From the celebrity blog about how to reduce the website bounce rate Enlightenment


everybody knows this man Lu Songsong, his blog is one of the best individual blog at home, often reading his website can learn from IT industry knowledge, is of great benefit to your future construction site, but his blog is worth learning place than this one, in fact, there are many places are permeated with Shanghai Dragon industry knowledge, such as how to reduce the site bounce rate, below I combined with his blog specifically a summary from his blog about my experience.

single from the number of comments can be seen in the heat.

first, we can’t let our website too gorgeous, but to the main content of the site as soon as possible to emerge, if we are to promote products, we will enclose the main products in the home, if we are to engage in business training, we should be in the range of home training and fees, we what do you want as much as possible to highlight the importance of it, the site straight to the point, without ambiguity. Lu Songsong is such a blog, on his website can feel this is a IT blog.

is a prominent site theme in the first time,

PS: filling webmaster do the design page in the related content will be hard to avoid, I agree with this approach, because it can expand the range site, increasing the authority, but also can increase the website chain number, but in the set of content we can’t take all the people to say it. Two said two, not in order to highlight the theme of the site and intentional exaggeration. If it is necessary, I suggest that you can do the headlines, but should pay attention to the content and the title is not a big gap.


three tourists is the site of the "Daily", "station

Timely supply of


want to know the website content is a direct tool to attract tourists. It also tells us that the content of the site must be novel, readable, long time so as to retain customers. At this point, Lu Songsong has done well, his article is available only in the industry with the latest information, not only humorous, and unique view, reading is very strong.


two to maintain the original and unique content

then we will provide concise, easy navigation options. Because of the difficulty in navigation, difficult to use the site, also do not leave consumers. The navigation options should be marked, clear and easy to use. Try to avoid using the drop-down menu or multiple check and other users not easy touch screen use function. If the blog content is complex, can provide the search function and the site map, to help users to easily find the information they need.

A rookie of the tragic history of Shanghai Dragon

contact Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, started flying into network company what is not, what should start from the grassroots, recording, writing acquisition rules, and then to do. At that time know little of Shanghai dragon, the company itself is actually the price do Sogou, the keywords ranking or know some of the last in the network environment for a long time, have a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon. At that time, I would like to do, jjpm that money, but if I will Shanghai Longfeng words, I can not spend any cost, you can go to the front of the site. At that time, the idea is really too simple, do not spend money on things which is so easy. But at that time it is a goal to think in this direction development, so I went into the long learning process in Shanghai dragon.

first, I will be all about the special website keywords all with word preserved, such as "tanker, sprinkler, aerial vehicles" such words all down. In addition, there are usually large on the special vehicle information website are preserved. Remember, because some web updates are not the same, some websites a day to update a few articles, some website updated once a week or more, is updated once a month, like this, to batch finishing, usually with more, I put together a, a little bit worse. Then a number of final finishing, then finishing a number. Then, your daily task is to sort out the first keywords in major search engines search again, the latest news, you can copy, then, are you the pseudo original. You have to follow this pseudo original points, the head and tail must be re written, middle paragraph swap, pseudo 30%, you can put on your own website. The website reproduced, false original like this, but the site has the advantage that, each article below will have the information, you can on these articles are analyzed, thus, the write >

so, I see some of Shanghai dragon knowledge crazy in the webmaster online, do Shanghai dragon knows, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this content, we are not difficult to understand it, it is to adhere to the original content on our website, attracting major search engines. I speak of these online knows, but the content of this thing, you can not say, the key is to write, and you write something, to be recognized by search engines. But in writing is really limited, racked my brain sweat squeeze something. Also, we are doing special automobile Chinese network ( was the optimization of the website, this is an e-commerce platform, unlike the general station optimization can be very simple to do. This site is a special car, written content, information must be around the car to write, you say, I am a female, can be constructed for special vehicle, and maintenance parameters have a certain understanding? The content of this root is not start pressure. So, in the original, I was dead, had to go back then, pseudo original route.

