3Dprinted privacy cover for Glass puts everyone at ease

first_imgThere are a lot of people concerned about the camera on Google Glass, and how it could maybe be used if the wearer was in any way malevolent. To address this possible concern, one Glass Explorer has made a 3D-printed privacy shield for the headset.You’d probably be the worst spy ever if you tried to stalk someone with Glass on, but that doesn’t stop a vocal minority from expressing concerns about a camera mounted to the right of one’s head. To their point, there’s no notification light when you are recording, aside from the “Terminator” glow that the prism gives off whenever you are using it. No one knows when you are taking pictures or recording, so those around you either assume you’re never recording or assume you’re always recording.As a result, the list of places Glass is banned from seems to be growing at a fairly constant rate. The easiest way to get rid of concerns would be to hide the camera and cover up the display. Thanks to Glass Explorer Ryan Weaving, all you need is a 3D printer to make that happen.Shortly after our discussion on the social implications of Glass, a conversation arose about how exactly you could block out the camera on Glass. That’s the big issue here — the camera and the light from the prism are unnerving to some. Fortunately, those two pieces are right next to one another, and connected to the same flexible arm at the end of every Glass unit.In order to make something that would cover both of these things, Weaving tried out a few ideas in 3D modeling and came up with a cap that went over Glass. The end of the cap covers the camera, while the box-shaped end encapsulates the prism without actually touching it. Not only is the camera gone, but you could be staring into the sun and the projector on Glass would be clear as day to you now.While it is true that you lose the ability to see through the prism, it’s likely that there will be versions of this cap that allow for just the camera to be covered, or to have the back of the prism cover open so the break in your field of vision would be lessened. It’s a good solution for those that feel they would be in situations where people would assume Glass wearers are up to no good.Weaving has shared this design on Thingiverse for anyone to use and enjoy.last_img read more

Microsoft develops NFC alternative using a microphone and speaker

first_imgMicrosoft Research has come up with a very slick alternative to NFC called Dhwani. Developed by a trio in the company’s offices in India, the new system utilizes sound to transmit data — and it doesn’t require any specialized hardware.All that’s required is two components that are already part of your smartphones and tablets: a microphone and a speaker. They handle the transmission and reception of data, and software handles the rest of the process. As with NFC, Microsoft’s sound-based system has a very short range.But wait… couldn’t an eavesdropper listen in on a Dhwani transmission and intercept data? In a word, no. Microsoft’s team uses an ambient noise “shroud” called Jamsecure. It ensures that nearby snoopers won’t pick up anything they shouldn’t, and the extraneous sound is easily stripped away from the data transmission by the Dhwani devices.Dhwani isn’t fast, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s not meant to move large files, so the 2.4Kbps data rate is acceptable. That’s certainly fast enough to handle digital wallet transactions. Ambient noise doesn’t affect transmission, either, so Dhwani should work just fine in crowded coffee shops, busy baseball stadiums, or noisy subway stations.Theoretically, anybody who wants to add this functionality to a device would just have to strike up a deal with Microsoft. There’s always the possibility that Microsoft could allow OEMs that already have a licensing agreement in place to implement Dhwani. That would certainly be music to the ears of numerous Android device manufacturers.Heck, even Apple might be interested. It’s never been a fan of NFC, but a similar system that doesn’t require any additional hardware to be crammed inside devices? That’s a bit more exciting.last_img read more

Windows 81 will be available October 17th

first_imgWhether you’ve been putting off an upgrade or waiting patiently for Microsoft to fix the things about Windows 8 that have been annoying you, there’s good news today. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8.1 will be available on October 17.Remember: this is a free update. All you have to do to get it installed on your Windows 8 system is to make sure Windows Update is working properly and then wait patiently for the bits to rain down from the cloud. Direct download links will no doubt surface, too, and we’ll be sure to share them with you once they appear.Windows 8.1 isn’t just a service pack. There are plenty of bug fixes, security patches, and stability tweaks, sure, but it’s also loaded with new features. Many of those features are aimed at throwing water on the fires of Start Screen hatred.You’ll be able to tell Windows 8.1 that you want to boot directly to the Desktop by clicking through to your taskbar properties and selecting the navigation tab. The Start Button has also made a comeback, but it’s not wired in to a tiny Start Menu like it was in previous Windows versions.No, it’ll bring up the full Start Screen when you click it. You can, however, at least tell Windows 8.1 to list desktop apps first and to always display the All Apps view when you click it. It’s not an identical experience, but it might be more comfortable for some Windows users.Microsoft has also made several improvements to how Windows 8.1 handles multiple monitors, and it’s also equipped to handle 3D printers. It’s definitely one of the most ambitious updates in Microsoft history.Check out Microsoft’s teaser video to see Windows 8.1 in action, and mark your calendar for October 17… the update kicks off at 4 am PST!last_img read more

Star Fox mod fits perfectly into Team Fortress 2

first_imgIf there has ever been a character known for being extremely annoying and unlovable, it’s Slippy Toad from Star Fox. If there has ever been a cast of characters more beloved than the lovable goofballs from Team Fortress 2, then we haven’t seen it. While Slippy Toad may ever join the ranks of cartoon-smooth men, Star Fox and Team Fortress 2 have met in an unlikely mod available on Steam.The mod, created by Steam user NarryGewman, is currently in a pre-alpha stage, so as you can see by the video below, it’s missing a lot of little nuances that really make a mod soar, such as an environment and details.So far, it appears as though the mod simply allows you to fly and shoot in a sparsely populated map, though the players do seem to have individualized jet streams. Similar to the PS3’s Starhawk, this mod puts the Arwing and TF2 character models on the same map, allowing the ships to speed by the humans.If you think the pre-alpha stage looks a little rough, don’t worry, as NarryGewman noted that the mod “will be optimized and stuff.” As for a Star Fortress release timetable, Gewman notes it’s “coming whenever it’s finished,” so you can expect a swift release, and full of optimizations at that.Though there isn’t much detail on the mod, the version does look fun, and if the human characters get anti-air weapons, the mod could take off. Maybe we’ll even get Slippy Toad wielding the Heavy’s minigun at some point.last_img read more

