Please don’t ignore the basic Shanghai Dragon

2. if the webmaster to Shanghai dragon, so we have to treat each lesson, speak every lesson we will take the content of the class to practice it, the only way you can really understand the contents, after all the content and operation there is a gap, you may meet the new problems in the operation, we learn more don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying to know Shanghai dragon’s knowledge update but fairly quickly.

said 1. had said the soft foundation is the ability to write soft Wen, each Shanghai dragon must have, we will reach 1.5 to 2 hours to write an article, method is to practice every day to write every day, we want to write a soft, not the kind of no one in the corner of the article but have the article must reply quantity and views, we write soft Wen also.

two, will have a very clear idea of Shanghai dragon

many of our webmaster friends back a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions to learn Shanghai dragon, after learning, it is always said Shanghai dragon theory, yes, I think the Shanghai dragon theory is from practice and analysis of various data summed up, and we learned Shanghai dragon also need to practice. Through continuous operation from theory to practice, finally put these theories into their own things in Shanghai dragon.

do a clear Shanghai dragon is a solid foundation, we know what shouldn’t, in the mind to form.

although this almost tired but you don’t ignore, many owners say they have many stations, but many are not their own, the network company holds the power of the web site, make yourself a sadness, you learn something to practice but not out of practice.

Shanghai dragon, three simple words that the webmaster every day to see the most words, we usually do Shanghai dragon is also in the continuous learning of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, some question whether the novice or veteran in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon, feel the knowledge miscellaneous, a little hammer, West a wooden stick feeling, sometimes very confused, do not know where the direction of learning, sometimes encounter a problem is not clear what, need to check, we know this thing without a solid foundation is not up to the effect of the late, Shanghai dragon is such but we are engaged in the process of Shanghai dragon in our true value our foundation? Sometimes we think of simple and easy to ignore, but Such is the cause of can’t do anything in our future.

1. must have their own independent website

here we ask three access to in their own hands, that is: FTP access, space or server permissions, background landing permissions.

Training institutions , a study plan for Shanghai dragon to have a practice

Love Shanghai and new technology of Shanghai dragon er must pay close attention to keep pace

Any change in the

technology test, the outside world that is not. This is the picture of the technology has been fully to the semantic analysis of the times.

is from the picture above the search results, love Shanghai already can go beyond such a keyword matching technology. At another level, it is the semantic analysis, the picture above 5 pictures, in fact, there is only one Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon blog. The other four key words never occur in Shanghai dragon, there is no relevant search, there is no drop-down box. But all of these are related with the Shanghai dragon, that great changes will take place in the future for Shanghai dragon manipulation. We take a look at this picture

This is the legend of the function. I believe the


some time ago to search space on the right side of the love of Shanghai increased, many people say that advertising in order to better display, increase the click rate. Now it seems that this is just one of the reasons, the right hand I want to search engine should be to make it play a greater role, from this new love in Shanghai can be seen. In fact, love Shanghai in introducing the entity search is such a trend, in a few days ago I found the search also put their search results to do more to have more space for the right, believe it is done, you can also pay close attention to, everyone is most concerned about is how to achieve this function the.

as a standard of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai affects all webmaster heart, two days before Shanghai search with love, suddenly found love Shanghai has launched a new function, the function call what name is not known. But a look that is very valuable, because can appear conspicuous images, in a text only page picture actually appeared, a conspicuous place how. I love Shanghai and appeared in the first screen, ratio of search value much higher ah, this to want to do brand website or business can be said to be a hotly contested spot ah, good let us take a look at this show in the form of

semantic analysis technology on the use of the first picture has been completely used up, what kind of instructions for our Shanghai dragon er? We must get out of the traditional way of doing keyword matching. For example, we do Shanghai dragon, and Shanghai dragon things not in the title of light in writing, also need website optimization, search engine keywords, this kind of related words. For example, computer and computer, mouse and keyboard, display, host, the word future search engine will determine the relevant. For example, we have to do is not only the word computer optical computer, we have to do the mouse and keyboard, display, host computer and the related things.

even the future I judge if you do the computer only computer also is likely to be judged as excessive optimization, actually from this technology in its latest view, semantic analysis is a breakthrough of the traditional keyword matching test.

