Investigative Report into Halifax Regional Police Incident Released

first_imgThe province’s independent Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) released its first investigative summary report today, June 22. The report deals with an incident on April 21 during an arrest by two Halifax Regional Police officers. During the arrest, a 61-year-old woman’s arm was broken. The report concludes that the officers used reasonable force and criminal charges against them are not warranted. The report can be seen at . At about 7:40 p.m., police were called to deal with the woman, who was obstructing traffic at the intersection of Federal and McAlpine avenues in Halifax. Witnesses said she appeared to be in an altered mental state. The woman resisted initial attempts by the officers, one male and one female, to have her leave the street. She then became aggressive and tried to bite the female officer. When the officers tried to protect themselves and arrest her, she resisted further by kicking at them. Her arm was unintentionally broken during a brief struggle to control her. At that point the police applied no further force and immediately called for medical help. The investigation included interviews with 16 witnesses and the injured woman. Information confirmed the woman had a history of violent and difficult behaviour when in an altered mental state. Ron MacDonald, SIRT’s independent director, concludes in the report that there are no reasonable grounds for charges against the officers. “The officers’ actions were consistent with their duty to use reasonable force to arrest the woman, and justified to protect themselves from her attempts to injure them,” said Mr. MacDonald. “The application of force was brief and used only for the purpose of controlling a very difficult person who had become violent and dangerous.” SIRT, which became operational on April 20, is responsible for investigating all serious incidents involving police in Nova Scotia, whether or not there is an allegation of wrongdoing. Investigations are under the direction and control of the independent civilian director. This was the agency’s first case. SIRT can independently launch an investigation or begin an investigation after a referral from a chief of police, the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia or the Minister of Justice. It can also investigate after a public complaint. The Police Act requires the director to file a public report summarizing the results of the investigation within three months after it is finished. A copy of the summary is also to be provided to the Minister of Justice and the police agency involved.last_img read more

NS should cover transgender breast implants activist says in rights complaint

first_imgHALIFAX – A transgender activist has filed a human rights complaint against the Nova Scotia Department of Health, saying it’s unfair the province covers breast removal surgeries for transgender men, but not breast augmentations for transgender women.Serina Slaunwhite has spent the last year-and-a-half fighting the provincial medicare program after she was denied breast implants in April 2017, on the grounds the surgery is not considered to be medically necessary.She filed the human rights complaint after she felt her concerns went unanswered.“This should be included along with the rest of the surgeries that are publicly funded by the province for sex reassignment surgery …. It’s gender discrimination,” Slaunwhite said Thursday.“Why is that not covered? If you’re going to do masculinization surgeries and breast removal for trans men, then they should be able to do the opposite for trans women.”She said Nova Scotia’s MSI program wouldn’t give her a “clear cut answer.”In an email, Department of Health spokeswoman Tracy Barron said transgender women usually develop breasts through hormonal therapy, which is covered by provincial pharmacare programs, while the only way for transgender men to permanently masculinize their chest is through surgery.“Implants are not covered for any individuals who would prefer larger breasts,” she said.“Breast implants are covered in Nova Scotia for severe congenital or developmental asymmetries and also in breast cancer reconstruction.”But Susanne Litke, a lawyer at Dalhousie Legal Aid Service who represents Slaunwhite, said in many cases breasts grown during hormone therapy aren’t substantial enough for transgender women to feel at home in their bodies.She said this kind of surgery can help transgender women “pass” — a term referring to their ability to be perceived as the gender they identify as — which can, in turn, mean being able to avoid hurtful comments and harassment from others.“It doesn’t always develop the size and volume of breast that they would be comfortable with in terms of the passing issue,” said Litke about transgender women being able to grow breasts during hormone therapy.“When that breast development isn’t enough for the person to be comfortable in their body, then it’s a medical necessity.”Litke said the province’s sex reassignment policy is a “simple regulation” that could be easily changed by the government if they wanted to and that B.C. and Saskatchewan have already chosen to fund breast augmentation surgery for transgender women.“Nova Scotia can take a lead here in Canada, we can be ahead of the rest of the provinces who don’t have the surgeries added,” she said.Without coverage, breast augmentation can cost several thousand dollars.Greater access to this service could also help transgender women avoid gender dysphoria, according to Kate Shewan, executive director of the Youth Project, an organization dedicated to supporting young people struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity.Gender dysphoria, recognized by the Canadian Psychological Association, is a condition where people feel a disconnect between how their body appears and how they identify.Shewan said the condition can be mitigated through gender-affirming surgery.“For some trans people, the chest or the breasts can be an area of significant distress or discomfort,” she said, noting that failing to “pass” can result in harassment or violence toward a transgender person.“When you’re experiencing that level of discomfort for an extended period of time … it can cause people to have difficulty interacting in society.”Michael Davies-Cole, a local transgender man and activist, said it would be relatively simple for him to walk into a doctor’s office and get a referral to get a mastectomy or chest masculinization surgery, while transgender women aren’t afforded the same right.He said cisgender people — those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth — don’t realize the kinds of steps transgender people need to take in their everyday lives.“We get up in the morning and we literally spend more time than you can imagine deciding what to wear so we can pass for that day,” he said Thursday.“And the irony is, we’re asked to pass for something we already are.”Slaunwhite and Litke said they are waiting to hear back from the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.last_img read more