Man avoids jail for attacking 72yearold estranged wife

first_img Image: Shutterstock/AdrianC 17 Comments Tuesday 7 Feb 2017, 4:34 PM 16,286 Views Feb 7th 2017, 4:34 PM Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3227639 Share3 Tweet Email Image: Shutterstock/AdrianC By Sonya McLean AN ELDERLY MAN who said it was his intention to go to his estranged wife’s home to kill her has been given a three year suspended sentence for attacking her and threatening to kill her.Anthony O’Connor (74) burst into the home he had previously shared with his wife and shouted “surprise” before he launched a sustained assault. It came to an end when their neighbours, who had heard the woman’s screams for help, dragged him away from his victim.He continually threatened the 72-year-old woman, telling her “You are going tonight and I’ll go with you”. The neighbours heard him shout at her “If I don’t get you someone else will. You’ll get a bullet in the head.”O’Connor pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Phyllis O’Connor causing her harm and threatening to kill her at Thatch Road, Whitehall, Dublin on 19 July 2016. He is now living in a Dublin nursing home where he continues to receive psychiatric care.Garda David Crowley told Anne Rowland BL, prosecuting that O’Connor, who was being treated in a psychiatric hospital for bipolar disorder at the time, told his psychiatrist the following day that it had been his plan to drag the woman upstairs and smother her with a pillow but he thought she would be too heavy.The accused said if he had managed to get the woman upstairs “she would have been a goner”.He told his psychiatrist he had been at a meeting with his solicitor that day about their divorce. He was drinking in the pub later getting more and more angry because she was in the marital home and he was homeless.O’Connor admitted that he had “got it into my head to kill her”. He said he waited outside the house until no one was around.He said he told his wife “I’ll have you now” and “You won’t have a minute’s peace. I’ll wait for you to kill you”.His psychiatrist reported that O’Connor showed no remorse that day and was still angry with his wife.Phyllis O’Connor was later treated for cuts and bruises to her face, neck and arms. She didn’t make a victim impact report but has since secured a barring order against her husband.Judge Melanie Greally said O’Connor had been prevented from carrying out his intentions on the night only because of the intervention of their neighbours. She said unfortunately at that stage the woman had already sustained a number of blows to her face and neck.The judge noted that, although Phyllis O’Connor had not prepared a victim impact report, she could assume that it was a very distressing incident. She said she her marks and bruises must have caused her considerable embarrassment.Judge Greally suspended the three year term in full on condition that O’Connor remain in an appropriately sanctioned nursing home, continue with his medication and refrain from having any contact with his wife.Additional evidenceJudge Greally acknowledged that the assault took place during a period when the couple were involved in divorce proceedings and accepted evidence that O’Connor had never treated his wife in this way during their marriage.She accepted that O’Connor was being treated for bipolar at the time, which was exacerbated by excessive drinking and anger management issues.The judge took into account his admissions of guilt, lack of previous convictions, serious psychiatric condition and the fact that he was unlikely to come to garda attention again if he continued with his medical treatment.Detective Garda Crowley agreed with Luigi Rea BL, defending that his client and the victim previously had a very good relationship and a good family home. He accepted that he had never mistreated his wife before and had since displayed respect for her in his dealings with the gardaí.He further accepted that O’Connor had since stayed away from the marital home and had not come to any garda attention since.Rea said his client had a son in a court to support him. He said another son had previously passed away and this had exacerbated O’Connor’s problems.He asked Judge Greally to accept that this was a once off incident never to be repeated and his client was remorseful for the fear and injuries he caused his wife.“I ask that he be given the only chance he has ever asked for,” Rea submitted.Read: Man found with video showing sexual abuse of five-year-old girl asks judge to spare him jailRead: Photos of children used in Doonbeg brochure without consent of parents Man avoids jail for attacking 72-year-old estranged wife The 74-year-old man burst into the home he had previously shared with his wife and shouted “surprise” before he launched a sustained assault. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Someone in Ireland has won €88 million in the Euromillions tonight

first_imgIt’s not yet known where the winning ticket was bought.However, the Irish player had the only winning ticket in the EuroMillions draw.Read: ‘The place went absolutely mad’: Family describes scenes after €4.5m Lotto win on Christmas Day> By Cliodhna Russell Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 9:27 PM #EuroMillions results are in.Jackpot: €88,587,275 Winner: 1Location: 🇮🇪#ShareTheDream pic.twitter.com/BQrbEZU0A4— The Irish National Lottery (@NationalLottery) January 24, 2017 111 Comments Source: The National Lottery/Twitter Jan 24th 2017, 9:27 PM Short URLcenter_img Someone in Ireland has won €88 million in the Euromillions tonight The numbers drawn were 1, 5, 7, 17 and 23. A EUROMILLIONS TICKET sold in Ireland is the winning ticket of tonight’s draw.The Irish player, or players, have won €88.587,275 million.The numbers drawn were 1, 5, 7, 17 and 23. The lucky stars were 3 and 8. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 140,037 Views Share3322 Tweet Email2 http://jrnl.ie/3203590 last_img read more

Man jailed for five years for orally raping partners son 7

first_img Short URL By Liz Farsaci Share31 Tweet Email Monday 24 Apr 2017, 4:51 PM 25 Comments 32,532 Views Image: Shutterstock/Andy Dean Photography Image: Shutterstock/Andy Dean Photography Man jailed for five years for orally raping partner’s son (7) “He went from being a bright child to struggling with school. He has become anxious and nervous.” Apr 24th 2017, 4:51 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Warning: Some readers may find the contents of this report distressing. A WEXFORD MAN who orally raped his partner’s seven-year-old son after sending the boy’s mother out on an errand has been jailed for five years.The man threatened to put the child outside in the rain before abusing him on a date between 1 March 2013 and 30 September 2013, the Central Criminal Court heard.The 33-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, was found guilty by a jury of one count of oral rape at his rented home in Wexford. He continues to maintain his innocence.Sentencing the man today, Justice Paul Butler said the incident had a “nasty effect on the victim and his mother”. He said the young boy “greatly impressed” him when describing the grave effect the abuse had on him.The judge noted it was significant the man’s offending “involved only one single incident and not a history of prolonged abuse”. He noted he had just one previous conviction, for burglary.Justice Butler handed down a seven-and-a-half year sentence but suspended the final two-and-a-half years on a number of conditions, including that the man not have any contact with the victim.John O’Kelly SC, prosecuting, previously told the court the man insisted he was never alone with the boy and had never expressed remorse.The court heard that during the garda interview, the man said: “This is one big load of bullshit.”He described the boy as a “spoiled little fuck”, adding: “The only one allowed to suck my penis is his fucking mother.”Victim impact The trial was shown a video of the boy being interviewed by specialist gardaí in March 2014. He was eight at the time of the interview.He said on the tape that his mother had left him with her then boyfriend in his home because she had to go to the shop. He named the man and said he wasn’t very nice and “he made me suck his carrot”.He said afterwards he went to the sink and kept spitting. He said he felt like he was going to be sick and he had a “very bad pain in my tummy”.The boy said the man wasn’t very nice and said the whole incident was disgusting. He said he told his aunt what happened months later and she later told his mother.In the mother’s victim impact statement, read out by O’Kelly, the mother said her son had become overly emotional with no warning since the rape.“He’s become easily overwhelmed and distraught…He feels violated when his personal space is compromised in everyday activities,” the mother said.“He was naturally extroverted but became withdrawn … The trauma [he] suffered affected his self-esteem. He went from being a bright child to struggling with school. He has become anxious and nervous.“His right as a child to be safe and secure was taken away from him.”Read: Woman who stabbed former partner to death and hid body in back garden jailed for 6 yearsRead: Man jailed for setting fire to young mother’s car, destroying baby presents http://jrnl.ie/3356217 last_img read more