Hongkong VOIP – Globe7 guide advertising on-line registrationManagers must see ten management websit

customer service Tel: 021-510965630537-26097980537-31>

Axill Europe Ltd has the best telecommunications switching equipment, and has built the world’s largest SIP software switching system in London, providing the strongest support for Globe7.

price 0.6 yuan / successful download registration activation, month installation registration amount more than 1000 0.8 yuan / successful download registration activation. advertisers promise, according to the quality of the installation, then can go up the unit price, I will be based on the price of the advertisers will be given to float, is currently the lowest line price

pulsating retreat League: tuitan

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. developed Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products, patent certification in the world, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing.

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this thing looked far as the ivory tower in the tooth and can not play, considerable. In fact, there is nothing more than a window paper. It’s no big deal……… The management of this thing looked far as in the ivory tower tooth and can not play, considerable. In fact, there is nothing more than a window paper. It’s no big deal.

The development of

First stop:

Start Date: May 2002

website features: original articles, knowledge management

recommended index assumes:


>: Second


activities, as long as you register online, you can immediately get free 38 minutes of airtime, but also participate in the monthly crazy sweepstakes, have the opportunity to win stylish mobile phones, MP3 players and other rich gifts. After registration, each successful recommendation of 1 registered relatives and friends, you can get 10 minutes of airtime, the monthly introduction of the top 10 users, you can get more additional prizes

Globe7, a free downloadable software that combines voice, video, instant messaging, live video, and online advertising, can instantly turn your computer into second phones. You can call the computer free of charge to make computer calls to the computer, and you can call the world fixed and mobile phones at very low rates, and enjoy free movies, instant news and sms. SKYPE has a huge advantage over what is currently being promoted.

The site wants to subvert YouTube with interactive music videos

[Abstract]Interlude is one of the many video sites that challenge YouTube’s dominance today. With video playback, viewers will be asked questions about whether to wear white or black clothes – and then the user’s choice will be seamlessly integrated into the video content.

·’s (odd uni; intermediate glasses) founded in 2010 by Interlude


technology news in December 22nd, 5 years ago, Israeli rock star uni · Bloch (YoniBloch) to produce a unique music video, let the audience choose the plot of the story. But at that time there were no such techniques, so he and his band members spent $200 developing the technology themselves and shooting a video.

, this technology has now become the foundation of Interlude company. This is a technology company that was founded in 2010, and has become a potential challenger for YouTube. This website also with Warner Music together to set up a joint venture company InterludeMusic, attracted Coldplay and Bruno · Maas (Bruno Mars) and other famous singer settled.

"we don’t think anyone is going in the right direction at the moment." "Our basic philosophy is not to set boundaries, but to create a site for others to get involved," said the 33 year old, who was interviewed last week at the Interlude Manhattan office."

for those who grew up with the Choose Your OwnAdventure series, Interlude’s basic video mode would make them feel good. With video playback, viewers will be asked questions about whether to wear white or black clothes – and then the user’s choice will be seamlessly integrated into the video content.

Interlude is one of the many video sites that challenge YouTube’s dominance today. Vessel, founded by two former Hulu executives, plans to allow users to see all sorts of quality short videos ahead of time with a subscription of $3. Global records also reached a deal with Mirriad in September, a company specializing in inserting new ads into old video.

because YouTube’s owner is Google (micro-blog), the monthly audience of more than 1 billion people, so no one can guarantee that Interlude’s challenge to YouTube can be successful. However, it does show some potential for success.

Interlude last year broadcast Bob · Dylan (Bob Dylan) interactive music video "Like a RollingStone" attracted about 70000000 of the amount of play. The most.

Day IP2000, monthly income of over ten million (sounds like bragging)

once, I asked the graph king – I don’t have to direct the local station asked him what is the monthly income, generally speaking, the famous webmaster are confidential, so for this, I asked him: "how many web site advertising revenue accounted for the total income?" the king said: "1/3


I said that my station (then) only 2000IP, the best monthly income of nearly 10W, Wang Wang surprised, normal can reach 1W/ months, the king Wang answered only one word: "strong"

it sounds incredible – – it’s really incredible – but after listening to me, you’ll see.

first, positioning your site, most of the webmaster is consciously or unconsciously to your site is set into an information platform, after all, is an information center, is the carrier of all kinds of information released. But if you only know this, as a personal website, for now, unless you are strong in the category of your site, you will have a high income, because the information needs is authoritative media. For example, when you think of webmaster information, you think of CHINAZ, think of ADMIN5, why? Because in this category, they’re the boss. But any one category, can serve as a boss on a few stations; from the consumer psychology in terms of each category, the subconscious mind only accepted and recognized a few boss, everyone can not act as a boss, otherwise there is no boss.