North India reels under intense heat

first_imgNew Delhi: Several parts of north India continued to reel under scorching heat on Wednesday with Jammu recording its season’s hottest day at over 40 degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department.Heat wave was observed at isolated places in west Rajasthan where Sri Ganganagar became the hottest place at a maximum of 45.6 degrees Celsius. Churu, known for its extreme weather conditions, recorded a maximum of 44.5 degrees Celsius, becoming the second hottest place in the state. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghThe weather remained dry in the desert state even as Met officials warned that heat wave conditions would likely occur at isolated places in west Rajasthan during the next 48 hours. Jammu, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, for the first time this season, crossed the 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature recorded in Jammu was 40.1 degrees Celsius — 3.3 notches above the normal during this time of the season, a Met Department official said. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadHe said the minimum temperature in the city also continued its upward trend and settled at 25.5 degrees Celsius, which is 2.5 degrees above the normal. Residents of the national capital continued to reel under sweltering conditions with the mercury crossing the 43-degrees mark in some parts of the city. The Safdarjung observatory, recording of which is considered the official figure for the city, recorded a maximum temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius, three notches above the season’s average, said a Met department official, adding that the minimum temperature was recorded at 23.6 degrees Celsius, a notch below the normal. The Palam observatory registered a high of 43.6 degrees Celsius. Heat wave conditions persisted in Telangana where Nalgonda sizzled with the highest maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The India Meteorological Department said heat wave conditions are very likely to prevail over some parts of the state on May 9 and May 10. It also warned that thunderstorm accompanied with gusty winds (40 to 50 kmph) and lightning are very likely to occur at isolated places over Telangana. Several parts of Himachal Pradesh reeled under scorching heat with Una recording a high of 41 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in the Himalayan state. The maximum temperatures have increased by one to two degrees Celsius in the state during the last 24 hours, Shimla centre MeT director Manmohan Singh said. The maximum temperature was 37.7 degrees Celsius in Bilaspur, 36.4 degress Celsius in Hamirpur, 35.5 degrees Celsius in Chamba and 32.5 degrees Celsius in Solan.last_img read more

Illinois poised to be 11th state to legalize marijuana use

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois is likely to become the 11th state to allow small amounts of marijuana for recreational use after the Democratic-controlled House on Friday sent a legalization plan to Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who campaigned on the issue.Those 21 and older would be able to buy marijuana at licensed dispensaries beginning next year under the legislation approved on a vote of 66-47. Residents could possess up to 1 ounce (30 grams) and non-residents could have 15 grams.Illinois would become the second state to endorse the idea through its legislature, following Vermont last year. Ten states and the District of Columbia have dropped pot prohibitions, mostly through ballot initiatives.But the Illinois plan also became a social justice initiative as black lawmakers and activists stepped in to see that legalization reversed decades of inordinate treatment of minorities in narcotics crackdowns. The legislation provides for scrubbing of past low-level criminal convictions and boosts minority involvement in a nascent industry.“It is time to hit the ‘reset’ button on the War on Drugs,” the proposal’s sponsor, Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy, said. “We have an opportunity today to set the gold standard for a regulated market that centres on equity and repair.”Pritzker called for legalization in his campaign for governor, arguing for its tax-revenue potential and for freeing police to enforce more serious crimes. He claimed there would be $170 million in licensing fees in the first year and a fully established industry could produce up to $1 billion annually in state tax revenue. But Cassidy said Friday the first year’s take would be $58 million and the state could expect $500 million in five years.The vote came on the last day of the General Assembly’s spring session, which got extended in part because of the 3 1/2-hour marijuana debate. House leaders, noting the “volume of workload,” announced that session would continue at least through Sunday. The Senate had not announced schedule changes.Legislation after May 31 requires three-fifths majority approval. But Democrats hold supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, allowing Pritzker to take office in January with an expansive agenda following four years of stalemate between legislative leaders and Pritzker’s vanquished predecessor, Republican Bruce Rauner.The marijuana measure allows the governor to pardon anyone with records of convictions for possession of 30 grams or less. It eases record-clearing for possession up to one pound (500 grams) and some intent-to-deliver convictions. Minority-owned businesses would be given advantages in bidding for lucrative state licenses and offered low-interest loans to compete.“The state of Illinois just made history, legalizing adult-use cannabis with the most equity-centric approach in the nation,” Pritzker said in a statement. “This will have a transformational impact on our state, creating opportunity in the communities that need it most and giving so many a second chance.”Both sides in the debate traded summaries of studies that differ on the impact of using the psychoactive drug, with opponents claiming it’s a gateway to stronger drugs and that it can have ill effects, including producing psychosis.“No matter how you package this, whether it’s revenue, or it’s criminal justice reform, or it’s just saying that people are smoking it anyway, so just give up, I can pretty much guarantee you where we’re going to be in 10 years … and it’s not going to be good,” said Democratic Rep. Anthony DeLuca of Chicago Heights.He then produced an egg and cracked it into a frying pan, recreating a famous 1980s public service announcement which suggested the frying egg represents “your brain on drugs.”Originally intending to let anyone grow five marijuana plants at home for personal consumption, law enforcement opposition prompted Cassidy to restrict the five-plant home-grow limit only to qualified medical-marijuana patients.Private property owners could restrict use. Landlords could ban marijuana on their property. And employers would still be allowed to maintain “zero tolerance” policies toward marijuana use and the workplace.In other work, lawmakers were crafting a spending plan of about $39 billion and a $41.5 billion state construction program. It looked as if revenue for a building program would depend on a massive expansion of casino gambling , which itself appeared to be the means for resuscitating a dormant proposal to legalize sports betting.Statutory protections for abortion in the face of strict restrictions on the practice in Republican-led states have House OK and await Senate action.___Follow Political Writer John O’Connor at .John O’Connor, The Associated Press read more

