The ultimate optimization need to do the station outside the station and synchronization and

website optimization, mainly for the inside and outside the station optimization and stood outside the chain optimization.


tag relatively has little effect, can write can not write. The description tag as shown in a tag search results to let the user know the site as a whole, I think don’t stack keywords in the description tag, as long as the general content of the site placed inside the inductive description tag line, and control the number of words on the line about 150 characters. Some words are piled up in the station to the description tag, description tag stack keywords actually not necessarily useful, but also a great reaction, no one will be sentenced for the website keyword stuffing. There are navigation optimization, I believe that everybody knows, the text try to use for navigation, do not use pictures, FLASH, JS code on the line. Maintain a neat and clean interface. Optimization methods of other aspects such as structure, within the chain, the content of the network of many articles on the subject, here I will not say.

station optimization refers to optimize the processing within the site, such as META tags, navigation, interface, structure and content within the chain, and so on a series of internal details. For example, the META tag usually contains three labels, tags, Keywords tag, description tag, as everyone knows, the title tag occupies the most important component in the station optimization, such as keywords you put into the title tag, can let the ranking of words to some improvement, but as long as the Shanghai dragon know knowledge know the title, not only is the site of the name card, is also set up Shanghai Longfeng optimization base.

repair station optimization skills

station optimization by external force

with the Shanghai dragon industry more and more low threshold, then the degree of competition is more and more big, so in such strong competition, how to make yourself from this need is talent shows itself? Calm and sensitive sense of smell and a series of perception. Like today I saw an article about selling radish article, many people do not know that through the construction of blog selling radish, but the thought of the people can earn pours. Besides, for the website optimization, website optimization, most of the blame on the station to update the content, send the chain, exchange of several Links simple steps, really just like this? If you look at some sites, you will find that its content is not updated, long-term the chain number is relatively small, but the ranking is very good, what’s the reason? So, website optimization appears to be simple, is actually learning time, can also be heavier weight, and only a good combination, is to play the maximum power. Today I talk about how to Neiwaijianxiu to do website optimization.

what is outside the station optimization? Station optimization is the chain. Although the outside chain is only a link, but it is very incisive. The success of the station outside the chain optimization from the construction of high quality, and a high quality.

Using images to create one hundred thousand high quality chain


second: through the search engine to sort out a number of high weight, included fast, high popularity of the forum, the best have some relationship with your site’s theme.

chain construction for image links, I want to express this is only my discovery, I also started trying, so the results are not conclusive, if a friend has been tried, please tell your experience here, I can only share some of my findings and ideas. Some time ago, accidentally discovered a lot of popular keywords a website in Shanghai before a few love, check its AX look even ranked more than 7000, enter the website of the slip ring, and did not find too many special places, this website a lot of advertising, but also pop, layout is a mess, the overall impression people are not good. By querying its love Shanghai love Shanghai found weight weight value is 7, Shanghai is expected to love the site traffic is 33877 ~ 50462, and the noble baby PR value is 5, is not too low. Check the chain which I can think of at that time, a look at the chain I jumped, external links about one hundred thousand, although not many high weight website links, but these about one hundred thousand good scary ah. Look at the chain it is found that the site outside the chain through a lot of replies in the forum or when the post with your own pictures, and no signature, I think this is perhaps the source of its large chain of lies.

1, in the post when not in the same forum at the same time too much and stick with the same picture, so be careful Oh K. (which I’ve tried)

3, always pay attention to your backlinks, as long as the search engine detects a forum in 35 you can connect, too much of a >

third: registered account in these forums, in which posts, replies. Of course, the effect will be better, but if time is limited, on the back of Post Bar, I see which sites are mostly post.

, 2 day post forum to arrange, not one made too much, we must have a plan, step by step, or if too many of these images make the search engine as the mass punishment you stand, the opposite, optimization to don’t want to ask for the moon, the days and months multiplying, we all know.