In my head I didnt deserve to be helped I was broken

first_img Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOOver time, I began to withdraw from everybody and everything except sport, which I played all through school. I didn’t tell a soul what I was doing to myself. Nobody realised what was going on for years.It wasn’t until I was in my final year of school that I finally began to open up, first to my school guidance counsellor and then to someone from Pieta House. Initially, I was very reluctant to share what I was going through with anyone. I felt I was broken and couldn’t be fixed. In my head, other people needed help more than me, and I didn’t deserve to be helped.It was very hard for me to start expressing the feelings I had bottled up for so long. Eventually, by talking to doctors and counsellors, I was able develop more positive coping strategies to use when I was having negative thoughts about my body.Slipping back into old habitsIn 2014, when I joined the IRFU’s rugby sevens programme, I knew I’d be facing into daily weigh-ins. Nutrition is a very important part of the programme and it would have been very easy to slip back into my old disordered eating habits. Thankfully by that stage I was confident that I had the mental resilience to fight any negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOI still struggle with opening up to my partner or my friends sometimes, but the difference is that I now know the value of talking, and I know it’s one thing that will make me feel better. Speaking about how I’m feeling allows me to identify false negative thoughts that are swirling around my brain, and separate them from logic and reality. I feel capable of dealing with whatever comes my way.Ups and downsAt the moment I’m focused on training for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in UCD this August, and I was in Japan at the weekend for the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series, where we took home the Challenge trophy.The Six Nations loss to England in March was a disappointment for us, of course. We had everything in that match but it just wasn’t our day. There’s a lot of time between now and the World Cup so we are just focusing on the little things that we can do better and being in the best shape we can be come August.I still go through ups and downs like everybody else, but these days I try to see the positive side of things, and reassure myself that I deserve better than to punish myself with negativity.Join the thousands walking from Darkness Into Light on May 6th to raise funds and awareness for Pieta House. You’ll find more information online here and here.Helplines:Pieta House 1800 247 247 or email mary@pieta.ie (suicide, self-harm)Bodywhys 1980 200 444 or email alex@bodywhys.ie (eating disorders)Samaritans 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.orgAware 1800 80 48 48 (depression, anxiety)Teen-Line Ireland 1800 833 634 (for ages 13 to 19)Childline 1800 66 66 66 (for under 18s) Hannah Tyrrell By Hannah Tyrrell Short URL ‘In my head, I didn’t deserve to be helped. I was broken and couldn’t be fixed’ Ireland rugby international Hannah Tyrrell on the eating disorder that overshadowed her teenage years Apr 25th 2017, 8:00 PM Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, 8:00 PM 7 Comments center_img 562 Views Share1066 Tweet Email4 THIS YEAR’S DARKNESS Into Light walk takes place on Saturday May 6th in aid of Pieta House, supported by Electric Ireland. Participants in more than 150 locations, on four continents, will walk the 5km route to raise funds and awareness.All throughout this week, people around Ireland are sharing their own Darkness Into Light journeys. Here, Ireland rugby international Hannah Tyrrell, 26, shares her story.I first began restricting my eating when I was around 12 or 13. I remember feeling like I wasn’t good enough at anything I put my hand to: school, sport, friendships. Changing how I looked was a way to change how I felt, and in turn how others felt about me.I started counting calories and skipping meals, but also bingeing and vomiting after eating. These disordered eating tendencies eventually developed into bulimia, as I continued to do anything to try to lose weight.Self harmAny time that I didn’t get the weight loss results I wanted, I’d be very hard on myself, and I soon turned to self harm. If I felt things hadn’t gone right that day, if I didn’t see the weight I wanted on the scale, if I ate something that I shouldn’t have or if I binged and purged, I’d punish myself by self-harming. The temporary feeling of relief it gave me was addictive, but the feeling never lasted long and would soon be replaced by more shame and guilt. It was an endless cycle. http://jrnl.ie/3346647 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Ireland rugby international last_img read more

Worldfirst trial shows single injection could help patients recover after heart attacks

first_imgWorld-first trial shows single injection could help patients recover after heart attacks The breakthrough could lead to improved quality of life and life expectancy for patients. 33,953 Views John Nolan, who took part in the trial Source: Clare KeoghA PROFESSOR AT University College Cork (UCC) has shown that a single injection could help repair damaged hearts.Professor Noel Caplice, the chair of Cardiovascular Sciences at UCC, and his colleagues at Cork University Hospital have shown that low dose insulin-like growth factor can help repair damage to the heart.Some 47 patients, who had all experienced large heart attacks, took part in the trial – the first of its kind in the world.Around 20% of people who suffer heart attacks have severe ongoing difficulties because of lasting damage to heart muscle even after the best current therapies, often resulting in patients developing long-term heart failure, associated with increased morbidity and mortality.As part of the trial, patients received two different low dose preparations of insulin-like growth factor or placebo. People who received the higher dose showing improved remodelling of their heart muscle in the two-month follow-up after their heart attack, which correlated with other measures of improved heart performance. Professor Noel Caplice with John and Margaret Source: Clare KeoghSpeaking about the development, Caplice said: “We are delighted that an important human study like this could be funded in Ireland and performed in Cork.“This pilot trial is the first of its kind worldwide showing that single injection of low dose IGF1 is safe and can improve cardiac repair after a large heart attack.We hope that these findings can be replicated in potentially larger trials of many hundred subjects in the future. A significant minority of our patients currently remain unwell after a large heart attack despite best clinical practice and we are excited by the possibility that cardiac repair therapy may help these patients.The trial was funded by a €1 million grant under a joint research programme run by the Health Research Board (HRB) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).If future bigger trials are successful, the growth factor could be applied more widely to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of patients who have suffered a large heart attack, and be financially beneficial to the health service by reducing ongoing care costs.‘I felt very vulnerable’John Nolan from New Ross in Wexford was one of the patients involved in the trial. He suffered a heart attack in December 2014. “I feel I was blessed to be asked to be involved. I had confidence that good would come from it, in terms of how they explained it to me,” he said.His wife Margaret added: “Even as a nurse, I felt very vulnerable at the thought that my husband could’ve died. I speak on behalf of myself and my children, I’m really grateful for the aftercare and attention John received as a result of being on his trial.” John and Margaret Source: Clare KeoghDr Mairéad O’Driscoll, interim chief executive at the HRB, said results like these are “a perfect illustration of why the HRB has invested so much in building Ireland’s capacity to conduct clinical trials”.Professor Mark Ferguson, SFI director general and Chief Scientific Adviser to the government, also welcomed the news, noting that collaborative research groups “can produce life-changing advances in health research, with the potential to positively impact on patient wellbeing globally”.The research has been recognised and peer-reviewed by the European Society of Cardiology and the trial will be presented for the first time at the organisation’s Heart Failure 2017 conference in Paris today.Read: ‘He ended up in an induced coma’: Matt Dawson on his son’s meningitis battleRead: Drug dealing happens in mental health facilities across the country, doctor says 17 Comments By Órla Ryan Share Tweet Email11 http://jrnl.ie/3359555 Short URL Saturday 29 Apr 2017, 6:30 AM Apr 29th 2017, 6:30 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