Huntington City Views Plans for Future RV Park

By Julie JohansenWayne and Jesse Nielson presented their plans for a future RV park to the Huntington City Council during their September meeting on Wednesday. The park will be located north of Highway 31 between the ball complex and the highway, and west of JN Auto and Car Wash. They plan to start the park soon and may also include small cabins for rent.The Huntington City Council also adopted a resolution during the meeting creating an audit committee. The committee will include two council members, Gloria Wilson and Lesa Miller, as well as two citizens, Pat Fehlberg and Kendall Mortensen. This resolution for the committee was done at the recommendation of the state auditor’s office.Jacob Sharp, Castle Valley Special Service District Manager, have a presentation regarding the bond election that will be on the ballots this fall. This presentation included the needs of the district and appropriations as well as the plans for payoff of this bond and previous bonds. read more

Children are eating equivalent of five donuts a day in hidden sugars

first_imgUse regions/landmarks to skip ahead to chart.The UK’s children eat 5 doughnuts’ worth of sugar a day. Equivalent units of each foodstuff consumed by 11-18 year oldsLong description.No description available.Structure.Chart type: column chart.column series with 6 columns.The chart has 1 X axis displaying categories.The chart has 1 Y axis displaying values.Chart graphic.The UK's children eat 5 doughnuts' worth of sugar a dayThe UK’s children eat 5 doughnuts’ worth of sugar a day – Highcharts CloudThe UK’s children eat 5 doughnuts’ worth of sugar a dayEquivalent units of each foodstuff consumed by 11-18 year oldsChocolate chip biscuitsCustard creamsJelly babiesSlice of cake (Victoria sponge)Doughnut (jam filled)Iced cupcake0510152025National Diet and Nutrition Survey Baked beans A child could eat five slices of Victoria sponge a day, and consume the same sugar as is found in foods that seem far more healthy Sarah Toule, head of health information at World Cancer Research Fund, said: “It can often be hard to know exactly how much sugar children are having as it is hidden in so much of their food and drink.“Overweight or obese children are more likely to be so as adults putting them at risk of 11 common cancers. In fact, after not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight is the best thing people can do to reduce their risk of cancer.“The food and drink industry can play a vital role in helping tackle obesity rates by reducing the sugar content in their products and making the healthy choice the easy choice”.The figures, calculated from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey show that on average all age groups are consuming more free sugars than the Government’s recommendations, which amount to seven sugar cubes a day – or 30grams of free sugars.  The highest intake is in 11 to 18 year olds (73.2g/day), followed by 19 to 64 year olds (59.9g/day) and then 4 to 10 year olds (53.5g/day). Free sugars are any sugars added to food or drinks, or found naturally in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices. Children are eating the equivalent of five donuts a a day as a result of “hidden sugars,” a coalition of obesity experts has warned.New research from the Obesity Health Alliance shows that the average child is eating as much sugar as if they were consuming 20 chocolate biscuits or five slices of cake each day.The group of 39 charities, royal colleges and medical experts is calling for urgent changes to “reformulate” foods, to reduce the amount of sugar contained in convenience foods and soft drinks.Last year the Government childhood obesity strategy pledged to reduce sugar content in foods by 20 per cent by 2020. It comes alongside a sugar tax on drinks, to encourage manufacturers to reduce sugar levels, and to persuade consumers to choose healthier options.Public health experts last night urged the food industry to act quickly to reduce the sugar content from common foods. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Government advice recommends that sugar should account for no more than 5 per cent of daily calories.But the research shows the average 11 to 18 year old is consuming 73.2 g of sugar a day – more than twice the recommended 30g daily.The alliance said children were regularly consuming high amounts of hidden sugars from soup, ready meals, and breakast cereals, without their parents realising how unhealthy such foods were.Dr Modi Mwatsama, from the Obesity Health Alliance said: “Most parents would never hand over 20 chocolate biscuits a day to their children, but with so much hidden sugar in our food and drink it can often be hard to know just how much children are consuming.”“That is why we are calling the food and drink industry to urgently comply with the Government’s reformulation programme.” Savoury foods often have higher sugar content than consumers realiseCredit:PA The alliance includes the Royal College of Physicians, Cancer Research UK, the National Obesity Forum and Diabetes UK.The charities said the presence of hidden sugars was contributing to record levels of childhood obesity,  with one in three obese or overweight by the time they leave primary school.Government recommendations say that adults and children aged 11 and more should have no more than 30g sugar daily.Parents were often shocked to find that savoury foods – such as tomato soup, baked beans, and ready meals  – contained high levels of sugar, along with the breakfast cereals that their children consumed daily.One can of Sainsbury’s Cream of Tomato Soup contains almost 24g of sugar, with more than 20g sugar in one can of Heinz Baked Beans, their research found, while many ready meals contained almost 40g of sugar each. Victoria spongelast_img read more

