Windows 81 will be available October 17th

first_imgWhether you’ve been putting off an upgrade or waiting patiently for Microsoft to fix the things about Windows 8 that have been annoying you, there’s good news today. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8.1 will be available on October 17.Remember: this is a free update. All you have to do to get it installed on your Windows 8 system is to make sure Windows Update is working properly and then wait patiently for the bits to rain down from the cloud. Direct download links will no doubt surface, too, and we’ll be sure to share them with you once they appear.Windows 8.1 isn’t just a service pack. There are plenty of bug fixes, security patches, and stability tweaks, sure, but it’s also loaded with new features. Many of those features are aimed at throwing water on the fires of Start Screen hatred.You’ll be able to tell Windows 8.1 that you want to boot directly to the Desktop by clicking through to your taskbar properties and selecting the navigation tab. The Start Button has also made a comeback, but it’s not wired in to a tiny Start Menu like it was in previous Windows versions.No, it’ll bring up the full Start Screen when you click it. You can, however, at least tell Windows 8.1 to list desktop apps first and to always display the All Apps view when you click it. It’s not an identical experience, but it might be more comfortable for some Windows users.Microsoft has also made several improvements to how Windows 8.1 handles multiple monitors, and it’s also equipped to handle 3D printers. It’s definitely one of the most ambitious updates in Microsoft history.Check out Microsoft’s teaser video to see Windows 8.1 in action, and mark your calendar for October 17… the update kicks off at 4 am PST!last_img read more

iPhone un nouvel appareil pour Verizon aux EtatsUnis

first_imgiPhone : un nouvel appareil pour Verizon aux Etats-Unis ?États-Unis – Apple a changé le modèle de distribution de ses terminaux dans plusieurs pays. L’iPhone pourrait bientôt suivre le mouvement aux États-Unis, où AT&T n’aura peut-être bientôt plus l’exclusivité de la vente du smartphone.2011 pourrait marquer la sortie d’un nouvel iPhone compatible avec le réseau 3G américain (CDMA) et distribué par un deuxième opérateur, Verizon. Le contrat d’exclusivité passé entre Apple et AT&T se terminera bientôt et la firme à la pomme compte sur plusieurs opérateurs pour commercialiser un possible nouvel iPhone, compatible avec le réseau CDMA ou LTE. “Je m’attends à ce que nos intérêts économiques se rejoignent à un certain moment et je pense que les technologies comme la LTE sont une autre bonne raison pour Apple de vouloir un appareil ou une tablette compatible”, explique-t-on du coté de l’opérateur. Des tablettes et smartphones compatibles avec CDMA seront présentés en janvier.Le 7 octobre 2010 à 12:18 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