: first we made a number of beautiful and funny for the top post pictures, such as QQ signature like (this kind of pictures in Shanghai Post Bar in should be able to find ready-made pictures), not too big, too will increase the pressure on the server.

before we are through the use of signature or posting in the forum link web keywords or description text, but many websites can not set the signature, not to mention with keyword tracing text, but his method can get their links to join the forum. Of course, the effect is good, it is difficult to say, but I think if the link should be effective.

Love is not Shanghai gifts received only a primary

love Shanghai for the meaning of the content is the most valuable content to the user, while the content production is individual stationmaster is difficult to self production, but from the long-term perspective, in order to be able to continue reading, in site inside the increased PV, many contents are all update approach, but the observation of domestic Hot Blog Lu Songsong’s blog, in fact the accumulation of several years, also do not have too much content, is the quality and interactivity, this is also a trend of social network under.

WHY before the Shanghai Longfeng teacher Cardiff and Wang Tong teacher to speed transit share on the Shanghai dragon online salon topic, only when the teacher said, most of the previous concern may be included, will continue to reduce the later included, this is one of the reasons that a website reprinted online before the update to and this also indicates that the importance of the collection.

received only a raw, naturally become the author’s point of view, previously seen in the online media exposure portal page links to articles, is written by Lu Songsong, now Shanghai.

Shanghai is not love gifts, in fact is to enter a lot of content, and then collected after feedback back to you, once the update in the webmaster forums, or micro-blog, all the discussion will start, reprinted the gift update, please only temporary love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon from the long-term perspective included, affect the ranking, but good content to do rankings you will get unexpected results, the author of the Soft blog last year almost every day to write original, since this year rarely updated, now the word of thousands of soft index, still in the home, not because of the number of web pages to me, but in the matter.

therefore love Shanghai included more web pages and not in order to provide a good keywords ranking, this is a view of the author, so I think the original content in the short term is difficult to achieve a volume, but through continuous accumulation and aggregation of content, for the Shanghai dragon optimization is very valuable, weight stability is a fundamental one of the website optimization, the update is also included by weight stable reprint.

talked about the original content, do not know Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends seem to have been concerned about the original content, since the field by focusing on Shanghai Longfeng this time, there are some common speech is original is good, the original content can let love Shanghai better, today the author recalled a few years ago ad the writing to share about love that included only the original Shanghai a problem.

when it comes to love Shanghai pay attention to original content, we believe that this is very clear, as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we work in addition to grasp the search engine algorithm, more is the most basic application of Shanghai Dragon technology, and take it for a long period of operation, this is the essence of Shanghai dragon is, at least I think so, that is to make the user experience and user experience is the content for the first.

Website optimization three Shanghai Longfeng elements


keyword in the text mainly involves two concepts of frequency and keyword density. Need to mention is that the improved search engine algorithm now, keyword density is a not too important concept. In general, the length of the little content keywords appear two or three times the length of the big keywords appear five or six times have been enough, do not stack keywords. The first 50 to 100 words of text usually appear in the keywords can get higher weight in nature, when writing the first paragraph to call arguments, it is proposed in the first paragraph of the first sentence words. Then two or three key words in the text argument, end again keywords. Then the text text optimization is done.

page title refers to is included in the title tag within the text, the user is seen directly using a search engine content, can be said to be the most important factor of "optimization. For the preparation of the title tag, the general advice is to follow the head label, need to remember is not to insert javascrpt code in them, it can facilitate the search engine to quickly find the title of the page. At the same time, "the writing of the title must not repeat the title search engine is an important basis for judging" correlation, repeat the label use is a great waste, the user experience will be affected. This is a lot often make mistakes, even some large IT sites often appear this kind of circumstance. The page title tag suggestion manual, don’t intentionally stack keywords in the title, and can be properly integrated into several groups of keywords to optimize the long tail word effect is relatively better, classification page tag can be used "class name – site name / company name" in the form of products within the page you can use "product name the title of the article classification name site name / company name". The writing of the title should describe the main content of the page, so that users can clear the theme of this page, the search engine can immediately know the relevance of a page. Note that, because the search engine search results list page title words that have a certain limit, the excess will replaced by an ellipsis. So, based on the study, the title of the words is best not more than 30 Chinese characters or 65 characters English.


