Shanghai Longfeng novice how to grasp the construction site in the chain

3. in the chain distribution page weight. The inside pages are essentially can transfer weight. Like many large websites, such as Sina, the Sohu the portal, without a lot of energy to make the chain too much, but pay attention to their own brand building, through chain planning, the weight transfer to each page. The chain construction is particularly important in large sites. For small and medium-sized site, the inside pages also have the weights of the transfer function, and it is also easy to overlook the many small owners.

4, the chain deployment of common sense: the right to vote and anchor text. A web link to vote in different positions of different. Link intensive, information plays the role of the recommended index. If it is a core part of the paper which belongs to the page, so according to their own situation to consider how to add a link. The anchor text, there are many small and medium-sized web page will appear at the bottom of links to a web page, this.

2, link form. It can be divided into two aspects: link address and anchor text. Relative links, anchor text is very important. The search engine through the anchor text pointing to understand the theme of the page, so in the setting of the anchor text is directed to remember there is a close correlation between the page and the anchor text must, it is best to search engine optimization.


involves "weight problems, then we have to mention the" evaluation. Page is a kind of resource, how to allocate it reasonable? One of the most important thing is that there are so many pages of a website, how to evaluate, which pages invested great effort, which do not ignore it? We can take the "simple is divided into two categories: one is the key to optimize the page. Index page, project page, content page; one is the auxiliary information page, about us, contact us, recruitment, registration, rules etc.. Master these, will not do some useless.

1, chain planning. This is the construction of the chain should be first considered. In the main chain planning to help the search engine index function. A website chain planning is reasonable or not decides whether to get the search engine’s index.

novice how to grasp the construction site? In this process several times in the renewal of love Shanghai, responsible for the small website ranking also experienced a roller coaster ups and downs. After this update observation, Xiaobian found within the chain construction in higher position love Shanghai algorithm, in a timely manner within the chain construction, for the website ranking plays an important role. Small series, the chain construction can proceed from the following:

said Shanghai Longfeng, recently many small owners are confusing. Follow Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, so that our professional staff too busy to attend to all Shanghai dragon. Many novice like me in front of the link building is very confused, are at a loss. Love Shanghai so exhausting, what is the reason? The answer is obvious: search engine optimization through those trick Shanghai dragon by cheating off, neatly stand is the kingly way.

The Shanghai dragon

Discussion on the relationship between Internet marketing and traditional marketing mode is what

2015 national NPC and CPPCC just concluded two days, in the NPC and CPPCC Chinese home Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report is mentioned eight times the "Internet" keywords, including "making" Internet plus action plan "to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry, combined with the" "the promotion of electronic commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking.

1. Internet market and the traditional market in the view of Yang Zi of Shanghai dragon, its essence is a space transformation, vector transformation, things thinking mode transformation, in order to build another scene model will supply and demand the formation of online connection form.


in conclusion: the birth of the Internet and the development of society, the progress of science and technology, is one of the direct embodiment of people’s thinking mode transformation factor, which affects the people.

from the national NPC and CPPCC has seen the development of the Internet to the strategic level of the country, and the Internet and mobile Internet of today’s rapid development, the company has been walking past the traditional mode of enterprises are gradually become the Internet marketing model, to help the current Internet development climax, dividends, to expand its business the brand marketing channels and sales channels.

2. is actually a traditional Internet information transfer, the transfer mode is only shifted the carrier of information, such as the traditional information carrier for print and television media (media including newspapers, books and magazines), and the dissemination of information through the network news portal, various social media platforms such as micro-blog, WeChat, SNS, timeliness, efficiency, regional convenience etc. characteristics at the same time it also has information dissemination.

