the other team agreed to join the matter when the more for their own to fight for some favorable conditions, such as advertising support, support, etc.. Today, many early education products to join the brand in order to expand their influence will provide the appropriate support.

The above is about

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open early school products recommended in the shop and the other side recommend

Xining Power Supply Bureau recent blackout notice

due to the needs of the transformation of the Xining power grid, the following areas of Xining need to power. Please forgive us for the inconvenience caused by power failure.

March 30th 8:00 – 23:00

on March 31st

music two road: Kaiyuan Road area; Saline Lake chemical plant, small and medium-sized enterprise park, Yongan district and other areas.

March 30th 8:00 – 23:00

on March 31st

music twelve Road: Kaiyuan Road, development zone area; Kai Yi Garden, Yu Xin Garden, Development Zone Management Committee, Qinghai Province Security Bureau, Qinghai provincial fire brigade and other areas.

March 30th 8:00 – 23:00

on March 31st

Le four road: Bayi Road, new road, Yan Kaiyuan Road area; cardiac pharmaceutical company, ang owed to the County retired cadres, Qinghai grass seed breeding area, Shu Qin, the Liberation Army military Real Estate Company on behalf of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Department (unit 05), new century school, East Power Company and other regions.

8:00 March 30th March 31st 23:00

Le fourteen Road: area, Jinhui Road Development Zone Development Zone; housing real estate, high efficiency and energy saving boiler factory area etc..

(rain and unpredictable factors postponed)

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