Lu Guofu let down the right site to become clouds

so that the space is not stable in the first point, the stability of visual space is very important. Many novice in the early days of the site in order to save the cost of using cheap space, the website is slightly better, with the space is not stable, or slow site access, or directly to the site open, this site is done for everyone is not love. I help a friend factor optimization site www.iphone010贵族宝贝 is in such a space is not stable, just a few days the site space often can’t open phenomenon, resulting in directly to the site to be plucked, I early have done a good job with the site space has been stabilized, the site after three or four days, all included back, we can see a screenshot:



1, due to the unstable

if a web content high repetition, > here

recently, many sites have appeared by K home page, more serious is directly pulled hair, often see Shanghai Longfeng exchange group has the friend to be K talking about his own website, it really is a pity, so hard to do for a long time the site, suddenly let you start from 0. To say that we really love the sea was cheating on the K, it is excusable. But we always behave site is love Shanghai to K, it is really awful. Wuhan Shanghai dragon two site is love Shanghai to K a few days, suddenly came back, and found the ranking than the first to be good, love Shanghai really will give people a surprise. As you said, love Shanghai is playing the heartbeat, so we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the attitude is not good advice bypass. Said so much, so, solution today Wuhan Shanghai dragon to talk to the site down the right, want to know why will drop right first will have to be solved, is the so-called "enemy battle", due to what causes our website drop right

2, keyword stuffing down the right

many friends know keyword density can improve the site keywords ranking (but not the website keyword density high, ranking will be good), so a lot of friends in the establishment of the time, in many places to insert a lot of keywords, causing the site keyword density is too high, resulting in the site was K. we do Shanghai dragon friends, sometimes found in some areas of Shanghai dragon friends may be in order to test directly, increasing the number of words in the title and description, the short term ranking is good, but often time is not long, it was K. There may be a friend will say, why has the site keywords stack but was not K, but a good position, I can only say "red light car does not have to be caught, people who do bad things will not be found, if you want to own site long survive away from cheating.

site high repetition



In the face of frequent updates we love Shanghai should remain unchanged

sum up, I want to tell you is to abide by the occupation morals, as long as you do, the right to the optimization and promotion, so love is either Shanghai or any other search engines are not without reason K station, you have to remember: now to your every move is also responsible, so do Shanghai dragon website optimization. The ghost in the valley gate animation training 贵族宝贝guigumen贵族宝贝/ website optimization wind Ying explained, there is no >

first, we update the station. According to the own animation training website GUI door to explain in detail as an example, remember the February love Shanghai also made substantial adjustments, at that time the site died, causing the site to be K left home, in the self-study examination found that the original had website article content all from the system to collect or copy paste artificially simple, whether it is for the search engine or for our loyal users are meaningless, there is no novelty at all, then the author insists on the original update for more than a month, to start to write from the user angle, when the user accidentally found this article and read it after a certain harvest, this is our ultimate goal. Said so much, I want to say is not only for the optimization and optimization, not only to update the number of completed daily updates, to know the benefits of better update a meaningful article than to update several pieces of garbage article create more, don’t do some useless to chance of love Shanghai K station.


recently updated frequently love Shanghai, make the webmaster heavy-hearted, some people think that the love of Shanghai is mainly aimed at some sites collected articles were hit, some people think that the love of Shanghai in the chain included on the new algorithm, in fact the wind Ying would like to say is love Shanghai monthly update or is the annual update or week update, as long as you do not violate the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization of the mind, no cheating, love Shanghai is not looking for a bone in an egg "deny your website, not to say directly why K station.

the US site outside the chain. With the renewal of love Shanghai algorithm, before the chain platform is very good now included unsatisfactory, site outside the chain once in a bottleneck or a declining trend. The website chain is part of the Shanghai dragon optimization is very important, we all know some of the chain platform to everyone, even love Shanghai temporarily collected over time will be deleted, a good Shanghai dragon Er needs to do is to constantly find new high weight chain platform to win promotion, pre emptive more effective, and I also want to advocate for you not to send the chain casually send junk post, ask you whether it is so useful for website optimization or for website promotion is meaningless, if you simply think outside the chain is to send some text and then add links. So why don’t you just by posting machine to be happy.

