The establishment of a non Expert Committee

After six months of preparation and submitted to the municipal government for approval, in June 4th, Xining intangible cultural heritage (hereinafter referred to as "non heritage") Expert Committee on the protection of the establishment of 65 experts and scholars employed in the province. Since then, the city has a team of experts with both ability and integrity, which will promote the protection and utilization of intangible cultural heritage.

to folk literature, folk music, folk dance, traditional opera, folk art, acrobatics and athletics, folk art, traditional handicrafts, traditional medicine and folk activities such as cultural forms or cultural heritage of the intangible cultural heritage, has become an important part of Xining cultural wealth, greatly enriched the people in our city people’s spiritual and cultural life. After years of efforts, the city has a national intangible cultural heritage project 13, the provincial intangible cultural heritage project 29, municipal intangible cultural heritage project of 61. Project representative inheritors 61. Among them, the national heritage of 5 people, the provincial heritage of the people of the 56. In August 2013, Xining City Intangible Cultural Heritage Center was established, marking the city’s intangible cultural heritage protection work with formal institutions, and the establishment of the Committee of experts on the city, the future of intangible cultural heritage protection work plays an important guiding and leading authority for identification and. The same day, the city also held the first municipal intangible cultural heritage project award ceremony, Huangyuan County mountain in June six, the flowers will be Rushall stilts, Qinghai Daoqing, siege 19 entertainment the first municipal intangible cultural heritage project award.  

Xining to apply for large and medium sized motor vehicle driver’s license next year more stringent r

reporter learned from the Xining city vehicle administration, the city to apply for large and medium sized motor vehicle driver’s license will be conditional restrictions.

it is understood that the newly revised "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions" (123 orders) to increase the number of large and medium-sized motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for some restrictions. The original rules and regulations for the death of the main responsibility, drunk driving, drunk driving and speeding more than 50% of the illegal acts in the past 3 years, shall not apply for driving large and medium-sized passenger cars. Taking into account the large and medium-sized passenger car driver’s license to drive the majority of the operation of the vehicle, the traffic safety in the social traffic is a major responsibility, it is necessary to provide more stringent restrictions.

No. 123 further strict large and medium-sized vans driving license application restrictions, more outstanding driving experience review of the applicant safety: one is the original fatal accident occurred above bear the main responsibility, shall not limit the conditions of the application is amended as: negative equivalent or death accident responsibility, he may not apply for drunken driving record Zengjia large and medium-sized passenger car. Two is clearly have been revoked or revoke the driver’s license records within 10 years shall not apply for large and medium-sized passenger cars. Driver’s license is revoked or cancelled, including drunken driving, causing a traffic accident escape, to obtain a driver’s license and other serious violations by unfair means, are intentional acts, it is necessary to take more restrictive measures to the parties to apply for a driver’s license again. Three different models for different provisions of the full 12 points. Full 12 minutes of the driver is not allowed to apply for a large bus driver’s license within 5 years, shall not apply for a tractor, a medium-sized bus driver’s license within 3 years. (author: Zhao Linsong)

The establishment of rural left behind children care and protection of the joint meeting system

for the implementation of the "opinions" of the State Council on strengthening the rural left-behind children care for the protection of the spirit of the work, strengthen the protection of care for children left behind in rural areas of our province, the provincial government office issued a "notice" on the establishment of Qinghai Province Rural Left-behind Children care for the protection work of the joint meeting system recently, decide the establishment led by the provincial Civil Affairs Department. Child care and protection work joint conference system at the provincial public security department, the provincial education department, the provincial women’s Federation and other 30 departments and units in the rural areas.

joint meeting of the main functions are: to co-ordinate the province’s rural left behind children care and protection work. To study and formulate the province’s rural left-behind children care for the protection of policy measures and annual work plan, proposed to the provincial government; organize and coordinate and guide the rural left-behind children care protection work, promote the Department of communication and assistance, refining division of responsibilities, strengthen policy convergence and improve the work of docking, care service system, improve the mechanism of protection and assistance; supervise and inspect rural left-behind children care for the protection of the implementation of the work, timely informed of the progress of work.

I, the establishment of a joint meeting system of children left in rural areas, fully reflects the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the rural left-behind children care for the protection and protection of minors concern, will effectively integrate all forces and co-ordinate resources to form a good working pattern, cooperation and concerted efforts, the overall advancement of the.


