Chicken shop business is booming Steamed Rice university graduates

for the college students, to find a reliable small business project management is actually very simple, at the time of graduation is faced with business or job choice, many people chose to do poineering work, actually open a food store is a good selection of entrepreneurship.

chicken restaurantSo why choose

, chicken Steamed Rice this food item? This is a certain origin. Wei Yajing said she is working in the hotel when everything is hard, but when she got to pay special attention to the fact that, in many of the guests in the hotel Pingdu, very little love braised chicken in this dish, but also love to eat with Steamed Rice.

"I was majoring in hotel management, usually on the special sense of interest can not only eat, eat also eat," Wei Yajing said. Especially when she closed the steamed stuffed bun shop, she had the idea of chicken rice. In 2013 March, she will make the Baozipu before relying on a few million all out, then in Pingdu rented a door, then to the cousin borrowed a few million renovation, finally opened the restaurant.



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Analysis of the notes in the early childhood product alliance

now the domestic early market development, at the same time there are many people in the attention of the majority of parents to let the children win on the starting line, now open early products stores, is facing a huge market prospects.

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open the early school products in the store and the other team agreed to join the matter when the more for their own to fight for some favorable conditions, such as advertising support, support, etc.. Today, many early education products to join the brand in order to expand their influence will provide the appropriate support.

The above is about

although engaged in the early products sales is just a small business, but do not be careless. The same as before investing to do a lot of preparation, first of all to their own early management products to join the brand market research. To confirm the operability of the market and the market reputation, to observe how similar competitors operate.

open early products stores need to pay attention to what?

1, if the funds are limited in their own hands, and is a new venture, when the initial investment, it is not appropriate to invest too much, so the funds raised to raise the risk of large, and large investment operation is very complex." Investment in early education industry has a lot of choice, you can start early education center can also be engaged in early childhood products to join the sales.

2, open early school products recommended in the shop and the other side recommend

Entrepreneurs want to open a snack bar

said the delicious snacks, everyone can say several snack industry easy entry, but want a good business more difficult, in a variety of eateries now rise, now want to join them to do the snack business investors want to obtain long-term survival and steady development in the fierce competition in the market you must have the characteristic, enough to attract the public eye. So how to manage a good snack bar?

open snacks to join the main line, small options. There are three reasons: one meter is very common, residents with a high degree, the results are more consumer; two technology is relatively simple, but also easy to find good technology, learn good technology; three no longer need to increase investment or additional investment little. Because the early spent too much money, and now the change can only be a simple change in low input. But be sure to stick to it, and do it from the bottom of your heart.

snack stores strengthen sales, sales are all entrepreneurs must have a hurdle, and most of a life-and-death matter. As a result, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are trying to use new products, technology, quality, with extended time, and even wait to get through this. But unless you want a failure, or a sales can not escape! A lot of sales methods, but also need to because people vary by product, we briefly list some here: to retain existing customers. Now the daily income of 100 yuan, and more than 20 guests, the guests must find a way to stay, the restaurant only at any time customer import, in addition to these guests feel good, nature will help you propaganda, bring friends to dinner to form linkage effect.

opened a snack bar can increase room, after all, the number of people still need to eat more or more,. Because the required room at the beginning of the people, a meal every time out is an excellent promotional opportunities, polite to sell yourself to the guest room takeaway colleagues, each on a price list, the success rate will be as high as 80%. Price reduction. Hard price consumption is too much, but also can not come to the effect, but also offend peers. Can use soft drop: guests enjoy half price (discount, whether he is a few friends dining, no matter how much money he spent).

in China is the lack of delicacy snacks, if you want to do more outstanding, it is best to have their own characteristics, so as to better health, delicious unique delicious snacks, I believe that people do not love. Therefore, the food and beverage stores to survive in the market for a long time, there must be a survival of this, in addition to the characteristics of the capital, there is the operator of the road. The introduction of the above snacks on the franchise business methods and techniques, we can refer to.

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Car accessories need to attach importance to site selection

many people optimistic about the automobile market prospects, have started to invest in the car decoration, a lot of people in pursuit of high quality of life, some people have entered the era of the car, their car decoration is also very important. Although the car after the market is booming, the investment should be cautious, car accessories store location is very important, has a great impact on its business activities.

Dianzhi to some extent determines how many car accessories store traffic, join the customer purchase force and customer consumption structure, car accessories stores to attract customers and potential competitiveness etc.. Only occupy the geographical advantage, in order to attract a large number of customers, business will thrive. "Local" in store location and market choice means in car accessories is based on market demand to determine the location.

location is very important for entrepreneurs, good location, better business, worry more profit, above introduces some preparatory work to join the location of car accessories, important location is self-evident, entrepreneurs in the early stage of the siting of it must not be too hasty. According to the actual situation can better start.