HeForShe Emma Watsons empty promise that when womens problems are solved men

first_img By Karen Straughan Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Sunday 19 Mar 2017, 8:45 AM 161 Comments 5,311 Views HeForShe: Emma Watson’s empty promise that when women’s problems are solved, men will be free too Emma Watson made an empty promise to young men that if only they do as men have always been expected to do—sacrifice and serve—they will eventually be liberated, writes Karen Straughan.center_img AS THE ABORTION debate heats up and it seems like the mass media can hardly go a day without publishing an article decrying the problems facing women in modern society, feminism in Ireland is coming under more scrutiny than it ever has before.There are many questions that can be asked, and should be asked, about feminism in Ireland today, questions about its origins, its goals, what it really stands for and the direction it’s taking. With vocal feminists on both sides of the abortion line, clarity is something in short supply when it’s needed more than ever.Rather than asking these questions sotto voce with furtive glances over the shoulder, Irish feminism needs to join international feminism under the spotlight of public interest, especially given its extraordinary and unelected influence at high levels of the Irish government.Emma Watson backlashAnd there are few figures who could be considered more international than Emma Watson, an actress beloved by many for her role in the popular Harry Potter movies, especially among Irish women.Actress Emma Watson, UN Women’s current Goodwill Ambassador, made headlines last week when she divulged that the backlash against her “HeforShe” campaign had her so depressed and despondent that she could barely get out of bed.Interestingly enough, most of the backlash she describes as leaving her so discouraged as to be bedridden came from feminists themselves, who largely criticised her for being a privileged, wealthy, white, dabbling elitist, exploiting her substantial platform to presume to speak on behalf of women whose lives and struggles she could never truly understand.Finding relatable spokespeopleAs a daughter of working class parents, the former wife of a working class man, who raised three children and two stepchildren while living well under the poverty line and burying one of them along the way… I have to admit that I don’t disagree with that sentiment.The dilemma advocacy organisations like UN Women face is in finding spokespeople who are both relatable and recognisable, when the reality is that you can have the one or the other.More interesting, however, to me anyway, was the absence of any mention in the mainstream press of the male backlash against Watson’s campaign, a backlash in which I eagerly took part.If HeforShe was divorced from the daily reality of 90% of ordinary women, who are more concerned with the business of surviving, than with whether the wealthiest women on earth get paid less than the wealthiest men, it existed in another universe entirely from the one inhabited by the vast majority of men.Divorced from men’s realityImagine, if you will, a queen arrayed in an outfit that costs the average annual salary of the average working class schlub, an outfit she’ll wear only once because it would be gauche to wear it twice, pretending to speak for the experiences and struggles of the common woman. Ridiculous.Now imagine this queen appealing to a group of people who are underrepresented in nearly every single metric of social wellbeing and success, from having a fixed address to being employed to finishing school, to pledge their efforts towards preventing girls from being called “bossy” and speaking up for young women in sports.Imagine her telling these young men that once all women and girls are liberated from the shackles of gendered oppression, their lives will magically improve too. Just by osmosis, or something.That appeal ventures beyond the ridiculous, beyond the sublimeIt is emotional abuse on an epic scale. It is an empty promise to young men that if only they do as men have always been expected to do—sacrifice and serve—they will eventually be liberated from the constraints of male sacrifice and service. Sure, it looks a lot like old-fashioned chivalry, but please be assured, it’s not. It’s HeforShe. It’s feminism.Men pledging to stand up for women and girls, to protect them from harm, difficulty and exploitation, that’s equality, don’t you know. HeforShe. It’s a completely novel idea. Never been tried before. It might not work, but we’re willing to run with it.But don’t expect a cookie or a pat on the head, lads. You don’t deserve a “thank you” for being a decent human being, after all. A good deed is its own reward, no matter what it costs you. And don’t forget to check your male privilege.Feminism promises but doesn’t deliverIt’s little wonder that Ms Watson has expressed no real interest in addressing any of these concerns, even though she leveraged the dire state of men in the western world as bait to recruit them as foot soldiers in her mission. How could she possibly answer for it?Years ago, someone on a message board called me the woman feminism promised and never delivered. Every day, and with every effort I make, those words remind me of the incredible responsibility I have taken on.Women do not lack for Lancelots, Arthurs or Quixotes. They have an endless pool of candidates prepared to tilt on their behalf. And what do men have?Emma Watson’s promise that one day, when all of women’s problems have been solved and all women have been liberated from hardship, men will be free to be “vulnerable and human too.”Karen Straughan is owner of the YouTube channel GirlWritesWhat, co-founder of Honey Badger Radio, gender counter-theorist, and a men’s rights advocate.‘Syrians are increasingly likely to opt for a strongman like Assad, capable of bringing stability’>Zoo deaths: ‘In the wild, gorillas don’t eat their own vomit and pull out their hair in frustration’> Karen Straughan http://jrnl.ie/3288855 Share Tweet Email3 Mar 19th 2017, 8:45 AM last_img read more