Analysis understanding the four basic suggestions PPC

click will appear in the company, Shanghai love marketing staff, marketing bidding business of the company. The first two did not say, this is their own business selling bidding company is to help other companies operating bidding account to earn their business expenses. In fact, the company’s business is not a problem. In theory they help companies save hire SEM personnel and the study and practice of SEM time. The enterprise pays the cost of the corresponding bidding business of the company, each one takes what he needs. But there are some less moral bidding business companies will like business rivals, using software malicious click bidding link. The formation of the company can not control the SEM well, which prompted the hiring of auction business company.

1, shielding invalid IP

2, lower the turnover rate is not high word bid


some more people search word is not necessarily the turnover rate is high. "

is now the majority of enterprises and the construction site for the "power" of employees have complained too burn, is simply a bottomless pit. But scolding aside, we still in use. No way, who love Shanghai and now the market share is so powerful, even if the rise of emerging 360, it must also do the bidding. As for Google, it has Adsense, and although the bidding is not exactly the same, but also. So just do not do Shanghai dragon SEM friends, should also have some understanding of the bidding. The following small share of general infrastructure four for beginners need to know ranking.

, a non normal click

non normal click on many SEM friends called malicious click. As we all know, the bidding content appears in the search results, the user can click, deduct a bid cost. As for boring, I don’t care about the search word, then the promotion links, such people can not say no, but is actually a very small. The normal point is the user point in found not attractive or the like is the title of the party, not consumption.

In fact, most of the non normal

can be found in the IP and click on the link for the background and own webmaster tools, if a IP click on the more than 3 times, but also did not form a transaction or consulting. Even if this is normal after the click, the probability of IP turnover is also very low. Can be shielded in the bidding in the background. The non normal click, IP shielding temporary or have considerable effect.

love Shanghai to upgrade their bidding system, according to the love of Shanghai that has effectively reduced the non normal click 95%. But this is just love Shanghai that is not the case. For users feel is important. To be honest, non normal click can not be completely avoided. A friend said we do not negotiate joint peer malicious clicks each other, this method can try, but you can only see the actual effect of competition in the industry. Take the above abnormal click, can also be said that there are two main methods of malicious click.

Herd how to improve the conversion rate of single page program

analysis and single page:

We all know that

sales, shopping guide websites conversion rate is very important, but the site optimization flow up, too, but no single transaction, is quite "Cup". So the flow does not mean there will be sold, these are to be studied. The single page program for several months the two station search flow more than 200 per day, but also often have zero turnover situation, so also is what causes the conversion rate so low? Below we share a few possible reasons.

analysis on how to finally let visitors click on at least to the target page:

is now basically directly with the mall page or individually designed product list form, 9 grids and other single page selection. Directly nested mall page, beautiful interface and user experience, and product data is the mall, but visitors enter the site to see like the Taobao mall interface, click on the product and jumped into the real Taobao mall page. As long as there is online shopping experience visitors will think is a phishing site, but a lower degree of trust. List and 9 grids, the overall tone style to site collocation, put a head of advertising, then choose a good template and then good sales and products, so the conversion rate is high. If the template does not do can go online to find, buy Taobao, or looking for artists to do Witkey task. The group share several sets of simple and Whitening Essential Oil single page template, there is a need of a friend can add QQ group: 116154365 to group sharing inside the download.

this question I study for a few days, a WordPress station group website products found accidentally by search their love Shanghai website link >


has already written on a single page related articles (analysis of single page station needs to solve the problem of a single page, Amoy), to share with you today to write about is how to improve the conversion rate of the station.


first single page Keywords:

before I do is rose essential oil single page, choose "the price of rose essential oil, rose oil, rose essential oil usage function", keywords can easily see three words above in "oil prices rose " this fairly directional point. Want to know the price of a product, or want to buy the idea. "Rose essential oil use and effect of" the two word orientation goal itself is not enough, so it is very important to choose keywords. When you choose the best is to investigate several people around to see if they want to buy XXXX products, how to search, and then combined with the love and love Shanghai Shanghai related search index is the best choice of words, the title can integrate some prominent words such as "Taobao sales first" and "2011 best XX, the best-selling " XXX" to attract the attention of the audience.