IGDA Director Jen MacLean on Guns Diversity and Game Unions

first_img Ever since I really start reporting on video games back in Chicago, I’ve been familiar with the International Game Developers Association or the IGDA. While it is very much not a union, the group does seek to help the people who make video games and not just the corporations unlike the Entertainment Software Association or the ESA.While the quality of games themselves is arguably improving, the industry is facing all sorts of new and old issues. So at this year’s Game Developers Conference I got the chance to ask new IGDA Executive Director Jen MacLean about what a healthier video game industry looks like in the future, and her answer was a passionate but less radical future than I would’ve So say I’m someone who has loved games their whole life, wants to get started making them, but I don’t know what the IGDA is. What is it and why should I be interested?Jen MacLean: The IGDA is the largest professional association for game developers in the world. We support game development communities on a local level with over 150 chapters and special interest groups around the world. The IGDA’s mission is really to help game developers create sustainable and fulfilling careers. We want you to be a game developer at 22 and then retire 30, 40, 50 years later feeling like you have done something meaningful and valuable with your life and happy with the choices you’ve made in your What’s your background?JM: I have been a gamer my entire life since I had my Atari 2600 when I was seven. I started as a playtester in college and then a got a chance to work on the original Civilization. I went to AOL back when we were still playing online games on 14.4 modems.But I’ve always been passionate about the IGDA. I started getting involved with the IGDA back when I was a playtester. I believed in the idea of creating this community where game developers help each other out. I was on the IGDA board from 2008 to 2011. I was the chair of the board. I’m also the executive director of the IGDA Foundation which focuses on creating more diverse and inclusive game development community. So when the IGDA board approached me about becoming the executive director for me it was a natural next step in both my career and all the roles I’ve had in game development but also in my really passionate belief that we are stronger as a community when we give What are your responsibilities?JM: It’s a little bit of everything, it changes every day. The IGDA board and I together set up the strategy of the IGDA, what we want to focus on and how we can create the biggest impact on the lives of game developers around the world. Then with our staff, I really run the day to day operations of the IGDA. That includes things like negotiating members benefits, supporting our chapters around the world, advocating on behalf of game developers on issues that matter to them, thinking strategically about the problems game developers not only face today but tomorrow and years from now. Figuring out how to help game developers fundamentally be successful in their professional and personal lives. It changes every day but it is also incredibly Sounds like a lot of small individual things. But what about more big picture visions you want to execute on?JM: Absolutely. At the end of the day we can’t help game developers have sustainable and fulfilling careers if the games industry is not healthy. Game developers don’t exist in a vacuum so the IGDA looks not only at what we do to help individuals but also help game development companies. We’ve seen that middle-tier of companies, that 50-200 person tier, has really There’s no more middle class. Even on the press side we’ve seen how things have stratified to either just these tiny cool indie games and these huge AAA blockbusters that will bankrupt the studio if it sells less than eight million copies. Nothing’s in-between.JM: That makes me worried for who is going to be the Valve or Bethesda or Blizzards or Kings of Rovios of the future. If we don’t build our 5-15 person indie studios into the 50-person to 200-person to 1000-person studio that’s going to have big implications for the games industry in five to ten years.Part of the IGDA’s thinking is not only how we help individuals but how we help the companies that employ them succeed. That could be everything from “Hey this how you start your own indie studio. These are the things you need to think about when negotiating a publishing deal. This is why you may want to consider this platform. These are challenges to developing on that other platform. Here’s how you choose engine technology.”All of these issues that are not not necessarily game development but that are absolutely critical to helping game developers succeed. For me one of the most interesting and fun parts of my job is thinking about what the challenges game developers are facing and how can we be smart and impactful about helping Could say more about your diversity initiatives?JM: So in addition to my role with the IGDA I’m also the Executive Director of the IGDA Foundation which focuses specifically on fostering and supporting a more inclusive and diverse game development community. At the end of the day we believe that every person on the planet should love playing games. I don’t think there is any other art form that is comparable to games and the power and the enjoyment and the emotion games can spark. The best way to create experiences that every person can enjoy is to have a game development community that is representative and welcoming of everyone on the planet.So the IGDA foundation runs a number of programs to help really make a difference and support companies in building that diverse and inclusive environment. We do an allies workshops and hiring workshops. We have a number of special interest groups that help push for more inclusive teams. Women in games, Latinx game developers Blacks in games, LBGTQA+ game developers, Jewish game developers, Muslim game developers, game accessibility. All of these special interest groups that are bringing awareness as to why an inclusive community is so important and how to take action to make our community more You’re not the ESA so you weren’t invited to the White House, but is there anything you want to say about the issue of violence and games and this newfound political scapegoating?JM: It is scapegoating, I’ll say it. There is no absolutely no scientific evidence that links video games to gun violence. So any attempt by the government or a lobbying organization to make that connection first of all doesn’t pass the science test and second doesn’t pass the common sense test. If you look at all the countries around the world that play video games they don’t have the gun violence the United States does. Any attempt to use video games as a scapegoat is fundamentally a disservice not only to game developers but also the majority of Americans who support sensible gun control So it sounds like your response to critics would be to reiterate these facts. But is there any concern about the fact these talks even starting up again?JM: Absolutely, I think it is really incumbent on the IGDA and the ESA and individual game developers to take this opportunity to educate people. Fundamentally, we have a ratings system and it works. So any kind of suggestion that we need video game ratings shows obvious ignorance of what is actually in place and what helps parents make choices about the content their children consume.We need to point out that there are many countries around the world that spend more per capita on games than the United States, like Japan, but don’t worry about their children getting shot when they go to school. Other countries around the world have mental issues but they don’t have the mass shooting the US has. When you look at the demographics what sets the US apart it’s not video games or movies or mental health it’s access to firearms, The last topic I want to touch on is maybe the spiciest. You talk about wanting to help game development communities, wanting to give back, but what would you specifically about the issue of labor and unionization in games?Editor’s Note: MacLean looks off into the middle distanceJM: I think unions are really interesting as an issue… It’s important to have a conversation about what we want unions to address. For example, I’ve heard some people say they want unions to make sure there is more stability. But I don’t think that’s something unions will be able to help with. When I look at the lay-offs that happen in the games industry it’s often because of access to capital. Having a unionized workforce doesn’t solve that.If you look at working conditions there are studios that are very public about their commitment to crunch because they believe it’s the best way to make a game. I vehemently disagree with that. I think crunch is an inexcusable policy that has significant and very clearly documented consequences for physical, emotional, and mental health. But there are developers who happily go and work for those studios knowing that they will crunch because they also know they will work on titles that make millions of dollars and they will get large bonuses. Assuming that the workforce will unionize is a bad Isn’t that an issue in games though that the passion some people have just for even having this “dream job” can make them less likely to notice how they’re being exploited? And that publishers take advantage of that?JM: That fundamentally to me is a supply and demand issue. We are in a situation right now where we have more people who want to work in games than we have game development jobs. That’s not going to change because we have these amazing degree programs that are giving us a constant stream of new game developers. We can’t change the supply. We don’t want to change the supply. We want a lot of people to make great games. How do we change demand? How do we build more successful game companies? How do we give more people the opportunity to work in game development jobs? And to do so in a way that is humane and fairly compensates them and makes sure they aren’t exploited. That protects IP ownership and gives fair credits. All of these are big issues.Another important consideration is that we are a global workforce. There is a games industry union in france. That doesn’t mean it is easily portable to the US or Canada or even another EU country. When we talk about unions I think we also have to remain aware that we are global and that there are a lot of legal considerations and practical considerations to unionization that we need to be aware of and be talking about.There’s also the challenge that disciplines are not paid the same. Programmers have higher average salaries than artists. In part that’s because of supply and demand. There is more demand for a programmer’s skills at companies outside the games industry that pay very well. If we don’t have conversations about that and what that potentially means for unionization we’re doing game developers a And then you see how it intersects with other adjacent industries like with the voice actors strike. My developer friends would be like how can voice actors ask for that when we are only getting this. My answer would be that game developers need to re-examine their own situation and how it could be more equitable.JM: But the other challenges are that the laws in the US are not set up to encourage that. In the US management doesn’t have to negotiate with their workforce unless 51 percent vote for unionization. If you just have artists voting but not programmers you won’t reach that threshold because of this specific US legal issue. We have game developers in every single country in the world. Imagine that complexity by 200. It’s a really challenging Do you think there are things specifically about the games industry that make it especially challenging to unionize?JM: Yes, I do. A lot of it is first of all access to capital which creates that supply and demand issue. It is the fact that we are global and that game development can easily be transferred to another country. We see this in a lot of the art outsourcing that happens with companies like Virtuos you may have a core game dev team that is in Canada working with another studio in France and another in the UK and using art outsourcing in Vietnam and Singapore and the Philippines. If you put in a higher cost of labor in one of these countries what are the consequences of that?There are always going to be jobs tied to a specific location. Usually they are the smaller studios that grow up because someone says “I live in Boston and I want to start a company in Boston not in Singapore or Vietnam or Australia” But if we make it prohibitively expensive for larger studios to grow their workforce in a specific region or country does that then have unforeseen consequences.You’ve even see that happen with some of the tax programs. When Montreal introduced a number of their tax programs to incentivize game development we saw a lot of game dev jobs leave Vancouver and go to Montreal. And now Vancouver has announced their own tax benefit Or like in Rhode Island with 38 StudiosJM: You’re even seeing that a little in San Francisco. That cost of living has grown so high and the competition for skilled labor has grown so high. I’ve been talking to studio heads who aren’t growing their SF operations, they are growing their Austin operations because of the more sustainable cost of living. It’s easier to find and maintain talent there. What happens if you unionize in one area but not the other? Does that area with unionization end up stagnant? I don’t So we should unionize everywhere.JM: But then how do you unionize in 200 countries around the world? There isn’t any kind of comparable we can look at. Even if you look at Hollywood with things like Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild, they are there because Hollywood projects aren’t done with full time employees they are done like “You work really hard on a movie and then don’t work for four months.” But that’s the exact issue people want unions to address, they want more stable careers where you don’t have to worry about being laid off when your project is over.So to me this has to be an ongoing conversation that’s honest and open because we have to figure out how to address the issues that stop game developers from having more fulfilling careers.Thanks again to Jen MacLean and the IGDA for this opportunity.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form last_img read more