MPs overwhelmingly back delaying Brexit if needed as Labour says it will

first_img By Órla Ryan 30,725 Views Short URL Prime Minister Theresa May Source: House of Commons/PA Wire/PA ImagesMEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT in the British House of Commons have overwhelmingly backed a proposal that could allow Brexit to be delayed. The motion, put forward by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, was passed by 502 votes to 20.Essentially, MPs were voting on plans Prime Minister Theresa May proposed yesterday in relation to a series of Brexit-related votes being held next month. They have now formally backed the holding of a series of meaningful votes in the coming weeks to decide what form Brexit will take, including a potential vote on whether to seek to extend Article 50 and delay leaving the EU.Twenty Conservative Party MPs voted against the proposal. Share244 Tweet Email https://jrnl.ie/4516704 Wednesday 27 Feb 2019, 9:24 PM 27 Comments We will also continue to push for the other available options to prevent those outcomes, including a close economic relationship based on our credible alternative plan or a general election.May faces an uphill battle to get a Brexit deal over the line. The draft Withdrawal Agreement struck between her government and the EU was rejected by the House of Commons by 432 votes to 202 last month.She is seeking reassurances on certain elements of the deal, in particular the backstop related to Northern Ireland. European leaders have repeatedly said the deal cannot be renegotiated. Many politicians have raised concerns about the backstop element of the deal, which aims to avoid a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland and could see the North stay aligned to some EU rules.The Democratic Unionist Party, which campaigned in favour of Brexit and props up May’s minority government, believes the backstop threatens the United Kingdom and could lead to a trade border in the Irish Sea.Seeking a delay If May fails to get the House of Commons to back a deal, MPs are expected to vote on 13 and 14 March on whether to leave the EU with no deal, or to seek a delay.“The government’s policy is to get the legally binding changes so a deal can be brought back to this house … and we can leave on March 29 with a deal,” May said ahead of the vote.Any delay must be approved by the other 27 EU member states. Some of the bloc’s leaders have questioned whether a short delay would achieve much. “We don’t need more time: what we need most of all is a decision,” French President Emmanuel Macron said after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris.“If Britain needs more time, then clearly we shall not refuse,” added Merkel, without mentioning conditions.In Madrid, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said: “Although Spain will not oppose granting a possible extension, this must have an assured perspective of resolution.”EU citizens’ rights May has repeatedly ruled out delaying Brexit, even after her deal was overwhelmingly rejected by MPs in January.Her u-turn yesterday prompted outrage among Tory hardliners, with Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg warning that “any delay to Brexit is a plot to stop Brexit”.However, May’s change of plan averted a rebellion by pro-Europeans who fear economic chaos if Britain ends its 46-year-old relationship with the EU without a deal.In a rare moment of unity, MPs approved without a vote an amendment seeking to protect the rights of 3.6 million Europeans living in Britain, and more than one million Britons living in EU countries.It calls on the government to make efforts to preserve the rights of those expats set out in the divorce agreement, even in a no-deal scenario.Conservative MP Alberto Costa said his amendment “does not deal in goods or services, backstops or borders, but people, living and breathing, skin and bone”. Costa was forced to quit as a junior minister because he was not technically allowed to put forward the amendment.MPs also rejected a Scottish National Party motion which stated that the UK should not leave the EU without a deal “under any circumstances” – by 324 votes to 288.Contains reporting from © AFP 2019  center_img 20 Tory MPs who voted against Cooper amendmentAllanBaronBlackmanCashChishtiDavid T.C. DaviesPhilip DaviesDraxHolloboneG. JohnsonMcVeyMillsMarie MorrisPrusgloveHenry SmithBob StewartSwayneSymsTomlinsonVickers— Alex Wickham (@alexwickham) February 27, 2019 MPs overwhelmingly back delaying Brexit if needed, as Labour says it will support second referendum Unless Article 50 is extended, Theresa May has just one month to get a deal over the line. In an earlier vote Labour’s Brexit proposals – which called for a new customs union with the EU and close alignment with the bloc’s single market – were defeated by 323 votes to 240.Afterwards, party leader Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would back a second referendum on Brexit “in order to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit or a disastrous no-deal outcome”. Feb 27th 2019, 9:24 PM As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Alex Wickham/Twitterlast_img read more

Caster Semenya loses court challenge against IAAF testosterone restrictions

first_img Caster Semenya (file pic). 59 Comments Share6 Tweet Email1 23,545 Views Caster Semenya (file pic). Image: Adam Davy The verdict is certain to cause controversy, as Semenya was backed by a global coalition of nations and scientific experts who argued that testosterone is an arbitrary and unfair measure for determining gender.Experts also stressed that achieving excellence in sport is a combination of training and commitment as well as genetics and that barring people from competition over a single genetic factor has no scientific basis. In a rare intrusion into the world of sport, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution last month branding the IAAF rules “unnecessary, humiliating and harmful”. Semenya’s testosterone levels are not known to the public. Source: Imago/PA ImagesThe IAAF has countered that DSD athletes with male levels of testosterone “get the same increases in bone and muscle size and strength and increases in haemoglobin that a male gets when they go through puberty.” Semenya’s testosterone levels are not publicly known, but she is unlikely to be the only athlete affected by Wednesday’s verdict. The two athletes who finished behind her in the Rio Olympics 800m, Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi and Kenya’s Margaret Wambui, have also faced questions about their testosterone levels.- With reporting from AFPSubscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: By Gavan Casey Short URL Caster Semenya loses court challenge against IAAF testosterone restrictions The Olympic 800m champion will need to reduce her testosterone levels in order to compete on the international stage. https://the42.ie/4614349 Image: Adam Davy OLYMPIC 800m CHAMPION Caster Semenya has lost her landmark case against athletics’ governing body, the IAAF, after her appeal was rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).Semenya will now have to take medication to reduce her testosterone levels if she is to continue to compete on the international stage. This regulation will come into effect for Semenya and other relevant athletes from next week, 8 May.A three-judge panel spent more than two months deliberating over a highly complex and contentious case, but in a surprise decision they found that the rules targeting athletes with differences in sexual development (DSD) were “discriminatory” but that “such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics.”In a statement, CAS said Semenya’s team had been unable to prove the IAAF’s policy was “invalid”.It added: The panel found that the DSD Regulations are discriminatory but that, on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the Restricted Events.🤷‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/FHmm10npfx— Caster Semenya (@caster800m) May 1, 2019 Wednesday 1 May 2019, 11:22 AM May 1st 2019, 11:22 AM Subscribe However, the panel also expressed concern as to the practical application of DSD rules in future.“While the evidence available so far has not established that those concerns negate the conclusion of prima facie proportionality, this may change in the future unless constant attention is paid to the fairness of how the Regulations are implemented,” they said.On the health issues, they added: The side effects of hormonal treatment, experienced by individual athletes could, with further evidence, demonstrate the practical impossibility of compliance which could, in turn, lead to a different conclusion as to the proportionality of the DSD regulations. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Hanrahans longrange penalty gets Munster out of jail against Benetton