Shanghai dragon Combat two or three page website ranking on home page

to love Shanghai, give us a good website ranking position, the primary reference condition weight high is our website provides what is love Shanghai, for the network users provides what. These can give help Shanghai keep their customers love. Only bring good benefits to love Shanghai website can be recognized in the Shanghai sea love love home. In the end, the website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings is the love and pursuit of Shanghai search engine market share a win-win results.

We use the

first we try to understand the factors of web page ranking. According to the different industries of different types of Web sites, love Shanghai for the site of the quality requirements are also different. But the same is to enter the Shanghai home is in love and competitors than the content of the website, and the user experience than to allow users to choose their favorite websites, by users to vote for different quality evaluation to love Shanghai website ranking position.

We know that

love Shanghai top three can often take 70% traffic, so we must understand the top three websites to solve the problem for users. The encyclopedia is mainly aimed at the definition of the domain, it will give the user defined keywords to understand clearly area of the word; blogs are more involved in the content, how much news in the industry and common problems and skills. The master content provided on the top three websites we can navigate your web site. They generally do more comprehensive, we want to enter the home to do they not related to the content.


keyword "Shanghai dragon optimization" as an example, to analyze how to make love in the second, third row into the Shanghai home page website.

understand this, we look back to the long-term ranking in the second, third page of the website of Shanghai love. We know that love Shanghai effective rank definition in the first 76 pages, can give the site of the benefits of ranking defined in general in the first 2 pages. Enter the second, third page of the website has to participate in the ranking algorithm click love Shanghai, but to further relates to love Shanghai lifting algorithm, this algorithm is more focus on user experience.

many website ranking in the search engine Months and years pass by. second and third pages around, did not enter the home page, where is the reason? Is the content quality? Is the chain number or user experience? To love Shanghai as an example, today the author Dennis to combat Shanghai dragon and home together to discuss how to make two or three page of the website ranking rapid onslaught love Shanghai home.

retrieves the user classification. We can find the search keywords appear on the home page first love sea love Shanghai for the definition, the two or three industry is the God of the blog, other positions are forums, enter the second page you will find some of the old domain name site optimization, from here we can analyze user query the keywords the second is more, should learn the class of users, from the data we can grasp the website user segment good to locate the site.

How to break the bottleneck of love Shanghai ask increase effective outside the chain

currently has more and more love Shanghai know each answer group, Shanghai dragon Er can try to join these groups to help each other, this can effectively avoid the replacement of the IP in question and answer questions in the process, and the account is not easy to be sealed, also can quickly upgrade Shanghai know love account.

4. Shanghai love collecting links. Need to pay attention to when doing the quiz is a collection account only a website, if a collection of many websites, so the viewer inside is not clear after so many stations in the end.

1. the first answer, do not take the link, this love Shanghai basically does not audit, direct release, after about 3 days can be modified on the issue, and then put a link, if successful, will continue, the next 4,5 will be successful, but one day a IP can not put too much, so want to focus on promotion of Shanghai love to know, is to change the ip.


on site optimization, the release of the chain is an essential work, in order to increase the high quality of the chain, Shanghai dragon Er will use a love investment to enhance the number of the chain. Because of the love of Shanghai quiz examination is very tight, so when the release of Shanghai dragon Er Q & A, will meet with the answer of the links can not be audit, love the Shanghai catechism account was delete various bottleneck phenomenon. So for the Shanghai dragon Er speaking, how to break the bottleneck phenomenon, keep Shanghai dragon Er hard work

first, cultivating the

we all know love Shanghai quiz account is higher, the higher the chance of leaving the link in question, so for the novice Shanghai dragon Er, once we register new account not to link with answer. Shanghai dragon Er can apply for love to ask Shanghai mission to upgrade, although the upgrading speed is relatively slow, but the love of Shanghai trust account will continue to increase. Can also set up several accounts, and question and answer, but during the period of IP must be replaced, otherwise it is love Shanghai knows that a problem is detected, the registered account can be deleted. In the love of Shanghai quiz account upgrade when answering questions do not only focus on one aspect of the problem, answer to widely.