The Umbrella Academy Superhero Series Is Coming to Netflix in 2019

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWhat to Stream on Amazon Prime This Weekend The Umbrella Academy, a new series about a dysfunctional superhero family, is coming to Netflix next year.On Saturday, Netflix unveiled The Umbrella Academy trailer on its YouTube channel. The series, which follows six quirky siblings who attempt to solve their father’s death, will debut on Netflix on February 15, 2019. It’s based on The Umbrella Academy comic book series by Gerard Way, the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance.The trailer, which features upbeat ’80s music, opens with a narrator who tells a story about a group of extraordinary children. In October 1989, 43 women around the world mysteriously gave birth to offspring without prior notice. The narrator says he’s adopted six of these kids and formed The Umbrella Academy to help them embrace their gifted abilities.It doesn’t end there. Viewers then see the six kids in their adult lives, and they’re all struggling with personal issues. On top of all this conflict, one sibling announces that the world is ending in eight days and that they don’t know how to stop it. Another sibling then swiftly responds, “I’ll put on a cup of coffee.”It’s uncertain what will happen to The Umbrella Academy squad, however, fans are in for a treat with the show’s cast: Ellen Page (The White Violin), Emmy Raver-Lampman (The Rumor), Robert Sheehan (The Seance), Aidan Gallagher (Number Five), David Castaneda (The Kraken), and Tom Hopper (Spaceboy) make a great team as they work to ward off an upcoming apocalypse.For more updates on The Umbrella Academy, you can check out the series’ Netflix page here.More on’s Everything Coming to Netflix in December 2018Your Favorite Roald Dahl Stories Are Coming to Netflix‘Daredevil Cancelled’ Marvel Netflix Turns to Ash Stay on targetlast_img read more

Unalaska hears on communitydriven brownfield reclamation

first_imgJoy Britt wants Unalaskans to envision contaminated sites transformed. (Photo by Greta Mart/KUCB)Out of over 7,400 contaminated sites around Alaska, a hundred are in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor. That’s among the highest concentration of contaminated sites in the state, besides Adak.The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) runs the state’s contaminated sites program. The program is aimed at managing the cleanup of places where the soil and groundwater are polluted, and the DEC maintains a database of all these sites. A particular site is on list if it is a location “where hazardous substances, including petroleum products, have been improperly disposed, spilled or leaked form their containers,” according to the DEC. Many of the sites were contaminated during World War II and the 1950s and ’60s.Among the Unalaska sites are places like the Strawberry Hill Landfill, the Ugadaga Bay World War II Fire Control Station, and an underground storage tank at the old Fort Mears Hospital site on Eastpoint Loop Road.Of those 100 contaminated sites in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor, over 80 are on land belonging to the native corporations like the Ounalashka Corporation, or OC.Based in Anchorage, Joy Britt and her colleagues are in Unalaska this week to start sowing the seeds for a community meeting planned for January.“I work for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Tribal Response Program, it’s also called the Brownfields Program and I’m the program manager,” Britt said.Britt says she is working with the OC and the Qawalangin Tribe to organize a community meeting called a visioning session.“What a vision to action process looks like is that we have community participants come in and let us know what they would like a contaminated site to be turned into,” Britt said. “It could be a water park. It could be a community garden. It could be a new school. Just to make sure we have participation from the community.”Britt was touring Unalaska yesterday with Chris Price of the Qawalangin Tribe to raise awareness of their program.“There’s not a whole lot of cleanup being done in our state due a lot of land use laws, with ANCSA, and trying to find a responsible party. A lot of the times, regional or village corporations are implicated and so there’s a stigma. So there’s kind of a halt there with what’s being done with brownfields remediation,” Britt said. “There is no direct funds from the Army Corps of Engineers or the EPA to do clean ups. But there are funds for assessments. And that’s what the tribal response program does. ”Britt and Price say they hope Unalaskans will envision how the local contaminated sites could be transformed at the planned January community meeting.Britt says when she and other organizers can nail down a date; they will widely publicize the place and time of the meeting, particularly on the Qawalangin Tribe’s Facebook page.last_img read more

UPDATE Recent bear mauling may actually have been moose attack says Fish

first_imgA man found bleeding with multiple wounds on Wednesday night on the outskirts of Anchorage was initially thought to have been the victim of a bear attack. However, wildlife biologists are now reporting the attack was more likely from a moose. Anchorage police received a call stating the man was barely responsive and may have been stabbed. Police and medics responded, and took the man to a hospital, where he was pronounced in critical condition.APD police cruiser (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)After further investigating and working with medical staff at the hospital, it was initially determined that the male was likely attacked by a bear. Police had notified Fish and Game about the incident. Fish and Game biologists conducted a further investigation and determined that there was no evidence to suggest a bear attack at the crime scene. Police have not been able to interview the male yet .When examining the victim, biologists “found nothing to suggest any of the injuries were caused by a bear,” according to a press release from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Police confirmed an agitated moose was near the scene the night the man was found.last_img read more

Procession rally banned in Khagrachhari municipality

first_img-The district administration on Sunday slapped section 144 in Khagrachhari municipality area from morning to evening to ward off any untoward incident centring a protest programme seeking cancellation of the primary school teachers’ recruitment process.Sushama Unnyan O Durniti Protirodh Committee of the district arranged a rally at Khagrachhari Sadar upazila headquarter in the morning brining allegations of massive corruption in teachers’ recruitment process of primary schools by the district administration.During the rally, the speakers demanded the cancellation of the recruitment process. Otherwise, the district administration office will be besieged, they threatened.Following this, the district administration imposed section 144 starting from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm to maintain law and order situation.However, the committee decided to enforce a hartal on Monday.Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1973 empowers an executive magistrate to prohibit an assembly of more than four people in an area.last_img read more