The title of Keywords

Shanghai Longfeng is a simple entry, but not completely out of the technology, any one can only be infinitely close to Shanghai dragon master search engine algorithm, and can never master the search engine algorithm. It is the main natural search engine ranking on the page, namely the left part of the page, and generally pay advertising (PPC) has no direct relationship. Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the website can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts, this is mainly about "the headline is important in the optimization in the station, the preparation, distribution of text keywords and how to do external links.

Let the site statistics analysis tools for your website optimization guide to do the lighthouse

do not know when you have your long tail keywords once the website value up, your web site does not solve and solve a lot of time but also the needs of the user rigid demand problem, then you will become unusually high weight website. It is difficult to drop the right K this reason, because if you on the site right down, these excellent content will not be available to the user, it is a failure of the search engines, then our website and search engine will stand on the same side, you say we are not of course to realize win? Keywords the rigid demand coverage is not easy, we have to look for in our industry who have yet to be resolved and users urgently need to solve a problem, and the website statistical analysis tools in which data may be limited, that we need a more comprehensive data integration.

only on the Internet to make Shanghai dragon now has been far from enough, now is the era of precision marketing, so precision marketing rely on what support? All sectors of the data are very important for various industries, we do website optimization of the data it has a very deep understanding of our do any of the Shanghai dragon project or network marketing project is a certain amount of data needed to support, if the SK marketing plan for everyone said the website data so many friends have said, because this has something to say.

now a lot of people every day in the update site, and users do not know the specific needs of what kind of content, the user specific issues are not resolved, they don’t know. Just know that every day to copy some meaningless users are not interested in the news content, this part not only has no intention to enhance the value of the site, but the overall quality down website content. So no matter for the content of the website construction or the long tail keywords true precision and analysis of user demand, site statistics analysis tools inside data has great reference significance and value, so we must pay attention to the site statistics analysis tools in data, and use statistical analysis tools of data in the web site.

today will tell us about how to become a website optimization website data beacon effect, simply that we through the website statistical analysis tools for tracking the user on your site all reflect the analysis tools we can analyze the data obtained by the website development gaffe website statistics, can give you the website optimization or network marketing under a step in the development of some guidance, we use the general Adsense site statistics analysis tools: CNZZ, 51LA, quantum statistics, love Shanghai Heng Road, 51YES etc. these tools, these tools we can let our own website data but not comprehensive enough, most stations are compared the poor may not a year spend thousands of dollars to use CNZZ statistics as a working-class panorama, we are vulnerable to a real wages. Rent a hand, a hand in utilities, then charge a mobile phone, a bus card, only one point > pitiful

Herd how to improve the conversion rate of single page program

analysis and single page:

We all know that

sales, shopping guide websites conversion rate is very important, but the site optimization flow up, too, but no single transaction, is quite "Cup". So the flow does not mean there will be sold, these are to be studied. The single page program for several months the two station search flow more than 200 per day, but also often have zero turnover situation, so also is what causes the conversion rate so low? Below we share a few possible reasons.

analysis on how to finally let visitors click on at least to the target page:

is now basically directly with the mall page or individually designed product list form, 9 grids and other single page selection. Directly nested mall page, beautiful interface and user experience, and product data is the mall, but visitors enter the site to see like the Taobao mall interface, click on the product and jumped into the real Taobao mall page. As long as there is online shopping experience visitors will think is a phishing site, but a lower degree of trust. List and 9 grids, the overall tone style to site collocation, put a head of advertising, then choose a good template and then good sales and products, so the conversion rate is high. If the template does not do can go online to find, buy Taobao, or looking for artists to do Witkey task. The group share several sets of simple and Whitening Essential Oil single page template, there is a need of a friend can add QQ group: 116154365 to group sharing inside the download.