I want to say here is another level, do not easily put your site as simply as an information platform, even if the attribute of each website has information platform, but only this location is not enough; unless you are the one and only creative, you find or create a category. Virgin, as long as you start immediately become the whole category of the boss, but this innovation was so difficult! So, your website and then add new attributes, this belongs to the sales force, the smart people already know what I had to say; your website at the same time as a a sales platform, which is not only a platform for information dissemination, so your site will have vitality.

Djedje network (JJ88.COM) did not put all the attention on the structure of the information platform at first, but it was the joint effort of an information platform and a sales platform. Never do anything that states that the law forbids it. Jejenni is a financial stock station, we will first think, as the stock station that is "to send the horse, make dirty money", this is the first location to violate the law, it shall do so, also do not long. My position is: make a not make investors money platform, but to make a money platform help investors, I made a commission of a group purchase platform, share knowledge and learning platform, a stock real exchange platform; of course I have known this requires very high on the stock to and this is a very important premise; so I said to do their own expertise, if you do not have the expertise, is not possible.

Desert camel king network sales specialty win the initiative

"desert camel king" and his "desert camel king" native products

, a camel king in Xinjiang, Urumqi, is known to most people. In the minds of the surrounding farmers, he is relying on local products and build up the family fortunes wholesale merchant Wang Lubing. In the foreign people’s eyes, it is synonymous with Xinjiang native; facing increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market products, he changed the traditional sales model to network, open up new ways of Xinjiang native to the country, into the world.

"desert camel king" let outsiders know Xinjiang

, 38, is a native of Xinjiang. Wang Lubing. 92 years, the soldier in Fujian, retired Wang, gave up the local superior working environment, and resolutely returned to his hometown Urumqi, with the army after the army thousands of quick military fees, from the wholesale local specialty business. Over the past 10 years, after he hands out of the Xinjiang specialty is not only popular in the sky from north to south, Shanghai, Beijing, also married in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places. "Desert camel king" trademark has become a stranger to understand Xinjiang native products of a business card. By doing more and more business in the local industry veteran of many years he has "desert camel king" in the world.

asked why choose entrepreneurship, by native Wang Lubing said: in the service period, his Xinjiang nuts, Tian Yu, smoked horse intestines, smoked horse meat, raisins, walnuts and other products to the Fujian troops serving well from all corners of the country and leading comrades love. From then on, I began the idea of wholesale local products after the army.

"desert camel king" network sales specialty win first opportunity

as Wang Lubing’s native business very influential, Wang Lubing’s career began to slump. With the gradual opening of Xinjiang and the mainland and Central Asian countries, the construction of infrastructure in Xinjiang, more and more people are engaged in the wholesale business of dry produce, and problems arise in both the specialty and the sale. In order to get rid of the unfavorable situation, he personally visited the surrounding county farmers, with years of friendship with farmers and higher than the average price of 2 yuan per kilogram of other wholesalers to buy, to ensure the origin of local products.

new economic benefits for local growth, he pioneered the website sales platform in the industry (, in order to highlight the rich variety of specialty varieties, as a platform named "Xinjiang specialty network". Today, almost all the authentic, delicious and exquisite handicrafts from Xinjiang can be found online.

In order to promote and enhance the

website visual effect on the site, Wang Lubing in addition to website promotion professionals, also went to Beijing, Guangzhou and other places to invite domestic senior art personnel on site visual effects "pulse", plus their willing to eat bitter! Soon, with a strong style of Xinjiang’s native products of Xinjiang. The network attracted millions of people to visit. Site operations for more than two years, a week nearly 1000 of orders, or let him feel gratified.

How to protect the development of new methods of Xiamen

in the life of some shops in a region, has been tested by the market, has many years of development history, but with the development of the times, some of the old shop in the development of time is also difficult. In order to better promote the development of the old industry, following a series of measures. "Xiamen time-honored protection and development measures" has passed in October 2016 28 of the fourteenth Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the thirty-ninth meeting, in December 2016 2 of the twelfth Fujian Provincial People’s Congress on the twenty-sixth session of the Standing Committee approved, implemented since May 1, 2017.

Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

2016 December 6th

Decision of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress on

approved the "Xiamen time-honored protection measures" (by the development of Fujian province in December 2, 2016 twelfth people’s Congress of the twenty-sixth meeting of the Standing Committee)

of Fujian Province, the twelfth people’s Congress of the twenty-sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee for approval of the "Xiamen time-honored protection measures" were reviewed that the content and the law does not conflict, decided to be approved by the Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress promulgated.

