360 more likely to search over 20% of the share at the end of the year

want to know the original Google because there are 30% of the city.

but love Shanghai at that time is a little bit of kindness, let 360 have a chance to breathe, but it also called love and 360 shake Shanghai monopoly slogans are not unrelated, so love Shanghai beneficence to 360 in 2013 and has made great progress, the market share has risen 6, reached 16%, this achievement is certainly a very brisk, so not only in 360 of the second quarter financial report, is put forward by the end of 360 the market share of more than 20%, although there are four share points, but enough to illustrate the 360 competitive strength.

is now even more terrible is that since the 360 entry in the search engine market, search engine is to put a bomb, because the search engine market, Shanghai has become a dominant recognized fact, China’s other search engines want to share in this market share but, love Shanghai firmly pressed on the earnings line, no strength to fight back, but 360 at the end of 2012 suddenly popped up, is playing a love Shanghai once even won 360 be taken by surprise, the market share of nearly 30, after the course to fall in love with the sea god back to suppress 360, 360 quickly and other search engines like domestic, market share fell sharply dropped to about 10%.

360 can be said to be the traditional Internet spoiler, powerful competitors but also the mobile Internet, the success of the 360 can be used to describe magic, just like Zhou Hongyi in 3721 such Chinese sites like magic, but the 360 play is long-term, while 3721 is playing a short line, now want to develop in the Qihoo one aspect, is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the industry, especially in terms of mobile phone assistant. Now the 360 mobile phone assistant apparently beat 91 and 91 wireless, wireless mobile phone is the first to eat the crab business assistant, was later defeated in 360, which illustrates the 360 terrible.

360 can also be used for acquisitions, such as the first half of the heat transfer of Sogou acquisition plan in the second half of the year, if the dust settles, perhaps it is not 20% of the market share is likely to reach 30% of the market share, which is obviously more willing to see the performance of 360, so I think now. The 20% plan may or 360 of the smoke, when 360 really Sogou acquisition, so for the love of Shanghai will be more and more big pressure, obviously.

360 of the strategy to achieve? From the current development trend, and this is possible, because growth in the first half of 6 points, after half a year growth in 6 will reach 22%, but the search engine industry, more to the back up will face greater pressure, so for 360 in order to break 20 points, or

20 difficult!Of course,

Optimization of novice share those things about the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

Description: this I do not write, too long, as long as the reasonable keywords into the inside.


site optimization is the first thing to do title tags, Keywords tag, description tag to fill out from home, began to fill, home page, column page, content page. Of course, to fill in the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag is not the way to fill, according to the key size, that is the degree of difficulty or importance of optimization to determine the order of their position.

1, the optimization of

I have written words and their order is in accordance with the order from large to small, the reason is very simple, I do not long winded.

Qingdao anorectal Hospital, Qingdao hospital, Qingdao best hemorrhoids, anorectal Hospital, Beijing Hospital of Qingdao.

about too many things in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, I’m just a rookie, so now I start from the most basic place.

, for example, for example, a website that I do now:

note, attention must be paid to the use of these tags in the symbol is the key, the use of punctuation wrong search engine is not out of recognition, the equivalent of white fill.

(1): title tags, Keywords tag, description tags in

keyword densityThe


2, the station optimization

second, URL is not too long, as brief as possible. Short URL can help us to guide customers to understand the link to the page is what you want, of course premise in this.

keyword density, as the name suggests, is that the number of keywords you do that appear on the page, or that the percentage is generally two percent to eight. Less than two percent of the optimal effect. More than eight percent may be the love of Shanghai is determined keyword stuffing or malicious optimization, there will be punishment.

URL optimization


The basic direction of

has a lot of new comrades may at first confused what is to start from the station optimization or start station optimization start? This must start from the station, the station because you didn’t get it right for the station is not a big role, sometimes is doing. After the station was all right, and then you can do external links construction, optimization of this thing do not worry, we must persevere to do so would have effect.

URL optimization of the first point to note is the site of URL must be unique, that is not two or two url like, if so "might be punished. But if the same URL website weight will be scattered, this is not good.

Title: Qingdao anorectal Hospital _ Qingdao Beijing anorectal Hospital

Experience the similarity detection tool reliable

second, the original article may be collected by self similarity detection tool.

: first the original detection tool can only be detected before dozens of words.

is now the most difficult to do Shanghai dragon is not technology, but the content of the website. With the high quality of Shanghai dragon ranking of great help. Many people think that the original article is high quality articles, so there are a lot of the original detection tools, and some kind of acquisition software to combine different paragraphs of this kind interpret out of context, operation method really on the website of Shanghai dragon did not help, not completely reliable.