this question I study for a few days, a WordPress station group website products found accidentally by search their love Shanghai website link >


has already written on a single page related articles (analysis of single page station needs to solve the problem of a single page, Amoy), to share with you today to write about is how to improve the conversion rate of the station.


first single page Keywords:

before I do is rose essential oil single page, choose "the price of rose essential oil, rose oil, rose essential oil usage function", keywords can easily see three words above in "oil prices rose " this fairly directional point. Want to know the price of a product, or want to buy the idea. "Rose essential oil use and effect of" the two word orientation goal itself is not enough, so it is very important to choose keywords. When you choose the best is to investigate several people around to see if they want to buy XXXX products, how to search, and then combined with the love and love Shanghai Shanghai related search index is the best choice of words, the title can integrate some prominent words such as "Taobao sales first" and "2011 best XX, the best-selling " XXX" to attract the attention of the audience.

Two days ago,

Can game design make recruitment more effectiveAI’s bubble is coming entrepreneurs don’t worry about

data show that from a global point of view, as of the second quarter of 2016, global AI exceeded 1000, across 13 sub categories, 2011-2016 years in the field of artificial intelligence financing composite growth rate reached 42%, the total financing amounted to $4 billion 800 million, of which, deep learning, computer vision, Natural Language Processing is the largest amount of investment, founded by most of the field.

Why does

data analysis is one of the ways to enhance the predictive ability of the evaluation, and the game has become the highlight of attracting candidates;


through these interesting games, so that candidates bold display of their own characteristics, leaving their work experience and educational background, free to express themselves in front of employers.

data show that in January 2016 there were more than 50 thousand new APP were submitted to Appstore, but the market in the United States, 65% of the number of intelligent mobile phone users to download new APP within a month of 0, under the 1 new APP people accounted for 8.4%. Last May, the top 15 mobile software developers in the United States found downloads were down 20% year on year.

has 95% of companies admitted because there is no >

recruitment is a process of discovering talented people, and every company wants to hire people with a good mind and ability. But traditional recruitment methods seem to be hard to satisfy.


is the most active in Silicon Valley, Intel, shlf1314, GE, Facebook and so on

the meta analysis summarizes the past 85 years of research done by the University of Iowa and the Michigan State University. "This study shows that cognitive ability is more likely to determine whether or not you can do a job. It’s almost two times the job performance, three times the work experience and four times the level of education," Miller says.

Criteria Corp founder and CEO Josh · Miller pointed out that "research shows that the result of the aptitude test has been one of the best predictors of the candidates can be fit for the job." He cited data from a meta analysis to support his point of view.

next time, candidates may have to play a game on their cell phone.

artificial intelligence AI should be one of the hottest sectors in the technology industry this year. Two sessions this year, "artificial intelligence" was written into the government work report for the first time. Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, Ma Yun and other chiefs have mentioned the concept of artificial intelligence, and are in the push.

in the past ten years, the evaluation used in the recruitment process is almost nothing new, this situation will change;

test candidates so important,

although in the past ten years, evaluation has been used by many companies as a form of recruitment, but these evaluations are almost nothing new. "This approach is full of human error," says Fenn. "The biases inherent in the employer can also seriously affect the results of the evaluation."."

artificial intelligence so fire?

because of the lack of effective use of information communication channels and the lack of efficiency in attracting talent resources, the company recruits unsuitable employees every year;

Li Kaifu is one of the crazy investors in the field of artificial intelligence in China, claiming that the Innovation workshop invests close to 25 enterprises, including horizon robot, Face++, Uisee and so on. In addition to the Innovation workshop, many venture capital institutions are willing to lose money in the field of artificial intelligence. Some people even shouted "out of business" and "artificial intelligence"".

sh419 artificial intelligence has long been in the layout, this year, Ali announced the launch of the NASA program, Tencent officially announced the establishment of AI Lab. Domestic BAT, the first two years of common strategy or connection and ecological strategy, in the twinkling of an eye, are affixed to their own AI tags.

