Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious

second: type of enterprise website program for the search engine is not friendly to

first note, this article does not refer to all types of enterprise website, most just said, according to the majority theory, so I can only use the word "type of enterprise website" to do collectively. Some of the views would be a little too extreme, may cause a lot of enterprise website management group beat Shanghai dragon. But I still want to firmly put pen to write this article, the purpose is to give some new Shanghai dragon friend some reference. At the same time to explain the "type of enterprise website" refers to that contains only simple display type website company homepage, company profiles, product introduction, news, message of the other columns. For e-commerce enterprises, business news and information station station tired is not included. The following point: why Shanghai dragon and enterprise type of site exchange Links must be cautious? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

: the first type of enterprise website poor security

type of enterprise website is generally by the company or individual entrusted provide professional website production company / team to construction. But most of the company / team for enterprise site is directly with the established procedures to set the template. Of course, this also cannot be attributed to the network company / organization, after all, do a business station profit is very low, so it is impossible to please professional programmers spend a lot of time and energy devoted to the development program for you. And get ready to set the program template and the result is that it is difficult to ensure the safety of " " Web application;. Because these programs include vulnerabilities are basically in the online public, just to find a broken black mask, let him attack such sites can also be said to do easy. You may wish to exchange some Links type website to search the type of enterprise website, most sites are basically a few black chain and garbage chain, even a business standing almost become a "web site". With this website to exchange what it means Links? As a qualified Shanghai dragon Er needless to say, you can understand the


is still here to speak with the facts, we go to the forum Links forum just to find a few enterprise website in Shanghai SITE love, love to see is not included in Shanghai more than 1000 pages of almost no? Love is not Shanghai included hundreds of pages are not the majority? Is not just a collection of SITE almost all is in dozens of pages or so? This is not to say that the optimization of the site do not, but enterprises show congenital defect caused by this website template. This kind of enterprise stand generally contains a few pages, the page is more product introduction and company news, originally the site also tens of hundreds of pages, so you may not love Shanghai included thousands of pages. The enterprise website in order to many beautiful atmosphere, home more or less are used in FLASH, and FLASH for the unfriendly spider, when it.

Analysis understanding the four basic suggestions PPC

click will appear in the company, Shanghai love marketing staff, marketing bidding business of the company. The first two did not say, this is their own business selling bidding company is to help other companies operating bidding account to earn their business expenses. In fact, the company’s business is not a problem. In theory they help companies save hire SEM personnel and the study and practice of SEM time. The enterprise pays the cost of the corresponding bidding business of the company, each one takes what he needs. But there are some less moral bidding business companies will like business rivals, using software malicious click bidding link. The formation of the company can not control the SEM well, which prompted the hiring of auction business company.

1, shielding invalid IP

2, lower the turnover rate is not high word bid


some more people search word is not necessarily the turnover rate is high. "

is now the majority of enterprises and the construction site for the "power" of employees have complained too burn, is simply a bottomless pit. But scolding aside, we still in use. No way, who love Shanghai and now the market share is so powerful, even if the rise of emerging 360, it must also do the bidding. As for Google, it has Adsense, and although the bidding is not exactly the same, but also. So just do not do Shanghai dragon SEM friends, should also have some understanding of the bidding. The following small share of general infrastructure four for beginners need to know ranking.

, a non normal click

non normal click on many SEM friends called malicious click. As we all know, the bidding content appears in the search results, the user can click, deduct a bid cost. As for boring, I don’t care about the search word, then the promotion links, such people can not say no, but is actually a very small. The normal point is the user point in found not attractive or the like is the title of the party, not consumption.

In fact, most of the non normal

can be found in the IP and click on the link for the background and own webmaster tools, if a IP click on the more than 3 times, but also did not form a transaction or consulting. Even if this is normal after the click, the probability of IP turnover is also very low. Can be shielded in the bidding in the background. The non normal click, IP shielding temporary or have considerable effect.

love Shanghai to upgrade their bidding system, according to the love of Shanghai that has effectively reduced the non normal click 95%. But this is just love Shanghai that is not the case. For users feel is important. To be honest, non normal click can not be completely avoided. A friend said we do not negotiate joint peer malicious clicks each other, this method can try, but you can only see the actual effect of competition in the industry. Take the above abnormal click, can also be said that there are two main methods of malicious click.