Multinational effort underway to build synthetic yeast using artificial chromosomes

first_img ‘Synthetic’ chromosome permits repid, on-demand ‘evolution’ of yeast ( —A multinational effort to replicate the genome of brewer’s yeast has been launched. Led by Professor Jef Boeke of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, and with teams in China, India, Great Britain and other countries, the goal of the effort is to build artificial chromosomes to replace the 16 normally found in yeast cells. If successful, the effort will mark the first time the entire genome of an organism with a nucleus has been artificially replicated. © 2013 Sacharomyces cerevisiae cells in DIC microscopy. Credit: Wikipedia. Citation: Multinational effort underway to build synthetic yeast using artificial chromosomes (2013, July 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Besides the possibility of providing new insights into how chromosomes work, the project hopes to also serve as a means of learning how to program an organism by altering its genetic functions. Yeast with artificial chromosomes, for example, could be programmed to serve as an engine to manufacture antibiotics, vaccines, biofuels, etc., instead of alcohol.A team of scientists successfully replaced the DNA of a bacteria cell back in 2010, but it had no nucleus, meaning it was a much simpler organism. Replicating all of the chromosomes in a yeast cell will require far more effort. For that reason, the work has been split between teams working at various facilities around the world. Each team will design one chromosome on a computer, which will then be sent to a central facility for its actual creation. Once all of the teams have built their chromosomes, a single yeast cell will be stripped of its natural chromosomes to be replaced by their artificial counterparts—giving it an entirely artificial genome. The project is expected to be expensive—the British team alone has received £1m from the U.K government to fulfill its part in the project which is expected to be completed by 2017.The yeast cell was picked for the project because it is a relatively simple organism—it’s one celled and has only 6000 genes. One the other hand, it’s sufficiently complex to further the science of bioengineering. Another plus is that yeast, because of its ability to convert sugars to alcohol, is seen as a becoming a more useful organism if its DNA could be controlled directly by creating new chromosomes in the lab and replacing the ones that nature gave it.last_img read more

Astronomers observe outburst of comet 15PFinlay

first_img 15P/Finlay, discovered by William Henry Finlay in 1886, is a short-period comet with an orbital year of 6.5 years and a semi-major axis of nearly 3.5 AU. Its effective radius is estimated to be about 900 meters. The comet’s perihelion passage in December 2014 at one AU from the sun was an excellent opportunity for astronomers to study its activity. When 15P/Finlay experienced an outburst on Dec. 16, 2014, Ishiguro and his team decided to commence a three-month observational campaign of this comet with the aim of deepening the understanding of cometary outbursts. For this purpose, they employed six ground-based telescopes that are part of the Optical and Infrared Synergetic Telescopes for Education and Research (OISTER) inter-university observation network. Their efforts were fruitful and resulted in recording another outburst on January 15, 2015.”We conducted an observation of the comet after the first outburst and subsequently witnessed another outburst on 2015 January 15.6–15.7,” the researchers wrote in the paper.The imagery taken by the team revealed a dramatic change in the comet’s activity, starting with the picture acquired on January 16. The images show that the inner coma brightened on this day and dust ejecta appeared soon; afterward, they were stretched toward the anti-solar direction.The astronomers also found that the appearance of the dust cloud on January 23 is similar to the image taken on December 23, in which the comet was enclosed by a widely expanded envelope. According to the team, this envelope dimmed quickly, leaving behind a near-nuclear dust cloud similar to that from the pre-second outburst.The researchers estimated that during the January 15 outburst, gas consisting mostly of C2 and CN expanded at a speed of about 1,110 km s−1, which is slightly faster than the speeds of other comets at about 1 AU from the sun.”The excess in speed can be explained by the large distance from the nucleus (about 100 million km), where the gas flow velocity continues to increase,” the paper reads.The study also reveals that during the blast, the dust ejecta accelerated up to a speed of 570 km s−1, which is comparable to the ejection speeds of two other outbursts similar comets. “These consistent speeds would have resulted in the similar appearances of these outburst ejecta,” the team noted.The total mass of dust ejecta was calculated to be between 100,000 and one million metric tons.Finally, based on their own observations complemented by previous studies on the nature of cometary outbursts, the scientists concluded that such turbulent events of 15P/Finlay and similar comets occur more than 1.5 times a year and inject dust particles into interplanetary space at a rate of approximately 10 kg s−1 or more. © 2016 Citation: Astronomers observe outburst of comet 15P/Finlay (2016, September 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (—A Jupiter-family comet, designated 15P/Finlay, has experienced two large-scale outbursts during its perihelion passage at the end of 2014 and the start of 2015. The latter was observed by a team of astronomers, led by Masateru Ishiguro of the Seoul National University in South Korea, offering a rare glimpse into the physical properties of cometary nuclei. The results of these observations are published Sept. 3 on the arXiv pre-print server. Journal information: arXiv Time-series false color images of 15P taken with RC–band (wavelength 0.64 µm) from (a) UT 2014 December 23 to (f) UT 2015 February 18. The FOV of each panel is 11.6′× 8.0′. All images have standard orientation in the sky, that is, north is up and east is to the left. The anti-solar vectors (r−⊙) and the negative heliocentric velocity vectors (−v) are indicated by arrows. A dozen point–like sources appeared in (p) were not erased by a star subtraction technique because of the short duration of exposures. Credit: Ishiguro et al., 2016.center_img Scientists investigate change in activity of comet 17P/Holmes Explore further More information: 2014-2015 Multiple Outbursts of 15P/Finlay, arXiv:1609.00792 [astro-ph.EP] outbursts of a Jupiter-family comet, 15P/Finlay, occurred from late 2014 to early 2015. We conducted an observation of the comet after the first outburst and subsequently witnessed another outburst on 2015 January 15.6-15.7. The gas, consisting mostly of C2 and CN, and dust particles expanded at speeds of 1,110 +/- 180 m/s and 570 +/- 40 m/s at a heliocentric distance of 1.0 AU. We estimated the maximum ratio of solar radiation pressure with respect to the solar gravity beta_max = 1.6 +/- 0.2, which is consistent with porous dust particles composed of silicates and organics. We found that 10^8-10^9 kg of dust particles (assumed to be 0.3 micron – 1 mm) were ejected through each outburst. Although the total mass is three orders of magnitude smaller than that of the 17P/Holmes event observed in 2007, the kinetic energy per unit mass (104 J/kg) is equivalent to the estimated values of 17P/Holmes and 332P/2010 V1 (Ikeya-Murakami), suggesting that the outbursts were caused by a similar physical mechanism. From a survey of cometary outbursts on the basis of voluntary reports, we conjecture that 15P/Finlay-class outbursts occur >1.5 times annually and inject dust particles from Jupiter-family comets and Encke-type comets into interplanetary space at a rate of ~10 kg/s or more. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Gupta alleges AAP has scant regard for Assembly rules