then added right Q & a link

3. if your site has appeared in the first love Shanghai home, so in order to better flow of brand promotion, we can leave love Shanghai search link address in question, specify a direction guide, click in the answer, increase website traffic sources. Know the answer as far as possible not to leave the address the same sex in Shanghai.

2. direct left links, generally a month to do 15 or so, too many links to ask a website can easily lead to love Shanghai K station, so we need to hold a degree. This way can be very good to stay outside the chain of high quality.

love Shanghai quiz account

The three key points of website optimization enhance the user experience

with the development of the Internet, each industry has its own particular color, such as the brave trade usually in red, yellow, blue, enterprise class web site in white. Life if you walk in the street and saw a girl’s dress is very good, she will give me a pleasant feeling! So when users browse a website, program appearance, reasonable layout, bright color website, users naturally will also have a pleasing feeling. This web site to the search engine is friendly, so the design of the site in the station at the beginning of the color collocation is a work of every practitioner will do the Shanghai dragon.

: first to enhance the user experience from the station in start

as everyone knows, in the process of our website optimization of user experience in this crucial link, and love Shanghai has to inform the public station, a series of algorithms are based on the recent adjustment of the user experience for the purpose. If we improper operation will in some detail the user experience greatly reduced the right risk to the site, but the author thinks, want to improve the user experience to do only three aspects, a digression into the theme.

believes Shanghai Longfeng colleagues know, if a site does not guarantee access smoothly will directly affect the spider crawling and user experience problems. A stable and high-speed server of website optimization is very favorable, from our own imagine, if we search for a keyword access certain website click on a page to tens of seconds, the speed of the site is good or bad, then you will stay on this page? The truth is the same, which directly affects the user browse, last ranking must fall, even by the K, which is also the reason why love Shanghai official has been emphasized this problem, so I hope the webmaster do not covet cheap, and ruined the future site.

second: have a good visual effect to better reflect the theme of the site

concluded that the user experience is every webmaster often said, we also need to pay attention to, but if you really want to do user experience is that we need to think deeply. Well, today I share with you these. This paper consists of: brave 贵族宝贝g>

third: choose a stable server is important to

I think either yourself or users, we in the search engine search process information in the hope that they can find the information content needs, search results and their needs are more similar to our satisfaction will be higher. I believe that good user experience must be well content, and to ensure the relevance of the content and the theme of the site, in the update content at the same time we need to consider that it is not a user, whether the content is the user that valuable. What can the content users need not available to him! In view of this, the author thinks that in the first step we do website optimization, we must first locate the site on the content construction.

Mobile Internet entrepreneurs see 5 factors affecting the vertical market capacityThe 28 law in the



in the management of the 28 law — talent patient, mouseexcrement bad gruel

any one of the mobile Internet business is always in a vertical market, in a vertical market, it can accommodate several platforms to survive, whether the entrant provides opportunity, this is a very interesting question, because it determines the strategic choice of the mobile Internet platform service provider. After the study, we believe that a vertical market capacity, and is closely related to the following factors.

is actually a lot of doing business people should know, even if you have a lot of customers, you can eventually let the backbone to success is that about 20% of the old customers, this is the focus on the cultivation of the object.

the 28 law of operation — casting a net and focusing on training

most of us have heard of the 28 law, which tells us that 20% of the world’s people own 80% of the wealth of society. In fact, it is the same in the process of entrepreneurship. In this regard, I personally experienced, rarely have time to stop, write down some of their experience, I hope we can help you:

in a company, in a team, especially in the early days, it is easy to show culture to the company

first, the transfer cost of users.