From the Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about his own views

cat chat in the A5 Marketing Group official today, found that many do Shanghai dragon buddies of Shanghai dragon lost confidence that Shanghai dragon is dead, it’s better to have sex in Shanghai auction, but also said a lot of examples. The cat that, as long as the search engine exists, Shanghai dragon will not die, a short time bidding is better than the optimum, but from the long-term perspective, Shanghai dragon must have more advantages than bidding. The cat here, certainly not willing: Hey buddy, Kitty, you all talk, look at our medical industry, do not bid live, also make Shanghai dragon have no food to eat and so on, for such remarks, the cat can only say: the optimization measures for different industries take it to the appropriate adjustment, the optimization is not immutable and frozen, Baidu had to modify their algorithm, then why are you the same buddies ideas to consider their own website way? Let’s let the cat say for you.

kitten before to A5 marketing official group of buddies said, let the webmaster website content buddies to search engines and readers are useful, search engine is the first way for people to find things, but it is not the only way, as well as online media, traditional offline advertising, news, newspaper more importantly, from one thing to let friends convinced, that is long say word-of-mouth marketing network marketing mode. In many cases, these approaches are more efficient than search engines, users may inadvertently from your friends to say a word, also has a small corner which may come from a newspaper. So the cat will say: the search engine is not the only way, in other aspects of buddies can also consider what to do.

Shanghai dragon is not the only way to

Shanghai dragon is dead? The cat saw in the real situation, whether it is a large site of small sites, business or personal station station, their optimization done very good, after repeated the adjustment they can still get a lot by Shanghai dragon visitors, like the A5 station network is such example. Many of the newly established enterprises, Shanghai dragon is regarded as a good way to users soaring, but no matter how long is your company should not be overly dependent on Shanghai Longfeng optimization, cat that only Shanghai dragon group >

is still the size of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to play a role in

is constantly changing the Baidu

why is the constantly changing Baidu rather than search engines? The cat obtained data showed Chinese in mainland, Baidu accounted for the proportion of the search engine is the largest, so we are here to say Baidu. Although the cat Baidu contact time is not long, but know the constantly changing Baidu, perhaps what is a good long time update algorithm, we work in vain. One thing I always pay attention to Baidu mood change is necessary.

How do you save money in the early days of personal website developmentTips for going to work online

investment, that is, space costs and domain name fees, domain name fees rarely, only a few dozens a year, who can afford. Space fee to find a cheap server sharing, so that you can get the maximum amount of space at less price, if it is to buy a virtual host, the price is almost, but the space is very poor. I spent 150 bought the 100M space if it is flat-share, at least spend 150 to buy 1000M, now is really funny.

talk about how to save money in the early stages of personal website development $200 start, big development problems original,

talked about the secrets of fortune, and she blurted out, "persistence is victory.".

love the Internet sister Tian, from 2008 began to pay attention to online shop. The Internet is full of digital products, fashion clothing, trinkets and so on, which makes young and fashionable young sister very interested. After trying, she finally decided to open an online store on Taobao. In September 2008, under the guidance of professionals, she successfully registered in the Taobao online the process is simple: with the website manager made contact, the ID card, copy of the account transfer out, open a bank account. But new problems arise: what to sell and how to choose reliable buying channels?

both to work, but also to shop to earn some extra money, which for many "office workers" is simply a fable, 25 year old Kunming citizen Tian Xiaomei did. At present, Tian Mei can earn more than 3000 yuan per month through its store in Taobao and other websites. How did she do it,

is precisely because of this reason, so we think with minimum investment to get good income, although this website development cycle to a little longer, but we are not professional, not the income of the site we can live, so it does not matter.


so you want to start 200 yuan, the first development site traffic, and then put shlf1314 and some other advertising, do a year later, and then go to buy server hosting.

here I recommend you put shlf1314, in fact the beginning I also put, but because the traffic is too small, not what the income, but the most recent period, began to flow long, every day there are 1000-2000IP, shlf1314, the daily income of about $3, which is about 24 yuan. As long as you do the first half, you can have thousands of dollars.

fraud prevention tips:

a lot of personal website owners, including me, all work on the side, while doing the station, and think of a day when the site’s income can exceed the wage income, you do not have to go to work, do a full-time web site.

fortune tips: persistence is victory,

I want to get the money to buy their own servers, put in the home, rent a ADSL bandwidth of more points, but then one count, plus electricity fee of ADSL a year, thousands, and custodian fees almost, but the bandwidth is far less than the managed.