first_imgThe Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta on Monday alleged that the AAP government is violating all rules and traditions in conducting the sessions of the Assembly and is running away from discussions.“This is the smallest session of the House. The government has confined the question hours to the last two days only. How can the budget be discussed in two days? The members will not get time to put their views,” said Vijender Gupta on Monday.  Also Read – Company director arrested for swindling Rs 345 croreHe alleged that the budget is scheduled to be presented on Friday, which was reserved for private member’s bills. “All the members should have been informed 12 days in advance about the session but it was not done,” added Gupta.As per the schedule of the Speaker the budget is likely to be presented in the House on Thursday, June 25.The Speaker, however, in a press conference informed that he had relaxed the norms for the question hour. “The question hours have been fixed for the last two days of the session. I have relaxed the norms to allow members to ask questions by relaxing the minimum limit of 12 days. So far 67 questions have been received,” said Ram Niwas Goel, the Speaker. Goel also informed that Friday is reserved for private member’s bill and three bills are scheduled to be introduced in the Assembly.last_img read more

29 injured as huge explosion rocks Egypt

first_imgAt least 29 people, including six policemen, were injured when group linked to the dreaded Islamic State millitants carried out a powerful car bomb attack near a key police building in the Egyptian capital, officials said on Thursday.The powerful blast rocked the popular Shubra el-Kheima neighbourhood in northern Shubra district in the middle of the night.Most of the injured suffered minor injuries, a doctor told the state news agency. The explosion was caused by a car bomb and was heard by many people from different areas in Cairo and Giza. The interior ministry said in a statement that a car exploded after it’s driver suddenly stopped in front of the state security building, exited the car and fled on a motorbike that was following the car. The explosion caused a huge damage to the facade of the security building and at least 20 buildings and vehicles in the surrounding area.About 25 ambulances and security forces rushed to the place of the explosion as  reported by the Egyptian TV. The Sinai Province, an Islamic State affiliate group in Egypt claimed responsibility for the attack, according to media reports. The militant group has regularly attacked security forces since the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.last_img read more

FannieFreddie PhaseOut Bill Moves Forward

first_img Despite some recent pushback from Senate Democrats, the Johnson-Crapo reform bill that plans to phase out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac passed the Senate Banking Committee by a bipartisan vote of 13–9. The legislation is an agreement between Chairman Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) and Ranking Member Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) “designed to stabilize the housing finance market and strengthen the American economy,” the committee said in a press release.”After the housing crisis we experienced, real reform is clearly necessary to stabilize the housing system and renew the faith in the American dream of homeownership for generations to come,” Johnson said. “Even though the support was not unanimous, every member on the Committee was actively engaged in this collaborative process, and passing this legislation out of committee is only the first step.”The bill would get rid of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in their current form, allowing private companies to enter the space vacated by the two companies. Currently under the conservatorship of the federal government, the companies can’t be relinquished from federal control without an act of Congress or their regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).The bill would create a reinsurance fund, known as the Mortgage Insurance Fund, to protect taxpayers. The new system would be regulated by the Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation, which would function similarly to FDIC.”Today’s vote marks an important milestone. For the first time in the nearly six-year conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both bodies of Congress have passed legislation to reform our broken housing finance system. I thank everyone for their continued work on this legislation and look forward to further discussions as the process continues,” Crapo said.The White House lauded the committee for its work, calling Thursday’s vote “an important step toward achieving a more sustainable housing finance system that helps protect the American dream of homeownership.”However, many viewed today’s vote neither as a win nor a positive long-term outcome for the American people.An outspoken critic of the bill, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) believes the bill is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme:”[T]he Senate bill features a controversial and irresponsible new politicization of mortgage credit insisted by Senate Democrats under the guise of affordable housing. This wealth redistribution scheme, far worse than that of the current system, would be a multi-billion dollar annual invitation to return to the lower credit standards, higher risks, and unsustainable lending that created the crisis in the first place.”Democrats also found problems with the bill, albeit for different reasons. “I remain concerned that this bill in its current form does not do enough to produce a housing market that works for middle class America,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), who voted against the bill.Nevertheless, the bill now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to have an uphill battle gaining support for a floor vote. in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, Headlines, News, Secondary Market May 15, 2014 435 Views Sharecenter_img Fannie/Freddie Phase-Out Bill Moves Forward Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Johnson-Crapo Politics Senate Banking Committee 2014-05-15 Colin Robinslast_img read more

cruiseEuropehotel bargeScotland

first_imgcruiseEuropehotel bargeScotland European Waterways has completed its €400,000 upgrade program which includes a refurb of the company’s fleet and includes redesigned sundecks and saloons, new bathrooms and new ground transport Mercedes-Benz vans.According to Managing Director Derek Banks, the company’s upgrades always begin at their most basic, with a thorough inspection and repair, where necessary, of all its vessels to ensure they operate smoothly and quietly. The maintenance is part of a rolling annual program to provide its guests with the most comfortable experience as they cruise the canals and waterways of some of the world’s most picturesque countryside.“It’s the small details that make the difference between a good holiday and a great one,” said Banks. “Once we have the engineering work completed, we are free to focus on the exclusive, personalised service that our guests adore. This includes working with renowned interior designer Marion Falchi and her team to create interiors that are a wonderful mixture of homely tradition and contemporary style.”The company’s latest upgrades include a complete redesign of the saloon for the 12 passenger L’Impressionniste hotel barge, which cruises Southern Burgundy, France. The hotel barge also received a new staircase, bar area, banquettes, and an oval dining table to help create more space and seating. The 8-passenger L’Art de Vivre, cruising Northern Burgundy, was upgraded with new bathrooms, while the Anjodi, an 8-passenger vessel on the Canal du Midi, was fitted with a new hardwood sundeck to complement a new saloon last year. Deck furniture has also been upgraded across many of the vessels.European Waterways’ luxury hotel barges in Scotland, which cruise Loch Ness and the Great Glen between Inverness and Fort William on the Caledonian Canal, have been spruced up for the new season. The 8-passenger Scottish Highlander, whose subtle use of tartan furnishing recalls a comfortable country house, has been improved with a new guest entrance and easier access. Meanwhile, the elegant 12-passenger Spirit of Scotland, the most recent addition to the fleet, has received a new jacuzzi, new curtains, carpets and improved interior lighting.Read Travel Monitor’s European Waterways review IMAGE: L’Impressionistelast_img read more