news platform is not the same, in the early days, due to the difference of news content news portal platform bigger, users tend to form different news into different news information portal to see the habit. But with the continuous development of the news portal, generally showing a comprehensive trend, that is to say you can see the comprehensive information in almost any news on the platform, which is equal to reduce the differences between the news platform, so users in different news platform, the cost of conversion is very low. It brings a knot on the market.

in our enterprise management process there is a situation is very common, is our personal ability has been very difficult to meet the current fierce competition in the market, so we have to find a team, looking for more than us in all aspects of professional talent, but the talent should have their own principles and system.

, for example, in the social relationship platform, whether using SNS or micro-blog, instant messaging, a user often have to invest some time and energy, to interact with their social connections, the user is generally deep immersion depth. In comparison, users browse news news portal through immersion depth is much smaller. Generally speaking, the user can easily replace the news portal, but if the long-term investment to establish time network, is not so easy to abandon. We can derive a simple conclusion, that is the social relationship platform market capacity, the number of the platform will be significantly less than the market can accommodate online news.

business start 28 law is that we do have 100%, but we expect only 80%; we think 80%, we can do only 80%; we are willing to do the 80%, we can stick to do only 80%; and we adhere to the 80% to do a good job done. Meet the needs of only 80%%; and meet these 80% requirements, can have the market value of only 80%; the 80% which ultimately have the market value, can produce the effect of only 80% or so, the final useful only 20%. So, at the beginning, even though we worked very hard, the effect was really not obvious. But as long as we can hold on and be able to keep these 20%, then we are bound to succeed.

this conclusion back to reality can also explain the micro. For example, a user of micro-blog, a person in similar issued his mood diary. Many users probably not in the mood or energy, then made his speech in a mood of the micro-blog platform, and switch to another platform for micro-blog to release this "reluctance" constitutes the user’s switching costs. So we can see that in micro-blog, instant messaging and other social relations, the Matthew effect is evident. Tencent and Sina micro-blog has a massive user base clearly proved this point, which also caused the market in other platforms is difficult to catch up with the leader, after many entrants will also dispel the idea of entering. This number will result in such a social platform in the market is relatively small, the size of the user is highly concentrated.

business start 28 law — the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

users here include transfer cost and time cost of intelligence required user immersion depth, in the use of the Internet application in the conversion cost, tool cost. In general, the greater the transfer cost of users in the market, the number of platforms required less.

when we started, we will have a feeling that we’re doing a great undertaking, we will have to change their own destiny, we will make a lot of money, we will live the life you dream etc.. But we rarely take into account the specific circumstances we may encounter in the whole process, so we are often overwhelmed by some "unexpected circumstances".

in the operation of the 28 law is in good service to the entire customer base of the premise, focusing on the training of about 20% of the old customers, because the customer needs some time only, while others can be long-term cooperation, and this is what we need to focus on the cultivation of the 20%, so we will run up there has been a part of the market no matter, for their own growth or career development are quite good.

The WeChat public number only advertising, but nearly 100 thousand +, what

often have a small partner to ask "plug sit bacteria", the electricity supplier class WeChat public number content how to do? Advertise it, the user is not happy; do not advertise it, the boss is not happy, sad people!


to solve this problem, we recommend this socket bacteria reference public number, which each article is advertising, but each pageview 100 thousand +, the magic is "the Imperial Palace" (Taobao ID:gugong1925).


cattle? In the clear to tell you that this is the case of advertising, browsing over 100 thousand +, even point praise is close to 2000, how exactly is this done,


says it has 3 points worth learning:

1, reasonably create suspense, induce reading and communication,

2, the story moves forward so that you keep reading,

3, commodity set a key part of the development of the plot, and does not violate

1. reasonably creates suspense, induces reading and spreads

in WeChat chief officer of the socket college training activities, the tiger sniffing Network Annual author Lanna evening mentioned that there are 3 types of content we are willing to share the spread (in the socket background reply "content planning," read the article Lanna evening dry cargo):


" tells the reader what he says,

two says what readers don’t know,

three, which stands for a taste, can satisfy the reader’s vanity

and Taobao the Imperial Palace article well with second – to tell the reader does not know a thing, to satisfy curiosity, to provide fodder for everyone.