Graduates how to do career planning Xiaobian teach you six steps

for each graduate, June, in addition to bid farewell to the campus, but also will usher in the community, their identity will also become a professional from the students. So, to do a good career planning for each graduate, it is very necessary. How to do career planning? Today, Xiao Bian said.


ready to change occupation planning

the length of time depends on your current situation, perhaps a few weeks, months, or take a few years. During this time, you can listen to your inner voice and feel your intuition. What makes you feel excited about all the possibilities ahead? You will find opportunities in your dreams, interests and desires. In addition, do not ignore their intuition, in the logic of thinking can not find the exit, it will also give you clues, pointing out the best way for you.

3: start

occupation planning


How to choose dessert dessert join time – net

in the busy time remember to give yourself a enjoy dessert time, this time may not bring you what substantial gains, but does not like to add a wonderful feeling for your life. Dessert industry has a well-known brand called dessert time, not only consumers like, the industry is also very recognized. Join dessert time is to rely on the time of the big tree to achieve the dream of getting rich. So what is the advantage of the dessert time relative to other brands? Look at it!

dessert time join advantage:

1, fashion healthy brand image.

2, excellent product manufacturing technology.

3, the investment is small, the whole store investment is only 100 thousand yuan.

4, low product cost.

5, the successful operation of the operation of the case, providing free inspection.

6, to provide a set of VI image program and successful management program.

7, innovative product technology.

8, 7*24 hours strong technical support.

9, free training, free inspection, package board and lodging.

10, patented equipment (patent application No. 201130055325.7), to help you successy set up shop.

dessert time patent equipment:

dessert time after 1 years of painstaking research and development, and finally developed a low carbon, energy saving, efficient, raising deep dessert division of more than 20 years of experience in the production of a British kitchen milk stew". The British kitchen stew milk stove will be the advent of the traditional method of making desserts, equipment to replace the era of manpower. Dize Catering Management Limited company has the equipment for patent protection (Patent No. 201130055325.7), available only to the time of the dessert shop use authorization.

features a: standardized

"English kitchen stew milk stove" deep dessert master 20 years of production experience in one, all the operation process by microcomputer control, you need a simple button to complete the whole process. Taste and status are identical to those of the senior dessert maker. Therefore, we can ensure that all the dessert shop produced by the time the product taste, quality is the same, to achieve standardization.

features two: easy operation

Entrepreneurship on the brand to open a silver shop

with people’s living standard unceasing enhancement, for some of the more luxury products demand is higher, silver is more and more popular welcome, for many people who want to start, want to open a brand jewelry stores. But entrepreneurship is risky, although very want to open, but do not understand its prospects and the development of the market, how dare not shop. Here to introduce to you, how to open a brand silver jewelry store?

brand silver shop to meet the modern shopping psychology, brand silver shop should pay attention to the choice of shops, it is best to choose in the vicinity of many people. Silver brand franchise headquarters to make brand silver shop future development according to the investor’s environment and brand energy-saving bring more profits to investors, investors make investment risk free, do not need to join the brand silver operating experience can be successfully


is more likely to make money is to attract more projects from the attention of investors in the current investment projects, many investors are optimistic about the brand silver project in brand silver industry is of great wealth management, open a brand silver shop, can let the investors get higher industry income in the silver brand to join the industry in.

market for the needs of the brand silver is also growing, so the brand is a very good silver jewelry market space. So entrepreneurs choose a brand silver shop according to certain market trends.


brand has silver shop towards the most popular trend, silver brand to join the R & D team is huge, silver brand to join the headquarters of a wealth of operational experience in the domestic market, high maturity, abundant funds, advanced concept, brand silver joined has a strong ability to control the market, all investors can make use of the advantages of silver brand franchise headquarters of course resources, success more easily.

fine jewelry can always be everyone’s favorite, entrepreneurship is a good choice, from the above introduction I believe we can see that silver brand to join the market and Prospect of shop is very good. If you want to start a business, you can also choose to open a brand silver shop. Entrepreneurship is not easy, I hope you can take seriously.