3. Internet can be regarded as the online commercial plaza, a large ecological circle of commercial pedestrian street. As the traditional large commercial plaza, commercial pedestrian street as Wanda Commercial Plaza, the small and medium-sized city commercial pedestrian street. Thus the natural formation of Internet and traditional business combination, < establishing and perfecting the O2O business model that is online and offline ", the entire business model to form a closed loop.



is thinking of the Internet has been gradually and the traditional enterprise integration, but there are still many traditional operators of Internet operation mode and its understanding also just stay in the traditional thinking, and even some also use traditional business thinking to run the Internet, it will not reach the expected results, is a serious point in your grave. In order to let us have a clearer understanding of the Internet operation mode and traditional mode, the Yang Zi Shanghai dragon from the relationship between the three points to summarize their. < special note: this view is only one’s thinking, not on behalf of the public. If there is not a place that I can welcome Paizhuan! >

Another channel of

Baby baby +1 new aristocracy aristocratic social search features detailed

on any social network, to be able to share photos with your friends is the key! There are many different > nobility baby +1

" Home", it seems like I used to other social networks, but it seems a bit more streamlined. You can simply sort your friends group, the so-called group, by clicking on the left sidebar on the " Streams". Only to see the share from your family or other various things, such as I can choose "home" and only see their content. This looks like a really easy to put all the work and personal contact with a network.

you must first create a Circles, this thing looks like a facial map, can use it to classify people. This is like my love to share is very helpful, I can put on the ideas and research of Shanghai dragon story to friends to share. Circles to add a contact is also very easy, although my list is only 8 people, but I think that the addition of the whole process is still very smooth.

met +1



yesterday and a few friends tried in a noble baby +1 interesting features: Hangouts. It allows you to at most and ten friends video chat. It is the coolest place when you start a Hangouts. It will tell your friends you are Hangouts and you can get them to join. Of course, you can also organize others into your Hangouts.

The following is

yesterday was my first contact with the noble baby +1, with approximately three hours experience all of these features. Have experience of noble baby +1 friends can write your thoughts in the comments about tell those who haven’t tried, share your experience and ideas, as well as the new social network of Shanghai dragon means what.



then we will discuss the Google called Sparks, it is described as an "online sharing engine." For me, Sparks is a search engine results in a changing update pages to add to your social network. I added the Shanghai dragon and Cycling as head of the two Sparks I want to see what happens. Basically, I got a list of web pages, about my search conditions, press releases and video, they seem to be in a few hours they are my attention in the update. Included in the content of each Spark will have a Spark link so that you can easily share them in your Circles.

Star of entrepreneurship interview 2, Jin Shanyun will push enterprise edition Kingsoft fast diskA s

TechWeb March 13th Qi Yanan special Shen Shen joint reported

WPS in February 2012, the original pan office platform business under the cloud storage business Kingsoft disk officially split, the establishment of an independent subsidiary Jinshan cloud, Zhang Hongjiang personally served as CEO. Kingsoft cloud was also established as the specific implementation of Kingsoft mobile Internet transformation, but also for the Kingsoft WPS brothers business provides practical cloud support.

Jinshan conference, Lei Jun made such comments on Jin Shanyun: "Jinshan cloud formed a" 3+1 "business layout, as long as we sort out ideas, Jinshan cloud is likely than Ali cloud, cloud Tencent more opportunities."


In 2013 1, advertising a little more

if the layout of allowing it to put a few more ads, so that users contact the ad, click will be more natural.

2, a little more content

if the content is not abundant enough, can the ad will not, even ad unit can not complete the display, click will be less natural.

3, not on the left on the right

users usually used to click on the right side of the advertisement, the content and links to sites on the left, it is good for users to click on ads.

4, change a little more

5, don’t be too comprehensive

whether regular stations or garbage station, if the user can find all the needs of the content will not click on the link to find more information on your site.

6, it is necessary to increase click desire

7, know your user preferences

the above views for reference, each is a separate reference, because 2 of them add up is contradictory, so you have to consider their own situation and make corresponding adjustment, so as to achieve their satisfaction with the click rate. And click rate is not only important in advertising, increase the click rate just to websites that low click rate is more important, ordinary users more attention is required to improve the quality of Web site in order to obtain better click price.

is still in the loss of Jinshan cloud, is currently undergoing the first round of financing, the amount of financing is unknown. According to Wang Yulin revealed that mobile phone manufacturers and video sites will be the focus of the expansion of Kingsoft cloud storage object.