WELCOME BACK CL Slawomir Szmal calls in House of Szmal

Slawomir Szmal already wrote that guys from PGE Vive Kielce media team doing a great job in promotion of their squad, players and the city. For the start of the VELUX EHF Champions League, the first home match against German THW Kiel next weekend, they made fantastic intro with club’s legend Slawomir Szmal with the name “House of Szmal” inspired by well-known series “House of cards”.Take a look… ← Previous Story LNH: Strong PSG, three more teams on 100% Next Story → Buric 22 – Wolff/Landin 12: HSG Wetzlar smash THW Kiel! read more

Man avoids jail for attacking 72yearold estranged wife

first_img Image: Shutterstock/AdrianC 17 Comments Tuesday 7 Feb 2017, 4:34 PM 16,286 Views Feb 7th 2017, 4:34 PM Short URL Share3 Tweet Email Image: Shutterstock/AdrianC By Sonya McLean AN ELDERLY MAN who said it was his intention to go to his estranged wife’s home to kill her has been given a three year suspended sentence for attacking her and threatening to kill her.Anthony O’Connor (74) burst into the home he had previously shared with his wife and shouted “surprise” before he launched a sustained assault. It came to an end when their neighbours, who had heard the woman’s screams for help, dragged him away from his victim.He continually threatened the 72-year-old woman, telling her “You are going tonight and I’ll go with you”. The neighbours heard him shout at her “If I don’t get you someone else will. You’ll get a bullet in the head.”O’Connor pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Phyllis O’Connor causing her harm and threatening to kill her at Thatch Road, Whitehall, Dublin on 19 July 2016. He is now living in a Dublin nursing home where he continues to receive psychiatric care.Garda David Crowley told Anne Rowland BL, prosecuting that O’Connor, who was being treated in a psychiatric hospital for bipolar disorder at the time, told his psychiatrist the following day that it had been his plan to drag the woman upstairs and smother her with a pillow but he thought she would be too heavy.The accused said if he had managed to get the woman upstairs “she would have been a goner”.He told his psychiatrist he had been at a meeting with his solicitor that day about their divorce. He was drinking in the pub later getting more and more angry because she was in the marital home and he was homeless.O’Connor admitted that he had “got it into my head to kill her”. He said he waited outside the house until no one was around.He said he told his wife “I’ll have you now” and “You won’t have a minute’s peace. I’ll wait for you to kill you”.His psychiatrist reported that O’Connor showed no remorse that day and was still angry with his wife.Phyllis O’Connor was later treated for cuts and bruises to her face, neck and arms. She didn’t make a victim impact report but has since secured a barring order against her husband.Judge Melanie Greally said O’Connor had been prevented from carrying out his intentions on the night only because of the intervention of their neighbours. She said unfortunately at that stage the woman had already sustained a number of blows to her face and neck.The judge noted that, although Phyllis O’Connor had not prepared a victim impact report, she could assume that it was a very distressing incident. She said she her marks and bruises must have caused her considerable embarrassment.Judge Greally suspended the three year term in full on condition that O’Connor remain in an appropriately sanctioned nursing home, continue with his medication and refrain from having any contact with his wife.Additional evidenceJudge Greally acknowledged that the assault took place during a period when the couple were involved in divorce proceedings and accepted evidence that O’Connor had never treated his wife in this way during their marriage.She accepted that O’Connor was being treated for bipolar at the time, which was exacerbated by excessive drinking and anger management issues.The judge took into account his admissions of guilt, lack of previous convictions, serious psychiatric condition and the fact that he was unlikely to come to garda attention again if he continued with his medical treatment.Detective Garda Crowley agreed with Luigi Rea BL, defending that his client and the victim previously had a very good relationship and a good family home. He accepted that he had never mistreated his wife before and had since displayed respect for her in his dealings with the gardaí.He further accepted that O’Connor had since stayed away from the marital home and had not come to any garda attention since.Rea said his client had a son in a court to support him. He said another son had previously passed away and this had exacerbated O’Connor’s problems.He asked Judge Greally to accept that this was a once off incident never to be repeated and his client was remorseful for the fear and injuries he caused his wife.“I ask that he be given the only chance he has ever asked for,” Rea submitted.Read: Man found with video showing sexual abuse of five-year-old girl asks judge to spare him jailRead: Photos of children used in Doonbeg brochure without consent of parents Man avoids jail for attacking 72-year-old estranged wife The 74-year-old man burst into the home he had previously shared with his wife and shouted “surprise” before he launched a sustained assault. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Senators plan would reopen government raise debt ceiling