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article https://the42.ie/4619901 By Ryan Bailey Hanrahan’s long-range penalty gets Munster out of jail against Benetton The replacement out-half landed the winning score, as Johann van Graan’s side survived a major scare at Thomond Park. May 4th 2019, 5:09 PM 171 Comments 30,546 Views Saturday 4 May 2019, 5:09 PM Munster 15Benetton 13 Ryan Bailey reports from Thomond Park IF — AND THAT’S a big if — Munster go on to end their eight-year wait for silverware in Glasgow this month, nobody will remember just how poor they were here, but the result — a narrow, and lucky, two-point win — cannot conceal their underlying shortcomings.At the end of a tight and tense tussle, Johann van Graan’s side survived an almighty scare to book their place in the Guinness Pro14 semi-finals, where they will face Leinster, but this was about as disappointing an attacking display you’re likely to see from the hosts.  Hanrahan celebrates his winning kick. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOThat they escaped was down to a superbly-struck long-range penalty from replacement out-half JJ Hanrahan and some never-say-die defensive resilience at the death, with history-making Benetton pushing them every inch of the way.The Italians, who had qualified for the end-of-season play-offs for the first time, led for much of the game and had two attempts at the end to advance to the last four, but Antonio Rizzi and then Jayden Hayward were both off the mark with their drop-goal efforts.  You had to feel for Kieran Crowley’s side, who played with confidence and conviction, and ought to have become the first Italian side to win here, but it is Munster who keep their season alive and progress through to a fourth Pro14 semi-final in five years.With a trip to RDS on 18 May coming up, the southern province will need to raise their game considerably if they are to stand any chance in Dublin, with their blunt attack completely malfunctioning here again. Despite dominating the first half, Munster went in behind at the break and their frustrations continued through the second half, with van Graan’s side playing with little shape or pattern, while appearing completely devoid of ingenuity. They were guilty of rashly kicking the ball away rather than remaining patient through the phases and their approach was far too one-dimensional, slow and pedestrian, which played into Benetton’s hands. Van Graan this week suggested he is looking to bring in a new attack coach for next season and, on this evidence, getting a new and experienced voice into the set-up is an absolute must if they are to become truly competitive again. Still, they showed heart and fight to grind out a win and maintain their unbeaten record at home this season, with Hanrahan proving the hero as he came off the bench to kick nine second-half points.  CJ Stander is held up. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOMunster dominated the possession and territory stakes from the off, pitching tent inside the Benetton 22, but again lacked a real cutting edge in the red zone as the visitors held firm through siege-after-siege.After Rory Scannell’s kick gained good yards for the hosts, Munster looked to strike off their lineout maul, flashing it out right through the hands before CJ Stander was held up just short, although Toa Halafihi was penalised in the process.Peter O’Mahony, cognisant of his side’s failure to turn their dominance into early points, asked Tyler Bleyendaal to have a shot at the posts, but then changed his mind when Nigel Owens, on advice from his TMO, moved the penalty attempt to the right position, closer to this near touchline.The frustration continued as the maul option malfunctioned. Jean Kleyn soared to take Niall Scannell’s throw, the forwards worked their way infield, but when Conor Murray took control at the back, Abraham Steyn wrapped the scrum-half up and ripped possession off him.As much as Benetton were stoic and unrelenting in their defensive duties, Munster weren’t helping themselves. Off another set-piece strike move, Murray and Bleyendaal created space out wide but, again, having fixed the last defender, Mike Haley’s pass forced Darren Sweetnam to check his run and the green shirts scrambled back to hold Chris Farrell up. Then, after Stander put the head down for the line, Tadhg Beirne spurned a gilt-edged opportunity from a couple of yards out as he failed to cleanly take Murray’s pop pass and ride the last tackle for the opening score.Bleyendaal eventually knocked over a penalty to get Munster on the board, but for all their huffing and puffing, they went into the break behind. Brilliant Benetton showed them how it’s done at the other end. Tommaso Allan got the Italians up and running with an instant response off the tee after O’Mahony was pinged by Owens at the breakdown, and then Crowley’s men struck on the stroke of half-time to stun Thomond.  Share8 Tweet Email Subscribe Short URL Tavuyara finishes brilliantly. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOA loose Haley kick return allowed Italian international Allan time and space to pick his spot in the far corner with a beautifully-judged kick, and while Munster initially cleared their lines through Bleyendaal, Monty Ioane’s quick lineout set the Benetton wheels in motion.What followed was special. Jayden Hayward picked the gap to expose the red shirts and with Munster caught narrow, Allan pulled it back for the Benetton fullback to create the overlap and once fed by Marco Zanon, Fijian winger Ratuva Tavuyara did the rest in stunning fashion for a TMO-confirmed try in the far corner. Allan’s touchline conversion was sweet, sending Benetton into the sheds with their tails up and a seven-point advantage on the scoreboard, and although Bleyendaal’s second penalty on the restart cut the deficit, there was little in the way of improvement from a Munster perspective. Van Graan introduced Hanrahan for Bleyendaal and Billy Holland for Beirne in a bid to spark Munster into action, and while the former brought renewed energy and enterprise to proceedings, it was the visitors who were doing all the running.Another quick lineout caught Munster dozing and Tito Tebaldi, on as a blood sub for Dwaldt Duvenage, weaved and ducked his way through the first line of defence, before offloading brilliantly off the ground for Luca Bigi.With Ioane on his shoulder, the hooker released the Pro14′s most prolific offloader and Munster were in real trouble, only for the final pass — from Hayward to Steyn — to go to ground, while moments later, Halafihi was unable to finish after Tavuyara had burst through the tackles of Kleyn, Scannell and Stander.Munster were living on the edge and would have been thankful to cough up just three points after a period of Benetton territory, with Allan nailing another penalty to extend his side’s lead out to 13-6 with 20 minutes left on the clock.From there, the momentum swung back Munster’s way, largely thanks to the impact of their bench, with Hanrahan bringing it back to a one-point game through back-to-back penalties.Dean Budd’s dangerous hit on John Ryan cancelled out Allan’s three-pointer, and then Arno Botha’s charge and a big Stander hand-off yielded a second penalty in front of the sticks for Hanrahan. 12-13.  Monty Ioane was a livewire for Benetton. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOBenetton weren’t deterred, though. Crowley’s men came flooding forward again, pulling and stretching Munster on both sides, before Ryan and then Stander came up trumps with season-saving turnovers close to their own line, providing the platform for Hanrahan to make the headlines. Again it was Stander who clamped himself over the ball, proving immovable to win the turnover penalty, and when Duvenage stupidly kicked the ball away, Owens marched it forward 10 yards to the halfway line. That proved all the difference.With the wind at his back and the clock on 76 minutes, Hanrahan struck it sweet and true, the ball sailing between the uprights to send Munster through to the last four and a semi-final date at the RDS. They played their get out of jail card. Munster scorers:Tries:Conversions:Penalties: Tyler Bleyendaal [2 from 2], JJ Hanrahan [3 from 3].Benetton scorers:Tries: Ratuva Tavuyara. Conversions: Tommaso Allan [1 from 1].Penalties: Tommaso Allan [2 from 2].MUNSTER: 15. Mike Haley, 14. Andrew Conway, 13. Chris Farrell, 12. Rory Scannell (Dan Goggin 70′), 11. Darren Sweetnam, 10. Tyler Bleyendaal (JJ Hanrahan 48′), 9. Conor Murray (Alby Mathewson 66′); 1. Dave Kilcoyne (Liam O’Connor 73′), 2. Niall Scannell (Kevin O’Byrne 73′), 3. Stephen Archer (John Ryan 50′), 4. Jean Kleyn, 5. Tadhg Beirne (Billy Holland 48′), 6. Peter O’Mahony (captain), 7. Chris Cloete (Arno Both 63′), 8. CJ Stander. BENETTON: 15. Jayden Hayward, 14. Ratuva Tavuyara, 13. Marco Zanon (Alberto Sgarbi 66′), 12. Luca Morisi, 11. Monty Ioane, 10. Tommaso Allan (captain)(Antonio Rizzi 78′), 9. Dewaldt Duvenage (Tito Tebaldi 77′); 1. Nicola Quaglio (Derrick Appiah 48′), 2. Luca Bigi (Hame Faiva 48′), 3. Marco Riccioni (Tiziano Pasquali 63′), 4. Marco Lazzaroni (Irne Herbst 50′), 5. Federico Ruzza, 6. Sebastian Negri (Dean Budd 50′), 7. Abraham Steyn, 8. Toa Halafihi.Referee: Nigel Owens [WRU]Attendance: 10,042. Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here:last_img read more