Chapter 1 general principles

first in order to protect Xiamen time-honored, promote Xiamen time-honored overall image and the level of development, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture and art, according to the "People’s Republic of China" trademark law "and relevant laws and regulations, with the actual city, the enactment of this approach.

Xiamen time-honored

second in these Measures refers to the administrative area of Xiamen City, heritage unique products, technology or service, has a certain historical background, distinctive regional characteristics and cultural heritage, widely recognized by society, form a good reputation of the enterprise name, trade name or trademark registration, in accordance with legal procedures the title and identify conditions.

third Xiamen old name identification, protection and management, the application of these measures.

the relevant provisions on the protection and development of these Measures shall be applicable to the old Chinese and old Fujian brands in the administrative areas of Xiamen municipality.

Fourth Municipal and District People’s governments shall incorporate the protection and development of Xiamen’s old brand into the national economic and social development plan of the region, and establish the work coordination mechanism.

fifth city commerce department in charge of Xiamen old Guan Jian

How to choose a joint venture investment jewelry boutique project headquarters

fine jewelry always let the woman cannot refuse, so they can add a lot of charm, but also a very good business, joining in the investment market today, a lot of investors to choose the fine jewelry to join the project, because the project is able to join a lot of factors can provide to join the business, fine jewelry to join the project, also is the need for a good project, here’s a detailed understanding of how to choose the fine jewelry to join the project.

some boutique jewelry investors do not have to join their hearts at the end, simply follow the trend, simply do not really take into account the interests of franchisees. Therefore, the franchisee must make their own good, from the headquarters of the overall quality and credibility of the various aspects of the headquarters to assess. The headquarters of the function is to provide the strong backing of the main store and franchise. Whether in the commodity, marketing, field operations, can play a powerful force.

investment is a boutique jewelry store need to prepare a small capital, according to the current needs of the main franchise franchise in the purchase of the fund is different, the franchisee according to their financial situation with the franchise requirements to choose. Franchisees before joining must understand the gain and loss. Join the purpose is to make your business and operation of the road go more smoothly, but the way is to look at yourself, if you just want to join it all by myself not champion, hard, it is very difficult to do.

therefore, in the selection of the headquarters, should assess the brand awareness of the situation, not without purpose to one-sided statement. From the headquarters of the product type, product demand, service characteristics, overall image, culture and so on investors to analyze whether all aspects of the brand can be recognized and accepted by local consumers, whether with the local brand market has certain competitive differentiation, formation.

boutique accessories to join the headquarters is sufficient manpower and ability to become an important basis for the success of cooperation. The headquarter to be careful so as to evaluate the future role of the headquarters and join the main influence and control ability in business software, counseling personnel quality, the headquarters staff serving length, and planning activities.

this industry is only a small business in this industry, if you want to choose entrepreneurship, this industry is very good, can guarantee the successful operation of fine jewelry stores, a good project, it is the investors to be able to save a lot of business problems, and to save energy is in for investors, fine jewelry stores operating, then investors will be in fine jewelry stores business have more time and energy.

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The entrepreneurial team to help you solve the problem of online shopping choice artificial intellig

recently, the world go champion robot event makes people very surprised, but also proved the power of artificial intelligence era. And now the online shopping is more and more intelligent, there is such a team, can help you solve the problem of online shopping choice.

favorites AI version

it can realize the users love baby cross platform "key collection and unified management, reduce the user to jump back and forth to compare the products complex between different platforms, improve the convenience of shopping, and in the collection on the basis of independent research and development of the algorithm of the model from the baby sales, business reputation, score multiple dimensions are commodity" purchase index ", which provides a reference for the quality identification of products, to help users make purchasing decisions.

"after the product launch, we will survey tracking users’ comments and feedback, according to user experience, adjust the weighting, achieve" comprehensive and objective index can be purchased." Liu Changhai introduction, a year of registered users is expected to reach 500 thousand people, about 100 thousand active users. At present, the team is composed of 3 full-time members and 12 part-time members of the school.

but consumers according to their needs, through the search engine to choose goods." Liu Changhai said, "according to the user’s evaluation, we are collecting treasure package products and perfect the whole network, the whole network parity, jump score as a secondary function of the whole network, and further solve the difficult choice in online shopping. Recommended