Two days ago,

Give love from Shanghai included new and good rankings on new optimization

uses what program is helpful for your site and the optimization. Some programs are popular on network such as CMS is optimized for search engines, but also conducive to search engine included. A small station building their own is the use of CMS architecture, for the structure of the site also made some adjustments, such as voting drove some small area, so the lands network website looks relatively simple Puso Mi. Using this program, the station is in the afternoon had been included, this for me as a rookie webmaster, or more exciting, the original station is ten genius included.

The day after the The

station was included, in the next few days, several long tail keywords do, basically love Shanghai index in more than 200 keywords have gained fairly good rankings. Although so far the station is still being included the home page but also know that by understanding the original content, the content page has been included in the database of knowledge not put out just. In view of this point can be detected by know, search sites in the original content of the title, although not found at that time, the station is home page will appear in the first place. The station without the WWW domain name is included in the sixth days before the day, including the contents of the title in the search engine search are not WWW domain name with the first brand of home page. So, you put the experience of these days, write down the advice for senior webmaster today, also want to love me like the novice webmaster can get some inspiration from:

team also entered the novice webmaster for nearly 5 months, from a network or station to do not understand the rookie change also know how much a little. You don’t understand things like programming code, the beginning is the website of others directly modify the upload space, you can now use such as CMS open source program to build your own website, this is also really save yourself a lot of time and effort. Next, began to introduce the use of CMS station after love Shanghai included new and give good rankings to some new optimization methods of experience to talk about their own.

first, original content increased


the original station are copied directly through the major portals above similar articles, and then through the adjustment of the paragraph and then released to the website and blog, although this effect is there but far from the original article is more favored by search engines. So, this time to yourself wholeheartedly do this station, released every article in the station were written by himself. I am in the station before it has been built for each section for an article, such as to build a good website put the original articles posted to the website. After the day included love Shanghai station, although not included in the content page, but search every section of the original title, my station is in the first place. In the next day, I will be increased for each section.


Analysis WeChat search in the end of the road to decide on what path to follow

The limitations of the

, the first WeChat search. In the first strategy, WeChat platform cannot replace the development of the Internet, WeChat search is only relative to the great changes to the WeChat platform, although WeChat platform public number grow very fast, have a lot of contact users, but WeChat search is provided by the public number of articles and the account number, and so this huge there is no direct relationship between user groups. The second is the WeChat search is also confined to the WeChat platform internal superiority, in the practical application itself has great limitation. This is an important reason why the WeChat platform is temporarily unable to expand, WeChat search is WeChat platform to build a gateway to the environment of the export of a can and outside the same channel.

, WeChat search. WeChat search is WeChat and Sogou together, nothing but is behind the use of WeChat platform powerful user group, launched a search in the industry market share battle. Shanghai turned love search market in the world, already thorough popular, how to change the thinking, to seize the initiative, WeChat mobile platform cooperation from more and more significant trend in the end. It can be said for the market is the trend of the birth of WeChat search, to tell the good, Every dog has its day!, and so the turn. Unfortunately, WeChat search does not affect birth and threatened to say search industry is completely copy of the industry, is a form of repetition, two is the repetition of contents. These two let WeChat search power greatly reduced.

third, WeChat search is not flexible enough. At present, it should be said that many users do not know the concept of WeChat WeChat search, although WeChat to promote use of the star effect, this is WeChat search failures. A good search window is not to rely on to promote it, but the user after the effect, the quality is really good, without a whoop and a holler. Just to see from WeChat search, is a "closed country" concept, even if you want to search articles and accounts for the purpose, although there is not any development policy, flexibility, show >

WeChat search born to now, for some time, and the effect is not really great. How will the future, but to create a world with a lot of ideas, as it is in the same polarization, regardless of the outcome, all people are not born to affirm or negate the new things, just like a newborn baby, no one knows how his future road will be the same. Similarly, WeChat search has its truth, but the facts on the network, you can see the WeChat search way no surprises, mediocre status, is short or elusive, decreed by fate, but WeChat recently launched a new version of WeChat search is added on this function. If WeChat search is conducive to the construction of the WeChat platform this is undeniable, but WeChat search will take over the search industry, is really not Arabian Nights, force, focus on the following analysis of why WeChat search cannot do it.