The fifteenth Qinghai province called an art festival Nadun Nadun festival opening Sanchuan area

8 month 13 days, in order to "watch the home · Living Heritage" as the theme of the fifteenth session of Qinghai province an art festival called Nadun Sanchuan Nadun Festival kicked off in Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Sichuan township.

called Nadun Festival is a combination of mutual security and people and the festival called Nadun Festival and the establishment of the traditional festival. Since the beginning of 1993 by the mutual Tu Autonomous County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Hui Autonomous County of Hui and hui. This called Nadun festival to Nadun Festival art Sanchuan of Minghe County for the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, "hand" "" "" "kill tiger pull" the banker "Five" and other traditional Nadun programs into battle, the Turkish people enjoy singing, participating staff reached more than and 200 people, the program content exhibited by the Turkish nomadic life to historical and cultural process of farming production.

According to

, the intangible cultural heritage Xu Xiufu introduction, Nadun Festival is a kind of social entertainment activities of the Turkish people to celebrate the harvest, also known as "crop will" harvest "," Nadun "is a dialect transliteration, meaning" play "and" entertainment". According to Xu Xiufu introduction, Nadun festival began become the life of the Turkish people is very important in Minhe County Sanchuan large Tu folk festival activities from the Ming Dynasty, a folk festival is endemic, 2006 was included in the national intangible cultural heritage. Activities from one village to the next village, and so on until the end of the event, the village became a way to resolve grievances, exchange of needed goods. Time from the official start of the lunar new year in July 12th, to the end of the lunar calendar in September 15th, which lasted 63 days, it is also known as the world’s longest carnival".


Xining City, take measures to deal with the Menyuan earthquake

on January 21st at 1:13 in the morning, I in Haibei, Menyuan County (37.68 degrees north latitude, 101.62 degrees east longitude) M6.4 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 10 km, Xining city felt strongly. 1:32, travel in the field of municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoli given instructions: "please let Xiao comrades quickly arrange to identify the earthquake impact Menyuan occurred, and take effective measures to do the work, to ensure the safety and stability of the society."

Deputy secretary and mayor Zhang Xiaorong

in accordance with the instructions, quickly make arrangements for, and called for publicity, public security, earthquake, emergency departments and Datong County Government held an emergency meeting, asked the relevant departments and the county government combine their respective responsibilities to carry out the work. The first time the departmental and regional emergency response, disaster, earthquake information release, reply to the public consultation, police arrange good stability control evacuation. Requirements of Datong County summary report earthquake disaster situation as soon as possible, especially the damage of Heiquan reservoir and other major water conservancy projects; publicity departments should fully grasp the Internet public opinion, to further strengthen public opinion guidance, the timely release of authoritative positive information in the media; the Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring work, severely crack down on Internet rumors behavior; municipal government the emergency office of the Municipal Seismological Bureau, continue to do a good job in earthquake consultation work, and the Provincial Seismological Bureau of communication, timely grasp of seismic information.

as of press time, the city affected by the earthquake affected Menyuan township has 26 houses slightly damaged, there were no casualties and houses collapsed.


Huangyuan County, pay close attention to six close to further promote the military enterprises build

to ensure that the "military enterprises build a model village" activities to achieve tangible results, Huangyuan County in the activities of "six", to further promote the "build" activities, and achieved remarkable results. Up to now, a total of 24 types of agricultural projects in the integration of the class, more than 12900 yuan of funds, of which the county financial support funds of $10 million 800 thousand, the implementation of the joint point of municipal units, enterprises, troops to build more than 200 yuan of funds. Complete the greening area of 23414 square meters, 26878 trees planted all kinds of trees, 11310 square meters of brick wall for the completion of 29200 square meters, the wall decoration, door 45 renovation completed.

Consolidate the results of the construction of cancer is not allowed to exist in Xining City, the le

for two consecutive days, municipal Party committee, discipline committee Ma Haiying, vice mayor Tong Wang in the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, the City Patriotic Sanitation, Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and other departments and accompanied by four main leadership area, the progress of work the establishment of the inspection. On the afternoon of July 31st, after the end of the inspection, vice mayor Tong Wang chaired a special meeting on the construction of health review.

according to the supervision of the construction of four districts of the work of the two day, Ma Haiying do a good job in the construction of the review of the work of the specific requirements. All localities and departments in the architectural review work to do in the leadership in place, the task in place, responsibilities and measures to implement the number one overall responsibility, leaders in charge of specific and responsible, the responsibility mechanism of common cooperation ". According to the overall deployment, the detailed division of labor, leak filled, work schedule, inverted time, further clarify the responsibility to implement. The market and travel industry management departments should play the role of the functions of departments, the poor health status of the catering industry to carry out strict penalties, the closure of the closure, the rectification of the rectification, the revocation of the business license revoked the business license, there is no problem. All relevant departments and units should set up the city’s chess game to the overall situation, and earnestly fulfill their duties, take responsibility, go all out to support and cooperate with the prosecution work. In addition, all localities and departments to highlight the fine management, to perfect the management mechanism establishment, strictly implement the construction supervision appraisal and other health system, give full play to the "Jian Wei day" promotion and improvement of the role of carrier, consolidate and enhance architectural achievements. (author: Tang Rong)