2, slow detection speed

Before the dozens of Chinese characters detection tool

at present I used all can detect only one article, even so, the detection speed is very slow, for example, we have 800 Chinese characters, detection tools can only detect 50 Chinese characters, then we need to put this article into 16 fault if words were detected, many words need to be cut into more paragraphs, this principle is simply too unscientific, because:

he worked hard to write the original article, the testing tool by their acquisition, first released on other sites, but the real author is a pseudo original, this is very annoying. Of course, more than just individual site, some sites used by hackers to happen, it is entirely possible. So, just for the similarity detection and take the risk, totally worth, before we detected the articles included not be too trust this tool.

if the article is divided into a plurality of small fault detection were performed, not for memory and compared, and the process cumbersome, long operation time, if collecting a check, the average time to write an article may be more than yourself to write an article in the course of time, may be tired of Shanghai Longfeng work, then The loss outweighs the gain. the.

cautioned that since "with the information to express in writing

1, the operation is too complicated

‘s hair chain colleagues have used the original said detection tools included in this article is not good, at first I thought that the chain release platform can not, then I also used a few times, detected the article really included not ideal, ranking did not rise, the study found the principle the original detection tool is not reliable, and the original article is the risk of someone stealing as follows:

is not detected in a section of the test, or the whole article, the reaction speed of these articles detection tools cannot exceed the love of Shanghai, the article on the Shanghai love search, basically is the second result. Love Shanghai has powerful data calculation ability, and detection of these detection tools is the result from the love of Shanghai, so you can fall in love with the sea directly in the search to detect the content of.

What is traffic that says everybody earnsshlf1314 AdSense launches new default ad style

please indicate: corn Wangzhuan forum

everyone earns, but also has advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is that as long as you have the credibility and temptation of things, you can bring traffic. Of course, there is a certain degree of credibility, this is not suitable for novices.

said in front of the flow of classification and source, and now say in the flow of knowledge mentioned in the "everybody earns" this word. In fact, this is also a lot of corn bus master Wangzhuan concluded. Let’s talk about what they earn for everyone also known as:

but there are two factors that limit everyone’s earnings:


2. is your reputation. If we advertise for you in the name of "corn bus", you can get the game project for me. You will definitely go, because our reputation is here. If I’m in my own name, I’m going to do a simple web page and ask people to give me publicity. Of course, I’m sure some people will advertise it too. But there is no credibility, often we are afraid of publicity, can not get things. Do Wangzhuan cheated a few people, we are in the bus of corn. This can be seen from our founding experience.

example: I want you to help me to promote maize bus Wangzhuan forum now, but I don’t want to pay. What can I do? I can only get my own VIP or original game project for everyone to advertise. Because my project or VIP is cash worth. So many people didn’t want to pay for the project, so they helped us with the corn bus. Through this kind of publicity, he can also get the equivalent of cash to buy the project, that is, everyone earns. So long as this game project exists, then everyone can make it and do it forever.

1. is the size of the temptation you offer to others. If I say I give you games, you send me 3000 posts. You’re sure to do it. If I say I’ll give you the VIP tutorial, you send me 3000 posts. You certainly won’t go. Because you don’t think it’s worth posting 3000 posts.

all make money, that is to say, all people make money. Is that possible? Maybe. But the value of what everybody earns is different. It takes advantage of a replicable temptation either things or products to get people to advertise for you or do something for you.

in March, shlf1314 has tested a new style of advertising, namely " Ads by; shlf1314" the background into a circular arc shape, but also simplifies the advertising unit border. This style of advertising looks more beautiful. AdSense announced today that it decided to replace the default with the new model, which proved to be better than the old one after extensive testing. Here is a contrast between the old and new styles:

Simplicity is innovationSmall station monthly income of the method

my station is Jinling online, is a forum station, do it a few four months, but now I have reached 100 thousand IP every day like this, I do like to do forum station can only be my station! If you are old forum station is the best! If it is new can 1

first step would be to channel more! More content, the content must be rich, posts must be over fifty thousand, you can go to other forums copied to their forum above, if after the content reaches a certain number can start the promotion, but to ensure the promotion at the same time, to ensure that all can I post every day,