Why is

recruitment process can become more attractive, and evaluation can be part of the "hybrid phase" of the process;

artificial intelligence so the fire is not a matter of fact there is no reason, first, the current mobile internet field with most of the air has been in a relationship, the end of the demographic dividend, the Internet giant to a new growth point for users to download the new APP more and more interested in.

Fenn · Hill is a business analyst at GreatRok; GreatRok is a seed fund for investment start-ups. According to Fenn, ·, Hill’s view, the way enterprises discover talented people is now changing to the recruitment process. Although this trend is relatively new, it has gained more and more people’s approval.

artificial intelligence has many problems, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to compete with giants, talents, users, traffic and capital.

secondly, artificial intelligence is basically pushed by giants. Why should the giant push it, because it is a disruptive technology of the future, and no one wants to be subverted by new technology.

so does the hiring process make hiring more effective? Maybe. Because the game is a great way to attract people who are looking for a job, they have a strong interest in the company before they send out their resumes. This article will analyze the meaning of the recruitment process in detail, and some of the main points are as follows:

domestic this trend is also very obvious, so we see, the development of a APP will be faced with user access and use of high cost, difficult to retain, users difficult to find bottlenecks. As a result, entrepreneurs begin to search for new outlets and new growth points.

A three view whether an article has been included in Shanghai love

this method is bad, maybe love Shanghai have included your article, but in the very back, cause you have no patience for a page to find, you may eventually find the web page is not in the article, it shows your homepage or list page or other pages in this case, there may exist

second: the advanced search function to love Shanghai, accurate in their search keywords station title.

third: copy directly to the address of a page to love Shanghai search box, if the display represents included (Figure 5); otherwise, the love of Shanghai has not yet been included.


3, in the advanced search page, the first column "contains all the keywords" "input, the second column contains the complete keyword following the input the full title you posted, then search. Check whether they have loved Shanghai included in the search results, if there is no content in the search results, it has not been included in the love of Shanghai. (Figure 4) [in the advanced search settings can also set up other related conditions such as search by date search]

: the first fall in love with the sea directly search for complete title name, such as: [pet] input search engine search network pet and then check whether each page of your web site. (see Figure 1)

2, in search of the bottom of the page there is advanced search link love Shanghai, click the "advanced search" into the advanced search page. (Figure 3)

source: 贵族宝贝





please indicate!

webmaster and network editors often published a lot of articles on its website, published articles to be included or love Shanghai as soon as possible to be included, how to check whether their articles have been included in the pet love Shanghai? Now the search engine as an example to introduce the following three methods:


1, in Shanghai love search bar enter, where is your website domain name, that does not contain WWW, the search results are you all love Shanghai station site included in the article, shows the number of love Shanghai included in the right at the top or bottom of the search results. (Figure 2)

Investment or investment projects, grassroots individual owners look at entrepreneurship and investm

editor’s note: the author is a happy day of the week star (micro-blog Monternet founder ID@ happy dream master Zhou Xing, blog address, read only one impression, grassroots webmaster dare dare to do, you feel:


looked at 36 krypton recent "face no profit model of entrepreneurial projects, investors how to see, how entrepreneurs break" article, there are some feelings, nagging, nagging.