Jinshan cloud: Jinshan fast disk Logo creative theme is "fast", and then combined with KUAIPAN "K" alphabet for a deformation, the whole LOGO is like a few light objects around the earth in a fast operation. With the gradual maturity of the Kingsoft cloud products system and the continuous improvement of the fast disk products, we will introduce new fast disk LOGO for individual and commercial versions in the near future.


asked: "unlike other APP, Kingsoft Logo does not seem to be able to see its content at one glance.". Can you tell me the origin of Logo,

2013 annuity Hill cloud upcoming Enterprise Edition Kingsoft cloud storage products, is currently in beta stage, enterprise version cloud storage coverage includes Android, iOS, Web and other platforms.

asks: current user to >

editor’s note: 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs conference will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, TechWeb and the Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

below for interview record:

in terms of profitability, Jinshan cloud storage platform will be the shortest period profit Jinshan cloud business, Kingsoft disk Enterprise Edition, and Kingsoft disk personal edition to profit for the longest time. Kingsoft CEO Wang Yulin said that the three fastest will be fully profitable within three years. In the scale of profitability, the future revenue of the Jinshan cloud structure will still maintain two sections of business, roughly 5:5 ratio.

according to the 2012 third quarter results, the founder Lei Jun millet company to $1 million 820 thousand bought a 9.87% stake in Jinshan cloud, after the Kingsoft disk is likely to replace the hard disk as a new mobile phone millet millet cloud services.

Analysis WeChat search in the end of the road to decide on what path to follow

The limitations of the

, the first WeChat search. In the first strategy, WeChat platform cannot replace the development of the Internet, WeChat search is only relative to the great changes to the WeChat platform, although WeChat platform public number grow very fast, have a lot of contact users, but WeChat search is provided by the public number of articles and the account number, and so this huge there is no direct relationship between user groups. The second is the WeChat search is also confined to the WeChat platform internal superiority, in the practical application itself has great limitation. This is an important reason why the WeChat platform is temporarily unable to expand, WeChat search is WeChat platform to build a gateway to the environment of the export of a can and outside the same channel.

, WeChat search. WeChat search is WeChat and Sogou together, nothing but is behind the use of WeChat platform powerful user group, launched a search in the industry market share battle. Shanghai turned love search market in the world, already thorough popular, how to change the thinking, to seize the initiative, WeChat mobile platform cooperation from more and more significant trend in the end. It can be said for the market is the trend of the birth of WeChat search, to tell the good, Every dog has its day!, and so the turn. Unfortunately, WeChat search does not affect birth and threatened to say search industry is completely copy of the industry, is a form of repetition, two is the repetition of contents. These two let WeChat search power greatly reduced.

third, WeChat search is not flexible enough. At present, it should be said that many users do not know the concept of WeChat WeChat search, although WeChat to promote use of the star effect, this is WeChat search failures. A good search window is not to rely on to promote it, but the user after the effect, the quality is really good, without a whoop and a holler. Just to see from WeChat search, is a "closed country" concept, even if you want to search articles and accounts for the purpose, although there is not any development policy, flexibility, show >

WeChat search born to now, for some time, and the effect is not really great. How will the future, but to create a world with a lot of ideas, as it is in the same polarization, regardless of the outcome, all people are not born to affirm or negate the new things, just like a newborn baby, no one knows how his future road will be the same. Similarly, WeChat search has its truth, but the facts on the network, you can see the WeChat search way no surprises, mediocre status, is short or elusive, decreed by fate, but WeChat recently launched a new version of WeChat search is added on this function. If WeChat search is conducive to the construction of the WeChat platform this is undeniable, but WeChat search will take over the search industry, is really not Arabian Nights, force, focus on the following analysis of why WeChat search cannot do it.