I see its recent push in the article, I do not lose the life. Yong Zheng to a flower, mouth light pick, lead read "Yong Zheng emperor and made love to kill [the] uncle story", is really a bromance full ah, do



when you go in, you tell you, it’s a story that you can’t think of. Want to sit over, inserted bacteria have gone awry, they did what shameful shame, quickly tell me

!The story of

2. is pushing you forward,

The spread of

Master Li Jiaoshou once said, a WeChat public number read the secret is kept making questions for readers, let you have a look down. From this point of view, the Imperial Palace Taobao can be a master of storytelling,



introduced Nian Gengyao. He didn’t say he was born. He said he ran the teacher. "It’s too nosy. But isn’t that what everybody likes?"

Strategic analysis of constructing information closed loop local life O2O business opportunity platf


a consumer wants to find a mid-range restaurant and have meals with friends. He took out his cell phone and used Baidu maps to search the surrounding restaurants, and immediately searched more than 30 restaurants around 2 kilometers. Which one is more appropriate? The consumers through "" compared with the types of restaurants, per capita consumption, restaurant location, restaurant photos, recommendation and evaluation of the past, consumers in restaurants, and then select a "group purchase" preferential activities of the restaurant.

then the consumer online purchase group purchase coupons, with "Alipay" to complete mobile payment, and use the "ordering Secretary" online ordering function completed a reservation. At dinner, he displayed reservations and group buying information to the restaurant and received the appropriate service and privileges. After the meal, he was on the "public comment" platform for the consumer experience was evaluated, for other consumers reference.

this way of spending is not unusual, many people have experienced. This process is a typical O2O mode, namely Online to Offline (Online to, Offline, O2O), refers to the Internet platform to guide consumers online platform (Online) to complete the consumption decision, even booking and payment, then the next line (Offline) of consumer store. Since 2012, the concept of "online to offline" (O2O) has risen. Including food, beauty, movies, hotels and other local service areas, is considered the electricity supplier after another "trillion" level of the market.

, and the development of smart phones and mobile Internet, O2O mode inserted wings. Coupled with the maturity of location services (LBS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), mobile payments and other technologies and services, the O2O model is entering a golden period of development.

public comment, the U.S. group, Didi taxi and other rapid rise of O2O, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have also accelerated layout in the field of O2O. O2O platform, as a new business model of how we should be raging like a storm, to understand it, manage it, and succeed? Will the local life O2O platform, need to answer important questions in three aspects:

1. layout: how do Internet companies build a complete, systematic local life O2O platform, so that it forms a positive cycle, rapid growth,


2. competition: Internet companies should adopt what kind of strategy to compete with their rivals in order to win, and even achieve winner take all situation,


3. Refactoring: how can Internet companies and traditional companies achieve their own success in the process of rebuilding the local life service


local life O2O platform layout: creating a positive loop

O2O platform layout of "five stage model" "

Congratulations on your loneliness your 30 day website rank in 1 million

this morning to open the webmaster toolbox to see my site rankings is 940 thousand, yesterday is 1 million 10 thousand. Finally in 1 million, think of this month the establishment of the day, I have mixed feelings.