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Location analysis of PU fruit shop

open the fruit shop how to location the appropriate location? Through our daily observation, we can find that this kind of store is generally distributed in several hot spots. Xiaobian summed up the operating points, hoping to provide a more comprehensive guidance for franchisees. If you want to learn more experience, hurry to learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

a supermarket (shopping malls, supermarkets, shops and stalls in


many supermarkets will fruit stalls for foreign investment in the business, in the supermarket fruit shop more independent shops to low cost, flexible operation, so the risk is relatively low.

however, the counter is dependent on the supermarket supermarket fruit and produce, so the supermarket business has a direct impact on the profitability of the supermarket fruit shop, choose the strength of supermarket operators or has established a good reputation in the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect.

but some supermarkets in business when there are some pitfalls, because there are many shopping malls to collect fees, no experience and market cooperation, we must ask before signing the contract, talk about the cost and amount of the contract.

two, community shops (residential, living area of shops)

select community shops is the basis for the reasonable location of the fruit store, it contributes to the development of business strategy,

the successful use of business strategy can lay a solid foundation for improving fruit store, store the image, create and promote specific customer needs, establish a mutual trust relationship with customers.

three, commercial street shops (Business District, street shops)

The most prosperous

Shantou city foreign trade import and export trade diversification throughout the year

With the coming of economic globalization, it is necessary for enterprises to strengthen their communication with the international community. Therefore, the development of import and export trade is very rapid in

! 2016, the steady growth of domestic measures to gradually implement the decentralization, encourage innovation and other measures to continue to promote the reform, the eastern foreign trade import and export year on year to achieve positive growth. According to customs statistics, in 2016, the eastern region (including Shantou City, Meizhou City, Shanwei City, Chaozhou city and Jieyang city) import and export 159 billion 600 million yuan, compared to 2015 (the same below) increased by 2.3%, which exports 127 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 2.4%, imports 32 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 2.3%; trade surplus 95 billion 520 million yuan, increase 2.4%, export oriented obvious characteristics.

2016 foreign trade main features are:

general trade import and export proportion increased significantly. In 2016, the eastern region by way of general trade import and export 132 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 5.7%, accounting for the same period in the eastern region of the total import and export (below) 83%, accounting for 2.7 percentage points in 2015; among them, exports 110 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 4.1%, imports 21 billion 770 million yuan, up 14.9%. The eastern region of the general trade steady for the better, indicating that foreign trade enterprises to further develop their own international market capacity to further enhance the role of foreign trade in promoting economic growth in the region has improved.

leading private enterprises import and export growth faster than the overall. 2016, the eastern region of private enterprises import and export 103 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 6.5%, accounting for more than 64.9%, accounting for a total of more than in 2015 increased by 2.5 percentage points, of which exports of $94 billion 20 million, an increase of 7.8%, imports of $9 billion 570 million, down 4.5%. Over the same period, foreign investment enterprises import and export 49 billion 350 million yuan, down by 3%; state-owned enterprises import and export of $6 billion 690 million, down by 14.7%.

to ASEAN and other major import and export markets to maintain growth, the maritime Silk Road countries and China signed preferential tariff agreements with the rapid growth of imports and exports. In 2016, the eastern region 9.2% growth in exports to ASEAN 28 billion 530 million yuan; area of Hongkong exports 20 billion 510 million yuan, down 1.7%; exports to the United States 19 billion 420 million yuan, an increase of 1.3%; exports to the EU 15 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 2.2%, the British exports 5 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 1.2%; exports of these 4 together accounted for the same period in East Guangdong 65.9%.

imports, imports from ASEAN eastern region 5 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 5.7%; re import 4 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 11.2%; imports of 4 billion 180 million yuan from Taiwan Province, an increase of 24.2%; the 3 together accounted for 45.9% of the value of imports in East guangdong.

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These drinks shop counter must be placed in

marketing line everywhere, marketing methods can be seen everywhere in life, which tells us the importance of the details, take a small counter drinks shop in terms of, is a good marketing strategy to implement.

drinks shop counter is a shop window, the window can be added to the beautiful scenery outside the window. Orders, products have to go through the counter. The role of the counter can not be overlooked in the beverage store. In addition to our regular counter, cash register, we can also put some small items on the counter, so that the function of the counter is more perfect.

a small trash can

the role of the bucket is mainly to collect customer generated small garbage. For example, the plastic bag wrapped around the straw, abandoned cashier small ticket, etc.. This can bring convenience to customers, but also to keep the store clean environment.

two, tissue

although many drinks shop no longer set the seat, the customer in the store for a short time. But it is still necessary to have a paper towel, when our cup is broken, or the customer accidentally spilled the drink on the body. Employees on the initiative to submit a paper towel, harvest is not only a thank you. Perhaps in the hearts of customers added a point of trust.

three, send card

send card on the counter, can facilitate the use of staff. Those who have the need to send customers will take.

four, promotional information

a store should be the most eye-catching place counters. Therefore, the most attractive promotional information should also be put on the counter. The best place is on the cash register.

five, wiping cloth

don’t think a specially prepared glass cloth is to make an unnecessary move. The customer is concerned about the details, the stains on the cup is to wipe the service, and to prepare a dedicated wiping cloth is the store’s characteristics and respect for customers.

above the store layout on how to run a good tea shop has a good help, the details determine success or failure, a small object, reflecting the work attitude and enthusiasm. Good business tea drinks shop, store layout are refreshing, so that people forget.