Second repetitive

From the Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about his own views

cat chat in the A5 Marketing Group official today, found that many do Shanghai dragon buddies of Shanghai dragon lost confidence that Shanghai dragon is dead, it’s better to have sex in Shanghai auction, but also said a lot of examples. The cat that, as long as the search engine exists, Shanghai dragon will not die, a short time bidding is better than the optimum, but from the long-term perspective, Shanghai dragon must have more advantages than bidding. The cat here, certainly not willing: Hey buddy, Kitty, you all talk, look at our medical industry, do not bid live, also make Shanghai dragon have no food to eat and so on, for such remarks, the cat can only say: the optimization measures for different industries take it to the appropriate adjustment, the optimization is not immutable and frozen, Baidu had to modify their algorithm, then why are you the same buddies ideas to consider their own website way? Let’s let the cat say for you.

kitten before to A5 marketing official group of buddies said, let the webmaster website content buddies to search engines and readers are useful, search engine is the first way for people to find things, but it is not the only way, as well as online media, traditional offline advertising, news, newspaper more importantly, from one thing to let friends convinced, that is long say word-of-mouth marketing network marketing mode. In many cases, these approaches are more efficient than search engines, users may inadvertently from your friends to say a word, also has a small corner which may come from a newspaper. So the cat will say: the search engine is not the only way, in other aspects of buddies can also consider what to do.

Shanghai dragon is not the only way to

Shanghai dragon is dead? The cat saw in the real situation, whether it is a large site of small sites, business or personal station station, their optimization done very good, after repeated the adjustment they can still get a lot by Shanghai dragon visitors, like the A5 station network is such example. Many of the newly established enterprises, Shanghai dragon is regarded as a good way to users soaring, but no matter how long is your company should not be overly dependent on Shanghai Longfeng optimization, cat that only Shanghai dragon group >

is still the size of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to play a role in

is constantly changing the Baidu

why is the constantly changing Baidu rather than search engines? The cat obtained data showed Chinese in mainland, Baidu accounted for the proportion of the search engine is the largest, so we are here to say Baidu. Although the cat Baidu contact time is not long, but know the constantly changing Baidu, perhaps what is a good long time update algorithm, we work in vain. One thing I always pay attention to Baidu mood change is necessary.

Google file blackout and Solutions

ironically, Google to 24 hours in the published to encourage enterprises to trust their data blog post, Google Google documents based on cloud outages experienced about 30 minutes. The blog post, Google is based on the normal running time of the first half of 2011 years 99.99% of Google’s data to encourage enterprises to believe the scalability and reliability of Google.

thank you!

Google issued the following statement to the user after power failure:

we are aware of a problem Google file and now we are trying to solve it. We will regularly update the application status table. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


has the solution of third parties, that is to provide a App account to automatically backup noble baby. These independent backup can be safely stored in the Amazon S3 cloud or the local computer, this will reduce the risk associated with remote file storage.


every important application power is inevitable to use the "risk" of the cloud computing results, most of the use of internal service companies may experience more frequent power outages, and may be longer than the Google file blackout. However, it is important to enterprises to use the "noble baby document backup on the local computer (or elsewhere) data, in order to prevent a" noble baby file "power to destroy the entire office. Last week, Google announced Gmail, Google can offline access to files and Google calendar. This feature was originally released in Google’s I/O, will allow users to access the information in the interrupt during offline.