months after the development of the site, if the content is good, the day IP should have more than 1000. Use the IP, you can get some income, in my experience, some of the ads in the domestic, 1000IP day is only a few dollars, but some advertisers also required Alexa Rankings, so many long outside the station.

in the actual operation process, Tian Xiao sister just found, open online shop although not occupy the day time, but at night still need to spend a lot of time and energy. "An online shop has a life cycle of about half a year. In this six months time, there may be 7 of the new online shop because of poor sales, customers are few, naturally eliminated, so this entrepreneurial model is also a special test of the entrepreneur’s patience and technology." If you want to survive on the Internet, you should learn to shout frequently, and give your store a new and easy to remember name. Most of the online shopping of people belong to the "new-new generation", if they think the name too the soil, may not enter "door". Next, the store mainly through posting, , pictures, links and other ways to vigorously promote their own small shop.

shop cost: at present, in some large websites registered and set up shop is free of charge, but if the owner wants to make website promotion, prominently link shop, you need to pay the cost of advertising expenses, from five hundred or six hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. If the shop owner needs to rent the warehouse to stock, this also can produce the cost. And the way to help suppliers sell goods

started with the search engine

"it’s a long learning process.". It took me more than 4 months to consult a lot of people and read hundreds of related books before I could figure out a clue." Miss Tian recalls. First of all, she chose the products she wanted to sell — ladies, health care and mask, and found reliable suppliers. The trick is to enter the product name + cheater in the search engine, and you can understand the reputation of the product and effectively prevent being cheated. "Lay a solid foundation for the day after I do business call." She concluded: "if the supplier is reliable, and can provide timely cost-effective goods, can be twice the result with half the effort.".

shop guide

above is my real experience, and because of the dispute with the sharing network, now I don’t want to share. You’re starting to buy IBM’s servers you can check it online, and then trust it, so it’s okay to do a number of sites, and more importantly, don’t get angry with IDC anymore.

with these money, it is best to buy a server, and now the server is good, cheap, IBM, HP, about 5000 yuan. Then go to trust, because in your own hands, so everything is ok. There will be no disputes, and multiple sites can be developed without spending money.

Several aspects of the personal webmaster Wangzhuan to know whenA monthly income of 4000 Taobao Adse


‘s revenue shot last month,

first we examine now the personal website of the way to make money. Remove the electronic commerce with the line with money, a large proportion of the advertising should be. Advertising is divided into diversification. Some relatively large traffic sites such as part of the page banner may be favored by advertisers. Other mainly rely on advertising revenue. In addition to shlf1314, sh419 advertising alliance of the two big customers, the number of domestic various advertising company is a lot of. The form of advertising alliance from CPM, CPA, CPC derived from CPS, CPS is in order to avoid the risk of advertising costs. Now there are many advertisers in order to save costs but also to better control effect, they not only exist as the main platform for advertising alliance. For example, China is now fire dangdang, VANCL, the same way network. Through their union website selling books, selling shirts, sell the hotel every day orders are many.

personal webmaster group rapid growth of


With the increase of Secondly we have to

decided to do Taobao, because I am also a Taobao online shopping enthusiasts, often on Taobao to buy things. 09 years, in Taobao’s member center to see Taobao guest this word, I don’t know what to do, and then have been ignored. Until May 10, prepared on taobao a product, your love is very long, Xinyi Dongdong, but the price is too expensive, with the business talk price can’t talk about. So sh419 search how can buy preferential goods, Taobao passengers, the word again in front of, with curiosity, understand this Taobao guest is what to do. The results made me very happy, the original promotion of Taobao sellers of goods and commissions, that is, I through the Taobao link to go shopping, you can save money, others can pass my promotion link shopping, I have to commission. Taobao guest this pattern has attracted me deeply, got the affirmation of the family member, I decided to plunge into Taobao guest stationmaster industry among them.

it is useless to see so many good articles if they do not practice them in person. I’m the best example. Since May, I haven’t made any money in the last few months since September. This time can be said to be the most difficult one, want to give up the hearts of all those who say, don’t feel so good, always complaining about why sh419 is not included, why not included rankings do not flow, all the problems are pushed to the search engine on the body, had not thought of their own shortcomings which aspect. Read a few high quality articles, that is

register domain name, buy host space, upload program, my Taobao passenger station named "186 shopping guide". Since the first website, do not know what is the key word, I grope for every function of familiar with the site management background, imitate others several column title, every hand add content, the day did not add much but not tired. A month later, the content of the site, but there is no popularity, and they do not know how to promote the site. The best way is to sh419, the first station out is A5 webmaster nets, from this moment, I like A5, see very many practical articles. Updated every day after the forum, A5 to see the article, learning SEO technology, learning web site promotion skills, learning from the webmaster to share the practical experience.