This website

has more than 200 topics, they are either my original, or I collected, there will be a bunch of my blood; the site has more than 2000 links, each link to pay my energy. For it, I added more than 100 QQ group (many do not add); not registered under the 50 forum, 10; blog space blog; RSS subscription to see hundreds of articles to learn. I even saw every one can leave the URL of the blog to see a message, each rank about the site I will apply for Links in website or, add QQ to pull the friendship. (because Baidu is not included, almost all were rejected.)

these are not what the most unbearable is that my speed is very slow! School is the province’s broadband, every night everyone in the Internet, I this together with 1700 yuan of second-hand computer time when bandwidth preemption is lost. Sometimes full of ideas, is not to do, can not wait for the computer to hit


and others in order to stagger the time, I often surf the Internet. Then in the middle of the night to attend during the day time is exhausted. Once sleep is incense, the students were photographed. The teacher to play jokes on me: " you this class ah, Sishuifeishui, I observed a period you couldn’t see the real sleep without." after this old classmates said, the teacher for me. I really know.

passionately devoted

because I almost all the time to do a website, the seven or eight courses of the school, there are many experimental work groups, I totally ignored. Sometimes forced to think, and tired and frustrated. Many people seem to be weaker, a trifle, will feel particularly helpless in the middle of the night. Wake your boyfriend do not know how many times, can not remember how many times in the phone, crying out to him. And the relationship with classmates, and become more indifferent, even walking, eating, I’m in a hurry, can’t wait to get back to the computer by.

is the joy of success and worry as much. When the website ranking ahead a little; when the GG included my website; when a keyword query, when my site in the front row; when more people registered to my site; when I wrote the article there are many viewers when…

at the beginning of November, still do not know how to click Wangzhuan a friend and I built this website. I just learned CMS system, as well as the installation and management of this forum, I am responsible for good friends to discuss the promotion website. After a month, I learned some " click Wangzhuan ", in order to market;; station well, I have my own personal experience, with the click, rebate.


Does blog marketing choose independent blogs or free blogs

although blog marketing and micro-blog marketing can not be mentioned in the same way, blog marketing is still not to be ignored, celebrity blog is still more popular. Most network marketers still choose to establish connections through blog marketing, blog marketing, blog marketing through the establishment of the studio, engaged in network promotion work through blog marketing, blog marketing is for giving and sharing, content and professional knowledge to attract readers loyal. Blog is a tool for information publishing and transfer. Blog has certain advantages as network marketing.


although blog marketing is not as hot as micro-blog marketing, but blog through original share, the article is more professional and readable. Micro-blog marketing tends to "micro-blog" activity, and micro-blog has some limitations in its transmission and forwarding. Compared with the enterprise blog website, the content and the theme of the blog appeared more active; compared to blog and news website portal, released without any charges; compared with the blog marketing forum, forum posting no blog official blog and information platform; compared to the amount of information and more flexible. Network marketing blog marketing is required. Can also choose micro-blog blog marketing marketing marketing, but micro-blog needs to spend more energy to operate micro-blog marketing fans, only need to use the free micro-blog platform to build their own independent blog, seo blog article writing and business can be.

micro-blog marketing in the end is to build their own independent blog or choose a free blog? In the forum made a survey, as the release of the number of participants is not ideal, screenshot as follows. It shows that people still support building independent blogs, and other blogs consider it. After all, the establishment of blog early blog weight and the collected sex is not very good, long-term operation down blog weight and collection of sex will be steadily improved, in the establishment of the early blog, you can consider using free blog. For example, the collection of good Baidu space, and dispatch blog, and some people choose Tianya blog, sina blog. Sina blog if a senior blogger, the article is well written, you can get recommendations, so that you can bring traffic for independent blog. Want to do network marketing, build personal brand, or choose independent blog, independent blog unrestricted, free blog, some articles published is limited, not to mention advertising. You can also consider the column blog platform. For example, Rui Rui, DoNews, chianz, A5 and so on, through the column contribution to enhance the writing skills of the article, to enhance independent blog flow.

survey screenshot as follows:



blog has some advantages as a marketing tool: 1. from the blog itself, the blog has a different audience, readers have some specific groups, so the blog segmentation more accurate positioning, advertising. 2., each blog has a unique audience, groups of the same hobby, circle, high confidence, good reputation, so interactive communication good. 3. celebrity blogs, blogs and reviews