Cleaner snapped and slapped 11 yearold girl after drink poured on his

first_imgCleaner ‘snapped’ and slapped 11 -year-old girl after drink poured on his wife Redas Jonka (43) was spared conviction over the incident at SkyCourt shopping centre in Shannon. By Gordon Deegan Thursday 12 Sep 2019, 7:58 PM Ennis District Court Image: Shutterstock/shutterupeire https://jrnl.ie/4806929 Share31 Tweet Email1 Image: Shutterstock/shutterupeire Thu 7:59 PM center_img 91,182 Views 44 Comments Ennis District Court Short URL A 43-YEAR old cleaner who “snapped” when slapping an 11-year-old girl across the face with his open hand after he saw the child pour liquid over his distressed wife has escaped a conviction.In the case at Ennis District Court, father of one, Redas Jokna of Ballycasey Crescent, Shannon pleaded guilty to the assault of the local child on September 8th 2018 at the SkyCourt shopping centre in Shannon.However, Judge John King didn’t convict Mr Jokna and instead imposed the Probation Act and ordered him pay €500 to the Poor Box.This was after gardaí confirmed that there was provocation before the assault and a number of businesses at the SkyCourt shopping centre provided letters of support for the Lithuanian.Judge King told the court: “You can’t hit an 11-year-old child no matter what.”Both Mr Jokna and his wife work as cleaners for a cleaning firm at SkyCourt and solicitor for Mr Jokna, Tara Godfrey said that her client was subject “to severe provocation” while at work and “snapped” when slapping the then 11-year-old girl.‘Consistent bullying’Ms Godfrey said that there “had been a constant and consistent bullying of my client’s partner” by a group of youngsters frequenting SkyCourt and Mr Jokna took a distressed call on 8 September last year from his wife.In a statement to gardaí, Mr Jokna said that his wife was crying and distressed over the phone concerning a group of children and she told him “they are still abusing me”.Mr Jokna said that he arrived near the food-court where he saw a girl pour water from a drink container on his wife’s head.He said: “I asked them to leave and they said ‘you Polish* bastard, do you want some juice too?’” I got so angry I could barely remember anything.”Mr Jokna said after the incident, one of the children started crying and they all walked out.Mr Jokna told gardaí that his wife had juice on her chest and she had bits of pizza on her pants.Ms Godfrey said that the provocation is continuing. She said that in an incident in June “inflated condoms were being thrown at Mr Jokna, words are being expressed to him and he was still then suffering quite an amount of abuse”.She said that the 11-year-old injured party in the case this week at Lidl in Shannon jostled the shopping basket of Mr Jokna’s partner.Sgt Aiden Lonergan said that the 11-year-old girl has opted not provide a victim impact statement and the sergeant confirmed that there had been extreme provocation in the case.‘Sincere regrets’Ms Godfrey said: “My client sincerely regrets what he did. He shouldn’t have done what he did. He knows absolutely what he did was wrong.”Ms Godfrey said that a number of businesses at SkyCourt have provided references for Mr Jokna.Ms Godfrey quoted one retailer who said in a letter: “I do not agree that Mr Jokna’s course of action was right or proper, however, I do know that there is a constant issue with young teenagers misbehaving in the centre being abusive to cleaning staff and security staff.”Another retailer wrote to say: “We see Redas working incredibly hard despite sometimes having to deal with many challenging situations on a daily-weekly basis – abusive behaviour from young members of the public and people leaving the toilet in deplorable conditions.“I have witnessed on a regular basis the abuse that young members of the public give to other SkyCourt traders and the tremendous stress this puts us all under. Nobody should have to deal with this in their lives.”Another reference described Mr Jokna as ‘very dependable, courteous and a diligent worker’.The letter stated that these young people have been troublesome and a constant nuisance to the centre for some time and were barred from the centre at the time of the incident in September last year.Concerning the assault on the 11-year-old, Mr Jokna told Gardaí: “I regret my actions, I am not proud of them.”Ms Godfrey said that Mr Jokna has lived here for eight years and has no previous convictions and he and his partner have a ten-year-old child.Ms Godfrey said that after the incident, the man informed his bosses but he didn’t lose his job.  Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Dump Euro shackles

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greece must surrender the ‘shackles’ of the euro in order to survive if it does not want to constantly ask for a handout from euro zone governments, the supervisory board chairman of Commerzbank said this week. “What do they need, another 15 billion euros? If you think that is the last 15 billion that they will have miscalculated, then best wishes,” Klaus-Peter Mueller told an industry event in Frankfurt.“They will come back for more and there will be no end, unless you really see them enact structural reforms, but this won’t take just two-three years – we’re talking 20, 30 or 40 years for Greece.” Mueller said it doesn’t do Greece any good should euro zone governments continue forcing them to wear the ‘shackles’ of a currency that only permits internal adjustments via spending cuts and declining wages.“The Greeks need, on balance, a currency that they can then devalue,” Mueller said, adding it would take a long time before the government could build up from scratch, functioning structures that restore competitiveness. Athens and its EU partners have long ruled out a euro exit. However, earlier in January a Greek government spokesman said the country would have to leave the euro zone if it fails to clinch a deal on a second, 130 billion euro bailout with its international lenders.Source: Reuterslast_img read more