Second repetitive

Even sh419, Robin Li are concerned about how to clean home O2O e homeSite traffic from a dozen IP to

agrees with Robin Li’s judgment that domestic O2O is indeed an entry point for infiltration into traditional industries. E home cleaning by doing domestic service platform, through mobile applications to connect customers and hourly work aunt, grab the traditional home service intermediary business.


CEO Robin Li to e home cleaning as an example, that this provides hourly service applications can not be squeezed into the app store luxury list, this application through various means of promotion, each get a new user costs about 8 yuan, for a small and medium-sized developers to say very expensive. Robin Li sees this as a fundamental flaw in the app store, thereby launching sh419’s light applications".

, for most people, knows that the "e home" app was held at the sh419 world conference last week.

in May this year, at the sh419 alliance summit, Robin Li speech is no longer confined to the Internet industry itself, but the release of the Internet and mobile Internet more positive to the traditional industry to enter the signal. He believes that the Chinese Internet is accelerating the phase out of traditional industries, traditional industries are faced with the impact of the Internet, the Internet industry, technology, talent and structure can have a greater influence in the process of transformation of traditional industries in the.

for sh419’s introduction of light applications, he believes that as the main advantage of access side, there are traffic to obtain new users.

, he revealed, "next, sh419 will connect with the first light access parties, such as e house.". "Users search for home service in the search box, which is our application by default."."

"Robin Li is very concerned about the combination of online and traditional industries. He has seen a lot, such as taxi.". We use this combination of housekeeping, but also very clever, at the meeting with our application for example." Li said.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported August 26th

from Wangzhuan now has nearly more than a year, said not long nor short, but actually I got a lot of experience from the previous day! Ten to more than 10000 every day now, hehe! This is my bad ~ ~ hard achievements… Let me tell you my success experience, let novices detours, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams!

first to Wangzhuan to build a website of their own, I am a girl, on the site of these utterly ignorant of, so I spent 380 to call others to help me build a station, such as the record down after I began to design their own web pages, write what.. This is not simple? sh419 so many articles, just pick some hot topic, and then copied to all the background on do not have to do, I do this for a week, the 10 Fen did not make, really let me very depressed! Also earn 3 thousand month, 30 month are the problem. I was ready to give up, then my and I an old schoolmate chatted, funny because she is here, and I asked him how long do not earn money, she said for two years, it is not good to do Wangzhuan, a month at most earn so 7 800?? 7, 800? Oh, for two years, a month to earn 7, 800, why people say can easily earn 3 thousand a month? How will the gap so big?? is the Internet that are deceptive! I started my classmate but cudgel thinking. Said to me, do you think Wangzhuan is easy to earn? You are too naive!

a year ago, I began to contact the Internet, saying that I would only chat on the Internet and watch movies, and for a long time I didn’t feel any more… Suddenly one day I found on the Internet has a higher post, what to say at home as long as a computer every day to spend three or four hours on the site can easily earn 3 thousand…. 3 thousand ah, is not a small number, it may not take the undergraduates to such a high salary, so my heart, oh, I decided to start the Wangzhuan venture road.

can not enter the application store list of applications so much, Robin Li why choose e home Jie


so, my first step is to modify the article, so how to modify? In the book Wangzhuan I learned in an article, the key.

opportunities for penetration of traditional industries


currently has more than 3000 certified aunts on e’s home cleaning list, and has been introduced to each other through hours of work, aunts and other applications

" is similar to WeChat’s QR code, which allows you to get new users, but if you really want to keep users in the short term, or rely on our own applications." In light of the adoption of light access, they need to be able to guide users back to better user experience for native applications.


Robin Li talked about why choose e house cleaning as a typical case, the founder of e house cleaning Yuntao attributed to Robin Li to the traditional industry attention this year.

and I said to myself, no matter what to be famous in Wangzhuan above, at least 380 back to the right, otherwise I’m not! So I started to find the relevant Wangzhuan information, buy books online, every day I study results in me! I found that I really naive. This is not easy to earn 3 thousand, some successful experience at least half a year before the Wangzhuan master with a little achievement, want to be able to the first month to earn 3 thousand? Even the doors are not. Indeed, Wangzhuan need some skills and mind, "my so-called" ism "is useless! Copy someone else’s article sh419 spiders don’t climb up to your site, let alone included, first time to see your article is copied, after basically will not come the.  