, like most of the webmaster, I’m just a grass root, without the bad background of the big guys at the GMIC conference. But I have long contact with the average net friend and know what they think.

for entrepreneurs, domestic investment environment than foreign, and this is a fact, Lei Jun also said, "only cast acquaintances."". First of all, because there are too many people, too many entrepreneurial projects, investors face massive amounts of information, "cast Acquaintances" have higher priority, it is understandable. On the other hand, we can see that the investment philosophy of "seeing people" is entirely different from the idea of "project" abroad. For most domestic grassroots, if there is no relationship, it is almost impossible to get investment.

voted or voted

this raises the question of whether to invest in projects or investors, if only to invest in "Acquaintances", that is not a high interest loan. "The strategy of just putting on an acquaintance", right? In the end, is the market deciding the success or failure of a project, or is it a person (entrepreneur) or a group of people (entrepreneurial team)?

and this environment is not only higher requirements for entrepreneurs, but also for investors. This requires investors in the complicated venture eye essence, not only have the ability in the short term some functional value of products, but also from the long-term point of view some of the cultural value of the product, it is also a process of accumulation, is the need of these efforts.

if I hold it for example, you can see a few years ago, Facebook is not the first time Google profit, also do not profit, it is of course in foreign countries, there are many domestic similar to the Google team or individual, unfortunately, they are not investors acquaintance acquaintances, so we can hard to see. They are just serious about doing their own products and really listening to the needs of users. I think, as an investor, a lot of time should be spent on the project itself experience, but also a multi angle experience, a long time pondering, rather than 5 minutes to make a conclusion. Like American Idol, sometimes you need to spend some time on some reliable project, because if you don’t give the "look" of the project is not reliable, the pursuit of security, trust the people, that is the equivalent of washing down >

Shake meal, no return is difficult for a long time, small communities, commercial anxiety

if not the Internet practitioners or deliberately understand the history of the Internet, no meal for the majority of people is a very strange, but it is better than Sina micro-blog earlier, it has been used as the U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing a pioneering project has been retained…… Behind so many tags is the survival anxiety of a niche network community.

"shake" meal, no return is difficult for a long time,

in March 4, 2016, rice, founder Wang Xing in rice has updated a message: recycling more forward, reengineering a day. For a quiet nine years of Internet products, the "jitter" to fans throbbing.

in March 4th and not what meal, it is Wang more well-known venture meituan’s birthday, but Wang did not send this message in micro-blog, but the choice of their own rice has a website – usually quite lonely. "Looking back", "recycling" and other words, can not help "meal no", users unlimited reverie.

jitter is not just Wang, in the news update within a few hours, Fanfou users and managers of compulsory @.rex forwarded Wang news, and announced a rare Fanfou service update: rice has published the picture service updates, in the beautiful cloud help, no meal can be transmitted more frequently and the high quality of the original action figure.

to this day, "rice" is only Wang and the United States under the huge business territory retained, and even its main business far apart. The United States Mission and Wang Xing himself did not comment on any outside speculation, perhaps no meal so has been down, the user is not imagination into reality, perhaps no meal will satisfy all in line with the business logic of the vision: become a Wang Xing business empire is more important, as knowledge and Sogou relationship now, or the Alibaba investment crazy media platform logic.

, but this still can not change the survival of small minority type of company anxiety – WeChat QQ under, micro-blog has turned, unfamiliar street Nai, not to mention watercress, know almost, Tianya, everyone…… These latter are no longer the whole community products that Netcom eats, usually only in the hearts of some loyal fans.

to know almost as an example, this is the youngest of the company community products, even the development of the most successful communities of interest, marriage Sogou recently became an important source of support Sogou search ask.

more famous Tianya low-key last year listed on the new board, according to its financial statements, Tianya 2014 and 2013 year, the company’s main business income was 104 million yuan and 107 million yuan; the amount of the loss is 44 million 650 thousand yuan and 31 million 610 thousand yuan respectively.

Tianya community said that if the company’s cash flow continued to be negative in the future, the company may suffer from financial strain or even exhaustion of funds, thereby affecting the development of the normal business. Tianya acknowledges that it is facing challenges. The company is currently mainly