Users of Google products integrate its search products in Gmail


Gmail is one of the most successful products for the noble baby, so Gmail began not unexpected. Believe this is just a small step to noble baby all its service integration in a search box. The future you can easily find any you want to find content in a search box on the Android device, regardless of whether they are stored in which product which equipment, and through all this is your noble baby account.

noble baby said in its official Gmail blog today, users do a search in the Gmail interface, the search results will join the user in Drive, Calendar and other noble baby baby noble service in content (below). It is reported that this function will be in the next few weeks only open for U.S. users.

Google file blackout and Solutions

ironically, Google to 24 hours in the published to encourage enterprises to trust their data blog post, Google Google documents based on cloud outages experienced about 30 minutes. The blog post, Google is based on the normal running time of the first half of 2011 years 99.99% of Google’s data to encourage enterprises to believe the scalability and reliability of Google.

thank you!

Google issued the following statement to the user after power failure:

we are aware of a problem Google file and now we are trying to solve it. We will regularly update the application status table. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


has the solution of third parties, that is to provide a App account to automatically backup noble baby. These independent backup can be safely stored in the Amazon S3 cloud or the local computer, this will reduce the risk associated with remote file storage.


every important application power is inevitable to use the "risk" of the cloud computing results, most of the use of internal service companies may experience more frequent power outages, and may be longer than the Google file blackout. However, it is important to enterprises to use the "noble baby document backup on the local computer (or elsewhere) data, in order to prevent a" noble baby file "power to destroy the entire office. Last week, Google announced Gmail, Google can offline access to files and Google calendar. This feature was originally released in Google’s I/O, will allow users to access the information in the interrupt during offline.

Although Google

from the Jiangmen talent network 贵族宝贝jmjob110贵族宝贝 original reproduced must indicate the

From the actual traffic source of a website to the navigation station traffic

remember, in 06 years, I inadvertently saw the 39 Health Network home traffic source data. Since the 39 Health Network is basically recommended by all the major navigation stations, so from that time, I have a comprehensive understanding of the traffic at each station. At that time, I cut the map and share it with some colleagues. When I was trying to use it, I couldn’t find it again. It was a pity. Remember to see the data, source IP is only, and other websites about 10 times, and now feel the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

very lucky today, and found a site of public traffic data, is a local lottery official website, has been included in the major navigation station pages. Although it is only recommended inside the column, but the flow is also very impressive. Now share with you the source of the traffic on this site. Take a look at how much traffic this site can get from the current mainstream navigation station.

as pictured: a welfare website in May 13th, the main source of traffic throughout the day


can see through the figure above that most of the site’s traffic sources are navigation stations. Among them, the highest is, about 2W, and after that is about 114LA 1000. Hao123 is 20 times the height of second. Yes, it’s 2345360, navigation, 1616265 and other websites. With the navigation station I’ve done before, the TOP44 summary sort is pretty good. But the data on a web site does not spell out everything. Because of the different navigation stations, the positions of each column are also different. But also to see the site in the specific location of each navigation station page, if a site navigation station to the lottery is in front row position clearly, even if the overall flow of the navigation station only another navigation station 2/3. But because the location of the site is better, the traffic that the site receives from the navigation station will be more than the traffic at the other higher traffic station.

: look at the traffic data for the last 13 days,


really want to understand the size of the traffic between these navigation stations sorting, you also need to refer to a lot of data sites, as well as the location of these sites in the navigation station, good or bad and other factors. If you have friends in many web site navigation station is recommended or advertising, willing to share data with me, please give me a message or blog to contact me, I would be willing to share the experience of more data and thank you. New network promotion exchange 21 group 83686971 welcome everybody to come to exchange.

Mou Changqing (mcq0544) stay at

this article first address, evergreen website promotion blog: http://www.m>

On the last day of 2008, I cried

hi network began in October, now has more than 2 months, should be said to be 66.12 days, responsible for their own products in a Internet Co, the product has 200 million users in use, the day will be endless, one day to deal with more than 200 emails.

8 pm to return to their small house, sometimes even weekends, the meal began to update your own website, Saturday Sunday did not dare to do any business, for nearly 10 years, but never made any one, the lost lost to do 2 words lost every day 5 hours of sleep is the most extravagant to watch a NBA game live on the feeling of excitement what a wonderful world this weekend, sometimes think oneself is really very depressed, with the annual salary of 100 thousand is what his website, perhaps is a young age of the plot, from the last century website this thing has occupies almost all of his feelings and hopes.

network is an open and fair share, every hour and moment is caught my stay there, do too many website to too many ideas, such as man, do stand failure of the same person, in order to prove their success on their life is also forced to do a successful station, perhaps this is a misunderstanding, but he is extremely difficult to get away.


is in the Internet Co, but in fact his early site specific throw to Java country, bite the bullet and a little modification to the partner did not stop looking but his character sucks and no one is willing to bend and a new station, memories of this a few months to pay at least a little bit, return right now, about IP1000, PV30000, PR, today jumped from 0 to 4 (we all know their PR is 0 points when there are more depressed), Links added 10, 4 days ago by QQ bookmark recommendation, within 2 days of the recommended number exceeded 7000, still very happy, for the the number increased to 1000 before the Spring Festival, which is expected by Google > 800, Baidu included just rose from 7 to 100 or so, I hope that time can be up to 500, the forum Renqibuwang temporarily closed.