Although Google

from the Jiangmen talent network 贵族宝贝jmjob110贵族宝贝 original reproduced must indicate the

For some Links.

website optimization, in these optimization work, the author has done the chain, looking for the chain, outside the chain on the forum, blog culture, library upload files to stay outside the chain, Shanghai love to know ourselves from a site, classified information website to stay outside the chain, write text, and don’t change the friendship the link and so on, has recently been focused on Links for this work, according to the nearly two months for Links work, I have some thoughts and share with you.

website Links exchange, not every site are appropriate whenever and wherever possible change the link such as the author, there are several new sites to create less than 3 months, this time I will not go to other websites and links, because the new three months is not very stable, still in the search engine evaluation time. This time I will only publish articles on the site, to the relevant forum to leave the chain, a new assessment period for the search engine, that is to say the website after release, the search engine will accordingly recommend your site location, if your site is in line with the requirements of search engine the site, then the search engine will put your site began to show a relatively good position. Only the site over the assessment period, can increase by 4 each month, every week is the exchange of 1 can be.

My job is The appropriate time, a

two, Links, when general novice change link, love it, the more the better, but ignore the category properties of each website is consistent with their website theme. Blind exchange Links this result is caused by a search engine found cheating leads to the decline in ranking. I will not go to the site and non correlation Links exchange, non correlation Links has no real meaning, from the output link quality and link value, non related only a little to do with PR. So, if the keyword ranking point of view, the relevance of the link has no meaning. But it can be to exchange for the pan correlation Links, quality of the related Links compared to non related to have certain effect, from the PR to the output weights of the website, the first pan, you can submit your PR second can improve your overall site keywords effect. The best Links is completely Links correlation, partial correlation links to either PR or your keywords, as long as it is completely related, that is to say even their opponents to their vote, visible completely related Links status.

The number of Nature category

three, Links exchange. The number of Links exchange control according to the site’s own circumstances, such as enterprise site site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links can be controlled in 20-25. If the portal sites, such sites are relatively large-scale comprehensive website, general recommendations can be controlled according to the layout of the home page link number, if the number of links on a website is 500, then.

Experience the similarity detection tool reliable

second, the original article may be collected by self similarity detection tool.

: first the original detection tool can only be detected before dozens of words.

is now the most difficult to do Shanghai dragon is not technology, but the content of the website. With the high quality of Shanghai dragon ranking of great help. Many people think that the original article is high quality articles, so there are a lot of the original detection tools, and some kind of acquisition software to combine different paragraphs of this kind interpret out of context, operation method really on the website of Shanghai dragon did not help, not completely reliable.

2, slow detection speed

Before the dozens of Chinese characters detection tool

at present I used all can detect only one article, even so, the detection speed is very slow, for example, we have 800 Chinese characters, detection tools can only detect 50 Chinese characters, then we need to put this article into 16 fault if words were detected, many words need to be cut into more paragraphs, this principle is simply too unscientific, because:

he worked hard to write the original article, the testing tool by their acquisition, first released on other sites, but the real author is a pseudo original, this is very annoying. Of course, more than just individual site, some sites used by hackers to happen, it is entirely possible. So, just for the similarity detection and take the risk, totally worth, before we detected the articles included not be too trust this tool.

if the article is divided into a plurality of small fault detection were performed, not for memory and compared, and the process cumbersome, long operation time, if collecting a check, the average time to write an article may be more than yourself to write an article in the course of time, may be tired of Shanghai Longfeng work, then The loss outweighs the gain. the.

cautioned that since "with the information to express in writing

1, the operation is too complicated

‘s hair chain colleagues have used the original said detection tools included in this article is not good, at first I thought that the chain release platform can not, then I also used a few times, detected the article really included not ideal, ranking did not rise, the study found the principle the original detection tool is not reliable, and the original article is the risk of someone stealing as follows:

is not detected in a section of the test, or the whole article, the reaction speed of these articles detection tools cannot exceed the love of Shanghai, the article on the Shanghai love search, basically is the second result. Love Shanghai has powerful data calculation ability, and detection of these detection tools is the result from the love of Shanghai, so you can fall in love with the sea directly in the search to detect the content of.