Xining Chengbei 800 tons of construction waste was cleared

recently, the North District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement officers in Chaoyang Village ditch ditch along the ditch, clean up more than 800 tons of construction waste and construction waste, to ensure the cleanliness of the street pavement.

day, North District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement officers on the road dumping of construction waste inspection efforts, not long ago, law enforcement officers to patrol the Chaoyang village electric ditch spillway found along this road, is construction waste serious pollution. It is reported that this road is a necessary road to Wei Village garbage dump, because place of concealment, supervision of construction garbage many dead, some people save time and vehicle removal cost in the night, people less, dumping of rubbish in the road along the route, seriously blocked the road, affect the surrounding environment clean. North District Urban Management Bureau on this issue, specially organized 15 law enforcement officers, Chaoyang village flood drainage ditch along the electric range of about one kilometer in a large number of construction waste and garbage dead were thoroughly cleaned, after 6 hours of cleaning, more than 800 tons of construction waste is completely removed. In order to prevent this road continue to destroy the law enforcement officers watch will increase efforts to investigate illegal dumping of construction waste, not regular activities according to the characteristics of construction waste transport arrange night Dunshou, resolutely combat the occurrence of similar violations. (author: Tang Rong)


Children’s swimming pool franchise stores how to retain customers

mother and child industry is now the public investment is optimistic, there are a lot of people want to invest in children’s swimming pool to join the project. But now there are so many stores on the market, they need to open a popular children’s swimming pool shop. First of all, investors must make clear what the customer needs of the children’s swimming pool? What is the value of your store to meet customer needs? This is the premise and basis for the store to attract customers and retain customers.

customers choose the most basic needs of children’s swimming pool is to the health of children. As a baby swimming pool all the facilities, environment, services and other factors are for the baby’s health and the existence of. From the hardware, swimming equipment and water quality safety, health environment of the indoor environment and ventilation conditions, timely heating water supply system; in the aspect of software, the changing environment and comfortable swimming environment, professional and meticulous patient services etc.. In each element can take into account the baby’s health, to find the outstanding advantages of the store, that is, the core selling point, and do the key packaging, forming its own unique sales proposition. For example, have many years of nursery and infant swimming teacher, ensure professional service; such as large space, professional swimming equipment, focus, focus, implement differentiated marketing, must not speak generally.

children swimming pool stores will do a regular promotional activities during the holidays, the sales season, mainly to promote the brand, win over customers, very few stores to do promotional activities for members of the core customers. In fact, the training goal of customer loyalty is the core member of the main consumer is a member, regularly do some necessary activities for members, but also to retain a loyal customer group. While the members of the promotional discount none can not just stay at the basic level, but should be in the light of actual needs of members, will become the preferential promotion and care. For example, regularly send reminder messages to members; mailing children swimming knowledge and training courses; organizing regular membership appreciation activity, will one day as a member of a free open day and so on. Timely close the distance between members and the store, increase the trust of members of the store.

children’s swimming pool is from a branch of maternal industry market segmentation of the need for specific populations through targeted marketing in the promotion process, psychological characteristics and focus on the needs of parents of children aged 0-6 years, emphasize their own professional orientation, focus of the target population, focus prominent advantages, different from competitors, store packaging, theme image and theme of advertisement, and form a unified caliber external communication.

maternal and infant industry is a huge wealth cake, attracting a lot of attention to investment businesses. How to open a profitable children’s swimming pool to join the brand shop, as investment businesses also need to understand the customer needs, marketing, to attract and retain consumers. Several aspects of the above summary, hoping to provide some reference and help for investors.

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Qinghai 337 million yuan to further improve the people’s medical environment

this year, according to health parts in the field of medical and health institutions infrastructure standards, business premises gap is actual, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the provincial health department actively to the national development and Reform Commission report for national cohesion, construction funds support.

in order to improve the medical infrastructure conditions, improve the capacity of health services, medical and health services and to meet the medical needs of the masses of people, at present, the national development and Reform Commission has issued the province health infrastructure construction funds 337 million yuan, key support Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture second people’s Hospital, Golmud People’s Hospital, children medical center, Xining, 8 city, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (state), the food safety risk monitoring system, 7 county-level hospitals and Huzhu County People’s Hospital, Tu Autonomous Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and tea in Wulan County town hospitals 10 card business houses and ancillary facilities (Zhou Zhuanfang).