first_imgWASHINGTON — With talks having stalled between the White House and House Republicans, a bipartisan group in the Senate is polishing a measure that would reopen the government and prevent a first-ever default on the country’s bills.The negotiations in the Senate come as the chamber meets in a rare Saturday session to vote on a Democratic measure to lift the government’s borrowing cap through the end of next year. Republicans are poised to reject it amid talks among the group of rank-and-file senators — talks monitored with the full attention of Senate leaders.The bipartisan group’s focus is on a proposal by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and others that would pair a six-month plan to keep the government open with an increase in the government’s borrowing limit through January. House Republicans, meanwhile, are slated to meet this morning to get an update from their leaders as matters come to a head.President Barack Obama on Friday privately turned away a House plan to link the reopening of the government — and a companion measure to temporarily increase the government’s borrowing cap — to concessions on the budget. Publicly, top House Republicans said negotiations were on track. Obama called House Speaker John Boehner at midafternoon Friday, and Michael Steel, a spokesman for the leader of House Republicans, said, “They agreed that we should all keep talking.”last_img read more

32yearold man arrested for divorcing wife through triple

first_imgTHANE: Saying ‘talaq’ (divorce) three times for divorcing his wife, led to the arrest of a 32-year-old man in Bhiwandi, Thane, Maharashtra. A case had also been registered against the mother, brother and sister-in-law of the accused, who had allegedly tortured and harassed the woman over dowry. Bhiwada Inspector, Kalyan Kharpe said, “Based on the complaint, we have arrested the husband and a case has been registered against mother Alimunnisa, sister-in-law Uneja and brother-in-law Zuber.” Also Read – Who is your CM candidate, AAP asks BJP Advertise With Us As per the police reports, the case has been registered under sections of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Ordinance and IPC Sections 498A, 406 and 323. The wife, Sakeena, had married Aamir Mukhtar Aamir Momin on May 28, 2016. Sakeena while speaking to a source had said, “Everything was normal for the first 15 days of marriage, however, things started changing soon. My in-laws started harassing and torturing me for dowry. They kept demanding something or the other. Whatever my father could arrange, he provided it to them. But they either wanted electronics or furniture. When I got a job offer, I told my in-laws that I will contribute financially to the family as well. They took money from me. Everything was fine. I went to my parents’ house in Mumbra after which they [in-laws] never accepted me back.” Also Read – Charge sheet against AAP MLA Gulab Singh Advertise With Us Sakeena added by saying, “Since, I wanted my marriage to work, I went back to stay with my in-laws on my parent’s suggestion. However, I was continuously harassed, tortured and beaten by them for dowry.” Aamir gave divorce to Sakeena by saying ‘talaq’ three times and asked her to leave, due to which Sakeena had to approach the police and register a case against her husband and in-laws.last_img read more

Bihar Opposition demands enacting law against mob lynching

first_imgPATNA: Opposition leaders in Bihar on Friday demanded that the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led government enact a law to check mob lynching. On Thursday, opposition members raised the issue of mob lynching in the Bihar Assembly and demanded that government to enact a law against mob lynching and said they would protest if the government ignored their demand. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us CPI-ML MLA Mahboob Alam said Nitish Kumar should take the initiative to enact a law against mob lynching incidence of which are increasing, according to reports. “We want Nitish Kumar to reply to us on this issue as it directly concerns to peoples’ rights,” he said. Another CPI-ML legislator Sudama Prasad questioned the delay in enacting a law against mob lynching despite the clearcut order of the Supreme Court in this regard. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us “Why are the Centre and state governments not enacting a law against mob lynching?” he asked. The opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Congress and CPI-ML members staged a protest against mob lynching incidents in Bihar and across the country on Thursday soon after proceedings started at the ongoing mob soon session of the state Assembly. Advertise With Us With colourful handwritten posters in their hands, the opposition members drew attention to their protest against mob lynching. They said that they would send a proposal to the Central government to enact law against mob lynching. The opposition members also targeted Nitish Kumar for his silence on the issue of mob lynching at a time when such incidents have increased in different parts of the country. Mob lynching incidents have been reported in Bihar, particularly in rural areas.last_img read more