Little yellow recommend a post attracted 900IP

now domestic SEO, site optimization of a lot of fierce, here I mainly talk about their own personal experience, experts directly drive away.


small donkey home, Baidu included four individuals, was very pleased, because the domain name from the point of view, only a two level domain, and the space is the people (in fact, the forum of a 5D6D), so the weights of the domain name from the point of view, I have to. Secondly, I’ll try my best to see how to get more IP, hey hey,


I do is a tourist forum in Sanya, most of the information is related to Sanya tourism, but I have set up a special plate for everyone to advertise, I use this section to make IP.

previously worked in a SEO article read a word, remember: "edge ball" and pornography, actually here "pornography" is not only the mapping out of the erotic, interest, hobby, lure is…… So, I made a recent movie we are more concerned about the information, and said "download", then the URL to Baidu Post Bar in a ip500, the first day, second days, more than 300 days, third is affixed to the top, then the top more than 100…… If the administrator does not delete, before the movie came out, every day you top, every day there are more IP.

above information looks a bit like cheating IP, but I have not done so, or honestly do site, road to life.

posting for the first time, the content is very rough, please point out,


copyright notice:

reprinted please note: information source: Little Donkey home website:

Talking about the opportunity of group buying outside of hundred regiments war

for small and medium-sized Adsense want to gain income through their own website, the general idea is AdSense, Baidu promotion and some alliances or CPS way advertising income. But this way for professional, regional limited sites, traffic is not large, revenue is also very small, a high click rate, as well as suspected of cheating, and even the risk of data being cleared.

domestic in March, buy Group website is hot, also spawned a group of buy navigation website. At present, buy website in order to promote, generally have invited users for the first time, you can get 1-10 yuan rebate. Buy site has no profit is unknown, but buy navigation site webmaster really is in, through invite links from buy website get the rebate, enjoy free consumption, even cash. Just looking for love group for the group purchase navigation website to invite the link to the first month, the average IP is about one thousand, but it has access to thousands of Yuan rebate, the rebate more group purchase website has beauty group, sweet and glutinous rice.

for the industry group purchase the webmaster how to get a share in the "hundred regiments" in it, although there is no promotion of CPS model group purchase website uses, but the group purchase site navigation will seek the first group launched a "group purchase pendant can let more webmaster make full use of their own resources to get the rebate (see details: Webmaster can set up their own in each group buy site invitation address, and for the pendant orders custom buy site, and then put the pendant code on their site (such as: BBS, blog, etc.). Users click in group purchase website belongs to you the invitation, one more link in the address entered by the pendant, looking for love, looking for love in all show your invitation address, greatly increasing the chance of rebate.


According to incomplete statistics,

conversion in this way users enter the group purchase website rate is 20%, only 5 people will have a personal purchase; 100 people browse this information may have a chance to get a rebate of AdSense%5 hits. But because the group buys the price more attractive, and will have the new group purchase every day, hits the rate to be much higher than the ordinary advertisement. So, just a small corner, you can and buy navigation site owners enjoy free beer and skittles, can also be transferred to the actual proceeds.

so webmaster need to grasp the trend of the Internet, fully tap opportunities, always looking for their own site of income.

Speed is the life of the website, how to ensure the speed of website access

in the website construction process, the speed of access is not to be ignored. Website content and function construction is good, promotion is done well again, what is left over? It is the access speed of the website. What is speed? It is the ability of Web site content and function to be easily acquired by Internet users. If this ability can not keep up, even if the content and function of the site construction is better, promotion work is done in place, the Internet users may eventually because of your web site "can not meet" and had to give up access.

