Novice to search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding

Cookie can record the user operation information in their own site, but users out of the site after data is not to track. Most of the time we log on some websites, such as login information and other input data are in fact that each site alone retained the user record.

4, the website set up after the keyword ranking and not

3, Cookie can only record the website user information, the user does not record in other website operation information

including me, for a very long time to think that as long as the settings of the site keywords, website update and optimize the internal and external chain after these keywords will be ranked. In fact, now keyword and description search engine website set up in the calculation of correlation may only reference only, let alone influence ranking. Site keywords ranking do go up or rely on our specially for these words to do within the chain chain optimization, the more concentrated the anchor text keywords ranking ability is better.



Webmaster Tools data function helps us understand the comprehensive data information website, the love of Shanghai is now a chain in the weight >

webmaster tools provide reference value for Shanghai love weight

optimization is not an immutable and frozen work, he needs to optimize the staff always to find and optimize the user experience of the process, and not always to love Shanghai, not every day with a big aunt theory, love Shanghai each month is not the big aunt, who called aunt theory is not suitable for the optimization of the way now that has been popular in big data now, update the search engine algorithm is always, but the only constant is to enhance the user experience, so we both do white hat optimization, or black hat optimization, all starting from the user. Especially rookies6 summed up several aspects of search optimization misunderstanding me:

2, the search index is not equal to the actual search volume

love Shanghai official clear to users in the search volume love Shanghai as the basic data, based on keywords statistics object of scientific analysis and calculation of each keyword in Shanghai love web search and search frequency weighted ", pay attention to is the search frequency, is not a simple search volume. But love is the actual Shanghai index search volume is a valuable index.

1, love Shanghai snapshot time and website weight is not directly related to

page weight is helpful for website snapshot update time, but the website snapshot update time is based on historical site update frequency and content quality to decide, the frequency of updates faster, more frequent crawling. In addition the content page update frequency is very small. There is a spider crawling frequency but is not updated, because the search engine that content quality is not worth updating. Another love Shanghai without too much official website snapshot.

To solve the sharing website home page will not be included skills experience

well, tonight I first talked about here, goodnight Zhanyou, the rainbow to help the network 贵族宝贝, the first A5, it is best to retain the source, thank you please reprint

found the reason, problems are the author and webmaster and art joint efforts have been solved, in almost continuously updated content and construction of high quality the chain after a week, the homepage smoothly was collected, and later also get good rankings, but he is really gratifying.

web site is not included are generally out of the chain, content, structure and template, website domain name, I have to explain one by one.

good evening, I am a fish, in yesterday’s article "on the 1KK movie network will not be included within the pages of some guess" I’ll give you analysis and share about the site is not included in the page love Shanghai reasons and solutions, today I share with you some of my other this website is a website, I took over at the beginning of the month, on-line for nearly a month, the home is still not able to get the love of Shanghai included. The author will come together and analyze the station why not love Shanghai, I hope this is helpful to the

station!For several reasons the

I was the first to check the station name "past life", because most of the line on the website is not included because of multi domain problems, such as the domain name before because of cheating by search engine K or punishment. Check the domain name after my big sigh, no problem.

! The domain name

finally the web page template check, found on the front page of the call to the JS and flash class pictures, although this website looks very nice, but it is for spiders, your home is not what content can crawl, resulting in your web page will not be included.

since there is no problem, the reason will not be included in the content? I also check the contents, check out the station content is almost all collected from even the most basic pseudo original work is not done (for example, modify title). As we all know, the search engine algorithm constantly improve the readability, practicality and originality of the current search engines pay more attention to the website content, if the content of a web site are from the collection, no original content, search engine is not what a good impression on you, of course, more do not talk to you the.

Parse wood spring journal fourth to expose the secrets of QQ space traffic explosion

this is the fourth article of log teacher Chun. I would like to see the friend of the first three articles. I will attach the link address to the bottom of the article. Please note.

Now many people use

in today’s headlines, such as personal blog, 360 from the media, QQ space and so on the other platform from the media, I admire these people from the media, not only because they do good, they also insist on I need to learn.

, Lu Songsong, Feng Dongyang and Mu Chun are good learning examples. We can pay attention to these teachers.