personal Adsense profits add, subtract, multiply and divide

China personal websites, personal webmaster to do is to make money, how to make a website operation of the two problems discussed more and more, more and more doubts. According to CNNIC the previous survey data show that in 2002 the number of Chinese personal website is 18 thousand, 39 thousand in 2003, 21 thousand more than in 2002; in 2004 the number of China personal website is 90 thousand, 152 thousand in 2005, 68% more than in 2004, in 2006 the number of Chinese personal sites reached 240 thousand, 58% more than in 2005. Is expected by the end of 2009 China personal website will reach 420 thousand. Such a large number will continue to grow, it should be in the vast sea of gold to have the mentality of how to

personal Adsense in a way to profit

on their own sites Kung Fu, of course, the flow is the foundation, the traffic can force to make money. About how to make the site more effective flow, here I will not be one by one, every webmaster must have a set of their own means of promotion. Many webmaster hand is no longer a station, two stations, they have numerous stations on hand, so a person can do many sites, and many sites can do it, of course, these sites are built on the basis of the money. If you give this website not to take interest income and even your creativity and art so impressive is not the same, but for you it is all zero. A website for you to earn $1, then the 10 website can give you to earn 10 dollars, a simple addition arithmetic, but the results are often not so simple. May 10 website also does a website you had half of the revenue. So as a personal webmaster, we must have this mentality: know a website to make money is not a simple addition and subtraction.

with most of the webmaster, I also Taobao customers, do this line has a few days on two years, from a no experience to now into the state, is also a very rare experience. I can’t write soft text, this is the second time in two years to cast A5 webmaster network, the first draft is 2010. See the A5 article down a lot, it can be said A5 webmaster is my mentor, you can learn a lot of knowledge about the website here, do not know what to come here to stroll is rewarded. This time I have the courage to write a story about my two years’ business experience in Taobao and celebrate my Taobao career 2nd anniversary.

This website I dare do connection

to tell you the truth, I’m not a SEO expert. What is the website construction master, so that the problem will make veterans who laugh at me, but I still want to talk about it, actually do the things connect let the webmaster familiar is not familiar with. Now let me talk to you about what I think.

I have a website called 100 push nets, home page I set up, only do 40 connections. From the original PR0 to 2 now, I’m really happy too. GG or my website?. But I can’t say my website is very good, and GG can drop my PR at any time. So I’m going to connect with some of the high PR stations, hoping to bring me luck. But I also find a problem is, for example, there is a webmaster network (to tell you the truth, his PR4 is OK), the content is good. Baidu is not included. I’m going inside Baidu. shows it is 0, not included. I began to wander, or even not connected?? I asked the others, that is the congregation situation ah, can say, is said not to be. Yune! I feel like mouth fat, eat and not eat. What should I do? I also look up some relevant information and see how to explain the problem.

in writing, not so talented that, so don’t talk much.

I know. There are so many masters in Admin5. Maybe you can give me some enlightenment.

Small webmaster Wangzhuan wisdom and persistence, diligence is indispensable

to write this article, it is as a webmaster I wrote, do make money, presumably this is the basic starting point and fundamental goal of most small owners. And I also like the vast number of webmaster, and strive to do their own web site.

looked at others site traffic, others see a lot a lot of money, his heart is ready to have some, some Wangzhuan tutorial refer to the online, for advertising, advertising. It was easier to apply for the Google ad, and quickly applied for it, and was happy for a while. Surprisingly, one day to check the site traffic, suddenly found that the site traffic is less than a half, and later learned that it was Baidu to K, depressed for a while. And the vast number of Baidu K webmaster, blame, not understanding, full of the whole brain. Also have no mood to update website, better construction website. Later, in stationmaster net saw an article "how to make K website reincluding" article, let me re-examine your own website, it felt their sites have a lot of problems, according to the Baidu website, re designed website, stop automatically, manually add all of the content every day, update, and refer to the station for many Baidu website articles. For example: increase the web site, add favorites, write in the famous blog original Bowen, publicity and so on. Finally, one day, when I went to site’s own website, I found that Baidu was included again. So when faced with difficulties, be sure to calm down, find out where the problem is, take seriously and actively to solve the problem, and stick to it and believe in yourself. But not others, all day complaining about this, which is not to complain, carefully check their own reasons. Believe that the search engine will treat you friendly and fair.