Tsipras demands debt relief

first_imgAny agreement between Greece and its lenders will have to include several elements, including debt relief, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Tuesday as he aimed more criticism at the country’s creditors.Speaking in Parliament at a meeting of SYRIZA’s parliamentary group, Tsipras said that there have to be three conditions for his government to sign up to an agreement: Pensioners and workers must not be burdened further, any discussion about Grexit must be put to bed, and binding terms must be adopted for tackling Greece’s funding problem.The prime minister focused on the issue of debt relief, accusing the country’s European lenders of adopting the International Monetary Fund’s recommendations for fiscal measures but ignoring its call for Greece to have its debt reduced.“Right now, what dominates is the IMF’s harsh views on tough measures, and Europe’s insistence on denying any discussion over debt sustainability,” Tsipras told his MPs.He also claimed that the IMF bore “criminal responsibility” for the impact of the austerity measures implemented in Greece over the last few years.Earlier, Tsipras met with PASOK’s new leader Fofi Gennimata and Potami chief Stavros Theodorakis. Both publicly encouraged him to reach an agreement with lenders and avoid the pitfalls that would accompany a bankruptcy. Tsipras is reported to have told the two opposition leaders the government would not pay the IMF the 1.6 billion euros it owes unless a deal is reached with lenders. The government denied that the prime minister said this during the meetings.Tsipras’s strong words were matched by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. “I don’t care about the Greek government, I do care about the Greek people,” he said. “The debate in Greece and outside Greece would be easier if the Greek government would tell exactly what the Commission… is really proposing,” added the Commission chief, who denied that Brussels was in favour of raising value-added tax on medicines and electricity.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

6th Greek Australian Short Film Festival

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The 6th Greek Australian Short Film Festival taking place later this year is calling for submissions. This is an exciting event, supporting filmmakers from around the globe who are Greek or of Greek decent and covers all genres including animation. Set to screen as part of the Greek Film Festival in Australia, the event runs in all major cities and so is a great opportunity and platform for filmmakers to share their work with a large and wide ranging audience. There will be a National (Australian) and an International category, with each recipient of Best Film in their respective sections receiving a cash prize of $1000. Films will be judged by prominent Greek Australians from the media and entertainment industry. To be considered for the festival the short film must meet ONE of the following requirements:– One or more of the line creatives (writers, producers, directors) are Greek or of Greek heritage – The film is thematically Greek in nature – A lead actor is Greek or of Greek heritage. To submit your submission, visit www.withoutabox.com/03film/03t_fin/03t_fin_fest_01over.php?festival_id=1…For further enquiries, email greekaustshortfilmfestival@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/GreekAustralianShortFilmFestivalWhen: Submission deadline is Friday 31 July, 2015Where: Nationally and worldwidelast_img read more

Greek Cafes Milk Bars of Australia

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In an Australia we still remember, in each suburb and every country town, was the Greek café or milk bar – open all hours, 7 days a week. Remember The Niagara, The Parthenon, The California, The Astoria and Paragon? They gave us more than milkshakes, lollies, ice cream and home-style meals. With Modernist designs, American gadgetry and coloured light, cafés brought atmosphere, a touch of glamour, at times a hint of Hollywood – a little break from the mundane reality of local life.As the good old days faded away, Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski took their camera, tape recorder and pen into this vanishing world. They captured the faces and stories, the style and the ethos that gave our popular culture one of its most memorable expressions. Acclaimed actor Lex Marinos will try to convey some of our communities’ most inspiring stories.The Sydney launch will take place at NSW Parliament House at 6.30 pm as part of the 2016 Greek Festival of Sydney, on Tuesday 15 March. For further details or if you want to register early, please see the following website: www.greekfestivalofsydney.com.au/festival16/events/march/greek-cafés-and-milk-bars-of-australia.htmlThe duo will also be presenting a public lecture at the famous Paragon Cafe, Katoomba, on Sunday 3 April at 2.00 pm. Afternoon tea will be available for $12.Copies of the book will be available from early April via www.cafesandmilkbars.com.aulast_img read more

iPhone un nouvel appareil pour Verizon aux EtatsUnis

first_imgiPhone : un nouvel appareil pour Verizon aux Etats-Unis ?États-Unis – Apple a changé le modèle de distribution de ses terminaux dans plusieurs pays. L’iPhone pourrait bientôt suivre le mouvement aux États-Unis, où AT&T n’aura peut-être bientôt plus l’exclusivité de la vente du smartphone.2011 pourrait marquer la sortie d’un nouvel iPhone compatible avec le réseau 3G américain (CDMA) et distribué par un deuxième opérateur, Verizon. Le contrat d’exclusivité passé entre Apple et AT&T se terminera bientôt et la firme à la pomme compte sur plusieurs opérateurs pour commercialiser un possible nouvel iPhone, compatible avec le réseau CDMA ou LTE. “Je m’attends à ce que nos intérêts économiques se rejoignent à un certain moment et je pense que les technologies comme la LTE sont une autre bonne raison pour Apple de vouloir un appareil ou une tablette compatible”, explique-t-on du coté de l’opérateur. Des tablettes et smartphones compatibles avec CDMA seront présentés en janvier.Le 7 octobre 2010 à 12:18 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Une feuille pour remplacer le nucléaire

first_imgUne feuille pour remplacer le nucléaire ?Le Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a mis au point une technologie capable de produire les éléments nécessaires à la production d’électricité. Pas une découverte nous direz-vous…Sauf que là,  la génératrice est une simple feuille.Voilà peut-être l’alternative au nucléaire dont tout le monde rêve. Le Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a ainsi dévoilé le fruit de ses dernières recherches dans le domaine de la production électrique. Il s’agit d’une feuille composée d’une cellule solaire en silicium avec différents matériaux catalytiques attachés sur les deux côtés. Il suffit ensuite de la plonger dans de l’eau et de l’exposer à la lumière solaire pour qu’elle produise rapidement des bulles d’oxygène sur un côté et d’hydrogène sur l’autre. En plaçant ces deux types de bulles dans une pile à combustible, elles se combinent de nouveau en eau tout en produisant de l’électricité dans ce processus, explique le Professeur Daniel Nocera. Un procédé intelligent puisqu’il fait appel à des matériaux bon marché et abondants, le silice, le cobalt ou encore le nickel. La feuille est ainsi pourvue d’une fine couche de semi-conducteurs en silice, un matériau largement utilisé dans la fabrication des cellules solaires et qui a la capacité de transformer l’énergie solaire en un flux continu d’électricité à l’intérieur de la feuille. Le cobalt va ensuite jouer le rôle de catalyseur libèrant l’oxygène d’une part, tandis que le nickel, le molybdène et le zinc de l’autre face libèrera l’hydrogène. Le 4 octobre 2011 à 09:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more