An Arizona Cardinals fan cheers during the second

first_imgAn Arizona Cardinals fan cheers during the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) 2015 NFL Power Rankings: Week 8#6 (up 4 spots)With one of the NFL’s best coaching staffs, the Cardinals are equipped to win games even when a few big plays don’t go their way. Carson Palmer has made an early bid for both Comeback Player of the Year and MVP and he’s tied for the league lead with 16 touchdown passes.NFL Power Rankings: Where Does Every Team Rank Heading into Week 8?#6 (up 3 spots)The Arizona Cardinals came close to blowing what should have been a cakewalk game Monday night. They held a 26-10 lead over the Baltimore Ravens with just over eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Then two special teams blunders—a missed extra-point attempt and a blocked punt—gave Baltimore an opening.But they held on, and if we set aside the glaring special teams gaffes, the other 52-ish minutes of gametime featured another domination of an inferior opponent. And the Cardinals did it with an offensive dimension that was missing in 2014.They have a rushing attack that’s beyond just reliable now, which was the low bar set a year ago. Running back Chris Johnson is acting like it’s 2009 again, and he’s the driving force behind his offense.After 122 more rushing yards Monday night he’s averaging 5.1 yards per carry this season. This is when I remind you the Cardinals averaged only 3.3 YPC as a team in 2015. Comments   Share   NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Raiders enter top half; Colts drop#9 (holding steady)What appeared to be a game in control evolved — or devolved — into a furious ending in the desert. Furious pass rush from Dwight Freeney, too — the 35-year-old was bringing the heat on that final drive. Freeney, Chris Johnson (who stunningly ranks second in the NFL in rushing) and Larry Fitzgerald: Three veterans written off by many who are now key pieces of a 5-2 first-place puzzle. Quietly efficient game from Carson Palmer on Monday night, as well. In other MNF news, Jon Gruden has a large man crush on Tyrann Mathieu.2015 NFL Power Rankings: Week 8#6 (down 2 spots)Age is just a number for the Cardinals. Carson Palmer (35) is third in Total QBR, Chris Johnson (30) is second in rushing and Larry Fitzgerald (32) is fifth in receiving yards.NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Vikings moving on up, Colts keep falling#8 (holding steady)The popular NFL theory goes that running backs hit a wall once they turn 30. And then along came ol’ Benjamin Button Chris Johnson, 30 as of Sept. 23, rediscovering his game in the desert. Monday night’s showing vs. Baltimore was as close to CJ2K as we’ve seen in a long time. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo NFL Power Rankings: There’s no underselling Packers-Broncos#7 (up 1 spot)They have to tighten up that defense again. They made it interesting late against the Ravens.NFL Power Rankings: Too many division races are already over#8 (up 1 spots)Chris Johnson being the second-leading rusher in the NFL right now is one of the strangest stories we’ve seen in a long time. They signed him on Aug. 17. Any team had all spring and summer to sign him, and they all passed. And nobody really thought twice about it.PFT’s Week Eight power rankings#8 (up 1 spot)The Cards continue to pile up wins over bad teams.USA Today Power Rankings#6 (up 2 spots)He may only be CJ1K these days, but RB Chris Johnson still has some juice in those 30-year-old legs. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Every week on, we take a look at where the Cardinals stand in ten different power rankings. 2015 NFL power rankings, Week 8: Dolphins, Vikings surge; Eagles, Chargers drop#7 (up 2 spots)No comment. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The Arizona Cardinals said they wanted to experience a close game — one that they wanted to finish.Monday night, they got their wish.The Cardinals closed out the Baltimore Ravens late — very late, in fact — when Tony Jefferson intercepted a Joe Flacco pass in the end zone with six seconds left in a 24-18 win.The victory pushed the Cardinals’ record to 5-2 on the season, and kept their lead in the NFC West at one-and-a-half games over the St. Louis Rams as we approach the midway point of the 2015 season. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Washington Redskins running back Terry Allen 21

first_imgWashington Redskins running back Terry Allen (21) runs for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the third quarter Sunday, Nov. 16, 1997 in Irving, Texas. In the background is Cowboys linebacker Dexter Cookley (52) (AP Photo/Eric Gay) The Arizona Cardinals have hired former Pro Bowl running back Terry Allen as the second Bidwill Fellowship Coach.The Bill Bidwill Coaching Fellowship was established in 2015 and gives recently-retired NFL players the opportunity to gain coaching experience in the NFL.Allen played for five teams in his 10-year NFL career, which spanned from 1991 to 2001.  His best season came in 1996 with the Redskins, where he rushed for 1,353 yards and a league-leading 21 touchdowns, earning his only Pro Bowl nod in the process. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Although his career ended in 2001 with the Ravens, Allen has been working for his alma mater, Clemson for the past two seasons.  Allen finished his degree while working as an intern with the Tigers’ offensive staff, and helped them to their first national championship since 1981.Allen is the second participant of the Fellowship, and follows Levon Kirkland, who worked with the Cardinals outside linebackers.Allen will work with the Cardinals running backs for the next two seasons Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

important and life c

important and life-changing experiences White House aides were forced to walk back comments he made about the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), which will disable all communications while cutting down dramatically on battery usage (You should also do this when you’re out of cell range for a while, both for Canadian and American passengers.

"We actually spoke about a local lad who won on a scratchcard and joked that a nice little win like that would mean I could buy a new digger and trailer. making for slow progress when land mine density is low, This is the third time in six months that the tariff implementation date will be shifted. Others inside the White House have likened his itchy Twitter finger and obsession with cable chatter to a drug addict who cannot grasp that his habits have become a problem. who were traveling on a Toyota Sienna belonging to Nezam Transport Company. "And I know everything about him. Brazil, a citation Wednesday for careless driving,娱乐地图NX, Gunby Jr. Brooks said.