How does

ensure faster access to a web site?

first, the webmaster wants to speed up consciousness. That’s the key. One of the essence of the Internet is fast. If the site access speed is bad, it is contrary to the nature of the internet. According to the Websense survey company, up to 70% of Internet users said they are not willing to read pages on more than 10 seconds, more than 70% of people said the Internet for "slow download speed" and give up online browsing and shopping behavior. The access speed of the website has directly affected the traffic of the website, and the amount of the visit of the website and the benefit of the website are linked directly. Therefore, the speed of the website is very important. To speed as an important work, their website construction related to the event site of vital importance to establish a "speed is life", "speed is the success of" consciousness, eliminate the bottleneck from subjective on the site speed.

secondly, do a good job of page weight loss optimization. The content of the web itself affects the speed of the site’s access. This point must be able to understand clearly. If the home page is beyond a certain size, the speed of access must decline if the speed is constant. Therefore, the size of the homepage must be compressed. In all stations, Baidu home page is probably the smallest, only 3521 bytes. This also guarantees Baidu’s access speed. This is probably one of the secrets of Baidu’s success. Google’s home page is 10408 bytes, smaller, but more than double the size of Baidu. Page weight optimization, there are many specific techniques, engage in Web sites can not help but study.

again, pay attention to hardware construction investment. In hardware construction, according to the development status of the website, make technical configuration accordingly, solve the problem of slow access speed, service bearing capacity is weak, poor safety performance, avoid excessive traffic congestion situation. As China has a vast territory and has many network operators, we must pay attention to the issue of North South interflow. In order to improve the speed of web access, some well-known network service providers have introduced corresponding products, and it is beneficial to select suitable products for small and medium-sized websites to improve the speed of web access.

speed is sometimes more important than content. Station master Shen Zhizai!


website: email: (letter to # @) welcome to my station QQ group: 81629226

Eight cheats easy to find Angel Investors

many investors want to find an angel investor, you can ensure that the investment process is happy, to ensure the perfect investment results. For angel investment is a kind of art, if you want to get angel investment, please look at the small and a few points:

1. to determine the credibility of investors. Credible is the wording of the law, in fact, is to say that money never need to worry about a few small". If you sell the stock to a small old lady in Florida, you may get into trouble, so don’t do it. Find a good corporate finance lawyer (don’t ask your lawyer for divorce), and he’ll tell you how to find an investment.

2. determine investor experience. Old angel investors know a lot about the industry you’re in – they should have tried and made some achievements". Yes, all you need is money from angel investors, but you also need their expertise. If you want to get in the next round of venture capital, if you come up with a list of investors who are a little knowledge of the layman, the process may be very hard.

3. don’t underestimate them. Often listen to entrepreneurs said, I want to find angel investors, because it is easier to fight for venture capital". If every time I hear this kind of words can get 5 cents, now set up. When you strive for angel investors, be sure to treat the same as the risk of investment, the same should not be less. Angel happy to play the money dispenser days have gone — perhaps never been like this. Angel investors and venture capital are as concerned about liquidity as they are, even more nervous, because they are investing their own money.

4. understand their motives. Angel investors and Vc firm is the most fundamental difference is that angel investors have a double bottom line. They have been successful, and now want to give back to the community, to help a new generation of entrepreneurs. As a result, they are sometimes willing to invest in projects that are less visible and more risky to help entrepreneurs Mai Shangxin. I also know a lot of good venture capitalists, but I don’t know if any of them is in the business because they want to give back to the community.

5. ask them to participate in the experience. Angel investors is one of the harvest and you feel the entrepreneurial process. Angel investors want to relive those exciting entrepreneurial process, but do not want to charge into the enemy ranks. They will be happy to help you, and you should always ask them for advice. In contrast, the majority of venture capitalists will only want to participate in the operation is particularly good or particularly bad when.

6. to let the angel investor spouse can quickly understand your idea. Angel investors usually have only one member of the committee. If you have a "telecommunications room level client server open source OPML enterprise software products, the best thing you can do is find a more easily by ordinary people to understand the description method, because you the angel husband may >