Holi PIC Kapil Sharmas first Holi with wife Ginni is all about

first_imgBut, we recently saw the actor-cum-comedian make his way back into the show with double the josh this time. InstagramLove was in the air this Holi. From newly-wed Bollywood couples to couples from the small screen industry, everyone seemed to have enjoyed the festival in full frolic and fervour this year. Comedy king Kapil Sharma celebrated the way no different. The ace comedian celebrated Holi with the team of his show – The Kapil Sharma Show, family and friends.Apart from Ginni Chatrath and Kapil Sharma, the event was attended by his gang members Sumona Chakravarti, Rochelle Rao, her husband Keith Sequeira and Chandan Prabhakar. Splashed with colours, the entire team seemed to be enjoying the festive mood while posing for the camera.This is Kapil Sharma’s first Holi after marriage and the picture says it all about their romance and love story. Kappu, as the industry loves to call him, has not only tied the knot with the love of his life – Ginni Chathrath but has also left behind alcohol and smoking. And amidst all his trials and tribulations, one person who has stood rock solid behind him has been his wife – Ginni. Bharti Singh, who plays an integral part in the Kapil Sharma show had recently spoken up fondly about how Ginni has brought along a massive change in Sharma.There were rumours of Chandan Prabhakar having been removed from the show, which the actor himself had clarified on social media. Talking to a fan on Instagram, Prabhakar had said, “Hello ekta…thanks for the love..well I m nt missing episodes intentionally…my character and my acting might not be working that’s why they are not putting me in the episodes.. well lots of love and best wishes for you also…”last_img read more

UN says 582000 Rohingyas have now crossed into Bangladesh

first_imgRohingyas from Myanmar cross the border to stream towards Ukhia in Bangladesh. 16 October, Anjuman Para, Palongkhali, Ukhia. Photo: Saiful IslamSome 582,000 Rohingya refugees have now fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since late August, the United Nations said Tuesday, warning that thousands more were still stranded at the border.The UN said between 10,000 and 15,000 new refugees have arrived at the border in the last 48 hours alone, fleeing violence in Myanmar, where Rohingya villages are being burned to the ground.It expressed deep concern about newly arrived refugees including children and elderly people dehydrated and hungry from the long journey who are stranded near the border.One Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) official told AFP on condition of anonymity that the new arrivals were being held in an area of no man’s land, although it was not immediately clear why.Spokesman Andrej Mahecic said the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) was advocating with the Bangladesh authorities “to urgently admit these refugees fleeing violence and increasingly difficult conditions back home”.He said UNHCR staff had spoken with people who described walking for a week to reach the Bangladesh border.Most are still squatting in paddy fields in Bangladesh, and were waiting for permission to move away from the border, he said.”Every minute counts given the fragile condition they’re arriving in,” said Mahecic.Mahecic said many had chosen to remain in their homes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state despite repeated threats to leave or be killed.”They finally fled when their villages were set on fire,” he said.Many of the new arrivals were from Rakhine’s Buthidaung district, which lies relatively far from the border with Bangladesh.”The military killed my brother. We walked all the way to this land to save our lives,” said Mohammad Shoeb, who arrived at the border with his family on Monday evening.The UN said a jump of 45,000 in its estimated number of newly arrived refugees to 582,000 was due partly to improved access to some areas where many had previously gone uncounted.That figure does not include the thousands currently in no man’s land.The Rohingya are fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where the UN has accused troops of waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against them.The numbers have soared since August 25, when militant attacks on Myanmar’s security forces in Rakhine sparked a major military backlash.Hundreds more have drowned making the perilous journey. On Monday authorities said they had found the bodies of 10 Rohingya whose boat sank in the estuary of the Naf river that divides the two countries.The UNHCR said it was working with the Bangladesh government to complete a new transit centre in Kutupalong, the largest of the refugee camps housing the Rohingya.Bangladesh has announced plans to build a refugee camp that could accommodate around 800,000 Rohingya in Kutupalong.The camp would be the largest in the world and has raised concerns about the risks of heavily concentrating such a large number of vulnerable people, such as the spread of disease.last_img read more