2009, let’s work together! Remember your flat 2008 and refuel with tens of thousands of Chinese webmaster. contact QQ951785018

Summary of the text of the world, with 6 powerful promotional soft writing keywords

soft why exist? When do the world of this problem, and puts forward the soft existence value. Where is the value and the participation of the audience?. So, how to let the object crowd to participate actively, is the soft Wen’s wonderful, or promotion efforts? Line world here not to say anything else, just talk about a few simple and easy to use, with powerful promotion soft text writing keywords.

1, simplification of complex problems, simple.

simplified, more acceptable, such as why after the founding of society to promote the simplified Chinese characters, because the font is more conducive to simplify writing, also let the spread of information more quickly. The same for soft wen.

if a simple and easy soft text and a complex professional soft text in front of the user, the results can be imagined, users will choose the former. Simple, compared to complex, equivalent to high-speed through train, with the shortest possible time, the least effort to bring a better user experience, but also to allow users to accept more happily.

, for example, also promotes whitening products. One is "the simplest fast whitening technique", and the other is "whitening revolution brought about by vitamin C". Obviously, the former is more likely to attract users to read.

2, for the user’s most popular psychology, free of charge.

we all know that there is no free lunch, so little free stuff, so if there is something free, why not? In many soft, and no free so that said, write again good, for the user, also seems to lack a thrust.

if at this time at the end of the article plus "now order", you can get free XX gifts (activities) quota." In this way, certainly can attract many users to participate.

3, with the immediate fast pace, fast.

in the low social productivity of ancient times, slow represents elegance, not for life and running leisurely. And in modern society, the vast majority of people all day long for the sake of life. Such a rush is undoubtedly insulated from "slow". Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the phrase "time is money, efficiency is life" pushes people onto the social life pipeline.

in this case, soft Wen should also bring "fast" concept. "Fast lifting", "rapid whitening", "quick, quick wash" stovepipe ""…… Do not let people impatient to wait, also not for long and boring hard, "fast" time is greatly shortened, but it can get the same effect, it can not help people,


4, give users a reassurance, guarantee.

no matter how good the soft text is written, the user will worry before buying the product: is this product really useful? After using it, is it really effective? If it’s a lie, what should I do?……

to make >

Review of domestic Kickstarter to raise the public situation and Prospect Analysis of website

[Abstract] this article reprinted from author @ Mochizuki’s blog.

in foreign countries, represented by Kickstarter, all the chips or called the public offering site fire, behoove, C2C (copy to China) is not in a few, rough statistics about a dozen large and small, so these people to help with fundraising website of some wonderful entrepreneurial projects, how will the future? This paper will try to analysis for your.

1. What is KickStarter mode


Kickstarter is a web site, simply speaking, is a donation by users to achieve some creative project site, anyone can donate to a specified number of project funds, the site charges a low commission, low threshold to be more lower.


For example: California

horse gold · Callaghan wanted to create a new comic about a half human half demon, the first phase of the creation and promotion of the estimated cost of $1500, so she gave the website wrote a letter of introduction, I hope someone can provide small donations. Donors can receive a return of $5 for a comic book with an author’s signature, and $100 for a package with the characters in the manga. Of course, her promise will only be paid when more than 1500 dollars have been received. As a result, she had the donation in a short time.

creative website from which a Chinese founder Perry Chen (Perry Chen), his official occupation is a futures trader, but for the love of art, opened a gallery, also often participate in organized concerts. In 2002, he was forced to cancel because of funding problems held at the New Orleans jazz festival concert on a planning, which makes him very upset, and then began to build a website to raise funds.


April 2009, Kickstarter on line;

in 2010, Kickstarter was named as one of the best inventions by the Time in 2010.

in 2011, Kickstarter was named by Time as the best website in 2011.

currently has more than 3 million people involved in investing in KickStarter projects, with 78497 projects submitted and $362 million in successful financing.

two, the domestic public website present situation


KickStarter fire up, domestic KickStarter websites have sprung up like mushrooms

Name the store to understand the history


said to the shop to get a suitable name, we need to take into account the factors are very much, but in general it is necessary to meet the relevant laws and regulations, and rarely related to history. However, here Xiaobian to entrepreneurs stressed that the name of the shop but also to understand the history of the relevant Oh, or take it may not be used.

to the name of the shop to understand the history of the country and the laws and regulations of knowledge, otherwise, the name can not be used, Guangzhou has had such an example. In the late summer of 2000, a company called "Formosa" restaurant is the decoration, which is located in Guangzhou train station next to the restaurant has four hundred or five hundred square meters, it is said that the boss is a taiwanese.

was originally a nickname for Taiwan, a Dutch rule in Taiwan, with an insult. This period of history has ended, the history of this period and there are people who know less and less, I believe that Taiwan boss do not know this history. The reason why he named his western restaurant is to let people know it is from Taiwan. Because there are many people around the world to open a restaurant called "Faure Mo Ssha", I saw in Hongkong, called "Faure Mo Ssha" restaurant.

, however, are aware of this history is the media pointed out that the western restaurant shop name degrading state system, Chinese cannot accept, asked relevant departments to intervene and stop the use of the store that western restaurant. After media reports, the administrative department of industry and commerce act immediately, finally, the degrading state store name of course can not be used.

as for the decoration of the neon signs have to be removed, this change, the operator is a sign for a loss of at least about one hundred thousand yuan. Of course, the loss is more than these, as well as time, morale, etc.. Delayed the opening is delayed to make money, this "Faure Mo Ssha" restaurant is not open on the people forced down signs, the Taiwanese is too unlucky, a Chinese old is also very unlucky. Therefore, the name of the company or product for their own is an important matter of carelessness.

if you want to get good entrepreneurial development, efforts to do the natural place, which take its first step is Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, so that every entrepreneur should attach importance to improve, to avoid errors or jokes in taking its name in the process, I hope this can be called entrepreneurship they will bring some inspiration to shop.

The first youth internet entrepreneurship contest officially launched in Anhui

now some of the social entrepreneurship contest held by the frequency is very high, and the reason why the time to hold such a number of local business competition is also to further promote the local people entrepreneurship.

to start the ceremony, the Organizing Committee and iFLYTEK Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Organizing Committee Secretariat responsible comrades to answer a reporter’s question, the leaders together on "youth entrepreneurship tree" to start the contest.

Chengdu snack bar you need to know a few things

you need to know three things before you start a Chengdu snack bar. The first thing is the consumer income and dining needs, this understanding, in order to do a good job in the store market positioning. The second thing is to know how to shop location and store layout, do this arrangement, to attract customers into the store. The third thing is to know how to develop recipes to meet the needs of consumers. Here are the details.

consumer income levels and dining demand

general to Chengdu snacks dining patrons on the income level is not high, consumer groups mainly by city white-collar workers, college students, ordinary workers, migrant workers and other components, which although some city white-collar workers in income is also good, but due to take loans, education and other costs, generally in the daily meals there will not be too high, keep every 2, 30 yuan / person level; and after several people mention, like college students, mostly without income; while the ordinary work and migrant workers, lower income, daily meal demand is very single, Chengdu snacks has become one of the choice of dining venues.

shop location and store layout

mostly Chengdu snacks are located in the vicinity of ordinary office buildings, residential areas, rarely to the core business district shop. These places are basically residential intensive areas, whether it is at noon, or night, there are a lot of people need to eat, especially foreign migrant populations, and these lots of rental store will be cheaper. Chengdu snack store layout is very simple, not too much modification, which accordingly saves the cost, and its own nature of Chinese fast food, diners are not very concerned about this point.

dishes set and taste

Chengdu snack dishes set are generally two, equivalent to two menus, a more formal Chinese food, such as cooking, stews and meat dishes, it is relatively complicated and time-consuming, will choose the local ordinary white-collar work and dinner, most daily in Chengdu snacks eat dinner in white-collar workers will not choose this place, so this menu is not a lot; another is the staple food of the menu, which is basically a snack of Chengdu’s flagship product, such as rice, rice, pasta, taste is generally good, suitable for the needs of most people. If the taste is not too good for Chengdu snacks are generally difficult to operate for a long time.

open Chengdu snack bar is not difficult? Read the above, you must know that it is not difficult, as long as these three aspects of the planning, the prospects for money is broad. Of course, here, there is still a small series to emphasize the need to look at the surrounding business environment before the shop, it is best not to have the same type of snack bar exists.

Clothing stores ten decoration cheats

female entrepreneurs want to shop, clothing franchise business will be one of the first few projects. Investment in clothing stores are promising, but the need to master the skills of many, the following is about the clothing stores ten decoration cheats, very helpful for the shop.

after clothing stores location, although the clothing store decoration with headquarters and regulations, but some sources record store decoration and decoration is successful or not will directly determine the traffic clothing store is much less, can not cause the attention of the store. So, how to do a good job in the clothing store decoration?

, a clothing store decoration should be uniform in color, clothing and decoration color is very harmonious whole, people will be able to see the main tone of the store. But pay attention to unity is not to make the color of clothing and decoration is completely consistent, so that it will make the store is very dull and dull, should allow local contrast and obey the whole.

The purpose of

three, the fitting room is very important, the customer to make a decision to buy clothes are mostly in the dressing room, but many stores do not have room or room is very simple, it will affect the final purchase of customers.

four, rack to space for walking, can be divided into the main channel and auxiliary channel, the image background plate to the main entrance or buy advocate channel. Identical collocation. The same color of the clothes put together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length put together, so as not to make people feel like warehouse.

five, contrast color collocation. The clothing store decoration, can be used to express warm cool, for example: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, should pay attention to with cold warm.

six, the rational use of the living area. The so-called living area is in the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the region, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales.

seven, model number to control. Some operators believe the model easier to make the display effect, put many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

eight, the rational use of "living model". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, this recommendation