Wangzhuan needs the wisdom, persistence, hard work, three are indispensable, although for Google Advertising, but low CTR surprising, then, carefully check all kinds of Google Advertising Articles increase the click rate, something useful in the rectification site Google Advertising placing position and color configuration, finally received the results now. Have a good Click ratio.

pain and joy Ali mother advertising, Ali mother advertising in the week is very novel knot, monthly advertising model, attract a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster, just start the application when it is heard, the Ali Mama advertising review is very strict, their own first-hand experience once. Yes, but not as the webmaster said. But the middle story or speak out, to share with you, the first application was rejected, saying that the content of the site is repeated, not suitable for advertising. After a week application was denied, then asked the customer service, customer service is to strengthen the construction site and stable site traffic, I did, and then after a while, apply again, still refused, said to be the site is unqualified, have a past experience, ask the customer service. Then continue to modify the site, which remove the unqualified content, to apply again, still refused, was also told the website also.

Several tips for promoting Baidu blogs

I opened the Baidu blog in June 1st, but I haven’t had time to look at it, so the visit has been low until I’ve been working, and I’ve been updating my blog since July 3rd. For the first few days do not know how to promote, slowly mastered a number of tricks, but also because I do the promotion of my own sake. Promotion blog, I’m not a master, but also quite learned. Now I’ll talk about it and share it with you.

Baidu blog promotion, start with each module:

personal avatar, the first impression of the window

personal portraits represent your own image. Generally speaking, the head is set as a beautiful head, and the game picture is the most attractive. If you are a woman, but also beautiful, or a handsome man, then upload your avatar is the best. If not, then find online beauty head, it is best sexy. In July 7th, I changed a beautiful avatar, and then visited, running from about 50 to 164, becoming my blog’s highest historical visit. Visible beauty charm of the head. Suggested avatar can be changed 2 weeks, unless you are a beauty, then do not change.

Baidu knows, stick it, stable flow source

, if you have just written an article, I suggest go to Baidu know, stick it there to ask questions, ask questions related to the article, and then wait for someone to answer, remember the accompanying article links. Then someone will answer your questions and then you’ll see your article. For example, I wrote about the problem that a network card can’t receive data, and its access is close to 2000. Tell you, Baidu know, stick it published there, in the weight of Baidu is very high, in search of comparison before row. So many people will know about your blog.

article title, keyword is very important,

has a lot of news every day. When people read the news, they search through the headlines. This will produce some search keywords, hot words. When we write articles, we must remember to choose the title. A good title is not too long, and the title contains hot words. For example, the 7.5 events, the recent Hangzhou racing case. When writing these things, the title must choose the words that people will search for. If you encounter a sensitive title, it is recommended to change the title of the use of other people will think of alternative words. For example, date, place name instead.

article content, entertainment games is the mainstream

games, leisure is what everybody accepts. In blogs, most of them are young people, and they have different ideas, but the common thing is the love of entertainment games, especially the games that young people like. For example, now the QQ dancer, Fantasy Westward journey.

I in July 27 wrote a play QQ dancer has a sense of the article, the day of the visit reached 242, more than the previous record, and this article is the 130 visit. Visible charm of the game article ah!

Survey 34 college students interested in Entrepreneurship

in these two years to promote management activities under the student entrepreneurs team has obvious expansion, entrepreneurship has become a common choice for college graduates. Shanghai university students from the survey report can be seen, 3/4 of students are interested in entrepreneurship.

42% respondents consider independent entrepreneurship

this independence is fully displayed in Shanghai after 90 college students’ entrepreneurial purposes. Research report found that nearly half of college students believe that the purpose of entrepreneurship is not to work for others".

in the entrepreneurial opportunity choice, that within 3 years of Graduate Entrepreneurship is recommended when appropriate

How to open a chain of dry cleaners

winter is the season to join the dry cleaning industry, many families are difficult to wash the winter thick coat, sent to dry cleaners. Dry cleaning joined the fiery market to attract more and more entrepreneurs to invest in.

How to open a

to what is to find out the needs of customers, how the income level of the local customers, they pay more attention to the quality of laundry or washing price. Only by investigating the needs of consumers, and to meet the needs of the dry cleaners will be bound to make money.

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