Man Convicted of Killing Son Arrested in Death of Girlfriends Baby

first_imgBy Michelle Richardson, Special to the AFROA man who once spent time in prison for the death of his own son, has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriends 18-month-old child; one of two children who died of murder on consecutive days (the other was seven-year old Taylor Hayes), in Baltimore.Francois Browne, 35, was taken into custody July 20 and charged with first degree murder, according to the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).Francois Browne, 35, was taken into custody July 20 and charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s 18-month-old baby. He spent three years in prison after being charged in the death of his son in 2012. (Courtesy Photo)According to police, Emergency Medical Services responded to the 2800 block of Forest Glen Road in West Baltimore on July 18, at approximately 9:30 p.m. for a report of an unconscious and unresponsive child. Zaray Gray was in the care of Browne at the time when his mother arrived home and found him not breathing. The baby was transported to Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead.According to police, doctors at the hospital told detectives that baby Zaray had visible injuries on his body and an X-ray confirmed at least one broken bone. In 2012, Browne spent three years in prison for the death of his biological son, seven-month old Kendall Browne. According to court documents, Browne was alone with his son on New Year’s Eve when he told police he played with his son before they both fell asleep. Browne allegedly told police that when he awoke he found baby Kendall not breathing and that he attempted to perform CPR on the child.Baby Kendall spent several days on life support before he died and his death was the first homicide of 2013, said Baltimore Police. Court documents show he sustained severe head trauma, bleeding on the brain and fractured ribs.Browne was being held at Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center at press time.last_img read more

Testing proves giant eyes of netcasting spider help with nocturnal foraging

first_img The net-casting spider is shown holding the band of wooly silk that it uses to engulf and capture prey. UNL doctoral student Jay Stafstrom spent two months in a Florida state park observing the spider’s hunting behavior. Credit: Courtesy Jay Stafstrom Journal information: Biology Letters © 2016 Many visitors to Florida have been alarmed by the sight of a small spider with humongous eyes—the net casting spider, so named because of the unusual shape of the webs it creates—fortunately, the spiders are harmless to humans. Interestingly, until now, no one has gone to the trouble of actual testing the spiders to fully understand why they have such big eyes—the largest proportionally, for any arachnid.To prove the theory that the big eyes evolved to help with night foraging, the researchers started by video-taping several of them as they went about their activities in their natural environment. Then, they captured some samples and applied dental silicone over the single pair of big eyes (net-casters, like other spiders have eight eyes altogether, the others eyes are much smaller) temporarily blinding those eyes. The research pair then recorded the activities of the spiders as they tried to survive without benefit of their huge eyes.In studying the results, the researchers found that the blinded spiders were much weaker hunters when their big eyes were covered. Removing the eye covers allowed the spiders to regain their former skill levels.In a second test, the researchers conducted a similar experiment, except they did it in a controlled environment in their lab. In studying the results, the researchers found almost identical results. Citation: Testing proves giant eyes of net-casting spider help with nocturnal foraging (2016, May 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further Jumping spiders are masters of miniature color visioncenter_img More information: Nocturnal foraging enhanced by enlarged secondary eyes in a net-casting spider, Biology Letters, rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.or … .1098/rsbl.2016.0152AbstractAnimals that possess extreme sensory structures are predicted to have a related extreme behavioural function. This study focuses on one such extreme sensory structure—the posterior median eyes of the net-casting spider Deinopis spinosa. Although past research has implicated the importance of vision in the nocturnal foraging habits of Deinopis, no direct link between vision in the enlarged eyes and nocturnal foraging has yet been made. To directly test the hypothesis that the enlarged posterior median eyes facilitate visually based nocturnal prey capture, we conducted repeated-measures, visual occlusion trials in both natural and laboratory settings. Our results indicate that D. spinosa relies heavily on visual cues detected by the posterior median eyes to capture cursorial prey items. We suggest that the enlarged posterior median eyes benefit D. spinosa not only through increased diet breadth, but also by allowing spiders to remain active solely at night, thus evading predation by diurnal animals.Press release A new study from UNL biologists has revealed that the net-casting spider’s secondary eyes — the largest of any arachnid — likely evolved in part to help it capture walking prey. Credit: Courtesy Jay Stafstrom (—A pair of researchers has tested the theory that the enormous eyes sported by net-casting spiders are to help the spider capture walking prey at night. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, Jay Stafstrom and Eileen Hebets, both with the University of Nebraska, describe field and lab experiments they carried out that showed the purpose of the oversized eyes. The research pair suggest their study shows that net-casting spiders use their huge eyes to hunt walking prey at night; they allow for catching prey in near dark conditions—prey which is very often much larger than they would catch with their net only. They noted also that the partially blinded spiders were just as adept at dealing with prey that was caught in the web, which adds more credence to the idea that the evolution of the large eyes, was strictly to allow the spider to catch larger prey while hunting during the nighttime—which the researchers also note, is a much safer time to hunt as there are far fewer predators out looking to eat them. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Digital Ocean announces Managed Databases for PostgreSQL