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

third step, now the site traffic, there will be traffic into RMB 1, if you >

simple is innovation

every day is the best! So sh419 and GG will take your included increase, so that traffic will increase, this is the most basic maintenance of the website, after all, just started also see just keep abreast of what the post membership is still relatively small,

the second step to the promotion, sh419 Post Bar is a good place, if it can bring the promotion of 5000 to 10000 IP a day, in addition to a website can also promote the good Xicihutong forum are building their own version of the version for a few popular hot posts, or find some other forums, many construction blogs often send some articles, but no matter to the forum and blog articles or posts to do publicity would have to pay attention to, not what you can attract popularity, to other people’s interests, to be able to attract people can make friends curious to see stick let him see the upper part of the lower half part to see, so when you posted propaganda as long as the upper part of the lower half part is not made with a connection address can be 1 so you can bring traffic to 1 Posts if everyone can refer to htt P://bbs.house600/thread-5847-1-1.html see how I made my hair every day is to put this post in sh419 Post Bar, each big forum above, emphasize that the best to establish a document to you to each big BBS registered user name and password down the accumulation time after just a few days to repeat the forum point you can! He has no forum don’t flow as long as the forum station, after all, new hair if the administrator will not delete your post because he posted above 1 even above each little station every day can bring you a IP, you can accumulate some time then sent to 10 thousand the forum it is ten thousand IP 1 but some forum every day will certainly be higher if a lot of 1 so long it has a three person team with this slogan to 100 thousand IP a day is not a The 1 most important content of the website, how long can it accumulate to 1 users, so as long as we make every effort to do a good job of website updates and external publicity, there is no unsuccessful 1

Refute the wheat field, how did 51 develop

I haven’t write a blog, online today to see a crop to write "51" is how the development of http://maitian.blog.techweb.com.cn/archives/2008/20085281236.shtml , suddenly feel that there is something to say, speak out.

I’ll write about my idea then.

wheat field article, I summarized as four (when I was in primary school Chinese language, the text of the central idea is always can not find, now make up missed lessons)

1, the domestic blog is not reliable, whether it is technical personnel or non technical personnel.

2, ant net is the other two XX nets, XX net 5-8 times a day increase the number of users.

The essence of the development of

3 and 51.com is "51 is resolutely throwing money out of BBS users, and it is still smashing.". That’s the essence of the 51 development model,

4, made an advertisement to recruit.Net programmers.

I’d like to make my comments about him at 4.

1, domestic blog published something not reliable must all bloggers to combat domestic such a large area, it is proud of it, I love Hong Bo kseo blog in the famous words. "I do what I think. You read with your intelligence. Don’t think I have any interest in misleading you.". To believe that they have been misled by the intellectual disabled half sorry for you."

2, website traffic can be advertised, but VC are not stupid, I do not have any good way to investigate the flow of each site, using a less reliable way, alexa. I grabbed two drawings and just scratched them.

the first 360 laps of the campus, Mayi happy at home, the campus obviously higher than everyone. (forget to add 51.com)


In addition to seeing an explosion of happy growth,

second did not see ants 5 or 6 times more daily than others. Did I choose the comparison site wrong? Ha ha, do not know the wheat field and who else, trouble wheat field to talk about.

3, the wheat field, said, "51 is firmly hitting BBS users with money and is still hitting it.". "This is the essence of the 51 development model." I basically disagree. My view is that losing money is necessary at the right time, but it is not the key to success. Where is the key to success? I think it is "any Internet product success is the essence of his inner quality, namely the word-of-mouth marketing" we say it is good, can not satisfy the user in a certain aspect of demand; Internet products, users can.

Beauty industry to do what is good to open the benefits of SPA living museum

modern mental stress, SPA living museum provides a good place for people to release pressure. In a relaxed state of mind to carry out nursing, enjoy the quiet, in the air filled with natural fragrance completely relax.

SPA through the environment, natural materials and health care, thorough care of the skin and body, but also enjoy the body and mind of the roaming and rest. In SPA, you can hear the ocean mountain natural sounds, you can smell the pure plant essential oil fumigation of fragrant, can enjoy the meticulous delicate flower tea, all the arrangements are warm and natural. In Europe and the United States, SPA with its concept of health and leisure, urban women have become a byword for decompression maintenance.

followed by consumption layer. Most of the services provided by beauty salons are facial care and simple physical care, according to the survey, most of its consumers are ordinary white-collar workers and wage earners, with an average income of 1640 yuan. The SPA Museum in addition to the beauty of the project, as well as health, health care course, popular among white-collar and wealthy people. Different consumer groups concerned about the topic is not the same, promotion management, of course, to be treated differently.

> in addition.