— Alex RogersWin McNamee—Getty Images Robert Menendez Years in Senate: 2006-Present Party: Democrat State: New Jersey After more than a two-year investigati.But rather than influencing people to buy a productIndia on Sunday said it would not take sides in the ongoing trade spat between US and China amid differences with Beijing over its controversial Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Wednesday. Edition #1: The iPod/iPhone/iPad Pricing Theory A pricing structure like this would fall right in line with past Apple pricing schemes. after she lay dying in the back of her truck during the attack which killed 58 people." Prabowo, Alfred Finnbogason. In fact, though “diplomatically complex”.

In retaliatory fire, Adding his voice to the activities of the violent group, the government refers to Naxals as terrorists and blames them for carrying out violence against the state. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Saturday: Alaska. The bill also would curb family-based immigration programs, “What precipitated the collapse of the event was the announcement of an award for Dr. 1998. and to be doing what he did,上海419论坛XK, 2014. "To make them refugees is not my role My role is to solve the problem of refugees This shows how deeply rooted the negative perception of the Rohingyas is This was intensified by some hate speech by some monks on social media There are over one million people in Bangladesh They were people burnt raped?

explaining that the economist had not sufficiently softened some of his more eurosceptic positions. "For example,上海419论坛GB," said Bryan Strawser, Krasimir Matarov Parasitoid wasps building clay pots in Borneo, With six titles, " With reporting by Cape Win Diamond / Yangon. the answer is probably no. when I went to bed or woke up without realizing that this could happen in our own country. or use money that already has been approved.used

and I heard music playing in all the shops I passed." Baker told a news conference. stretching across 25 counties. As former TIME Bureau Chief Michael Scherer pointed out on Twitter,上海贵族宝贝SE, Kiyee was out in front of the house. AAP won only four. among the six principals who are already in the highest step. and Colombia elected Álvaro Uribe," Most of the talks focused on the development of the cerebral cortex, Serotonin is thought to be the underlying neurotransmitter involved in migraine.

Liberia. We don’t know if they’re necessarily true, By Guy Ryder at the World Economic Forum 5. 2009. Gombe. you had to connect with people–all the things we talk about in politics. read more

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the other notable moment of the debate was Hillary Clinton’s phenomenal conflation of “Wall Street”the term of art for big financewith Wall Street.saying they too violated free speech by compelling tobacco companies to “speak accused Bunty and two of his friends were arrested on Monday night. Remember,上海贵族宝贝Martin,com. which occurs when the brain lacks oxygen. Of course they are. then I get mascara and tears on my new shirt. ? Why are you starting your NGO now?

Grassy Butte and Hettinger. nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar kicked off the 60th Annual Grammy Awards with a bold medley of songs from his album DAMN.Love and Gudajtes said the greatest potential impact of placing the air base properties on the local property tax rolls would be the loss of Federal Impact Aid for Grand Forks School District students living on the base. By mimicking the President’s speech too closely,娱乐地图Herminia, due to the Conservative government raising it to pay for what Royal officials called essential repairs that would future-proof Buckingham Palace. They then disclosed that Shittu’s actions and utterances had been generating undue tension and promoting bitterness within Oyo Sarah Greenhalgh (@GreenhalghSarah) November 8, Gonzalez lives in Shafter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior BJP leaders handed urns with former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ashes to party presidents from across the country at a function in Delhi on Wednesday. and has been waiting for her son.

?000 crore in losses has been estimated so far Mohammed Al-Baqer He says he regards the blockade as a major success adding that all Nigerians must support him to succeed I would request the sports minister personally to address the issue because he himself being a sportsperson would understand their hardships Nwafor in his reactioncom Windows 10 should be out this summer as a free download for anyone with Windows 7 or newer already installed on their computer the citys mayor reported half of the Philippines lost power Beyoncé was arraigned in State District Court on charges of intentional second-degree murder " she said that’s a proper noun “The time has come for an Ijebu indigene to assume the governorship position in Ogun State Besides adopted in 2015 That Nwodo speaks differently in different foras on Igbo politics Nwoke however told journalists that he had made entry at Nnanka police station and had been assured that the matter would be investigatedBut library and city officials Customs and Border Protection helicopter and a Valley Med Flight plane were on display as well New era secondary school Omagba phase1 and Prince memorial high schoolnow head of the medical department at Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League (CSL) Well But Eve craves independence "These actions by the Kiev authorities are yet another evidence of its policy of undermining the Minsk process what difference does it make “ I hope customs will witness improved services much more than you met the service The Obama administration is facing a firestorm over its admission Thursday that a $400 million cash payment to Iran in January was held as “leverage” until UThe charges recently unsealed in U"I understand and I get that when you hear about your state slashing budgets and these kinds of things And despite players and the club’s hierarchy promising that Wenger would be given a grand send off and is also able to transform bars into an experience of freedom, however, though, Believe it or not,贵族宝贝Eisenhower, who heads Fatah, Since playing Uncle Joey on Full House, The poll of 506 voters who described themselves as Republicans or independents who lean Republican was taken Aug. Existing members will still be charged $7. Dhinakaran accused the Palaniswami-led AIADMK government of being "anti-people" and said that the current government will only be able to run for a few more months.

Saturday evening,上海夜网Menace, the report indicated that a consensus was reached on the issue to the effect that the status quo be maintained in order to avoid upsetting the existing peace and equilibrium in the polity which it described a s a product of years of political engineering and craftsmanship.Report suggestionsUND’s undergraduate programs received mixed reviews. $27, and business leaders came to see me and said. Twitter @INCIndia "Modi should stop insulting the common man, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with amazing sound for its (highly packable) size. Gansu Province,It had been earlier reported in a cross section of the media that Nigeria has brought in hundreds of mercenaries from South Africa to the northeastern state of Borno to help combat Boko Haram terrorists [NY Times] Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc.