QQ space is a good place for cohesion. Generally speaking, the first thing after QQ is going to have a look at the space, which has become a habit for most people. Therefore, the use of QQ space from the media, relatively speaking, is relatively easy, because QQ space does not need to consider the platform audience, crowd, platform dissemination, and so on.

as mentioned in the article, wood spring teacher was writing this article at the time, the space of daily visits reached 4000+, then now wood spring teacher’s spatial view of how much is it? Screenshot below as evidence.


article, wood spring teacher also provides you with centralized guidance to enhance the QQ space flow methods, namely:

one, multi platform diffusion, to QQ space cited traffic

this method is simple, just like promoting products. Enterprise products want to sell in the network channels, then you need to publish promotional information on different platforms, focused on corporate Web sites or for enterprise shops flow.

similarly, QQ space as the center, the valuable content as its own products, published in the major platforms, so that more people know you, understand you. In this way, your QQ space traffic will be improved. Of course, this approach must also be based on the provision of valuable content.

two, content skills

QQ space three major sections: log, album, talk about.

put aside the album, journal, not to mention, to be recommended, should be often met. So, how to make their own published about the system recommended? First of all we need to know what kind of system will be recommended, "the quality is relatively high, point praise and comments more about possible system will be recommended".

below is a summary of the wooden spring teacher said, recommended a few tips, I feel pretty good. "1 words, talk more, write the best content automatically" folded up "state; 2, talk about the pictures; 3 and say to write the contents of some good words, do not appear negative or sensitive words; 4, say, was praised by comment."

is more than just talking. It’s the same thing with logs, if you’re writing quality very well

Do you understand the joint venture model

joint venture model you know? The following is shared by Gu Mingxiang, general manager of Xin Pu’s entrepreneurial experience, you can thoroughly lead us to understand the advantages of joint venture model.


valuation of the company after the merger

"joint venture" talks less than two weeks

According to the

on Simpson technology next if there is similar "cooperation" program, Gu Mingxiang said, before the cooperation with the Department of soft information, Simpson technology has knowledge community WeCenter domestic well-known business income under the command of.

Entrepreneurship can be persistent but flexible

although there are a lot of friends would like to venture, and also have a lot of friends succeed, but here, I still want to say, the early start is very difficult, you do not know whether they will be successful in doing something.

LinkedIn  early facing a difficult is that other social networking sites — first is   Friendster, Facebook, and later   user growth is very fast, people have been told me that our website should also provide photo sharing, games etc.. We also put a lot of energy to think about the problem.

Huangyuan County, pay close attention to six close to further promote the military enterprises build

to ensure that the "military enterprises build a model village" activities to achieve tangible results, Huangyuan County in the activities of "six", to further promote the "build" activities, and achieved remarkable results. Up to now, a total of 24 types of agricultural projects in the integration of the class, more than 12900 yuan of funds, of which the county financial support funds of $10 million 800 thousand, the implementation of the joint point of municipal units, enterprises, troops to build more than 200 yuan of funds. Complete the greening area of 23414 square meters, 26878 trees planted all kinds of trees, 11310 square meters of brick wall for the completion of 29200 square meters, the wall decoration, door 45 renovation completed.

How to do business backlog

said the business people, and now many people see only the surface of the scenery, do not know, do business in fact bear a lot of pressure, first of all, the backlog of funds is not an ordinary person can afford. A lot of people look at other people to do business, only to make money, the warehouse, the goods, but I do not know a lot of people to earn money to earn a warehouse inventory. Almost every trade, retail, online shopping groups will encounter inventory problems. So, how to do this kind of cargo backlog? How to solve it?

order on demand.

usually does so passively, because it is impossible to accurately estimate the market demand. If you need to order is in accordance with the previous year or the previous quarter, invoicing. For example, sales in January was five hundred thousand, and there is a trend of increasing demand next month, please order the amount of 700 thousand.

first time cost principle.

a batch of goods as long as the cost of the back that even if the profit, inventory, please reduce the price, this is the money you earn.

improve product competitiveness.

at the same time to upgrade the quality and reasonable price, spend the appropriate promotion costs.

maintain good old customers.

the purchasing power of the old customer accounts for fifty percent of your sales. A shipment of goods, quickly out of half, reducing the possibility of inventory.

split the stock out.

cooperate with your customers to sell the goods and then get the money, you will only maximize the inventory of the diversion of the show has been cleared off the possibility of buying.



with a part of the old goods sold.


in front of the mall or crowded the square office rent stalls, a tent at a week, the effect will be very good, but you must be willing to bid.

never leap.

do business is really good to make money, earn money people have a kind of smug, blind expansion, irrational order. It is extremely dangerous to order more than you sold last month without expanding the sales network.

follow the principle of "step by step".


National innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges in Wuhan

than ordinary colleges and universities, higher vocational colleges have been focused on cultivating more professional and technical talents, leading experience in technical education, but entrepreneurship education in many higher vocational colleges is still in the initial stage. In the new era of management activities, put forward new demands of entrepreneurship education in Higher Vocational colleges.

held recently in Wuhan Polytechnic national vocational college president conference of the 2015 annual meeting of the national higher occupation colleges’ Entrepreneurship alliance was formally established.

the alliance by the Department in charge of education guidance in higher vocational colleges, led the participation of enterprises, to jointly promote the integration of work depth training of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the content, form, method, mechanism and talents, Houzhi public entrepreneurship peoples innovative soil.

A set of data from

display on the opening ceremony, to 2014, the students of 1327 higher vocational colleges has reached 10 million 66 thousand people, the scale for the first time exceeded 10 million mark, the higher occupation education in higher vocational colleges has exceeded the scale of 40%, become the indispensable component of higher education.

It is reported that

in the call of the Ministry of education, college students entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the teaching system, higher vocational colleges should encourage students to participate in entrepreneurial activities related to the increase of related experience through internship and after graduation to embark on the road of entrepreneurship preparation.

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Hot breakfast market healthy diet is more important

breakfast in our life, has always been very popular choice. With the gradual improvement of our living standards, we gradually increase the demand for breakfast, of course, a healthy diet is very important. Next, let us take a look at the breakfast market to join the introduction of the demand for health bar:

2010 from December to July 2016, the defendant Cheng in the operation of the breakfast shop, knowing not to add too much Deep-Fried Dough Sticks baking powder and alum, but still in the process of making the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, experience Deep-Fried Dough Sticks add baking powder and alum (aluminum potassium sulfate containing ingredients). In July 20th this year, Nanchang City, Xihu District market and quality supervision and administration of production Deep-Fried Dough Sticks sampling. After inspection, the residues in sampling Deep-Fried Dough Sticks aluminum 889.9mg/kg, maximum residue 100mg/kg reached the national food safety standards of food additives using standard allows fried noodle products of aluminum is more than 8 times. In August 25th, police in the breakfast shop will drive an arrest.

by the above description, I believe we all know the importance of a healthy diet for us. If you want to have a healthy breakfast shop, we continue to focus on our website!

Top ten tennis brands

ball games have a lot of varieties, there are not too many restrictions on the field of badminton, naturally there is a tennis ball on the site requirements. Of course, want to do tennis, nature also need to choose a good brand. Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the top ten tennis brand list, so that you can choose to more suitable tennis brand.

tennis top ten brands NO.1, Wilson will win – Xiamen Wei Wei sporting goods Co., Ltd.:

in the United States in 1913, the international market has a high market share, the world’s leading manufacturer of sports equipment, Xiamen Wei Wei sporting goods Co., ltd..

tennis ten brands list NO.2, Babolat Babolat – the Guangzhou Bao reax Sports Goods Co. Ltd.:

was founded in 1875 in France, one of Europe’s biggest tennis products brand, industry famous brand, ten tennis brand, Guangzhou Bao reax sports goods co..

tennis top ten brand NO.3, Prince Prince – Prince manufacturing (limited) Company:

in 1970, the United States, is committed to professional tennis racket design and production of enterprises, the world’s best selling aluminum racket, Prince manufacturing (limited) company.

tennis ten brands list, NO.4 Dunlop Dunlop, jamost sporting goods (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.:

in 1888, the ten major tennis racket brand, is committed to professional tennis activities of golf equipment manufacturing enterprises, jamost sporting goods (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

tennis ten brands list, NO.5 Head, pereiro Hyde trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.:

was founded in 1950 in Austria, one of the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturers and distributors, the ten major tennis brands, Pereiro Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

tennis ten brands list, NO.6 Slazenger, jamost sporting goods (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.:

began in 1881 in Britain, the British aristocracy brand, ten tennis brand, is recognized as the best in the world with the ball, jamost sporting goods (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

tennis top ten brands NO.7, Walker VOLKL – Germany’s Walker (Volkl) Company: