Infants and young children how to decorate the shop

in recent years, infant clothing market is very hot, the profit is also very large, it is worth the attention of investors. Many friends want to open infant clothing stores, and the success of the infant clothing store decoration has a profound impact on the store business. So, baby clothing store how to decorate it?

some infant clothing store operators believe the model is easier to improve the exhibition effect, so in their own shops and lots of small models, all kinds of children come in, will put these models as their baby sister cloth and touch to go to die. Over time, the clothes worn on the model will become dirty, so it will have the opposite effect. In fact, the use of the model is not more than in the fine, too much display will make parents and children had to lose their mind, as long as the best style to wear on the model on the line. Store has 3 to 5 models can be.

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How to open a specialty store

today’s people are very concerned about environmental protection and health care, in so many people’s increasingly strong sense of health today, and fashion and health projects will have a market. Then choose to open a flower Restaurant restaurant, it can make you easy to get rich.


project features:

in the store, because have their own characteristics, so there is no need to select expensive downtown stores, the store can choose the surrounding environment clean in two or three lots.

edible flowers have a long history in China, some flowers not only to eat, and the health care effect. Today, people’s health awareness is very strong, fashion and health projects will have a market. Open a flower restaurant allows you to easily become rich.

Beauty industry to do what is good to open the benefits of SPA living museum

modern mental stress, SPA living museum provides a good place for people to release pressure. In a relaxed state of mind to carry out nursing, enjoy the quiet, in the air filled with natural fragrance completely relax.

SPA through the environment, natural materials and health care, thorough care of the skin and body, but also enjoy the body and mind of the roaming and rest. In SPA, you can hear the ocean mountain natural sounds, you can smell the pure plant essential oil fumigation of fragrant, can enjoy the meticulous delicate flower tea, all the arrangements are warm and natural. In Europe and the United States, SPA with its concept of health and leisure, urban women have become a byword for decompression maintenance.

followed by consumption layer. Most of the services provided by beauty salons are facial care and simple physical care, according to the survey, most of its consumers are ordinary white-collar workers and wage earners, with an average income of 1640 yuan. The SPA Museum in addition to the beauty of the project, as well as health, health care course, popular among white-collar and wealthy people. Different consumer groups concerned about the topic is not the same, promotion management, of course, to be treated differently.

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To carry out the collection services to better store business

a shop if you want a better business, higher performance, may wish to carry out some business, so as to earn a higher profit. And because of the current popular online shopping, so if a shop to carry out the collection of services, I believe that will make the business become more popular, earn a higher profit.

with the rise of the shop quietly, so that more and more feel the pressure of the store. There are two reasons for the rise of the shop: one is the price advantage, shop goods are directly linked to the manufacturers, a lot less intermediate links, the price is lower than the physical store. The second advantage is that this advantage is not the home shop. Now people, especially young people like online shopping is the reason for door-to-door, can save their time to do other. Some places too many shops, resulting in the ability of young people have been attracted in the past, too much pressure on the store, had to close.

in addition, some physical stores closed their own reasons, or the price is more expensive, resulting in fewer and fewer customers, and finally had to close their doors. There is that although the price is not expensive, but the poor quality of service, the customer is lukewarm and frequently sarcastic mocking words, resulting in no repeat. Supermarkets are most dependent on repeat customers, if there is no fixed source, it indicates that the store is almost gone.

under the new situation, only a single service difficult to stop, want the business can do it for a long time, increase the types of services is the best choice. In recent years, the beginning of my shop is to increase the generation of charging service, which is electricity and mobile phone charges. The effect is obvious, to the people there are more than just a simple payment, the family has the need to take away the daily necessities. In particular, the male customers, to pay almost the time to spend some, buy a pack of cigarettes to buy a bottle of drinks, turnover increased a lot.

later, I was near a supermarket to see my business is good, but also on behalf of the charging business, so that I have a corresponding reduction in the number of tourists. In response to this situation, I contacted the other business: collecting courier and letters. I go to the town every day to purchase, we express here are sent to the town, and then told me to take. I will negotiate with the courier company, by me to get back to our express, so that people do not have to take the town, in my store can be back.

every day I express and mail back to the store, who I write my name on the outside of the shop on the blackboard, do not have to go into the store can know that there is nothing of their own, greatly facilitate the neighborhood. And I do it all for free, so I get my neighbors. Based on this, I come here to spend more and more customers, they say the most is like to help the good people.

business is not good in all walks of life, we only

How to invest in small jewelry stores

some of the characteristics of small adorn article, not only looks good, the price is very affordable, in the market is also more popular, attracting more people’s attention. See jewelry fiery market, many entrepreneurs are eager to invest in shops. So, how to invest in small jewelry store?

1, all products, including cosmetics series, headdress, jewelry and other jewelry series, key chain, cartoon dolls, ceramic dolls and other gifts.

2, shop address is recommended to choose in the downtown area, taking into account the ten yuan store customers are a large part of the students, you can also choose the store in the normal university, the new big relative to the bustling school.

3, a lot of people do not know whether they should join the shop, in fact, plus or not have pros and cons. Choose to join the benefits of the shop, the headquarters will provide free membership card, POP image cards, promotional materials such as inkjet. The disadvantage is that we must pay a certain fee, in addition to a few thousand dollars deposit. Of course, if you have a vision and sales experience, do not have to join the smooth opening of the store.

small jewelry store investment and management, the prospects are very good, fiery market, can bring better returns for franchisees. How to invest in the operation of small jewelry store specific introduction, but also hope to give you some help.

Survey 34 college students interested in Entrepreneurship

in these two years to promote management activities under the student entrepreneurs team has obvious expansion, entrepreneurship has become a common choice for college graduates. Shanghai university students from the survey report can be seen, 3/4 of students are interested in entrepreneurship.

42% respondents consider independent entrepreneurship

this independence is fully displayed in Shanghai after 90 college students’ entrepreneurial purposes. Research report found that nearly half of college students believe that the purpose of entrepreneurship is not to work for others".

in the entrepreneurial opportunity choice, that within 3 years of Graduate Entrepreneurship is recommended when appropriate

90 college students play a week after the profits of more than 20 thousand

innovation and entrepreneurship needs people to start their own business, buying clothes is a very popular industry, take the normal road to face many of the competition, I believe it is difficult to win. 90 college students play fun fabric, hand-painted Wuhan landscape T-shirt homemade Jersey, very popular, the successful realization of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Some people love to

2015, Wang Yuzun travel in Shanghai, accidentally saw a Custom T-Shirt shop for tourists, so the initiation of the custom culture creative T-shirt idea, but initially did not sell a variety of patterns printed on t-shirts. Wang Yuzun introduction, until February this year that the school of art and Design Institute of a group of students hand-painted big Wuhan work inspired his inspiration.

soon, a number of cooperation with Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower, the Tanhualin Q version of the abstract map of Optics Valley features such as T-shirts, Wang Yuzun himself as a model, will be displayed on the official WeChat T-shirt and the circle of friends, classmates and friends each school publicity, these T-shirts immediately caused a sensation, a lot of study in Wuhan students have to buy, only one week, there are 580 orders, profit of more than 20 thousand.

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Hefei Home Expo robot attention

With the development of

, intelligent products for people’s lives and work more and more profound. 18, 2009, in Hefei home fair, many robots by the majority of people welcome.

life can be seen everywhere in the robot, the restaurant has a robot waiter, the family has a robot Butler, the child can and the robot playmate chat, play games…… With the era of intelligent open, once existed in the science fiction world of future life has become a reality.

11 18, 2009, the Tenth China (Hefei) International Home Fair held in Hefei, the exhibition site gathered all kinds of intelligent robots, staged a real version of the robot mobilization.

fun adorable appearance, beautiful dance, this is plump, like a kung fu panda as a big guy, is the first large-scale service robot yoyo. It is understood that yoyo leg with wheel drive, hands and fingers to taste, each finger can move independently, can be free to show the beautiful gesture.

reporters on the scene also saw the restaurant robot, they can achieve the function of welcome, ordering, delivery, pay, all through the network connection between the robot, can cooperate with each other to complete the restaurant business. Of course, in addition to the humanoid robot, some intelligent terminal is also remarkable, intelligent piano can interact with people, not only at hand piano teaching, but also like a teacher to arrange courses, pointed out the error, and record analysis. Smart glass, like science fiction movies, will be displayed on the screen to move to the glass, and can touch interactive.

it is reported that Hefei has China’s only national intelligent voice industry base, China sound Valley, the show signed a total of 20 voice and artificial intelligence projects.

intelligent robot market development, in the near future these robots will be able to become an important part of our lives, to contribute to the quality of life.

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Hefei 85 disabled guy entrepreneurship after the blind rod

in each place will have some extraordinary entrepreneurs with their extraordinary entrepreneurial experience will bring us venture hope everyone in Hefei has a 85 disability guy entrepreneurship, and ultimately successful.

from the job rejected to have a 22 employees, 85 young Cheng Xueting for two years. In the first half of this year, Cheng Yang led the team to achieve a turnover of about 2000000 yuan. Currently, he is working with the team of Anhui Agriculture University, research and development, guide rod, hoping to help more people.

1 year and a half that year, a fire, so that Cheng Xueting hands hurt, the left hand of the hand can not stretch. In 2013, Cheng graduated from Anhui Agriculture University. The same as the students, Cheng Li left the school, around the cast resume job, but after each interview did not have the following. Everywhere he hit the wall, with the idea of entrepreneurship.

"difficult to find a job, I can not think their own business." Cheng Xueting said, later, with the help of his friends, get a free entrepreneurship training opportunities. "Just wanted to do the clothing business." Cheng Xueting said, when he found that the clothing business profits, but soon found that competition is too intense, the risk is also great, not a long-term development plan.

"we understand the inconvenience in life, and I know what they like, what kind of product." At the end of 2013, our factory built Xueting process.

"at the hands of only 600 dollars." Cheng Xueting said that he later settled in a hundred entrepreneurs park. In addition to providing free of charge for more than and 200 square venues, Luyang district also helped Cheng Xueting apply for an interest free loan of $200 thousand.

for more than 20 disabled employment