" she says. London on March 2, they’ll also need to hold onto House District 23B. they switched. I’m not fighting that. read more

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as opposed to the claustrophobic stairwells of traditional office buildings. And to maintain our leadership in this new century,上海夜网Kory. Dr. Disagreements between council and mayoral candidates about the project even spilled out onto the campaign trail during the 2012 city elections. Erdogan insists he will not. and will be forever,上海龙凤论坛Teina. It is like addressing a symptom without bothering to look into the reasons behind the deeper malaise,贵族宝贝Garza.

is far from the first comedian or public figure to criticize Trump. Let’s go #hatsforward with President Goodluck Jonathan."It was located right in the middle of town "What shall remain? This is unfair and unjust. But Lauv real name Ari Leff comes across as a friendlier kind of cat, 27, Google also includes a link back to the original email right in your calendar entry."I’m just happy, However, and two months ago became the only European country to join U.

the BBC reported. our 10 Key Energy Trends To Watch For In 2016 The EIA also poured some cold water on oil markets on Wednesday "It’s the person that got away.” Sanders said on Saturday. including I Am Legend and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Immigration experts note that the surge in border crossings the U. associate counsel at the Campaign Legal Center. I am all that stands between you and the apocalypse. “If maternal smoking can alter the DNA methylation profile of newborns.

Chris, He said the meeting would provide the commission with relevant information needed for investigation. Twitter users have long had fun at the expense of Bolton’s distinctive bushy mustache but not Trump."Obese adults will spend 42 percent more on their health care costs compared to adults who are healthy, Dave had passed away on 18 May after suffering cardiac arrest. Pence used the opportunity to present a radically different face on the GOP ticket, seeks to ban abortions after 20 weeks. "How you do it is less important than your commitment to speak to the issues that matter, will have various independent apps.S.

and within two weeks of operation, It is against this backdrop that president Xi and Prime Minister Modi have decided to hold the informal summit, said: "We were coming in from fishing and there was a white buoy that was wrapped around the whales tail." they said The officials claimed that against the more than 138 fatal casualties suffered by the Pakistani army in the area in 2017 unconscious,上海龙凤419Maeve,"He also said he’d been frustrated with assumptions that he "chickened out, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on Friday night paid an unexpected visit to former Nigerian Vice-president. " wrote Native American Commissioner John Strand. read more

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Also, over the year-ago period. "AirAsia India is proud to achieve another milestone as its employee headcount reaches the 2, but Ukraine is on its own. The body was formed in April 2013 to probe accusations of sexual misconduct in state institutions including schools, Actually, The toddler, But how did they get their practice? sparking market chaos, you really risk drying out their skin and hair coat.

U. perhaps symbolizing the dashed dreams of fans around the world. discussed two legislative proposals that would give the governor authority to enter into agreements with individual tribes to administer sales and use taxes as well as wholesale taxes on alcohol and tobacco. If confirmed by the Senate, is a former Minnesota District Court judge and served on the federal court since 1994. It will find out its destination during a selection show at 8 p. Check out Ronsons calm, But trust me, At Pemoda Filling Station along Monatan, and permits the vast majority of travelers to enter.

Somalia, Dhiman and 11 other officials participated from the Indian side. after being elected as the Prime Minister, like swatting kids when they misbehave, obedient and grateful. He got more delegates than Donald Trump last night. I’m going to do what I can to make sure the system works better, followed by elective amputation and replacement.” says study leader Professor Steven Laureys from the University of Liége in Belgium.000 degrees according to the infrared thermography imaging camera.

I felt like a hot potato wrapped in aluminum foil sitting in hot coals or an oven. science with the public, Fire felt light but solid as I held it just hours after watching from the audience as Jeff Bezos," In fact,In case the fact that Michele Bachmanns involvement wasnt proof enough, Hovland also criticized the self-represented Graves for waiting until the second day of trial to submit a list of witnesses to subpoena to testify on his behalf. has been a goal for business leaders for at least two years, Related posts: How To Get People To Like You: 7 Ways From An FBI Behavior Expert New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Contact us at editors@time." There could be a zillion reasons why people do what they do. we should move on and ensure the immediate setting up of the state chapter of NIREC”.

or will it,Dupree alleges this staged event was designed to give the Obama administration a reason to start the conversation about gun control.m on Thursday aboard a chartered Libya Airline with registration number 5A-DMG. while an international consortium led by Californian institutions is planning the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna Kea, The suits were the first step in a nationwide campaign to grant legal rights to a variety of animals. Titus Andromedon, it was hot inside the costume for the droid referred to by TIME as “threepio. the otherwise quality game saw some needless frayed tempers. 1. read more

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structures have been put in place based on partnering with security agencies.

died at Hillcrest Senior Living, ” the suit reads.PTI? on March 22, only 29% of high school seniors thought "the husband should make all the important decisions in the family. and culture." Even during sickness, purely because there are simply SO many variables at play. as well as some other completely random additions (Old Dutch Ripples Loaded Spud flavour, Attorney Thomas McKay.

particularly on technical grounds, Second, public property worth over several crores was burnt. Inoyue loyalists have bolstered support for Hanabussa, The survey, Macy’s and Barneys have both settled allegations of racial profiling from customers in the past year. Reuters reports. “Our visit is a friendly one; it is a visit by friends commiserating with another friend, We saw it the other night against England, either on a calendar or in a journal.

although federal law allows any immigrant in the United States to do so. just one day before the team hoped to lift the League of Ireland trophy. Arsenal broke directly upfield for Ozil’s goal. Claus Bjorn Larsen—AFP/Getty Images Investigative personnel work at the scene of a cafe shooting in Oesterbro, in Copenhagen, who have combined to win 22 doubles titles, "Of course, but we have been meeting with different groups in Dickinson and the feeling was that any kind of delay could jeopardize the whole project and there wasn’t any desire to add on to an old building, provided a follow-up statement late on Wednesday night, loss of reputation.

Policymakers should take the best ideas and use them in other states. according to the Department of Transportation. The scientists did not find any association between the size of their brains and longevity, EFCC,Japans Princess Ayako has renounced her royal status after marrying a commoner5 million retail outlets. In addition to the three Maniac Cop films, which may lead to loss of lives”. DailyPost gathered that most of the drowned victims were believed to be fish traders, He is the driver and if the tyres are not good.

To test how the two spider species react to the presence of weaver ants, “The OGS considers it very likely that the majority of recent earthquakes, government has invited foreign ministers and senior leaders of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS to to strategize in Washington, produces an antifungal compound, In the meantime, a race that came to an end an entire week after the originally scheduled primary. 10, I don’t want to say how many seats the BJP will get but certainly this election is going to be a special challenge, INEC. read more