first_imgYesterday, the team at Digital Ocean, a fully managed and feature-rich database service provider, announced the ‘Managed Databases for PostgreSQL’ as a Valentine gift for the users. The new Managed Databases along with the PostgreSQL support will allow developers to quickly build a scalable, high-performance database cluster with less hassle. One of the interesting features of this new provision is that one need not know anything about the Linux operating system or specific DevOps maintenance tasks. Managed databases take care of some challenges including: Help to identify the optimal database infrastructure footprint Scale infrastructure while business and data requirements grow Help in designing and managing highly available infrastructure and failover processes Implement a complete and reliable backup and recovery strategy Aid in forecasting and maintaining operational infrastructure costs The team at Digital Ocean writes, “You’ll enjoy simple, predictable pricing that allows you to control your costs. Spin up a database node starting from $15 per month or high availability cluster from $50 per month. Backups are included for free with your service to keep things simple. Ingress bandwidth is always free, and egress fees ($0.01/GB per month) will be waived for 2019.” Benefits of Managed Databases A hassle-free database maintenance Managed databases save a lot of time. All the user has to do is, quickly deploy a database, and the databases handle the rest. Users do not have to worry about security patches to the OS or database engine–once a new version or patch is available, just a simple click can enable it. Highly secure and optimized for performance All data in these newly managed databases is encrypted at rest and in transit. One can use the Cloud Firewall to restrict connections to their respective database. The database runs on enterprise-class VM hardware with local SSD storage, thus, giving the user a lightning-fast performance. Easy scalability With Managed Databases, users can scale up at any time without impacting their application, virtually. One can spin up read-only nodes to scale read operations or remove compute overhead from reporting requirements. Automatic failovers If any issue occurs with the primary node, traffic will automatically get routed to the standby nodes. The team at Digital ocean recommends selecting a high-availability option to minimize the impact in case of a failure. Simple and reliable backup and recovery solution Backups are handled automatically and free of cost. Full backups are taken every day and write-ahead-logs are maintained to allow users to restore to any point-in-time during the retention period. To know more about these new Managed Databases, visit the Digital Ocean website. Read Next Microsoft Cloud services’ DNS outage results in deleting several Microsoft Azure database records Google Cloud Firestore, the serverless, NoSQL document database, is now generally available 2018 is the year of graph databases. Here’s why.last_img read more

Governor urges Aussies to embrace Tokyo

first_imgGovernor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara is urging agents and travellers to return to the city, three months after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In a public letter the Governor said that while the largest earthquake and tsunami ever experienced in Japan had devastating affects in afflicted regions, Tokyo remains with little direct damage and is cleared of health-impacting radiation levels.“It’s business as usual here in Tokyo,” Mr Ishihara said. “Please dispel any concerns you may have about visiting and staying in our city as there are no problems with the water, air, food, public transport and other urban functions, and public safety here remains as high as it has ever been.“You can thoroughly enjoy the charms of Tokyo again as well.”He added that major tourist attractions have resumed operations in the city including; Tokyo Disney Resort, Edo-Tokyo Museum, over 50,000 restaurant are cooking again and the region is preparing to hold its gala summer affair and the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.  “I hope you will visit Tokyo and Japan, and experience the Tokyo of today—a Tokyo that is no different from what it was like before,” he said.  “Please also see with your own eyes how Japan is taking the path to recovery, united in its efforts to overcome this tragedy. “I would also be very grateful if you could then return home and inform others about the strength and vibrancy you found in our city and nation.”Earlier this month one in two Aussies said they would visit New Zealand or Japan to assist in the recovery of their tourism industries. Generation Y were among the most eager to see Japan after its natural disaster followed by Generation X and then the Baby Boomers.What are your thoughts? Are you ready to step back into Japan? Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Inflation dropped in December

first_imgInflation in Cyprus dropped to 1.0 per cent in December, down from 1.6 per cent in November, while a year earlier the same rate was -0.4 per cent, Eurostat said on Thursday.Meanwhile, the euro area annual inflation rate was 1.6 per cent in December 2018, down from 1.9 per cent in November. A year earlier, the rate was 1.4 per cent. European Union annual inflation was 1.7 per cent in December 2018, down from 2.0 per cent in November. A year earlier, the rate was 1.7 per cent.The lowest annual rates were registered in Greece and Portugal (both 0.6 per cent) and Denmark (0.7 cent). The highest annual rates were recorded in Estonia (3.3 per cent), Romania (3.0 per cent) and Hungary (2.8 per cent). Compared with November 2018, annual inflation fell in 22 Member States, remained stable in three and rose in three.In December 2018, the highest contribution to the annual euro area inflation rate came from services (+0.58 percentage points), followed by energy (+0.53 pp), food, alcohol & tobacco (+0.34 pp) and non-energy industrial goods (+0.12 pp).You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchBack Pain Treatments That Might Surprise You. Search For Back Pain TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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