90 college students play a week after the profits of more than 20 thousand

innovation and entrepreneurship needs people to start their own business, buying clothes is a very popular industry, take the normal road to face many of the competition, I believe it is difficult to win. 90 college students play fun fabric, hand-painted Wuhan landscape T-shirt homemade Jersey, very popular, the successful realization of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Some people love to

2015, Wang Yuzun travel in Shanghai, accidentally saw a Custom T-Shirt shop for tourists, so the initiation of the custom culture creative T-shirt idea, but initially did not sell a variety of patterns printed on t-shirts. Wang Yuzun introduction, until February this year that the school of art and Design Institute of a group of students hand-painted big Wuhan work inspired his inspiration.

soon, a number of cooperation with Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower, the Tanhualin Q version of the abstract map of Optics Valley features such as T-shirts, Wang Yuzun himself as a model, will be displayed on the official WeChat T-shirt and the circle of friends, classmates and friends each school publicity, these T-shirts immediately caused a sensation, a lot of study in Wuhan students have to buy, only one week, there are 580 orders, profit of more than 20 thousand.

Although the



related recommendations

How much does it cost to open a cake shop

is now more and more people are no longer simply because of the problem of food and clothing and worry, so, the consumer market is more and more broad, usher in greater development. The same is true of the cake market, consumer demand is growing, so it attracted a lot of investors ready to open a cake shop. However, the start-up business is the need for funds to support. So, how much does it cost to open a cake shop?

1, single sell cake

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is the minimum amount of capital invested in the form of business, venture capital at 50 thousand yuan, about $20 thousand for store rent and renovation costs, $30 thousand for the purchase and daily expenses. This business model, investors do not need to consider the production of cake, but one thing to note, we must choose the quality assurance, good reputation of the manufacturers purchase, otherwise it will hit their shop signs.

2, cake, bread, baked cake and sell

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This form of venture capital is about 80 thousand yuan. In addition to store rent, renovation costs, investors need to purchase their own production equipment, of course, according to the different requirements of manufacturers, you can choose to pay installments or one-time payment. Judging from the current market situation, the price is not very high for the use of shop equipment is baked, the smaller the size of the oven baked between 200-500 yuan.

3, homegrown, building production cake

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is the largest initial investment in the form of operation, invested more than 300 thousand yuan. In the rent and equipment investment, accounting for about 250 thousand yuan. Suggested that the choice of the type of cake shop operators can be discussed with the lessor quarterly pay, or partnership, reducing the amount of one-time investment on the rent.

operates in different forms, need to invest funds will naturally be different, in short, is set up shop in need of venture capital, however, the choice of the operating mode, the inputs needed will also have a great difference. So, if you are going to start a cake shop, which form would you choose?

How to accurately locate their own food and beverage brands

in the current fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, can do to prepare their own brand positioning is very important. Brand in the minds of consumers will occupy a special position, but also to avoid the homogenization of the market, the difference is more important to join the chain stores.

catering brand positioning refers to the basic food chain stores in the market positioning and product positioning, the commercial decision specific brand in the cultural orientation and individual differences, it is the process and result of establishing a target market and the brand image. In other words, brand positioning refers to a specific brand to determine an appropriate market position, so that the food and beverage stores in the minds of consumers occupy a special position.

brand positioning is the primary task of brand management, is the foundation of brand building, is the premise of the success of brand management. Food and beverage brand positioning in brand management and marketing has an inestimable role. If not effectively on brand positioning, to establish the image of brand personality and unique consumer acceptance, other food stores will make their own catering stores submerged in the similar food products, decoration and service in the environment.

catering brand positioning generally includes the following aspects:

catering brand positioning: grade positioning

grade positioning reflects the brand value. Different brands of food and beverage franchise stores often in the minds of consumers according to the value of different grades. The brand value of food and beverage stores is a comprehensive reflection of the food and beverage products, environmental atmosphere, services, facilities, the psychological feelings of consumers and various social factors such as values, cultural traditions and so on. If the chain stores catering to the introduction of different price, quality and internal environment renovation of the food and beverage stores, should take brand diversification strategy, so that the overall brand image by food stores influence grade lower and destroyed.

catering brand positioning two: product positioning

product is the foundation of the brand, a good food and beverage store only when its food and beverage products to get the customer’s trust, recognition and acceptance and can establish a close relationship with the customer, can make the product to develop. Based on the establishment of brand food and beverage stores is to ensure that their products in quality, color and fragrance, unique to do the best. With the intense competition in the market, in terms of quality, or food color, various food stores are a very standard, to highlight the self, only from the difference of continuous innovation, to provide unexpected effect for the customer, in order to attract the customer’s psychological adventures, meet rising customer dietary requirements. Quality is the life of the brand, catering stores only constantly improve product quality, in order to maintain the credibility of the brand, reputation and customer loyalty. Brand building is actually the quality of construction.